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Username Eshara
Email Address nijhara1@hotmail.com
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Joined Mar 14, 2010, 5:03 pm
Last visit Oct 7, 2022, 2:07 am
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Homepage http://www.facebook.com/people/Eshara-Jan/754135331
Birthday 12th July 1979
Gender Female
Location Trinidad & Tobago
Country Trinidad and Tobago
Interests Loves:- Life, family, people, penpalling, swaps & collections, photography, travel, plush toys, music, dancing, butterflies, the color red, FUN!!! Dislikes:- Negativity & discrimination in any way, form or fashion!
Available for hosting No

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Last Travelog update JBF Bear - Oct 7, 2022, 1:48 am

Signature Unfortunately, I'm not Hosting at this time.
I will update accordingly when I do start Hosting.
Thank you for understanding!😊

My ToyVoyagers' Itinerary:-

Puffalumps is lost somewhere 😓😡...

Owen H.M-Fips is safe with charteuxheart in Vietnam!!! We made contact after two years! Owen will soon be home! UPDATE: Sep. 27, 2015: I have no idea what has become of Owen now :-(

Bernie R.G.Bear is safe with Apartmentcat in Australia and will soon be on the way to JemmaJ in the U.K.! be home! UPDATE: Sep. 27, 2015: I have no idea what has become of Bernie now :-(

JBF Bear is safe with Mausbären in Austria!!!We made contact after two years! UPDATE: No further contact. I have no idea where JBF Bear is :-(

Sunshiney is having fun with papa_always in China! UPDATE: No news in a long time :-(

MiniMoo left inamerica8 in January 2015 to visit BlackCat in Germany but has not yet arrived :-(

GiGi Giraffe is having fun with Salvia in Germany! UPDATE: No news in a long time :-(


ZeeZee Zebra is having fun with BlackCat in Germany! UPDATE: No news in a long time :-(


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