TobiHH, Amrum, Germany


Posted May 10, 2009, 3:36 pm

now I am a ToyVoyager - and I want to see the world. :D

Rike told me, that we will go to Hamburg soon, so this will be my first trip, up to now, I relax on my blue heart.  B)

If you want to host me, just send a PM, please.

my plan so far :
Delenna in Finland.
Spadge in England.
Rennire in Canada.
jkrcvt in the USA.
Apperveilchen in Germany.
Iloveletters in Germany.
LittleBlogFrog in the UK.
Sammy in Germany.
Jess Roqs in the USA.
owedder in Russia.
ScillyHH in Germany/England.
fam-united in Germany.
mmm105 in Finland.
strunki in Germany.
HoBi in Germany.  <- here I am now!

Posted May 10, 2009, 4:21 pm
Today we went to Hamburg, because the port has birthday.

We saw a lot of nice ships.

This big cruise-ship is called Voyagers of the Seas – it should be ToyVoyagers of the Seas…

The other one is called Amadea –
now I have already two pictures with me and cruise-ships !

These are old storehouses…

And this is me in front of the townhall.

We were tired and drove back home.

It is great to be a ToyVoyager !


Posted May 15, 2009, 2:40 pm
We made a trip with the bike today.
The nice yellow fields are typical for Northern Germany at this time of the year. The plant is called rape we think, in German it is Raps, a funny word.

Then we saw this nice maypole…

…and made a rest next to a lovely lake. We all had fun together.

In the evening I said good-bye to the rest, because I will start my trip to Finland now. I am so excited, and hope, that I will be there soon !


Posted May 15, 2009, 6:35 pm
Here I am! In Finland! My first tv-destination! I was lucky as my host was on her way to do some sightseeing when she picked me up from the post office. So, here I am on Castle Hill (Linnamäki) in Porvoo. As the name reveals here has been a castle hundreds of years ago. That's also where the settlement in this area began: from the castle spreading everywhere. Now there's only the hill and castle moats left. The view to the town is really nice! You can see the Old Porvoo and the bridges crossing the river.

This also the place Porvoo got its name from. Porvoo is Borgå in Swedish: Borg (castle) + å (river). The finnish way of saying it is then Porvoo.

Posted May 15, 2009, 6:56 pm
After Castle Hill we drove down to see the Old Porvoo riverside. That bridge is the very first built in Porvoo. Those red shorehouses the the most wellknown sight in this city. They got their colour only in the late 18th century. Red ochre paint was used to paint the shore houses in honour of King Gustav III's arrival from Sweden. All of the houses along his route were painted, in order to make them more beautiful. The red ochre also helped protect the logs from wind and sun damage. They are used as storage and living quarters nowadays.

The cannon is naturally not in use - it's from the World War II.
The "peek-a-boo" couple is part of the celebration of 200 years since the Porvoo Diet. On the Diet Porvoo was promoted as a nation among nations by the Russian emperor. That event helped Finland become independent.

Posted May 15, 2009, 8:46 pm
When we arrived 'home' we had a small party to celebrate Alfie Langer's 2nd birthday. He had a bigger party earlier with his Anniversary of Arrival so thoday we had 'only' nacho cheese balls and watched KungFu Panda. But it was fun! And I got to meet all the tvs in the house: Savannah (leopard), Gary Boldie (bear with green clothes), Alfie Langer (in the middle), me and Leonard (the little birdie).

Posted May 17, 2009, 5:43 pm
My host lives by the Baltic Sea - which is shown here. They have so much archipelago around that you don't get an open sea view. But this is it  B) The creator of Moomin spent her summers on one of the islands nearby!

There were many boats but no cruisers. More boats will show up sooner or later, maybe there'll be a cruiser too...

Posted May 18, 2009, 3:13 pm
Today my host took me to a Handicrafts & Heritage Event held in the Art Factory. It was right next to Porvoo river and the newest bridge. The Art Factory itself is an ugly brick building - there is an ongoing debate whether it should be protected or bulldozed down...

There (at the event) were many skillfull people showing their work which included jewelry, clothes, kitchenware, toys, food, ornaments... You can see also Marimekko items there. Marimekko is a famous Finnish brand - even Hillary Clinton has been shopping Marimekko! My host got that cross necklace for her goddaughter who will throw a confirmation party later this summer.

Posted May 18, 2009, 3:28 pm
After the event we crossed the bridge and walked up and down the riverbank to another Handicrafts event.  That event was all about selling cool stuff - outdoors and without entrance fee. My host wished she had had more money with her...

That sailboat is just across the river where we continued our walk. It's galley m/aux Marita which was built in 1947 as cargo ship. Nowadays you can rent it for cruises (a 6h cruise costs 2250euros altogether) or accommodation.

I saw a lot of boats! Some of them were local river-cruiseships, like the two in the 3rd photo (and the sailboat)  B) The red one is called Fredrika, after the wife of a famous poet (JL Runeberg). Mrs Runeberg was sophisticated and wrote too but it was harder for a woman in those days - she had to use a male alias to publish her work! Mr Runeberg has his own name-sake boat.

After the event we took some pics on the pedestrian bridge, a small look over the riverbank. In the very last picture you can see the Art Factory from further away.


Posted May 18, 2009, 5:53 pm
After the events we went to the local "sightseeing tower". I got a relly good view over the city of Porvoo! Porvoo is the 2nd oldest city in Finland. It has almost 50 000 inhabitants of which 33% is native Swedish speakers (finnishswedish). Porvoo is only 50km east from Helsinki, the capitol of Finland. It takes less than an hour to drive there.

In the 5th photo you can see the roof of Art Factory (on the right)...  We also walked further away on the hill to see Old Porvoo from "above". You can see the church and the old bridge and Castle Hill - all that I visited a few days ago  :D

Posted May 20, 2009, 3:20 pm
My showed me the tallest bridge in town! It hasn't been here always, years ago you had to take the ferry boat to get over the water. The ferry could hold about 8 cars at once and it drove back and forth the whole day.  We went to see the views from both sides  :D In the first photo is evidence that I saw the previously mentioned \"cruiser\" JL Runeberg! In the second photo are the firedepartment boats that I saw. In the last photo you can see the oil industry area, it's really huge and employs about half of the city  :o

I also saw spooky old boats that aren't in use anymore. They were creepy somehow!

Posted May 21, 2009, 3:54 pm
Soon we'll celebrate the birthday of my host's daughter. Naturally we wanted to help preparing everything! We baked "moccabites" which basically are chocolate pastries. First we made the dough and baked it and then we cut it into different shapes - with cookie cutters. I made Moominpappa. Then we got to decorate them  :D We got to eat the leftovers  :cyclops:

We also helped fill the pinjata - or actually a puljata as you had to pull it open instead of hitting it. We filled balloons too - see how helpfull we were!

Last but not least we made a "snowball"-cake. We had tons of icecream and made tons of "snowballs" of it  :D We decorated the snowballs with marzipan figures made by my host's sister - they look awesome!

Posted May 21, 2009, 4:23 pm
Ahem... My host said she doesn't want to upload a picture of the party when it was over. Just imagine: house full of kids (all under the age of 8). Add streamer and soap bubbles. Add gift wrappings. Add food.

Know what that adds up to? I can give you a hint. M. E. S. S. Y.  ;)

But we had a great time!

Posted May 24, 2009, 12:30 pm
This weekend is held a World Village Festival in Helsinki - and my host is going to stand behind a table there, and she took me with her! We arrived in the capitol of Finland, Helsinki, early enough to take some photos in the very center. First you see the busstation/mall called Kamppi. It has 6 levels of which 1,5 are for long route busses and the rest are shops and restaurants etc.  It's relatively new as it was build only a few years ago.

Then there is the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma with weird statue/art on front - and the statue of Mannerheim (a former president and war marshal) with his horse. He was the president of Finland in 1944-46. Some people, including Renny Harlin (a Finnish movie director, producer etc. living in the USA), are planning on a film on Mannerheim. They have been for a few years and have to my knowledge filmed some of it too. They have had some financial issues concerning the Mannerheim movie. 

I also saw the parliament and metallic strawberries :o And the Central Railway Station which was built in 1860.

Posted May 24, 2009, 12:59 pm
This is the World Village Festival held annually in Helsinki! This year, which is the 10th time this festival is held,  it starts from the side of the Central Railway Station and continues as usual to a park further away (Kaisaniemi Park). There was many performers (music, dance, art) from Finland and abroad, food from Africa and Asia etc, charity/volunteer work organizations, craftsmen selling their stuff, UN, politics, world books... etc etc! This years main theme was the climate.

We took pics when we first arrived, before there was public - as you can see the pics that were taken after the public arrived it's very crowded. The weather was horrible! It rained so much we had a pond on our feet  most of the time (the roof didn't hold). I helped my host at "her stand" (a small organization that does charity for children). I sold some lottery tickets with Alfie, Gary and Leonard. My host had made some of the prizes!

We were there the whole day. Fortunately we didn't have to stand at one place the whole time, The stand was in one huge tent called the "market of possibilities tent" and there were exhibitors from child sponsorship, volunteer work, development cooperation plus a "general section". We also saw Signmark perform! He's a deaf (yes deaf!) rapper (hip hop is their official "genre" but my host thinks "hiphopper" sounds kinda funny - she doesn't know much about music...)! He raps with a few other guys who do the same rap in Finnish and/or English and then there's the dj. Signmark himself raps in Finnish sign language. It was cool! They had so much fun on stage! If you check their/his website you find some of the lyrics in German too  :o

When we left by buss my host took a quick shot of me and the Opera House. Then I fell assleep...

Posted May 25, 2009, 4:51 pm
In addition to yesterday's walking at the World Village Festival we walked some more today. We went to the Art Factory again, only this time there were old cars! The local "mobilists" raised money for good cause: children's (sports, anti-drug work, kindergarden etc.). We didn't have money to go inside so we checked the vehicles they had outdoors. There was an old buss from 1960 where we went in to sit too! Then there was 2 fire engines from the past: Willys and Bedford. There were also newer cars like the police car (next to that blue cruiser). 

