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To take over the world!

To meet (recruit) as many ToyVoyagers as I can.

Attend the Great British Beer Festival

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Travelog for: Loki

London, England - 7th July 2006

By: Fenris

Err Hello?

That was a very bumpy journey I've just been on. I woke up this morning still in my travel box and all I could hear was someone whilstling.

Then there was a 'bing bong' and I heard muffled voices. Someone picked up by box, carried it for a bit and then it felt like they threw me onto somethnig soft.

I banged my head I think and fell asleep  :o

I don't know how long I was out but sometime later I heard something sniffing at my box!

There were a few growls and then my box was opened!


I jumped out to surprise what opened my box and I think I scared him away.

After a few minutes I managed to convince him to come out frm under the pillow. He's a tiger! His name is Hobbes and he's the first friend I've made here.

He told me about his owner... Someone (or something) called 'Fen'. Apparently he's a lot bigger than us, but Hobbes seems to think that he's okay. So I guess I'll see for myself when 'Fen' gets home.

Here's a photo of me and my new best friend Hobbes.

Bye for now,



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At Home, England - 11th July 2006

By: Fenris

I decided to keep a low profile for a few days.

Hobbes has been helping me, raiding the biscuit tin and helping me explore this house.

If I'm going to be able to complete my main mission, I'll have to learn how Hobbes manages to sneak around without anyone knowing.

He's already shown me a couple of places I can watch what's happening in the house without being seen.



Watching my "owner" Fen... He seems okay. I think I'm going to need his help as well for my missions. So I think I'm going to say Hello to him tomorrow.

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At Home, England - 12th July 2006

By: Fenris


The meeting with Fen went really well. He likes my idea of trying to take over the World and has said he'll help me as much as he can.

As long as it involves beer, that is! I don't know what this 'beer' stuff is but I'll try and find out soon. :rolleyes:

He said he'll take me out of the House tomorrow. Something called "Pitch and Putt"


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Pitch and Putt, England - 14th July 2006

By: Fenris

What a day.

Fen took me to "Pitch and Putt" yesterday evening with some of his friends from the cameraclub (another thing to find out about)

I'd been told that golf was boring, but we had a great time. I kept hiding down the holes and stopping other peoples balls from going in.


But then someone saw me and they did this to me:


So I decided to help Fen carry his clubs


Also made a new friend...  :p


She made me very comfortable...


But then the game finished and we left the pitch and putt to walk back into town. Where I found out what 'beer' is.

It's very nice  :D :stare: B)


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