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Homepage http://toytroops.blogspot.com
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Location Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
Country United States
Interests traveling, gardening, computers, photography, sculpture
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My ToyVoyagers Morado Picado Florence Coney Azul lucky-ducky Rosa Blanche
ToyVoyagers hosted Budd Henry the Adventure Hound Ballet Cindy Daisy Duck Froddo Mara-Joy Ruzovacek Helen Bear Soar …ireannach Ronnie N Hammie Cool Jules Mittens Candy Cotton Frogger Jimbo Elephant bumble Snuggles Winnie the Pooh TibiPanda Nicki Bear Cliff Greedy Muki Ebba Mister_Right Obie Piyo Klaus Fibro Duck
Currently hosting Daisy Duck Frogger Obie

Travelog updates 484 total, 0.08 per day
Last Travelog update Coney - Mar 30, 2015, 7:43 pm

Signature Friend of Picado, Morado, Florence, Azul, Coney, Rosa, Blanche and Lucky-Ducky

USATVT Trail Organizer and host.

Winner 2008 Golden Bear Award -- Best Picture

Visitors or Visiting: Henry the Adventure Hound, Budd, Ballet Cindy, Holiday Harry,Daisy Duck, Froddo, Mara-Joy, Ruzovacek, Soar, Helen Bear  …ireannach, Ronnie N Hammie, Cool Jules, Candy Cotton, Mittens, Jimbo Elephant, Frogger, Bumble, Snuggles, TibiPanda, JamaBanaDukLuv, Winnie the Pooh Nicki Bear, Cliff, Greedyand Watson
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