Posted May 26, 2009, 12:00 pm
Today was +22C and still time for barbeque! We went to the beach, carved some sticks and put the fire on. Soon we had good sausages to eat  :D With me are my fellow tv's Alfie, Gary and Leonard.

Posted May 28, 2009, 10:10 am
I didn't know I was staying with a bunch of famous people  :o It turned out that Alfie and Roo have their photos in a Chinese magazine! Roo's photo is even taken by my host!


Posted May 31, 2009, 5:42 am
Today was the annual spring fair in Porvoo. Sellers of all sorts invade two streets and several blocks. Plus the market place next to the buss station. My host only bought postcards... They even sold christmas postcards there  :o It's a tradition to buy a big pretzel on the fair but we didn't. We had the kids with us and they wanted ice cream.


Posted Jun 1, 2009, 5:35 pm
We visited the childhood surroundings of my host. Jakari is a small village (approx. 300 inhabitants) about 15km from Porvoo centrum. Lots of nice nature. That's about it  :rolleyes: They did have a shop, gas station, post office, dairy/barn (that was way back) and umm... a schoold untill now. My host went to that elementary school shown in the 4th photo. She loved it and so did many people who moved here to get their kids into the small school (last year 34 pupils in grades 1-6). But the city officials decided to shut it down to save money. Many don't understand how it saves money as the city has to pay for school transfers now. There was also lots of other mysterious stuff and  promise braking but I don't remember it all, my host was too frustrated to be speaking clearly...

There's still a sports field and a house owned by the local Youth Association where they have dance, disco, markets etc. They also rent it, my host held her dad a suprise 70 years birthdayparty there with her siblings! They do have a manor there too, but that's in private use (3rd last pic).

Posted Jun 1, 2009, 5:41 pm
After Jakari we went for an ice cream in the city center. This's how quiet it gets on a Sunday evening in Porvoo. Not many people or vehicles moving around. Not even too many busses at the buss station. At least I got a good view of the surroundings this time  :D

Posted Jun 11, 2009, 5:29 pm
My host took us with her when she drove to a birthday in Vantaa. The mall you see in the first two pictures (it's huge, you can see only a small bit) is sadly famous for a bomb issue it had some years ago. A young male had build a bomb, attached it to himself and got blown at the mall. Many people got hurt. No-one ever really figured out why he did it.

Posted Jun 11, 2009, 5:45 pm
Here we (me, Alfie and Leonard) are heading back home on Kehä III which means circle road 3. There's also circle roads 2 and 1  :D This road goes thru four cities (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Kirkkonummi) which are considered the metropolitan area. There's a joke that "areas behind Kehä 3 are countryside" and that Kehä 3 is also the "wolf line" - those are usually said by people who live inside Kehä 3...

It might look boring as we're only sitting there and watching the views but I wanted to show you the views too! Tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of people drive this road everyday to work, school, shopping... You can see that partially it's a business area (many stores around etc.) and partially just plain nature. Isn't that something!

Posted Jun 11, 2009, 5:53 pm
From Kehä3 we turned to the highway which took us back to Porvoo. You can drive max 120km/h there! My host has heard about the German Autobahn and she says she might not want to drive there - I don't understand why  :thinking:

But look, the views are more green here! No stores right next to the highway. Actually nothing much at all right next to the highway...

Hey! We could get to St. Petersburg on this road! Only a few hundred kilometers!

Posted Jun 11, 2009, 6:00 pm
We're back in Porvoo! My host thought she should go vote in the european parliament on our way home. We went to the huge store which had the candidates adds on the yard. Unfortunately they didn't have the voting booths there after all so my host gave up on the idea. She was too tired (*cough*lazy*cough*) to look for a voting place.

Edit: only less than 50% of the Finns voted  this time...

Posted Jun 16, 2009, 3:38 pm
This was a great day of achivement for my host. She graduated as Practical Nurse. This was her 3rd diploma but she's very excited. That's her school and those are her congratulations-flowers  :D

Posted Jun 16, 2009, 5:03 pm
This is the old town of Porvoo.

Actually we were having a Postcrossing meetup! My host was excited to get a meetup in her home town. Naturally we went postcard-shopping first!

Due to the 200 years anniversary of Porvoo Diet there are different posters and stuff around. Also those figures where people stick their heads are made in the name of the celebration. There are several kinds all around the old town.

The two last pics are from a small toy store (the one that has a Moomin house on their window). They have all sorts of fun toys, but none of them are plastic or make hellish noise (like toys in a normal toystore tend to do).

Posted Jun 16, 2009, 5:12 pm
I got to go to Brunberg shop! They're a local chokolate (and other sweets) factory and have a store also in the Old Town. They're very famous for their sweets.

But can you imagine that sign! "No kisses allowed to the cabin of an airplane"!  :stare: Ok, they do mean the sweets in the red boxes, they're called Kisses, but still... The clerk explained that the national aviation ministery considers the inside of the Kisses to be liquid. And liquid (on an airplane) is considered dangerous in several countries.

The Kisses are sweet: thin chokolate covered, soft and airy "mousse" inside.

Posted Jun 16, 2009, 5:17 pm
After Brunberg we went by some interesting details as we headed to the riverside to see the views. And signs! See that street sign that says Elvis Presley Boulevard? It's put there by a local celebrity rocker who lives next door  B)

Posted Jun 16, 2009, 5:24 pm
Next we wanted some coffee and pie so we went to this cafe next to the main bridge. It's called Bar & Café Porvoo Coffee Roastery in English and it's in an old brick magazine. They also have a terrace and a barge where you can sit and eat/drink. We were indoors, which have solid brick walls, logs, and candles. It was really nice. We helped write some postcards which we then sent.

Posted Jun 16, 2009, 5:31 pm
I wanted to see the Cathedral so there we went. The church is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and it gained its present form at the end of the 15th century. It can accomodate 800 people at the time. The small chuch (red wooden building right next to the cathedral) is dedicated in 1740. It accomodates 170 people. My host got married in the small one - and they christened their first born there too.

The Cathedral has been burnt several times. Last time it was burnt by arson in 2006. It took them 3 years to rebuild the roof and wash the interiors.

The pink'ish house in the 3rd & 2nd last photos is the Poet's House. The city rents it for free to artists of various kinds. The artist who wins the rent gets to live there and do his/her art for a certain amount of years.

Posted Jun 16, 2009, 5:50 pm

Here are the rest of the pics we took on our meetup.

We saw a very cool car. Pink watering can, handmade elks...

At the Small Chocolate Factory, next to the cathedral, we found that little toy doggie. We had a long discussion and when we realized he had been hanging there for quite a while my host decided to rescue him. Do you think she'll make a tv of him...?  The Small Chocolate Factory was so small we couldn't even take pics! You can buy chocolates and pastries handmade by the master chocolate-maker. Some of our human company bough some.

It was a good trip!

Posted Jun 22, 2009, 6:14 pm
We spent the Midsummer at my host's parents. Instead of a real big bonfire we had a small bonfire in a barrel  :D We barbequed some sausages, added vegetables - and had cake for dessert! Yum! You can see in the photo that we ate ourselves quite full  ;)

Later we played some petanque. It was so much fun! Especially because I won once! We had some pretty tight matches, we had to measure the distances at times.

The weather was on our side too: it was cloudy but didn't rain untill in the evening. This was one cool Midsummer  B)

Posted Jun 26, 2009, 9:07 pm
My host had to run some errands in Helsinki and naturally I got to go with her. Here I have found the Cathedral of Helsinki! It looks so big on the outside but isn't as big on the inside (though it's bigger than the pic). This Cathedral was designed by Carl Ludwig Engel and built in 1830-1852. You can see the harbour from there! That's where I headed next...

The monument in front of the Cathedral is a statue of Alexander II, made by Walter Runeberg in 1894. Alexander II is sculpted making his speech on the Porvoo Diet in 1863.

On my way to the harbour I saw The Orthodox Church called the Uspensky Cathedral. It looks awesome too! It's designed by Aleksei M. Gornostajev and it's finished in 1868. Both Cathedrals are popular tourist attractions too.


Posted Jun 26, 2009, 9:30 pm
This is the Kauppatori, the Market Square with the harbour. I saw two cruise ships! Those are Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony of Silja Line. My host swears she took a pic of me with a Viking Line cruise ship too but somehow it doesn't exist in the camera...

The Market Square was full of people selling stuff and food - and full of people buying them. It was fun to watch  :)

Oh, and in the 5th and 6th photo is the Presidential Palace! The building used to be a salt warehouse!  :stare: Later it was used by the Czar Alexander II (his statue was on the last update) and his family. During World War I the residence was converted into the Military Hospital of the Finnish Senate. In the beginning of Finland's independence it was renovated and re-furnished to become the Presidential Palace. The Independence Day Ball is held there every year - the predisent invites all sorts of famous and/or important people to the ball and the media talks about the dresses... The Palace has nearly 3,000 square metres of floor space so there's plenty of room to dance  ;)

The president (Mrs. Tarja Halonen at the moment) stays in Kultaranta during the summer so there's no guard in front of the Palace now.

Posted Jun 26, 2009, 9:46 pm
From the Market Square we continued our walk on the Boulevard. It's a long park way where people like to sit and enjoy the sun and watching other people. In the first photo is the famous Havis Amanda statue.  It was sculpted by Ville Vallgren in Paris in 1906 and transfered to the present location in 1908. Every year on Vappu (May Day aka Labor Day) students of the local universities put a cap on the statue on an elaborate ceremony. For many it is a "must see" event.

The Boulevard was full of people, but no wonder as it was such a beautiful (and hot!) day. I even saw a Midsummer Pole there  :o It's a traditional Midsummer decoration in Åland Islands and the coastal Finland - althought my host has seen one only once. People decorate the pole, lift it up and dance around it.

