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Homepage http://www.mamasmemoirs.com
Birthday 16th September
Gender Female
Location Dallas, TX
Country United States
Interests Postcards, quilting, reading and writing. I love stories and am a biographer by trade. My TV pics are hosted at http://www.toyvoyagers.mamawidow.com Looking for Postcards from American Samoa Guam Indiana Iowa Northern Marianas Islands Puerto Rico Virgin Islands
Available for hosting Yes

My ToyVoyagers Arty Bunneh Nolan Leif E Concierge Texas
ToyVoyagers hosted Birdt Bruce Lee Pops Coco Jahjah Faschi Larissa Frog Little R2 Okuma SchnuffiVEC Salmonella Monster ^_^ Potamus Konrad Dame Zwie-Drach *-Cookie-* Buddy
Currently hosting Bruce Lee SchnuffiVEC Potamus Dame Zwie-Drach Buddy

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Signature ~Kristy Kirkpatrick Hotel Trail Coordinator
Concierge Texas travel log shows all going on at Travel Inn Texas!

Travel Inn Texas visitors:
1 vacancy- minis only. 3" or smaller. padded envelope traveler preferred.

Travel Inn voyagers at home:
Concierge Texas Concierge for Travel Inn Texas

Traveling Toyvoyagers
Arty Bunneh visiting ladybutterfly
Leif E redswan! Going on travels to celebrate Leif Erikson Day! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leif_Erikson_Day  for more info on Leif Erikson Day!

Upcoming Events:
possible voyage to South Mississippi in Summer.
West Texas-plans still in the works
Louisiana either with Mississippi road trip or sooner

Past events:
Relay for life in May 2012. TVs arrived by January and stayed through May. Leading up to the walk, which raises money for cancer research, We had a benefit dance and sold jewelery and art. We raised 250.00USD. Our team raised over 14k! It was a great event!
Masquerade Ball, Chamber of commerce 50th anniversary and volunteer recognition.
Various events at the Roxy
City Meetings including a city council meeting
Nolan's Grammy's 60th birthday party at the Harbor!
Trips to Eden's Organics Market days for fresh food
Trips to woodland park to play!
Decorating and Opening of Travel Inn Texas!
Veteran's day salute
Met a real TEXAS cowboy!
Halloween party!
National Night Out
Roxy Fest!


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