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Live in a caravan for a while

Visit Grasmere (maybe eat gingerbread?!)

Go to the beach and build a sandcastle

Go on a steam train

Look out over Edinburgh from the castle

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Travelog for: Toot

Leamington Spa, England - 17th February 2006

By: Will

Starting in Leamington, I have lived in this area all my life. 
Get me out of here. Please.  :D

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Leamington, England - 14th March 2006

By: Will

Have persuaded my mentor to pass me on to a 'Northern Relation' who might just be able to help me do a mission or two.  Going by train tomorrow (not steam train - boo) so am finally getting on my way!!!  :cyclops:

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Chesterfield, England - 15th March 2006

By: JoAnn

Toot is sitting in the conservatory sipping Earl Grey after his weary train journey.  From the looks of things he wants to take it easy for a couple of days before heading off again to pastures new ... we have friends who are heading North soon, and think Toot would get along just fine with them.

Will update Toot's adventures asap!  ;)

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Floors Castle, Kelso, Scotland - 20th June 2006

By: Arthur

I have had to ask my travelling companion to type this update because I hurt my arm falling from the battlements of 'Floors Castle' whilst having my picture taken for the website (cheers guys).

I kept posing provocatively but the photographer in question seemed to be in difficulties with the digital technology of the camera (either that or he'd forgotten to charge the batteries again!)  I got distracted, took that one step too far and landed in a heap on the ground below.  Not very impressed with his idea of a photo shoot so far.

However, the arm is on the mend and I gather we are going to attempt some  more precarious photographic situations together in Edinburgh tomorrow  ... will keep you posted!

All my Love,


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