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Birthday 21st July
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Country Estonia
Interests I absolutely adore everything,which is connected to next words :"worldwide,travelling,foreign language,different culture". The other thing I like in life is drawing.I have been in art-school 7 years.I graduated from there in spring 2010,but I already miss it..I think that the skills stay forever.These years taught me many useful tecniques.It also made me better person.I know that it's hard to stay artist,but all little children are great artists,as my teacher used to say. Children are also my passion.Now I am working as au pair in a family with 4 children. In Elementary School I was the best reader in my class.Since that I enjoy reading.When I don't have time to it,I don't read days or even weeks,but when I have time,I just sit and read a book. My mother language teacher said once that people who read many books,their vocabulary is much better than these people who don't read. ToyVoyagers is amazing thing :) I'm happy that I found it one day..
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Hey! I can take new TV since August 2013 : ) I am busy  now with 2 TVs : )


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