Finally we got to the main street and waited for a tram...

Posted Jun 26, 2009, 10:07 pm
We took the tram to get faster further  B) First we saw the Olympic Stadium where they held the 1952 Olympics! Almost next to it is the Opera House (The Finnish National Opera).

While walking we saw another park in the city. Also here people were sunbathing - and playing huge chess. And I found a souvenir shop which had a Moomin guarding the door.

Then there was the National Museum of Finland and the Finlandia Hall. Finlandia Hall was designed by Alvar Aalto in 1962 and built between 1967-72.

Then we came back by tram to the spot where we jumped on the tram. That's where is the statue of the Three Smiths. It's designed by Felix Nylund and revealed in 1932. Felix Nylund had boxers and wrestlers as models for the work.

That chair was on the street, it wasn't there the last time we checked. We don't know what it's supposed to represent but we decided to take a picture anyway.

And last but not least - we ended up participating in a postcrossing meeting! We were just shopping for stamps and postcards and glanced to the cafe - and there they were! It was a fun suprise and a good way to end the day  :D

Posted Jun 28, 2009, 6:55 am
Alfie Langer is the Voyager of the Week! WOW! He's VOTW  :D Our host thought we should celebrate and thus we went to restaurant Rosso. It's a nice italian style, comfy restaurant. We studied the menus - Alfie decided to take Reindeer Pasta and the rest of us (me, Gary, Leonard) shared a huge (tv point of view) pizza Al Capone. Alfie called it Alfie Capone which cracked me up  :D :p It was all very filling and we couldn't even think of dessert...

Congratulations Alfie!

PS. To me it was also a kind of a farewell dinner as I'm going to continue my journey on Monday...

Posted Jul 1, 2009, 9:14 pm
After a couple of days being stuck in an envelope I have arrived in the UK - and its sooo hot! As my host didnt get back from work till quite late she hasnt had time to give me a full guided tour yet but I did get a bit of sunshine outside.

Posted Jul 1, 2009, 9:21 pm
I also met with next doors cat, I think she likes me!

Posted Jul 3, 2009, 8:52 pm
Today I had my first trip into town with Spadge. It wasnt too exctiting as poor Spadge had to go to work but I did my best to try and help her. Not sure I was too much help but she appreciated my efforts i think!

Posted Jul 3, 2009, 8:56 pm
Today a new TV arrived - Queen Elizabeth 1 ! It was very exciting to have a new friend arrive although I was a little nervous that she is royalty!

Posted Jul 4, 2009, 11:37 am
Today Spadge has allowed me to play on the PS3 - it's great fun! At the moment me and Queen ElizabethI are playing rainbow six! I think this may be the first time either of us have played video games.

Posted Jul 4, 2009, 11:50 am
Now we have finished playing we are going to try a little sewing, Spadge is just trying to finish off another TV - Fuzz_bear but the sewing machine has been playing up and making spadge pretty mad!
Then Spadge introduces me to some other toys - two polar bears! Gustav and Igor arent TV's (mainly because they are far too big and would cost a fortune to send anywhere but also Spadge likes keeping them around!) Gustav seems to be sniffing me....I'm a little scared, he's much bigger than me! Ah it's ok - he just wanted a hug!

Posted Jul 8, 2009, 9:22 pm
Today we went on a surprise trip to Nottingham! After raining all the way there (I have been told this is normal of a british 'summer'!)the weather brightened up.

And guess what?! We went to visit a castle, Nottingham castle. Queen Elizabeth I was especially excited seeing how she is royalty and i must confess i was a little excited too!

We went to the top of the castle and looked over the whole of nottingham! (which was a little scary but spadge made sure she didnt drop me over the edge!)

We also got to loook at the Robin Hood statue, which we tried to get a picture of but couldnt manage it. Instead we got the floral version!

And we finished off by playing on the playground!


Posted Aug 4, 2009, 3:03 pm
After a couple of hours being rather squashed in Spadges hand luggage we have arrived in Malta! It's really hot and sunny, I hope Spadge has packed the suntan lotion - Queen Elizabeth I looks like she is burning already!

Posted Aug 4, 2009, 3:15 pm
Here I am in Valletta - the capital city of Malta.
The streets are very steep so it's a good job I wasnt walking! There are such pretty buildings everywhere you look so we spent a lot of time in Valletta.
Look what we found?! A toy museum! We wanted to go have a look but it was closed for the afternoon which was a pity.
After site seeing all morning Spadge and her husband were getting a little tired so we all stopped of for a coffee and a beer. (dont worry, us TV's didnt have any beer, that was Spadges!)

Posted Aug 4, 2009, 3:36 pm
Today we went site seeing again, back to Valletta and we saw a massive cruise liner which is part of one of my missions! Yay! I tried to take a picture myself but I appear to not be very good with a camera so it came out a little crooked!
Here are some more pictures of us all out and about in Malta
And here is our Maltese host Shaun!

Posted Aug 4, 2009, 3:43 pm
Here is the Mosta dome in Mosta where we stayed for the first week of the holiday. Mosta is fairly small but well known for the dome. We all wanted to have a look round but we ran out of time.

Posted Aug 4, 2009, 3:54 pm
Today we are going on a day trip to the beach! Here we are on the bus, I must confess I did feel a little travel sick on the bus as it was a very bumpy ride.
It was worth it when we got to the beach though and visiting beaches is another of my missions so yay again!!

Posted Aug 13, 2009, 4:04 pm
I am off on my travels again to canada tomorrow so today is the last day i will be spending with tenderheart bear and queen elizabeth. We wanted to spend time outside but as usual the sun has gone in so we thought we would make some coffees
Coffee drunk. What to do now.....
hungry now, time to raid the fridge for some food....
Not so sure about olives tho...
Ok enough messing around, we have decided to help Spadge out by doing some washing.
Time to take out the washing
This is some big washing! We are all trying our hardest to pull it out of the machine
Its Gustav! He was a little mucky you see. Very brave of him to get inside the washing machine. Bet he's dizzy now!
Best put him on the radiator to dry
Now its time to relax as the sun has come out finally!
Spadge tells me these guys are all called bob - bobcats! They get to live outside all day, rain and shine.
Now for a read...

Posted Aug 13, 2009, 4:09 pm
Well its time for me to leave the UK now. Its been fun but now im off for a new adventure in Canada. The other two TV's wanted to come and send me off but Spadge had no room for them. Bye bye England!

Posted Aug 24, 2009, 9:12 pm

I have arrived safe and sound in Canada!

I was greeted by another TV, a lobster named Lysander who is from Scotland.

Since we are both so fond of the sea I think we will be great friends!

The weather here is very miserable right now. My new host Ren says that it's because a Hurricane just passed by. I'm glad I missed that!

I'm happy to hang out indoors with Lysander until the rain lets up!

Bye for now!


Posted Aug 31, 2009, 3:19 pm

I've been very busy these past few days exploring the area with my host and her cousin who was visiting.

The first place we went to was Peggy's Cove. It's a really pretty fishing town that is most famous for it's lighthouse.

The rocks are very warn down and smooth.

And slippery!

The waves were crashing!

There were lots of tourists visiting already, even though it was pretty early in the morning.

You can see the town behind me here peeking out through the fog.

Hmmm... Where will I go next I wonder?

I hope all is well back home!


Posted Sep 4, 2009, 1:41 am
Not long after we went to Peggy's Cove we all drove to a different town to visit a beach. It's famous for surfing and for being a hangout for young people.

Nobody was surfing today though, it was too cold and windy!

It was still pretty but we didn't stay very long.

Hopefully the next time we visit a beach it will be nicer!


Posted Sep 4, 2009, 4:38 am

Next our road trip took us to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia's neighbour province. We stopped in a city called Saint John because it has a big nature park by the ocean that Ren and her cousin love.

Here are the flags at the entrance!

Behind the flags there is lots of marsh land and walking trails and in front of the flags there is... A Beach!

Hooray! I love beaches!

We sat and enjoyed it for a bit.

I dipped the tip of my tail in the water. It felt nice and cold!

After the beach we got back into the car and drove up a hill to where there are walking paths through the forest. Look what we spotted on the way!

It's a wild fox! Wow!

Once we had parked the car Ren showed us the path we were going to take. It was the Seal Trail! In my honour!

The seal trail went through the forest at first and then it comes out to a bunch of ocean lookout points like this one!

Here is a forest part of the trail. Still so pretty!

Sometimes there are seals on these rocks but not today. I must say that they look like a great spot for seals though!

Here are some more lookout views:

In the distance here you can see the beach and the marshes where we started out.

We didn't have time to walk anymore trails because the sun was setting but there were lots of them in the park!

It was so much fun! I'm really glad that I was able to visit this place!


Posted Sep 11, 2009, 7:07 pm

I went with Ren and her cousin to visit the little cottage where they spent their summer vacations growing up. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad so we mostly stayed inside.

Here I am on the porch:

And here you can see the lake peeking from between the trees.

I went down to see what the water looked like up close. Here is where a little stream drains into the lake.

I bet it would be very pretty when the weather is sunny!

Bye for now!


Posted Sep 11, 2009, 7:38 pm

Once the weather became nicer Ren took us to Point Pleasant Park in Halifax so that we could see an old military tower.

We started out down by the water and then hiked up a hill to the tower.

Here it is!

And here is some info about it:

1796 may not seem so old to Germany, but for Canada it is pretty old!

Where to next I wonder?


Posted Sep 18, 2009, 12:52 am

Lysander is moving on to his next host now so we said our goodbyes.

He's going to visit western Canada now. I wonder if we will meet again somewhere?

I was a little sad to see him leave, but Ren had something planned to make me feel better!



Posted Sep 18, 2009, 2:01 am

On the 15th it was my birthday, so Ren and I baked a cake together.

