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Travelog for: Eldon

ToyVoyagersCentral, England - 15th August 2007

By: Isobel&Neil

Eldon is so cute, we might just keep him for ourselves!

If you have found him, we hope you will look after him, and help him to travel and do lots of fun things.

Please register at ToyVoyagers.com, so that you can update his Travelog and let us know what he is doing and where he goes.

Please feel free to pass him onto other people you know who might need a travelling companion.  He will send you updates on where they've been and what they've been up to, so he'll earn his keep!  ;)

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ToyVoyagersCentral, England - 20th August 2007

By: Isobel&Neil

Poor Eldon!

We took 26 ToyVoyagers 'Up North' with us this weekend, and we returned home with only one:  Eldon.

On his travels with us and his friends, we visited Durham (and stayed in Durham Castle!), Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and York.

Now Eldon is sitting at home in the Office, awaiting his next adventure ... will it be geocaching?  random release? or off to be Hosted via the Forum?

He'll announce his travel plans soon.  Watch this space.  ;)

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 4th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Eldon arreived in Germany.


Luna, our dog, smells the envelop thats from the UK and says ToyVoyagers.

Can i come out?

Hi!!!! I'm Eldon.

I'm so gladd i'm out of that little envelope.

Hi Eldon. My name is Knorretje Knor and this is the home of my owner.

A Eskimo welcom to you Eldon.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 5th September 2007

By: The Sparkle


Last night Knorretje Knor shows me her stamp book and tells me about her plan for traveling.
She already have some beautiful stamps.

I told her about traveling in a envelop. It's dark and a little bit cold.
She is going to ask her owner to make me some warm clothes for the winter.

She also want to ask if her owner can make some hole's in the envelope so we can see something when we travel.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 6th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

This morning i meet a new catfriend.

Her name is Trixi after the queen of The Netherlands because she has some orange in her coat and she and het sister are born on Queensday 2000.

Trixi is a sweet cat that purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs a lot.


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Enschede, Netherlands - 7th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today i vissit with my host a school in the Netherlands.
My host is learning to become a teacher and pracktisch that 2 day a week with children age 4 till 6.

I travels in the bag from my host to the school together with a bunny thats called fearbunny.
My host i going to use the bunny for a story about a dragon and a rabbit.

This is me in her bag togehter with the sweet bunny.

After being in the bag i stade on the desk to see the children playing.

I helped with putting the paint in some  ....... . So the children can make some art in the traffic theme.

Then i go looking what some boy are making with lego.

They let me take a ride on one off their lego cars.

Her i have to stop for the traficlight

Than i go looking to the painters.

They making roads on their papers.

After seeing al those nice stuff i made a special flight around in the class room.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 8th September 2007

By: The Sparkle


This morning i get a little present from my host.
She nits me a warm, green, shawl.

Me with my green new shawl

We are going geocahing today with my host her boyfriend and a other friend. My host her boyfriend has is birthday and this is his present. Geocahing is finding a tressure with GPS.

This sound like fun and cold so i'm verry happy with my new scarf.


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Radio Kootwijk, The Netherlands - 8th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Geocaching is walking around in the area and find some hidden hints to find the tressure.
We have find al the hints and this is me at the place where the tressure was hide.


This is me with the tressure box.
There are some little goodies inside and s note book where you can sign that you found it.


After finding the tressure we put it back on the hidding place and go back to the car to find a place to get a drink.

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Apeldoorn, The Netherlands - 8th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

After getting a drink we where going to a place with a lot of sand to play with some kites. My host forgot to make some pictures from me and the kites  :(

After kiteting we where going to a Vietnamees restaurant to eat something from the buffet.

I eat some loempia's and the baked bananas tasted verry good.

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Enschede, The Netherlands - 12th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

We find some tropical foods and i like taken my picture with them.


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Enschede, The Netherlands - 13th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today i'm again at the class of my host.

One of the little boy's is having his birthday tomorrow. He will be 5 years old.


My host make him a nice heat to wear at his birthday.
Because they are still talking about the Traffic she put 5 cars at the standardheat to make it more his own heat.

She hopes he likes his heat.
I think the heat looks great.

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Enschede, The Netherlands - 14th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

This evening i'm going with my host to her working place.
She is a receptionist.

After some time watching what she is doing. I take over her place and sit on her chair ans answer questions from people or give them keys the need.


At 23.55 i ask the people who are still in the building to leave the building. After that we made a round to look if everybody did leave. They lissent good. Their was nobody left.

After taking my picture with this statue with faces we where going home to Germany.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 20th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today a other ToyVoyager arreived at the home of my host.
His name is Seamus.

On this picture you can see Knorretje Knor, Seamus and Me together.


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Bad Benthiem, Germany - 23rd September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today i go geocaching again with my host.
This time we go to the City of Bad Bentheim to find 18 clues to find the Cache.

This is me at the castle wall. You can see an realy nice view.

And this is me an Seamus together with the Cache after a walk from more then 2 hours.

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Bad bentheim, Germanu - 26th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Its time for me to travel again.
My hoste told me that i'm going to the United States of America.
She puts me on the scale to see how havy i'm.


Then Seamus and Knorretje Knor wants to sit on the scale together with me.

My host found me a used envelop where i fit in. She did have new envelopes but they where to big for me. She puts some nice stickers at the address from the sender she get the envelop from.

Than its time for me to say goodbye to all the friends i have made in this house. First their was Streepje one of the Cats. She give me a nose what is verry special for her.

And then Seamus and Knorretje Knor say their goodbyes.

And then when i'm almoste in to the evelope my new friendd Meg waved me goodbye and whises me a verry good journey.

This is me in the envelop. You can see they are sad that i'm leaving. Thats why the picture is not clear.

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