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Travelog for: Dilbert

Warwick, England - 16th March 2007

By: Isobel&Neil

Dilbert is undergoing intense physical and mental training in preparation for his adventures in the big wild world.

We look forward to hearing of his adventures:  please keep him travelling! :)


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Warwick, England - 17th March 2007

By: Isobel&Neil

Dilbert is a dog.  A curly-haired dog.

He is very friendly and obedient.

He is also fully house-trained, which is always a help.

Please help him have a fantastic journey, and update his adventures as you go.

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Miskolc, Hungary - 25th July 2007

By: Szandra

Hello Isobel and Neil!
I arrived to Hungary! Szandra and her family were very happy to see me, they didn't think that I'll arrive so soon, it was a great surprise! I'm very tired now after travelling, just wanted to say hello and show you some pictures that we made today.
I already met with some pets. On the first photo I'm with Jeni. He wasn't very friendly...maybe he doesn't like dogs!?
Then I played with Ali and Barni, they are really friendly and active dogs!:) I think we'll be good friends. And finally I visited the rabbits...and well... I tasted their food, but I realized that I don't want to be a vegetarian.
Tomorrow if the weather will be nice, Szandra will show some nice places in the near.
That's all for today!
Bye, bye


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Miskolc, Hungary - 28th July 2007

By: Szandra

Hello again!
We were so busy with my host, that we haven't got enough time to uptade the blog. But I wanted to tell you about my days here in Hungary.
The day before yesterday we went for a trip by bike. I enjoyed it very much! I saw some nice places. Szandra shew me the park in Miskolc-Tapolca, this is really near to their house. And there is a nice lake and a thermal bath inside of it. Everything was so quiet there. We made some pics, but unfortunately it was started growing dark and we culdn't make good quality photos. But Szandra promised me that we'll visit back there and make some better photos.
Yesterday I set into the car, so when my host and her family went somewhere I could see the area.
On Monday we'll travel to Budapest, so I'm very excited and on the 5th of August we will travel to Italy. I can't wait to relax in the beach!!!:)
I almost forgot to tell you that here is a little flat toyvoyager, Simba. He came from Belgium and we became good friends. We played ping-pong together.:)
Now, it's time to say bye!


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Budapest, Hungary - 31st July 2007

By: Szandra

Yesterday we travelled to Budapest by train. I enjoyed the trip, I looked out from the window and saw the scenery.
And today we made a big excursion. Szandra shew me the main sights of Budapest, for example the basilica, the Castle of Vajdahunyad, the Opera-house, the Heroes-square, a nice park with a big lake... We had a beautiful day together!:)


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Miskolc, Hungary - 4th August 2007

By: Szandra

Sziasztok! (This means, hi! I already learnt some Hungarian words!;)
Guess who arrived this week? An other toyvoyager, Smooch! We have great time together! We are laughing a lot!:) As you see we are again in Miskolc, travelled back from Budapest on Thursday. I loved the capital, but this city is more quiet and friendlier for me.
Yesterday we visited Szandra's father at his office and made some photos from the window.
And now we are packing into the bags. I hear that Smooch is calling me to go and help him!
Italy is waiting for us!!!:D


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Jesolo, Italy - 5th August 2007

By: Szandra

Finally Smooch finished updating his blog, so I have time to do the same with mine.;)
Our trip to Italy was really great, I enjoyed it very much!!!
The long travelling time was a little boring to me, but it was interesting to travel thru Croatia and Slovenia.
When we arrived to Jesolo, I was already very tired, but I didn't mind to walk a little.


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Jesolo, Italy - 6th August 2007

By: Szandra

On Monday we played on the beach, but I don't like sun-bathing as much as Dilbert and Simba, so I relaxed in the shade and drank some cool cocktails.


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Jesolo, Italy - 8th August 2007

By: Szandra

Collecting shells was very exciting!!! See, we found a lot!
After that, we made photos on the bathing platform and saw the ships.


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Chioggia, Italy - 13th August 2007

By: Szandra

We visited Chioggia witch is like Venicie, just a little smaller and calmer. I loved the most the colourful ships.:)


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Miskolc, Hungary - 19th August 2007

By: Szandra

Here I am!!! Still in Hungary!;)
Can you believe it that I'm reading a book in Hungarian? Szandra was also very surprised when she saw that I almost finished a book. It's about a dog, Marley, and I found it quite interesting!
On thursday we went to show the area to Smooch. I already see it, but I enjoyed the trip, because we made a lot of photos! And when I first saw the University of Miskolc I couldn't imagine that it's so big! Szandra told that thousands of people study there and it's more than 270 years old. If you take a look at the blog of Smooch, you can see a picture about the campus locations.

It's late at night... time to go and sleep!
But before that, here are some pics:


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Miskolc, Hungary - 24th August 2007

By: Szandra

Dilbert is already on his way to Australia, but before he continued his journey, he asked me to update the travelog.
All the toyvoyagers were very sad that we had to say good-bye to Dilbert, but we spent some beautiful days together!
Finally Smooch and Kuma made a 2 in 1 party!:) Surprise birthday party to me and a good-bye party to Dilbert.
Dood luck Dilbert, hope to hear from you soon!


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Stroud, NSW, Australia - 31st August 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

Dilbert arrived in Australia dying for a drink of water! It's a long way for a little pooch, all the way from Hungary!
After his drink he was very happy to see other Toy Voyagers already here in this strange country! Phileas and (Playmo)Bill greeted him excitedly.
Dilbert is resting now, he has been invited to go shopping tomorrow along with Phileas and (Playmo)Bill!
He gave Nik the postcard Szandra had helped him write for her, and she's very happy with it! Thank you Dilbert! (and Szandra ;) )


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Bucketts Way, Australia - 1st September 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

Dilbert has a special mission! Helping Nik shop for Father's Day presents!
Here he is checking out the scenery on the Bucketts Way, the main road from Stroud to the Pacific Highway.
Dilbert was excited to see so many trees...  ;)


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Pacific Highway, Australia - 1st September 2007

By: Prowl_Worshipper

Dilbert crowded in with Philéas and (Playmo)Bill for this photo of the Pacific Highway, and he had lots of fun barking at the other cars!


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