Ren says that she isn't really a great baker, so we used a box! Ren promised that it would still taste good!

I got to lick off the batter!

It seemed to take forever in the oven!

While Ren was still getting the cake ready I went into the other room where Rosalva was waiting. She even had a party hat for me!

And a card!

Finally the cake was ready!

I made a wish on the candles, but I can't say what it was or it won't come true!

Yay! I blew them out!

Ren put a sparkler on my piece!

And finally we got to eat the cake! It was really good!

I wonder where I will be on my next birthday?

Bye for now!



Posted Sep 19, 2009, 3:23 am
As the second part of my birthday celebrations Ren took me to a park called Hemlock Ravine Park. This park is perfect for me because it contains something that will help me fulfil one of my life missions.

A heart shaped pond!

Here's it's story:

Almost there!

There it is!

We woke up the ducks!

They wished me a belated Happy Birthday!

Here I am at the hearts "point"

Once we passed the pond, we decided to take the Prince Edward path.

Here are some pictures from our walk:

Look! A baby deer!

Here's a better look. It's mother was hiding behind a bush.

Here's some more pictures of the path. It's much prettier in person!

We ended up at the heart pond again!

Cross another heart off of my list!

Bye for now!



Posted Sep 24, 2009, 12:41 am
I was finally able to go into Halifax while a cruise ship was docked here! It was massive! We could see it from a long ways away! Here it is:

It's called the Caribbean Princess

Here I am down buy the buildings. Here you can see the... um... fin thingy (=P) from another cruise ship that was in the harbour. I couldn't get a good picture of it though because the buildings were in the way. It just shows how huge the other ship was!

(P.S. Pier 21 is a national historic site because it is the pier where so many immigrants to Canada arrived in the old days.)

We took a quick walk along the boardwalk. So pretty!

Here is the Caribbean Princess again!

There were lots of interesting boats in the harbour today. (That little cruise ship on the other side of the harbour is in for repairs.)

Theodore Tugboat was also out and about giving tours today. Theodore is a character from a children's television show.

On our way back home we passed The Old Town Clock. It was commissioned by Prince Edward in 1803. (The same man that made the heart shaped pond!)

I'm so happy that I was able to see a cruise ship here before I have to leave!

Bye for now!


Posted Oct 3, 2009, 1:35 am
Today a TV arrived from Czech Republic, a frog named Ferda


He shared sweets with me and told me about his country!

I wonder if I will ever visit there?



Posted Oct 3, 2009, 3:01 am

Today we went on a walk in Bedford to look at the changing leaves. We took a trail that winds around the Sackville River.

The trees weren't quite as red as Ren thought they would be. It was still pretty though. Here are some pictures we took:

There were lots of bridges!

Ferda and I sat and relaxed on this one for a while.

Then the trail came out by the highway.

Then it went along a firing range. What a strange trail!

It's on the other side of this fence. Ren promised that I wouldn't get shot at as long as I stayed on this side. Yikes!

Down by the water the bubbles were making interesting patturns in the water.

We had to go under the highway here. I hope those beams hold!

Then we left the river behind and made our way back to the car.

There are the shooting targets way off in the distance. They are really far away from the fence! I don't think I was ever in any danger!

When were were all done we came out at the shopping mall!

We finished just in time. As soon as we were done it started to rain!

Bye bye!



Posted Oct 6, 2009, 3:12 pm

I can't believe how fast summer changed into fall here! Not long ago all of these leaves were green!

Anyway, it's time for me to move on to my next host now so I took one last walk around the yard and said goodbye to Ferda

I don't know where I'm headed next, Ren won't tell me! The only hint she gave was that it's somewhere south of here. Hmm... that could be almost anywhere!

Time to go back into the bag again! I'll see you on the other side!


Posted Dec 17, 2009, 8:46 pm

please send me home!!!!


Posted Jan 31, 2010, 3:59 pm
Hello from home again!

I am so happy - I have been lost in the USA for over 3 months- it was horrible. But now I am back home again.

Dicker Kumpel gave me a big hug!

I am not sure about travelling at the moment - it was so scary to be alone far away from home - with no hope to see my Mum ever again.

Now I will spend some time here - maybe I will find a very nice and established host to start my travels again.

yours TobiHH


Posted Feb 5, 2010, 9:36 pm
Hello Mum,

a new guest arrived two days ago. She is called Agatha and came from Canada.

We talked a lot – and she showed a viewcard from her country.

Today we decided to drive to a nice small town. It is called Bad Oldesloe.
RikeH went to school there – many many years ago.

They have a nice river there. I liked it – and saw some funny ducks in the water and on the ice.

This is the townhall. It was not so easy to take this photo, because the ground was very icy.

Another nice place in Bad Oldesloe.


Posted Feb 12, 2010, 1:43 pm
Hi Mum,

I arrived savely in Essen today. Puff the dragon opened my envelope for me.


Posted Feb 12, 2010, 2:46 pm
Puff offered to get to know each other over a cup of tea. I agreed of course and told him about Ostfriesentee from the north of Germany. We worked quite well together:
The first step is setting water to boil.
Then we pick a tea, there are many choices, we decided on a nice Darjeeling.
We pre-warm the pot with a bit of water
and add out chosen tea leaves.
Then comes the nearly-boiling water
and after letting it steep for a few minutes we fill the finished tea into a thermos.
Then we sit down to get to know each other.

Posted Feb 13, 2010, 1:57 pm
It's Saturday and we went to a farmers market this morning. Essen is a ciy that grew together from many villages and small towns, each with a marketplace, on which there is a market with vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, cheese, fish clothes or household articles once or twice a week.
The booths are surrounded by plastic curtains because its cold and snowing.
Look at how many different kinds of potatoes they have here, and this is less than half of their offer.

Most people go grocery shopping on Saturday because shops aren't open on Sundays and its also a bit traditional by now. Until not so long ago the shops all closed around 4 to 6 p.m. on weekdays and 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturdays, so for all those working from 8 to 5, the only time to reasonably go shopping was Saturday morning. Now things have changed, the laws have been relaxed and most shops are open until 8 p.m. 5 days a week.


Posted Feb 21, 2010, 11:42 am
Hey Mum,
It's "Rosenmontag". Translating that word for word it would mean rose-monday, but it probably has little to do with roses and more with the old word "rhosen" (to frolic).
It's the height of Karneval and there are long parades (Züge) through many cities, but the most famous ones are in Köln (Cologne) since 1823, Düsseldorf since 1825 and Mainz since 1836. Over one million people go to Cologne every year to celebrate and many more watch the parades on tv.
We first saw the parade in Mainz:
Many different clubs participate. They prepare new costumes, choreographies and songs all year long. They usually carry identifying flags or banners.
There are big wagons to different themes here the zoo and people throw candy and little gifts into the crowd.
There are also the princes of the different clubs in their places of honor.

We switched programs to watch the parade in Cologne.
There are also politically themed wagons, esp. in Düsseldorf but also here. This one is supposed to show Fr. Merkel the German chancellor teaching 1 grade students maths by example of the national debt and how much they can(not) expect to get as pensions.
Traditionally there are also different horse guards.

Afterwards we watched the German figure skating pair at the Olympics, they also have a carnival theme:
Unfortunately they didn't perform as well as they should have and only got the bronze medal. They seemed very dissapointed.

Your TobiHH

Posted Feb 22, 2010, 8:52 pm
Hi Mum,
We went shopping today. Here's just a normal residential road. You can see the postman behind us with his yellow cart.

Posted Feb 23, 2010, 11:19 am
Hello again!
It has been raining since last night, which I don't mind so much as I like it wet. We went to Steele today. The pictures are a bit distorted due to the rain, but that has its own charm I think.
Here's the protestant church seen form the market place.
The Kaiser(=emperor)-Otto-Platz:
Some rain pictures form the road:
Your TobiHH

Posted Feb 24, 2010, 9:54 pm
Hi Mum!

You know that my goal was to visit a host who kept fish as pets. Well, guess what I found: a fish tank. It really has to be cleaned, though. I asked for some equipment and went to work:
I took out the filter and CO2,
cleaned and replaced them,
and took out a lot of the water.
One little neon fish came out through the hose, but I put him back in with help of the net.
I added new water together with bacteria and vitamins. The water wasn't very clear in the beginning but that chnged again quickly as the filter did its work.
For being such a good help I might even get to go and pick out new fish tomorrow. I really hope so!
Your TobiHH

Posted Feb 24, 2010, 10:06 pm
I actually got to pick some fish. Here are the barbels and some algae-eaters that I chose:
We put them into the tank in their plastic bags at first so they can acclimate.
Then we added water from the tank into their bags.
After 20 min they were let free, in the dark at first so they'd stay calmer.
Woa, they're fast:
Do you think they like it?
I'll stay and watch for a bit.

Posted Feb 27, 2010, 3:42 pm

Hi Mum,
We went to a market again this weekend, but this time it wasn't the normal farmers market but a special market for all kinds of fabrics that's held in Oberhausen once a year. (It moves around Germany and the Netherlands, I think.)
The marketplace is called Altmarkt.
There's lots of variety but also recurring themes in both prints and material. There are some more specialized in children's prints or in earth colors and materials. Some are more for quilting, others sell mostly accessories and have a big selection of yarns, buttons or handles for purses.
A few have delicate tulle and satin.
We bought all these little pieces for a quilt.

Posted Mar 13, 2010, 11:14 am
Hi Mom,
Our host hasn't been able to take us around very much. We had to visit the university clinics yesterday. we didn't take many pics but here's one:

Posted Mar 19, 2010, 3:41 pm
We had something to do in the city center and took a quick picture with the minster church and the city hall behind it. (There's a more modern part and tower of the church to the left.)
The church was built in the 9. century and was part of a very rich and influential convent for ladies (canons). It became the cathedral when Essen got a bishop in 1958.

