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Username TaisAfinskaia
Email Address maria.forletters@gmail.com
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Member Title ToyVoyagers Freak
Joined Sep 30, 2009, 4:22 pm
Last visit May 17, 2014, 8:38 pm
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Birthday 27th January 1987
Gender Female
Location Moscow
Country Russian Federation
Interests Hello! My name is Maria! I`m 23 years old! I`m mathematician and just lucky girl. Interests: cats, bears; books , Remarque; old cinema, Marlene Dietrich, Al Pacino; writing long letters, snail-mail, send postcards; meeting new people; writing in my journal; notebooks; matches and matchboxes; soft toys tea, tea, tea, tea and cups; swap postcards, notebooks, letters, bookmarks, coins, photos, calenders and so on... hmmmm...there are many things that I love! I speak russian, english and german, I began to study Spanish. I like traveling! From every place I were I took cards =) And I like to send cards to my friends from foreign countries. I love the site and visit it every day, my toys make me happy when they have interesting and bright updates! I will be good and kind host to any voyager! Let`s become friends!
Available for hosting No

My ToyVoyagers Blinchick Little Fed Hypno-dog Belka Red Navel Droopy Beaver Topple Ezhik Mioche Minidog Monkez Krotechek
ToyVoyagers hosted Terry Pocket apanda Etwas Bruno Nathalie UrselHH Ragamuffin kikuchan fai Dusel Chengzi Penny Hanno Pippi Lintilla Valentin Kirin Hippoda Pammy Kanata Pepita Shauns Bobi Mandy Sheep Frankie_Blue Floortje KalliHH Orpheus Mi-Go Paddington Bear Jude Bussi Clyde Lupus-Tigger Talya Jelle Tomi the Bear Sveni
Currently hosting apanda Valentin Kanata Floortje Jude Sveni

Travelog updates 542 total, 0.10 per day
Last Travelog update Minidog - Aug 31, 2013, 1:19 pm

Signature My guys will be happy to visit you!

My Voyagers are:
Blinchick is with Leslee in England.
Fed is with  MorgenSter in Brazil.
Hypno-dog is at home.
Red Navel is with Pandamao in Germany.
Krotechek is on his way to Nekomura Singapore.
Topple is with BunTraveler in USA.
Beaver is looking for host.
new version of Droopy is on his way to Erulisse Singapore.

duplicate of Belka is taking part in  ETVT.
Monkez is taking part in WTVT.

======= LOST or Kept by hosts ============
Minidog is with Eshara in Trinidad & Tabago.
Droopy is lost on his way to South Africa.
Ezhik is lost on his way to Chile too.
Little is on her way  to Lithuania or lost somewhere.
Belka is with bruehwuerfelchen in Turkey or German or Hell knows where!!!!!!!.

Mioche is staying with me.

I`m a host at ETVT and WTVT 2011.

apanda is at home.


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