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Travelog for: FoxForce

Toulouse, France - 10th July 2007

By: Mood

I met stranged dressed people walking along the Garonne


But also strange creatures !!?


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Mood's Toy Voyagers Hostel, France - 12th July 2007

By: Mood

Mood lend me some of her books, and I enjoyed this one particularly :

This is the story of a lovely rash pullet called Lola, who fall in love with ...
... Well ... guess who !


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Mood's Toy Voyagers Hostel, France - 12th July 2007

By: Mood

I was reading my book when "ding dong!" the bell ringed out.. It was the postman, with a beautiful envelope from Australia !!! Mood called us, and we all rushed as we were so impatient to meet our new lodger!

I was very proud to open the travel box !!!!

Then we saw Dottie Grace 's neck coming out of her travelcase. Stripey was completely seduced by the pattern of her "pyjama"... Of course he wasn't there when we made enquiries with Sébastien and Alpina, so he ignored everything about her .. We all laughed of course, Dottie too !!!

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Mood's Toy Voyagers Hostel, France - 13th July 2007

By: Mood

Alpina went away with Mistigree, so today I played with Sébastien and Dottie Grace. As you can see on this picture, we have organised a size competition  (it was the idea of Bertold, our scientist expert)... Who won ???

(Thank you Sébastien!)

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St Orens, France - 14th July 2007

By: Mood

Today is the 14th july : national french holiday... We have decided to make a party with Alpina before going to the firework ...


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St Orens, France - 20th July 2007

By: Mood

You know what ???? Today, I discovered I had a passion for theatre!!!
In fact, Bertold (our multi-purpose expert) told me about an old french fabulist named Jean De La Fontaine (XVII century). He wrote many fables with anthropomorphical animals, containing a morals at the end. These fables were written with an educational aim and were addressed to the Dolphin.

Do you know : The Raven and the Fox ??? Of course I had to learn this special one!!! Here it is :

Perch'd on a lofty oak,
Sir Raven held a lunch of cheese;
Sir Fox, who smelt it in the breeze,
Thus to the holder spoke:─
"Ha! how do you do, Sir Raven?
Well, your coat, sir, is a brave one!
So black and glossy, on my word, sir,
With voice to match, you were a bird, sir,
Well fit to be the Phoenix of these days."
Sir Raven, overset with praise,
Must show how musical his croak.
Down fell the luncheon from the oak;
Which snatching up, Sir Fox thus spoke:─
"The flatterer, my good sir,
Aye liveth on his listener;
Which lesson, if you please,
Is doubtless worth the cheese."
A bit too late, Sir Raven swore
The rogue should never cheat him more

and here is the scene

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St Orens, France - 20th July 2007

By: Mood

After this first brilliant performance crowned with success (I hope FantasticMsFox will enrol me at a theatre school when I come back home!!!), I taste a french provençal meal with Dottie Grace named "Roulé d'aubergines". Of course, Dottie enjoyed it ...

Personaly, I think I would have prefered some red meat ... maybe another day!?

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Cinema, France - 20th July 2007

By: Mood

We finished this afternoon to the cinema !!!! Yyyyes!!!!!!!! I had heard that the last Harry Potter's film was released so I asked Mood to take us there...

... and we went !!!


Dottie was a bit scared, she jumped many times... She didn't knew Harry Potter at all, so I told her the whole story before sleeping ...


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Time trip, France - 22nd July 2007

By: Mood

Today I traveled across the time !!! As Mood knew that I always dreamt to visit the Valley of the Kings, she had a surprise in store for me !!!

She blindfolded me and what a surprise when I opened my eyes!!! I was 4000 years back !!!
In fact we were in the Georges Labit Museum. He was a collector from Toulouse who gathered together in his villa the items and artefacts he had purchased on his numerous travels.

I even saw a mummy !!!! (look in my back) I was very impressed!!!
And when I told Dottie Grace about the Toutankhamon malediction, she said she prefered the upstairs collections and climbed back up quickly !!

Then we had a break in a pavement café...

Have you seen the sugar ??? They are real traveler's sugars!

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Globe theatre of St Orens, France - 25th July 2007

By: Mood

Always on board on my machine to go back in time ... but this time, I stopped on the XVIIth century, at the time of Jean de La Fontaine... (You remember? the french poet who wrote many fables and who understood so well how clever, we, foxes, are!!!)