Posted Mar 20, 2010, 1:54 pm
Hi Mom!
We took pictures while driving through different parts of the city today: Katernberg and Schonnebeck. Again, it's a pretty industrial area with former coal mines. The grounds are now used for 'office parks', sometimes in renovated old buildings.

Your TobiHH

Posted Mar 21, 2010, 4:03 pm
Hi Mom, I am on my way to my next host. Pictures of my departure will be uploaded later on.

Posted Apr 1, 2010, 1:16 pm
Dear Mommy!

I arrived saved at my new host.

I was welcomed by Mira, another TV staying here in Mechterstädt / Thuringia.


Posted Apr 1, 2010, 1:22 pm
Yesterday we first had brunch with some friends and to prepare the table we dyed some eggs. Don't they look brilliant?!

In the afternoon we went to Eisenach, about 15 km further west to go sightseeing.

Here are we in front of Bach house, the famous composer lived in Eisenach for some time.

Here he is (well at least a statue):

This statue can be found at the church were he worked, St. Georges. Me inside the church.

The church is situated on the market square.


Posted Apr 6, 2010, 6:06 pm
Before we went back home we visited Castle Colditz. A grand building famous for having been a World War II prison for allied officers.

Today there is a museum and a youth hostel inside.

The exhibition on escaping attempts was very interesting. And there are pictures of the prisoners and their ideas for disguising on the castle grounds.


Posted Apr 6, 2010, 6:09 pm
For the Easter weekend we went to my host's parents in Saxony, about 200km further east.

We spent a lot of time outside in the garden chopping down tall trees and clearing away.

Thank God I did not have to climb up the trees!

I went along with Mira and here we are taking a break in beetween work.


Posted Apr 8, 2010, 9:22 am
We went to the cinema on Tuesday to watch 'The Bounty Cop'.
Pretty good film, worth a good laugh. I really enjoyed it!


Posted Apr 12, 2010, 3:58 pm
Today we did a bit of sightseeing.
We visited the technical museum 'Tobiashammer' nearby.
First you enter the park with lots of metal sculptures, e.g. this one:

And then you can go inside the old blacksmith's shop where you see the old huge hammers that where used to form metal. Imagine the noise they made!

The hammers are driven by water power and this is the huge water wheel.

There is also a giant steam engine on display.

On our way back home we visited Castle Ehrenstein in Ohrdruf, too.

Inside the castle grounds.


Posted Apr 16, 2010, 7:41 pm
Hello Mom,

Here I am in front of the state chancellery of Thuringia in the federal capital Erfurt.

We went here on Wednesday to listen to a speech by the American embassador Philipp D. Murphy. He started a lecture series on Barak Obama with views on transatlantic relationships.

Posted Apr 30, 2010, 6:11 pm
Dear Mommy!

The last two weeks have been very busy that is why I was not able to write here. But now I would like to sum up some of the events and show you some of the places I went to:

I took part in a choir rehearsal of my host's choir and we practiced a birthday song.
The rehearsal takes place every Tuesday.

We went to Eisenach last Friday.  We took a stroll through the town.
In the background you can see Wartburg castle.

We sat down in a park and enjoyed the sun.

And here we are .... not in Japan! But in Bad Langensalza in the Japanese garden they have there.

This is NOT snow, but cherry blossoms. The trees look beautiful!

And last but not least on Wednesday we went to Gotha and the castle Friedenstein.

Puh, so you can see I was very busy. We now enjoy the warm summer weather and I will soon tell you more!


Posted May 5, 2010, 6:32 pm
On the weekend we took a one-day-trip to Berlin.
Actually not to go sightseeing but to help my host's brother move apartment. So there was a lot of work to be done and we only went into the streets shortly to get something to eat :)

And we visited the guy who owns this restaurant which was founded in 1877 and  has been open sinde then! We did not have time to visit the inside but it is still looking like back then!

Posted May 5, 2010, 6:34 pm
Today it was time to wave GoodBye to Mira because I am travelling to my next host tomorrow!

See you soon!


Posted May 10, 2010, 10:35 am
Hi Mum!

This is just a quick post for now to let you know that I have arrived safely in the UK and am now at my new hosts house in the Norfolk countryside.

I'll post again when I have settled in a bit more.. :)
Missing you, TobiHH


Posted May 11, 2010, 4:28 pm
Hello Mum!

Well today, my host went for her daily swim at the local Fitness centre called Energise which has a swimming pool, a gym and a spa too. It is only a five minute from her house and Nathalie (another TV she is hosting as well as me) and I decided to tag along for the walk too.

My host took us into the changing rooms to use the lockers.... she showed us how her membership card was used to lock the locker..

Nathalie and I decided it would be best if we didnt get wet so stayed in the locker to wait for her and had a chat...

After we left Energise we went to explore Pentney a bit further and got lots of fresh countryside air....

This is the view outside my hosts house...

This is the village sign.... alot of places in Norfolk have signs like this one... the images on the sign indicate what kind of things you will find in the area. The Pentney sign shows the Abbey which is historical remains that are located on the other side of the village from where we are.

Opposite this sign you can find St Mary Magdalenes Church

Then we saw a field full of horses :)

While we were walking Nathalie spotted a piece of chalk rock, so we wrote a message for you...

After that we headed home... we had a bit of fun tree climbing before we went indoors though....

Well mum, I hope to be venturing out of the village a bit by the next post....but bye for now, miss you .... TobiHH

Posted May 15, 2010, 10:34 pm
Hi Mum, sorry you havent heard from me for a few days... my host has been very busy so we havent had a chance to get out much... however today my host had a picnic on Hunstanton beach and Nathalie & I were invited to come along...

After a play on the beach we headed over to Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary... my host said they'd be something very special for me to see there but I had to find them...

We saw lots of different types of creatures that live in the sea, this little creature made me smile...

...This section was a huge tank filled with all sorts of fish and sharks! ..

Then we went outside and I found the 'something special' my host wanted to show me!!!

We watched them swimming around for ages... I wanted to go swim with them but my host said you might not be too happy if I came home wet! :s .... so instead we hung around and watched the seals being fed... I really wish the other seals would have shared the fish with me!

Will post again soon mum!

Take care, miss you - TobiHH

Posted May 20, 2010, 1:02 pm
Hi Mum, its me!

Well as we were going to have a day in today, my host said we could bake some blueberry muffins :D .... We got together ingrediants first of all....

We had to measure them all out... I decided to weigh myself first though!

...Then we added some eggs before mixing it all together. After that we added the blueberries and spooned the mixture into the muffin cases before popping them in the oven....

...Soon they were ready to come out the oven and be placed on a cooling rack... mmmm...

We have to leave them to cool for a little while now... my host is just about to go out for her swim and has left me and Nathalie in charge to make sure nobody eats them while shes gone...  We agreed but Im not sure I can resist tasting them before she gets back.... she wont mind if I had just one surely?  ;)

Speak soon, TobiHH

Posted May 22, 2010, 7:22 am
Hello, its me again mum!

I thought I would write and tell you about the day I had yesterday. If you remember we went to the beach last weekend but it was a little cold so we didnt stay too long, however after seeing it was going to be hot yesterday on the tv weather report we went back to Hunstanton beach to soak up some sun.

When we got there the tide was still quite far in, so we had some breakfast on the grass verge before we ventured onto the beach.

In this picture you can see motorbikes, Hunstanton is the place that bikers come to in the summer to show off they host said usually there is lots more than this and that they park in a long line.

After something to eat we went and sat on the beach.... it was very hot and sunny...

This is me on the promenade.....

As we continued to walk we saw The Wash Monster! The Wash Monster is a big boat with a painted shark on the front... its eyes flash red too! It is used to take tourists out on a sea journey.

We raced back onto the beach to watch it leave the coast...

....After that a little more sunbathing was needed....dont worry mum, only our host got sunburnt :s

Speak soon,


Posted May 25, 2010, 4:34 pm
Hello again Mum,

I had to say goodbye to Nathalie today, she is off home to see her host for the first time in ages! So its just my host and me .....for now!

Today my host had to pop into I wanted to go too! We had to catch the bus there...this is me looking out the window of the bus when we sat down...

.....and here I am again.... the journey was a little bumpy down the country roads..

Unfortunately my host had lots to do in town so we couldnt go and see much, however we did go to the Kings Lynn docks and there was a building full of boarded-up windows... but all the boards were painted with artwork.... here is two of my favourites...

When we got back to Pentney, we had to walk home from the bus stop which, as my host lives in the middle of the countryside is quite a bit of a walk!

Her house is at the bottom of this long road....

...Look through here.....A pretty yellow field of oilseed rape..

Well I'm home now... My host is writing some postcards shortly and im having a relax and watching television.

Speak soon!

Posted Jun 1, 2010, 4:17 pm
Hi Mum!
Phew... bet you were beginning to wonder where I went eh? Sorry you havent heard from me in a few days we have had very wet and grey weather here and it hasnt been ideal for adventures.

Typically today is just the same, so my host is spending her time indoors tidying her room and I've taken the opportunity to have a nose around :)

My host loves films, especially Tim Burton films. She has a cabinet of film figures she has collected ....

She also likes Postcrossing ( ... she displays the postcards she receives in picture pocket hangings... she has two hanging so far........ this is one of them...

... I think she needs to buy more hangings though.... she has lots of loose postcards about!

My host also has a pet! A very spoilt pet whose house takes up the whole of her desk!

Well, I better go... My host has put on her ''27 Dresses'' dvd... she says shes knows its a chick flick but thinks I still might like it .... its quite good so far!

Speak soon, heres hoping for better weather soon.
TobiHH x


Posted Jun 3, 2010, 6:00 pm
Hi Mum,
Well, guess what? The weather has changed completely and we are back to a very hot day today. So, my host and I decided to go on a bike ride to the River Nar which is about 15 minutes away from where she lives.

So here is our starting point... leaving my hosts driveway...

