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Travelog for: Shakesbeare

Stonehenge, England - 7th March 2008

By: Isobel&Neil

I visited the famous Stonehenge monument en route to a holiday in Dorset ...


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honiton, Devon, UK - 23rd May 2008

By: drakie

Well hello my name is Shakesbeare.... you know after William....  I am a lucky bear and my mummy is lucky too as she won me in a competition run by Isobel & Neil and I have on a little woolly jumper to keep me warm, as England is very cold most of the year you know.  I have an English flag at home which came with me.

My mummy thinks I might have to stay in the UK as I am about 8./9 inches so could be too heavy to travel abroad but she will measure me and weigh me and then we will know....  I am a very good bear, my mummy wasnt sure if she wanted me to travel as she is scared of losing me as I was a special prize but if you would like to host me please contact drakie....  I hope to be with you soon....

beary nice wishes....

Shakesbeare :rolleyes:

Since the above have had trouble getting people to host so for now Shakesbeare will not travel, once we get more hosts and the new ones have been on a while then I will send him on his travels

Well Shakesbeare is going on the Surprise Trail for July/August so he is quite excited.  As we are so short of hosts I was in resting but it is nice to travel even just the once for now.

  Well it is exciting Shakesbeare is going on a Surprise Hosting and has been posted!!  its secret at the moment so I cannot tell you where he is going, but it is exciting.  We went shopping today to send out the goodies that go with him, little pressies.  so watch this space.  The country he is going to sounds exciting too.  Check the Forum out for Notebooks, RR`s etc and the detail are on there, they are looking for hosts for the next Surprise hosting.


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Yuen Long, Hong Kong - 9th July 2008

By: hksusanita

Finally I've arrived HONG KONG!!! B)
It has been raining so hard these days so we will be staying at home comfortably
for a few days and going to travel a LOT !!!

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Yuen Long/Tuen Mun, Hong Kong - 18th July 2008

By: hksusanita

Hey everyone!
Finally get ready to share my days here!  :cyclops:
Because of my relatively big size,
it is uneasy to travel around but still, we will be travelling more in the coming days!

I stayed at Christina's home on Friday and Saturday.
She is Susanita's best friend  :rolleyes: and then she took me to church the next day!
Here're some random pictures.



I had so much fun in church! ;)



The weather isn't that good these days... This is the usual green taxi.
Yea, we were heading to Fanling for the sermon...


P.S. More later!

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Fanling, Hong Kong - 22nd July 2008

By: hksusanita

Here comes some photos taken in the sermon on relationships.
You can see the guest on the leaflet.  :)
She's the wife of the Hong Kong past veteran actor called
Roy Chiao Hung.
It was such an encouraging sermon!


A close up look!  :p






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Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong - 8th August 2008

By: hksusanita

The bus to Kennedy Town...


Ahh..the colourful tram  :D


Finally we arrived The Police Disciplined Services Sports & Recreation Club!


We took this pic in an environment educational centre :P
From what I heard...
it was a police station and that's why there remains a stamp vending machine :D
probably for the police?







Here comes the HK International Airport! WOW!  B)



Finally on the real plane :cyclops:


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Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong - 17th August 2008

By: hksusanita

Victoria Harbour is one of the world's busiest and most impressive natural harbours.


The Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower at night.
The Hong Kong Cultural Centre is a multipurpose performance facility
in Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong.
It is a place for a wide variety of cultural performances.


The Clock Tower is a landmark in Hong Kong.
It is located on the southern shore of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
It is the only remnant of the original site of the former Kowloon Station on the Kowloon-Canton Railway.


The Avenue of Stars, modelled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,
is located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront
in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
It honours celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry.


The five Olympics rings


The Olympics torch


The hand prints and autograph of actor Roy Chiao (Shakesbeare met his wife before
> see the previous update!)


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Yuen Long, Hong Kong - 1st October 2008

By: hksusanita

Heyhey This is my last day to stay in HK and
I've just taken some photos at my living place.
Take a look! ;)

Susanita is a Beatles Freak



From here, I can always enjoy the nice view  :D



I will leave my little chocolate house soon...
Will surely miss everything in HK! Byebye xxx :)


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