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Joined Jul 13, 2008, 5:43 pm
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Birthday 14th September
Gender Not specified
Location Flagstaff, AZ
Country United States
Interests I am a simple college girl living in the great mountain town of Flagstaff, Az. I love going on adventures and documenting them with lots of pictures. I love hiking and camping and doing all sorts of random and unique things. I would love to host any and all TV friends!!
Available for hosting Yes

My ToyVoyagers Zeke Rob Dyrduck Geo Bob Wiggly Anatinus
ToyVoyagers hosted Hermies Kaspian Prance Darth Vader Roots Bear Tiger Lilly Thiele Ricky the Rat Casanova Arya Hoppity Louis the Rat Paula Boo Boo
Currently hosting Casanova Hoppity

Travelog updates 118 total, 0.02 per day
Last Travelog update Anatinus - May 24, 2010, 1:00 am

Signature Please confirm my address before sending a TV my way

My Toyvoyagers: Zeke is back in Arizona waiting for a new host.
Rob Dyrduck has been LOST in China!
Geo Bob was wild released in Flagstaff and most recently found in a Geocache in Banning California.
Legstrong, Wiggly, and Anatinus are wild releases that have not checked in!

Toyvoyagers I am hosting: Hoppity
Toyvoyagers we rescued: Paula and Arya were sent to their respective homes. I hope they arrive home soon!


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