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Visit two other castles, and compare them with Warwick

Run along a beach at sunrise

Ride on a steam train

Have a makeover (photographic evidence: B4 and after please!)

Drink cocktails in a bar

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Travelog for: Lola

Warwick Castle, England - 1st April 2006

By: Crusoe

Lola was released into the wild today in the Gatehouse part of Warwick Castle's wall defences.

As per usual, she dictated exactly where to be left, deciding that the Gatehouse was exactly the right sort of place to be found by exactly the right sort of person she was hoping to travel with.

Please look after Lola:  for all her bossiness, she likes to be cared for and needs to be guided on her journey.  Please update her travelog regularly and include photos if possible.

When you have had a few adventures together, please pass her onto someone you know who would like a travelling companion for a while, or leave her somewhere safe for someone else to find.

Thank you!


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