....The way to the river isnt really known as being a public footpath so most of the journey is very bumpy across tracks that tractors have made.... (It was made more bumpy as my host tried to ride her bike with me balanced on the handlebars!)

...The track eventually comes to a HUGE field..... theres a bit of a bike track thats been made all the way around the field over the years, so that part wasnt too bumpy...

Here I am after reaching the other side of it! Its a huge field mum...

...and great for hiding in...

Ooh! Look Daisies...

The next bit required some lifting as there was a huge log blocking the way, this has been put there to stop cars driving on to the next field.. but we were ok to go across - we just had to lift the bike over it!

...Hey! y'know the saying ''The Grass is Always Greener On The Other Side''  :p ...maybe this is what they meant!?  ;)

Phew... the last bit of the journey is a gravel track... finally a not-too-bumpy ride....

And here we are at the River Nar!!!!

..Time to sit down and rest... ooh a dandelion :)

Heres the bridge across the river.... my host said you rarely see anything cross it other than tractors though... Its so quiet here mum... I couldnt hear any noise at all!

...Then I spotted something!!! A family of swans.... my host said she has never seen swans here before so it was an exciting surprise for both of us :)

....The mummy was very aware of us and protective over her babies so we had to be very quiet not to upset any of them...

..If you look closely you can see some of the babies that were hiding under her wings....

We decided to leave them to it and started along the gravel track back towards home.... the countryside is really pretty mum, dont you think?

Well, I shall write again soon. We are expecting a few more TVs to arrive shortly :)

Until then.... Tobihh x

Posted Jun 7, 2010, 10:35 pm
Hi Mum, me again.

Do you remember in one of my first posts to you was a picture of me with a village sign and how I told you that Norfolk villages all have similar signs like it? Well... today my host, her boyfriend and I took a drive around Norfolk so she could show me a couple more...

We past Narford Hall on the way.. its a huge building!

The first sign we spotted was in a very quiet and picturesque village called West Acre...

Next stop was Castle Acre, this is where my host wants to live when she wins the lottery!  ;)

..Then on to Sporle...

....Then we finished up in Swaffham, which is a very small local town...

Well I've almost concluded my visit to England... I shall let you know when I am on my way to my next host very soon...

Speak soon x

Posted Jun 8, 2010, 12:51 pm
Hi Mum,

Im almost ready for the next step of my journey... I shall be leaving England tomorrow and heading for my next host.... See you for more updates very soon!

Love from your TobiHH :) x

Posted Jun 30, 2010, 8:15 pm
My journey has taken longer than planned. I was a bit worried, but gladly everything worked out well.
I arrived at my destination safely. So now I'm staying with my German host Jen. I learned that she's living in Rüdersdorf. This city belongs to the state Brandenburg and is located close to Germany's capital Berlin.

I figured that the weather was pretty hot when I arrived in Rüdersdorf. Gladly I was travelling with a big package of ice and snow. It helped me to deal with the unexpected hotness.

Once I arrived I got welcomed really friendly by Manganinnie, who also is staying here for some time. I'm glad I'm not the only Toy Voyager around. Like that I will have someone to join me for my little adventures.

We are getting along really well and I introduced the first snow of the year to my new friend. We started to play around until we were tired.

Oh and despite being tired I showed my host Jen a pretty postcard, I brought with me. My traveltag also is with me.

It is soooo hot!

Posted Jul 26, 2010, 10:40 pm
Today I have been out with my new friend to check the garden of my host.

First I'll show you a picture of a tiny part of the garden. It needs some tending. The sad thing is that the sunlight burnt a lot of the plants and flowers.

But I have also seen flowers, which looked good. That one is starting to bloom. My host told me that it's a lily. The warm and golden evening light shone upon it. Do you like it?

When I saw that one, I had to think of you, mommy:

Isn't it just pretty?

While I was exploring the garden, I also found a weird looking ball:

I was surprised how green it looked and it wasn't exactly shaped round. It more of was shaped a little oval. So I tried to play with it, but it also smelled a little strange. Not bad, but... A ball shouldn't have a fragrance, shouldn't it? I love balls, so I should know, eh?!

Manganinnie also has been curious and we tried to play together. Our host watched us all amused for a while before she told us that we were playing with what was to become a walnut. Walnut? That's an interesting thing. It would make a neat ball. But I learned that it indeed is a nut. Isn't it fascinating how the little green shell will turn to black and burst, so the nut will be revealed once its eatable?

Here's a picture of me in front of the walnut tree:

It's big!

I have found little sculptures in the garden. One of them looked cute, because it's laughing. It made me laugh as well.


Posted Jul 31, 2010, 10:56 pm
FIFA World Cup 2010

Today's been the game Argentina - Germany.

Our host took us to the home of her parents. There we watched the game on the big TV of her dad.

Oh I so wish I could have played with that pretty ball as well! It looked like so much fun!

I wasn't in the mood for beer, so I decided on apple spritzer. Since it's been a really hot day, the cold soda has been really refreshing.  :p
Jess Roqs

Posted Aug 27, 2010, 1:00 am
I'm made it from Germany to Seattle!
I'm excited to start my adventure here.
Jess Roqs

Posted Sep 9, 2010, 11:05 pm
We all got to go see a super funny play this weekend. It was a performance of Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog. It was funny and very entertaining. :D
After the play JessRoqs took us to eat some cupcakes. They were HUGE but super super yummy! :p
Jess Roqs

Posted Sep 9, 2010, 11:13 pm
JessRoqs told us we were going to "work" this whole weekend.  I was confused because I thought she worked from home. JessRoqs was volunteering at a gaming convention called PAX for the labor day weekend. She was in charge of 5 of the vendors showing off their games and comic books for the 75,000 attendees. We got to meet a lot of really cool people and saw a lot of great games. JessRoqs was always running from one place to another fetching things for the vendors but she was nice enough to take us along in her bookbag and let us poke our heads out of the bag. It was a lot of hard work but fun too.
Jess Roqs

Posted Sep 9, 2010, 11:23 pm
Holy cow what a busy busy day. JessRoqs had a friend visiting for the weekend and we all went out to see the sights of Seattle.

We started with breakfast at the Kona Kitchen. Their claim to fame is the that owner is the "bad guy" from the movie Karate Kid 2. They have pictures of him in the restaurant. The food was really good too.

After breakfast we went to see GasWorks Park. GasWorks park is where they have the fourth of July fireworks over Lake Union everyyear. It's the location of a former Coal Gasification plant and still has some of the old equipment on display.  We even got to see the Spaceneedle from across the lake. It was a little cloudy but still really cool to see.
Jess Roqs

Posted Sep 9, 2010, 11:26 pm
Did you know that Seattle has a troll living under a bridge? They do and he is gigantic. We took a pic of just his hand so you can see how big he really is.
And Yes that is a real VW Car under his left hand.
Jess Roqs

Posted Sep 9, 2010, 11:38 pm
Our next stop was the Ballard Locks.  The Ballard Locks are designed to help boats transfer from Lake Washington and Lake Union into The Puget Sound. It's really cool to watch the boats get lowered and raised to even out the water levels of the two different bodys of water. The locks also help to prevent the mixing of salt water and fresh water.  They even have something called a "Fish ladder" to help the salmon migrate each year to lay their eggs. One of the levels of the ladder has a window for viewing. The peak season was a couple weeks ago so we only saw two confused fish swimming back and forth. This is a picture of one of the anchors they use to tie up large boats when they are waiting for the channel to fill up with other boats so they can raise or lower the locks. We saw a lot of really expensive boats. Some of the boats had smaller boats inside and even a motorcyle on board.

Jess Roqs

Posted Sep 9, 2010, 11:42 pm
Our last stop of the day was a trip for the adults. We went on a tour of a local brewery called Red Hook Brewery. The tour is one hour long and you get to sample 6 different types of beer. (Don't worry, we didn't try any, it was just for the adults.) The tour was still very interesting and the tour guide was really funny so we all had fun.
Jess Roqs

Posted Sep 16, 2010, 7:34 am
SEA-AT-LE  SOUND-ERS SEA- AT-LE  SOUND-ERS I learned a new cheer today. We all got to go see a soccer match today. It was the Seattle Sounders vs Real Salt Lake. The way to do the cheer is one side of the stadium says Seattle, and the other side says Sounders. It was really fun and loud and the whole place was chanting along. Look at all the people in the background. There were over 30,000 people there!
The game ended in a tie so nobody won or lost. But I think that the fans always win when they cheer for their team.
Jess Roqs

Posted Sep 16, 2010, 7:43 am
It’s my birthday today!!  Yay Yay. I got a lovely message from RikeH today wishing me a happy birthday.
Jess Roqs let us all share in a huge bowl (well huge for us at least) of ice cream and she even put in a candle and they all sang happy birthday to me. Do you see my cute hat they made for me? :D
Jess Roqs

Posted Oct 4, 2010, 10:24 pm
Wow what a hot day! We all went to an event called "Sausagefest"  today. It was really neat. They had food vendors set up that all had beef or sausage and they even had a bacon flavored beer that my host tried. She said she didn't like it too much but it was worth a try.  The best treat was the icecream at the end after a really hot day of food and entertainment.
Jess Roqs

Posted Oct 4, 2010, 10:26 pm
It's time for me and Emily to go visit our next place.  I am going all the way to Russia!  Emily is going to Maine. It's been fun in Washington state but I'm looking forward to seeing other things and visiting other people.

Posted Oct 23, 2010, 3:18 pm
Dear RikeH! I finally reached Moscow! The travel was fine, but i'm a bit tired. Here i appear from the box - very thrilling event:

My new host organized a tea party on my arrival, so we had a good time. I'll show you pictures in my next post.