I travel with my new director Stripey ...  Indeed, since my first brillant performance in The Raven and the Fox, we have decided to put on a new play ... so, here I am back in:  The Fox and the Mask
The great are like the maskers of the stage;
Their show deceives the simple of the age.
For all that they appear to be they pass,
With only those whose type's the ass.
The fox, more wary, looks beneath the skin,
And looks on every side, and, when he sees
That all their glory is a semblance thin,
He turns, and saves the hinges of his knees,
With such a speech as once, it's said,
He uttered to a hero's head.
A bust, somewhat colossal in its size,
Attracted crowds of wondering eyes.
The fox admired the sculptor's pains:
"Fine head," said he, "but void of brains!"
The same remark to many a lord applies.

http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1167/999825353_c8c1cc4a9d.jpg?v=0 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1009/1021276060_343fb4d00c.jpg?v=0
As you can see, there was a captive audience, and my new Lafontaine wig was a success !


and look at Stripey (wearing the new giraffe coat he designed while Dottie Grace was here) with the "Brigadier" (the stick used to give the three knocks before the curtain rise)
(He says it makes him look like a patriarch)

And now, here I am in : The Fox, the Flies and the Hedgehog

A fox, old, subtle, vigilant, and sly,
By hunters wounded, fallen in the mud,
Attracted, by the traces of his blood,
That buzzing parasite, the fly.
He blamed the gods, and wondered why
The Fates so cruelly should wish
To feast the fly on such a costly dish.
"What! light on me! make me its food!
Me, me, the nimblest of the wood!
How long has fox-meat been so good?
What serves my tail? Is it a useless weight?
Go, Heaven confound you, greedy reprobate!
And suck your fill from some more vulgar veins!"
A hedgehog, witnessing his pains,
(This fretful personage
Here graces first my page,)
Desired to set him free
From such cupidity.
"My neighbour fox," said he,
My quills these rascals shall empale,
And ease your torments without fail."
"Not for the world, my friend!" the fox replied.
"Pray let them finish their repast.
These flies are full. Should they be set aside,
New hungrier swarms would finish me at last."
Consumers are too common here below,
In court and camp, in church and state, we know.
Old Aristotle's penetration
Remarked our fable's application;
It might more clearly in our nation.
The fuller certain men are fed,
The less the public will be bled.


A star is born!!

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St Orens, France - 27th July 2007

By: Mood

Taro arrived today, and do you know where he comes from ???  -> from Japan, my next destination !!!!! We talked a long time together ... (he also asked me to send kisses for Yumi when I meet her !!!)

We played Mikado all together
Of course Stripey moaned because of his too short arms !! (no arms, no mikado I say!)

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St Orens, France - 30th July 2007

By: Mood

Tonight, we have decided to make a party before leaving the red rose city ...
I was in charge of the music !

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St Orens, France - 3rd August 2007

By: Mood

Even if I'm sad to leave my new french friends, I'm also excited to join Japan soon!!!
Taro told me so much about Japan, that I'm very impatient  to walk on the japanese streets for real!!!
Yumi, I'm coming soon !

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Ishikawa, Japan - 13th August 2007

By: yumi

I arrived at Yumi's house today
The weather here is nice, but it is very hot and humid!
I met her toyvoyager Tokio and Warren Bunny came from America.

I found beautiful flowers at her home garden.

Tokio is very friendly and asked me many questions.
We talked a lot.

Warren Bunny, Tokio and I ate a bundh of grape and a piece of watermelon. It was very juicy and delicious.

コピー ~ IMGP6793.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP6799.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP6805.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP6819.jpg

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Kanazawa, Japan - 17th August 2007

By: yumi

Today I went to 21st Century Museum Of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa where was opened in October, 2004.

I found a swimming pool. Why is the swimming pool here?
I was surprised because I saw some people were standing and walking into it!!
I read the reaflet.....Swimming Pool Leandro Erlich
The layer of water covers a thick glass border, while the pool below the glass is empty.

I shaked my hand at people into the pool.
It was very interesting!

Then, I found a big room named Turrell's room.
According to the leaflet...Through the space on the ceiling, the audience could experience the sky in peaceful environment.
As it was sunny, I saw the beautiful sky.Yumi told me the today's sky was most beautiul she has watched from the room.

コピー ~ IMGP6835.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP6854.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP6845.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP6843.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP6867.jpg

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