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See a 'host of golden daffodils' in The Lake District (Wordsworth)

Have a photo taken next to the sign at Adlestrop station (Edward Thomas)

Visit Tintagel (King Arthur's castle?)

Spend some time in Florence (Room With A View)

Go to Baker Street to find Sherlock Holmes

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Travelog for: Talbot

York, England - 17th March 2006

By: TheGreyLady

Talbot loves to read and he mostly dreams of being able to see some of the places he has read about in books.  Can you help him along on his literary quest?

He's being released in York (a great place to start).  If you are his finder, please try to encourage him on his journey, or pass him onto someone who could ...  :)

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York, England - 20th March 2006

By: TheGreyLady

Talbot was released into the wild on the city walls today.

He soon established himself in a little sheltered nook whilst he waited for someone to come along and find him. 

Hopefully that person was you! :rolleyes:

As I walked away, he was gazing out over the city and murmuring the opening lines from 'Robinson Crusoe' to himself.

Please take care of him while he is in your hands - help him on his way, have good times together, and then let him go on to someone else to continue his journey with them.

Update his travelog if you get the chance, with pictures if you can. 

Thank you!  :)


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