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Travelog for: Frida

Nankan, Taiwan - 1st May 2007

By: icitaiwan

I had to get up early today, because I joined Andrea to her work. She works at a kindergarten on the countryside.

Do you see the rice fields?


This is the school, Andrea is working for

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Nankan, Taiwan - 2nd May 2007

By: icitaiwan

Andrea showed me around in the community where she is living. It's a new community, built last year, and I love it!

The swimmingpool......yihaa!!!

Some nice decoration

Amber and me. You can see Andrea's house on the second floor

I wanted to enjoy the SPA, but I had bad luck. It's only open from May 15th to October 31st

This is the view from the roof of the apartment building. This road is Nankan  Road, the mainroad.

Can you find me between all these flowers?

Andrea's mailbox

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Taipei, Nankan - 2nd May 2007

By: icitaiwan

We went for a walk in the afternoon.

Andrea had to buy some food, so we visited the local supermarket first.

After that we passed "Ikari", a coffeeshop where you can buy delicious cheesecake and sandwiches

Another street in Nankan

I saw so many scooters. Andrea told me that there are millions of scooters in Taiwan. They ride scooters here, like they are riding bicycles in the Netherlands. Taiwanese people are lazy, and don't like to walk I guess ;) :D.

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Nankan, Taiwan - 2nd May 2007

By: icitaiwan

Another fenomenon in Taiwan are the mini markets. They are little convenience stores, open 24H a day. You can find them on (at least) every corner of the street. There are 5 mini markets from Andrea's house within a 2 min. walk


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Nankan, Taiwan - 3rd May 2007

By: icitaiwan

I'm gonna travel again :). Andrea's husband is a flight attendant, and he'll fly to Los Angeles today. He promised me to show me around in the aircraft and in the area around the hotel in Los Angeles. I'll be back in Taiwan on Sunday morning. C U!!!!


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Nankan, Taiwan - 6th May 2007

By: icitaiwan

Hi there. I'm back from my trip to Los Angeles. My flight was pretty comfortable. I had a great seat, a real bed, inflight entertainment, delicious food, champagne, and ice cream :D.
Life isn't bad at all when you're a Toy Voyager ;).

Travelling first class:

I was spoiled on my way to Los Angeles, so the business class on my way back looked a bit simple ;).


My host was pretty tired after the nightflight and didn't leave the hotel, but........I've been in America :D!!!!!


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On her way to, Austria - 7th May 2007

By: icitaiwan

I've had a great time in Taiwan, but it's time to say good-bye to my new friends. I'll miss you all.
I'm also gonna miss my buddy Mukhsin. He's also a Toy Voyager and he was so sad when Andrea prepared me for my next journey.


I'm on my way to Austria......ChristinaB, be prepared :D!

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Vienna, Austria - 15th May 2007

By: ChristinaB

Oh, what an exhausting trip I had - but I finally arrived in Vienna today! I had a very warm welcome from my host and her baby who unpacked me from my envelope and from 2 other toyvoyagers who were already waiting for me here: Elisabeth and Gina the Giraffe.

I'm really excited now and curious about what I will see here in Austria. I already was told that we are going to go on a little trip to the countryside for a couple of days tomorrow and Elisabeth told me about all the sightseeing she did in Vienna during her stay here.

Well, I'll let you know more later...

Hugs, Frida


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Vienna, Austria - 24th May 2007

By: ChristinaB


Meanwhile I've already spent a couple of days in Austria and I'm having a great time so far. Everybody is very friendly to me and my hosts are really doing their best to make me feel very comfortable here.

We've already done some sightseeing in Vienna and I had my photos taken in front of many famous buildings like the Old Imperial Theatre, the City Hall, St. Stephen's Cathedral, and Michaelaer Church.

It is very hot at the moment here in Vienna (around 30 °C) so being a frog and usually living around the water I'm sweating alot here. So I am very happy that my hosts also try to show my some cooler places and parks like the Rosarium you can see here. The smell there was just wonderful and I really had a great time there!!


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Vienna, Austria - 24th May 2007

By: ChristinaB

One of my very favourite buildings here in Vienna is the Hofburg, which was the residence of the Habsburg family as long as they ruled Austria. Isn't it beautiful?? Nowadays it hosts several museums, the National library and the president's office.

Apropos president: For a while I thought I was a very special guest here in Vienna. But yesterday I got a really strong competitor: President Putin from Russia came to visit Vienna! I wanted to go to the city to meet him (you know how much I enjoy to meet famous people...) but my host told me that all the places were closed yesterday so we couldn't go there... However, I still feel special - and that's what I enjoy ;)

My host also showed me the opera house and we had a loooooong walk in the city to do some window shopping.

I also saw Vienna's airport because my host's husband flew to Portugal and we took him to the airport - Austria's biggest construction area at the moment. They are enlarging the airport alot and make it very modern! On the picture you can see me in front of the very new tower!


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Märchenpark Neusiedlersee, Austria - 29th May 2007

By: ChristinaB

We spent a wonderful and funny day at an amusement park today. It is about fairy tales and there are many funny and exciting rides to do, sculptures of different fairy tales to see and delicious things to eat...


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Styria, Austria - 3rd June 2007

By: ChristinaB

Finally here are some photos of me again!!

The previous weekend I spent in a part of Austria called "Styria". It is very beautiful there - a nice scenery with hills, lakes, forrests and alot of agriculture. I stayed at a little farm with my host family for a couple of days. There were many different farm animals and the kids and I had a lot of fun to watch, pet and feed them. They all were very patient and "frog-friendly", especially the horses...

One day we went to a lake called "Stubenbergsee". The water was already warm enough and since it was such a hot day we all had a swim there. Oh, what a pleasure for a little frog! I missed swimming sooooo much!

We also went to visit a kind of waterpark. There were many miniature buildings, figures and machines and everything was run by water. It was sooo colourful and everything was moving there so it was really nice to watch.

On our way back to Vienna we wanted to visit a Western Park called "No-name-City". Unfortunately it started to rain right after we arrived so we only took a few photos and then left again. What a pitty - I would have loved to have a wild ride on a horse there!!!


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Vienna, Austria - 3rd June 2007

By: ChristinaB

It was also nice to come back home, I started to feel very comfortable at my host's flat. The only thing I don't like here is this poster at the door. It's a bit scary for a frog...


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Vienna, Austria - 3rd June 2007

By: ChristinaB

On Tuesday last week we visited Schönbrunn Palace - a very royal place I must say. We even went inside the castle - it was the first time the family did - and visited a part of it with special exhibitions for kids. There we learnt how the Habsburg family lived, what they ate, wore, what their kids had for playing etc. It was really interesting. Afterwards we went to the garden and saw the "Gloriette" which was Maria Theresia's point of view and we visited the maze and the labyrinth. Oh my god, I almost got lost!! But fortunately all the family was with me and they took me home safely!


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Rosarium Baden, Austria - 3rd June 2007

By: ChristinaB

At the moment it seem like Austria is full of roses. So we visited another Rosarium yesterday in Baden, about half an hour drive south of Vienna. I was told that it is the largest rosarium in the country. Oh, what a wonderful smell!!!


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