Yours, TobiHH

Posted Oct 23, 2010, 7:49 pm
Dear RikeH!
As i promised here are pictures of our tea party, that i had with Pyatno and Maggie at the Pyatno's hut.
i've shared impressions with my new friends about my last travel to USA.
i 've told them what i've seen on another continent
we present Mr. TobiHH!
-- i'm glad to attend this tea-conference where i could discuss very important ToyVoayager themes and share experience with my russian and dutch colleagues

I had a good time with guys, and we all started to prepare to adventures in Moscow. Maybe i'll be lucky and see the first snowing of comming winter.. who knows..


Posted Oct 31, 2010, 3:13 pm
Hello dear RikeH! It is the cloudy and rainy weekend. But we didn't feel like staying at home, so decided to go for a walk it Tsaritsino park.
Tsaritsino museum and reserve in Moscow was founded in 1984 in the park of the same name. But the estate is known from the late 16th century. Currently, in Tsaritsino there are a history and architecture museum, a landscape park with an adjacent forest, an art museum, the dendropark, and a cascade of the Tsaritsino ponds.

For a long time most buildings were ruined. But recently most buildings have been "completed": rooftops, interiors and decorations have been added and their historical appearance has been altered.
the ''bread house'' or the kitchen building
here is the second octagonal cavalier building
the first cavalier building

here is The Grand Palace in different view points
the fence gallery and gate
the figure ''grape'' gate
the medium palace -- opera house
here i am under the the entrance bridge...
... and on it

It is a very beautiful place for spending time outdoor, if you want to have some historical experience or breathe the clean air. The are a lot of newly married couples, parents with children and school excursions.
Also we met a little boy (aroud 10 y.o.) with his mam, who noticed us taking photos and he interested in our toy adventures.. So maybe he will be a future toyvoyager's host?


Posted Feb 6, 2011, 7:53 pm
Hi everybody.

I am so happy - I am back home after a long time. We all thought that I was lost - but I am not!

Back home I saw Dicker Kumpel - my very good friend.

Then he introduced me to the others - and we talked a lot.

I am a little afraid to travel alone at the moment - but my Mum promised me a safe trip with her friend Silke to England in March. I am happy about that!


Posted Feb 27, 2011, 4:13 pm
Hi Rike,
I've safely arrived at Scilly and Richy. They introduced me to Lewis. He comes from the Isle of Lewis. This is an isle of the Outer Hebredies in Scotland. He told me a lot of his home country and I could tell him about my travel adventures.
And then he showed me a picture from St Ives. I will visit St Ives with Scilly and Richy in March. I'm very excited.
TobiHH :D

Posted Feb 27, 2011, 7:04 pm
Hi Rike,
My first adventure with Scilly and Richy was a daytrip to Mölln to visit the brother of Scilly.
We took the train. It was my responsibility to check when we have to change trains. I did a good job and so we had a great trip.
TobiHH  :D

Posted Feb 27, 2011, 7:16 pm
Hi Rike,
from Mölln we did go to Zarrentin. Silkes brother showd us, where he wants to move to.
Zarrentin has a nice lake called Schaalsee and an old monastery. In the summer it must be beautiful. But we had a very cold day with strong winds.
So we went back to Mölln to have a hot cup of coffee and a tasty pear cake. Delicious!!
In the evening we went back home. It was a nice day.

Posted Mar 5, 2011, 7:42 am
Hi Rike,
Tomorrow will be our great day!!!
So we had to do a lot today to prepare us for the trip to Cornwall.
We had to pack our bags! Scillys wellingons are soooo big!
At last we checked the weight of the bag. Because of the tasty desserts in England (LewissHH told me) we also controlled our weight. We will compare after the trip.
Great news: LewisHH is now a toyvoyager too and he will accompany us on our trip tomorrow. So I will go with Scilly, Richy and my new friend LewisHH.
Love TobiHH

Posted Mar 5, 2011, 8:06 am
Dear Rike,
I am so excited. Today we start our trip to Cornwall!
We had to stand up at 5 o`clock in the morning. That's not my time!!! We were so tired, we slept the whole time in the plane.
In London we took the train to Penzance 10.06 from Paddington. You know the film with the famous Miss Marple "Murder she said" (in german "16.50 ab Paddington") starts on the train station Paddington. Its an old train station but today you can not find a steam train anymore.
Love TobiHH

Posted Mar 5, 2011, 8:27 am
Hi Rike,
after more than 5 hours in the train we arrived in St Ives. What a welcome for march: the sun was shining, blooming daffodils, Porthminster beach and a really lovely St Ives.
Our holiday apartment is really nice. There was a welcome package in the kitchen with cornish scones, clotted cream and jam.
I think, we will have 2 lovely weeks in St Ives. The weather forecast for tomorrow is also good: sun the whole day.
Greetings from Scilly, Richy and LewisHH.
TobiHH  :D

Posted Mar 7, 2011, 10:22 am
Dear Rike,
today we had a lot of work.
First we had to update this report. LewisHH helped me.
The other job this morning was to prepare the shopping list We need so much for the next two weeks: bread, milk, jam, tea, butter.....
The shopping was very exhausting. Please see us with everything we purchased. A mountain of food!  :stare:

Posted Mar 7, 2011, 10:43 am
Dear Rike,
today is a special day. Scilly celebrates her 40th birthday! LewisHH, Ricky and I prepared the table with all presents. I had a really nice birthday card and a balloon for Scilly. Scilly really enjoyed my gift.
After gift-giving we enjoyed our breakfast.
In the afternoon we made a long walk on Porthgwidden and Porthmeor Beach. To our regrett the sun did not shine and it was a little bit windy. We saw the first woman this year with flip-flop  :cyclops:

Posted Mar 7, 2011, 8:18 pm
Dear Rike,
what a nice day! We had so much sunshine. It was nearly like a summers day. And it was a special day for me too. Scilly and Richy did promise me to complete one of my five life missions. And today was the day!
I was on all five St Ives beaches: Porthmeor Beach, Porthgwidden Beach, Bamaluz Beach, Harbour Beach and Porthminster Beach!
- Oh what a day -  B)

P.S. Watch me drinking a cup of coffee in the sun!

Posted Mar 9, 2011, 7:52 pm
Dear Rike,
today was an adventure day! We went on a Helicopter from Penzance to Tresco - Scilly Isles (ha, now we know who gave ScillyHH her name!).
I was very excited!
Scilly told me I had boarding pass no. 6. But the truth is: it was her card and she smuggled me into the Helicopter in her jacket.  :stare:

To flight with a helicopter was a real adventure. It was windy but still the flight was very smooth. As the flying altitude is only 500 feet we had a lovely view from the helicopter window.
Arriving on Tresco we watched the Helicopter departing without us back to Penzance
Tresco is a very beautiful isle with many white beaches. We felt like in the caribean! We collected seashells! Take a look at my collection.
We saw some boats. But Scilly gets seasick on the water, so we climbed in a boat but did not take it into the water.  :(
We also saw many wild blossoming daffodils. Rike, can you spot me? ;)
They have nice cottages on Tresco. This is my favourit one! Shall we buy it?
After a short break on the bench we walked back to the Heliport (algain the game with boarding card no. 6) I love this Helicopter. When do I fly again, Rike? Are there any hosts on the Isles of Scilly perhaps?
This was a great day in Cornwall!

Posted Mar 12, 2011, 8:05 pm
Hi Rike,
today Scilly and Richy went on a shoppingtour for the weekend. Did you know there is such a thing as smoked sea salt? And the bought cornish Rosè wine and two bunches of daffodils.
In the afternoon we were again on Porthmeor beach. It was a cloudy day. But I saw one men with naked legs in the ice cold water! Mad these british!!! I prefer the warm water in the bath tub.

Posted Mar 12, 2011, 8:11 pm
Hi Rike,
today we had the first rain during our trip. So stayed inside and played hide and seek. I think I had some good hiding places. Can you find me?

Posted Mar 13, 2011, 8:39 pm
Hi Rike,
what a sunny day today. We wanted to go to Carbis Bay by train. But unfortunatly the train engine broke down. So we stayed in St Ives and enjoyed the sunshine.
In the evening we cooked a sunday roast! An old lady told us some days ago how to prepare the apple sauce by ourselves. So we tried and the result was not to bad. Additionally we prepared potatoes, broccoli, carrots, gravy and the roast (very tasty). A nice sunday meal. Watch me preparing it.

Posted Mar 14, 2011, 8:32 pm
Hi Rike,
today were at the harbour to enjoy the sunny intervalls. We watched the birds especially the seagulls.
In the evening I prepared a surprise for you. But I am so excited I can not keep it a secret. I wrote a picture postcard for you myself. I even posted it myself.
We are planning a big bustour of the coastline in the next few days.

Posted Mar 16, 2011, 7:43 pm
Dear Rike,
today we were at the harbour again looking at the blackboard where high and low tide is announced. There is a small fishermen's chapel on the pier. We saw the lifeboat being launched. Quite exciting. A kind of seatracktor pushed the boat into the see. First I thought they have to rescue the driver of the seatracktor. He was so far in the water.

Posted Mar 16, 2011, 8:01 pm
Dear Rike,
Today we climbed the rocks between St Ives beaches. There are many high rocks. Can you spot me and Lewis? We are only small figures in the rocks. It can be dangerous climbing in the rocks but Scilly and Richy took care of us. We found an iron rod which was rusted by the saltwater.
In the evening we were in a small Burger-restaurant called Blas-Burger. The burger looks quite frightening. We must eat it before it eates us. But it was a very tasty burger with only organic cornish ingredients. When we came home it was quite dark. We used the Wharf road on the water line which is a little bit scary in the dark. So I was happy to be together with Lewis, Scilly and Richy.

Posted Mar 20, 2011, 5:35 pm
Dear Rike,
today we took our last walk through St Ives. In a small art shop LewisHH and I fell in love with Clairchen, a little charming easterrabbit-Lady. We decided that she will become a ToyVoyager too. In the evening we told her everything about the exciting life as a ToyVoayager. I told her about my travels around the world.
Tomorrow we will go home so we had to go to sleep early.

Posted Mar 20, 2011, 5:45 pm
Dear Rike,
Today we flew home to Hamburg and I am a little bit sad. We had a lovely time in Cornwall. And LewisHH, Scilly, Richy and I had a lot of fun.
So we took the train to London Paddington and the plane to Hamburg. The weather was great, so much sunshine. LewisHH and I explained traveling to Clairchen, it was her first trip.

Posted Apr 30, 2011, 10:19 am
Hello from home.

I am back home now.  In Hamburg I said good-bye to LewisHH. We had so much fun together in England. First I gave him some chocolate.

Then he got a big hug.

In the train back home I met Dicker Kumpel and Paddington Bear. We had a delicious meal together.

Now I am at home – having a nice time. Maybe I will travel again in the future, but only to real safe places, because I am really important for RikeH.


Posted Aug 16, 2011, 8:56 pm
Hello Mum.

As you know I spent some time with Silke and her family. I found a really good friend – he is called Jacky – and we had a lot of fun together.

We went to the town, where Silke’s father is living. It is called Gotha. I found a really beautiful door there.

We visited the marketplace – I was more important than the statue!

This fountain is called Wasserkunst – I was not afraid of the lion!

Here you see me in front of the Castle Friedenstein.

I loved this view!

We will visit another country next week!


Posted Aug 16, 2011, 9:03 pm
Hello Mum.

We were in Paris. It was such an exciting time!

I was on the Eiffel Tower!

It was great to see Paris from the Tower.

Here you see me in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Silke really loved this church – called Notre Dame.

Here we were near to the Seine – and I saw the Louvre. Okay – not the right one – but it was easier to take a picture here.

Then I relaxed next to the Seine. But I was not allowed to swim in the River.

It was a nice trip – thanks to Silke and her family!


Posted Oct 19, 2011, 9:15 pm
Hello World,

I am so excited, I will travel again - I will visit fam-united. Princess Sarah talked a lot about her Mum - and I will meet her.

But unfortunately I was so excited to travel again - that I jumped into the envelope before my Mum was able to make a photo.

You will see me at fam-united's home soon.


Posted Nov 12, 2011, 4:17 pm
Today we sit in front of the computer to watch a flight from Berlin to New York, because our hosts's son sits in the plane. He will stay in New York for a week. It's a pity, that he only had space for two toyvoyagers and I had been the unlucky looser at this point, but I know, that I will travel with my host tomorrow - to Remscheid:)
I know, it's not New York, but I'm sure, I will have some fun too. And Petra told me, that I will meet someone, I know very well. I'm curious, who this might be

Posted Nov 12, 2011, 4:56 pm
Here's I'm on the railway station in Mannheim. I'm just waiting for the ICE, which will bring me to Wuppertal. I'm a bit excited.

Posted Nov 12, 2011, 5:01 pm
We had a short stop at Cologne. Petra said, that she had seen a part of the cathedral, but I only had been able to see this part of the railway station.

Posted Nov 13, 2011, 11:14 am
At Wuppertal we met olgamaus. We and our host will stay at her place until Wednesday.

In the afternoon we took a walk in the vicinity of the medieval castle in the neighbour city Solingen.
Before visiting the castle we took a walk in the surroundings. We started our trip in a rural area with lots of livery stables.

In the far between the hills you can see the city center of Remscheid.

We reached this beautiful outlook pavilion.

I like this overview to the valley of the river Wupper, which we had from there.

In the distance we saw Schloss Burg. There is another toyvoyager coming into my photo:(

We saw the castle which is situated high above the river Wupper several times before we finally reached it.

We saw a defence tower. It was built for protecting the outer line of defence, some  hundred meters apart from the castle.

Here you can see me and all the other ToyVoyagers who went with us today.

Soon we reached the castle. We went into the courtyard and found a lovely half-timbered part of the castle.

Schloss Burg was built in 1133 by Count Adolf I von Berg on a hill above the river Wupper.That's why this region is called "Bergisches Land". Many people believe that it's name refers to the landscape with hills and valleys. (For those who do not speak German: The German word for mountain or hill is "Berg", so many people think that the name "Bergisches Land" means "land with many hills" )

About a hundred years later it was enlarged by Count Engelberg II von Berg. This is the guy on the horse in the courtyard.

I saw these bird houses. I really would like a little house for myself too.

In Thirty Years War (17th century) large parts of the castle were destroyed. It was rebuilt then, but it was used for industrial purposes for many years. In the end of the 19th century they began to rebuild it as it appears today.
The round tower was the powder tower, it was restored about two years ago.

In the castle courtyard you can find souvenir shops and shops whose owners are doing an "old" handcraft, for example handmade brushes, brooms, soap, lovely yarns and wooden knitting needles, toys like swords and helmets and much more.

While olgamaus bought some wooden buttons for knitted cardigan, I tried to find some nice buttons for myself.

But maybe I should buy a wool cap?

or a wool pullover?

Posted Nov 13, 2011, 11:26 am
We were really tired, when we arrived at olgamaus' home again. So we first took care for our host's knee. She hurt it badly on the way back home. Then we had dinner and fell in our bed, actually Petra's bed, but she didn't want to go to bed as soon as we did - and you know: Who comes first:)

Posted Nov 19, 2011, 2:50 pm
Today we planned to visit a museum, the German Tool Museum (Deutsches Werkzeugmuseum). It is situated in the district Hasten, we went there through the municipal park.

The observatory is situated in the entrance area of the park.

We all had fun playing in the leaves.

Hasten is one of the oldest districts here, you can still find narrow lanes with cute old houses here.
Here you see a part of the museum, but we were in another house to take a look at the tools.

Inside the museum we had to hurry a little bit, they were closing 30 minutes later. The ground floor is dominated by a steam-engine. Although it isn't really nice, it was somehow funny, to see Petra hurry.

In each drawer you could find different tools.

With my host I'm usually living three quarters of an hour away from Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg and now we are in Remscheid. It was kind of a sign made for us to show you, where we stay right now.

We also found displayed tools from early ages, for example Stone Age and Bronze Age. Then we sat next to a fire place.

From the second floor we saw the engine again.

A historic company sign ...

Outside the museum you can still find machines and tools.

Afterwards we took a short walk along those old houses.

Posted Dec 3, 2011, 8:59 pm
Today we decided to take a look at Muengsten Bridge, one of the touristic highlights of this region. We walked to the Solingen part of the bridge. Poor Petra had a hurting knee, but she still carried us around.

Can you see the little pavilion in the background? It is a sibling of the one we saw on Saturday, created by the same architect. We had to walk for only  a few minutes until we reached the bridge.

A few years ago a leisure park was built under the bridge. You can find lawns for relaxing here and a crazy golf course.

We even climbed to the train station on the Solingen part of the valley.

When we reached the station we took the train to Solingen to have lunch in a restaurant.

The Zwilling company is situated here, well known in the whole world for their knifes and cutlery.

We walked along an interesting playground.

Here you can see part of the former railway track, now built to a lane called "Korkenziehertrasse". Those buildings were the freight depots once, nowadays you can find artist's stores and cafés here.

Posted Dec 3, 2011, 9:13 pm
Today we went along the city center of Remscheid to reach a bus to Wuppertal. On our way we've seen the city hall of Remscheid.

In Wuppertal we saw this amount of flags - I'm sure, they had to do with the zoo, because we already were really close to it. Maybe we will go to Wuppertal zoo?

Petra still had a lot of trouble with her leg. So there is only this one photo with elephants and a special photo for me.

This one we took outside the zoo again.

Posted Dec 15, 2011, 8:00 pm
After some weeks only sitting around and waiting for my host's knee being fine and healed again, I finally found time to take a nice bath. I enjoyed it together with Mandy Sheep. Later we also called Robby and asked him, if he would like to join us. Of course he did. So we finally had a day with a lot of fun together.

Did you see, how dirty the first water got? We had to change it and even this wasn't really clear.

Then we rested on the heater in one of our host's sons room.

Posted Dec 18, 2011, 3:41 pm
Today another package arrived at our place. We all were really curious. It was a new toyvoyager called Drescher, who just had arrived at our place.

We decided to listen to the White Christmas Album while we baked a Hannchen Jensen cake, which you can see on the left page. We baked it with peaches, because we don't like cherries in it.

While we took care for the Hannchen Jensen cake, Petra baked some cookies. You see, it isn't that easy to hold Mi-Go back from eating everything. He just threw us around when he jumped up to catch some of the finished warm cookies.

Posted Dec 18, 2011, 3:50 pm
Today we baked a braided yeast bun, because Petra's one son had a belated birthday party. It tasted really fine - and once more we had to take care for Mi-Go to not eat it all before any other person had a chance to get a slice of it.

Posted Dec 18, 2011, 4:31 pm
Today we wanted to create some tea-light holder. We needed four pieces of hard transparency foil and napkins with small ornaments on them and some glue for napkins and white colour.

At first I had to rip out some ornaments of my napkin.

Then I had to glue it on the foil.

After it was dry again, I stamped some white colour around the ornament.

Some even used golden colour.

Petra helped us to staple them together.

Posted Dec 19, 2011, 7:55 pm
Today we helped Petra to bake two large apple cakes, because tomorrow is the last day of her son's alternative service.
We prepared the dough and cut apples into pieces, added cinnamon, raisins and sliced almonds to the apples and cooked them. Then we made a part of the dough in the plate and filled it with the warm apples and covered it with dough again. I would so love to make this internet able to give you a hint of the smell in the kitchen, yummy.

While we all worked really hard, one of us sat around and only listened to music of the cd-played. Of course one whose name is Priscilla can only listen to music of Elvis, especially when it is Christmas time and it is a Christmas album.

The first of us, who discovered the new cd was Henry the Adventure Hound.

We needed a lot of flour for the cake.

Posted Dec 19, 2011, 8:56 pm
This weekend there is a special event in Bruchsal. There is a second Christmas market for three days around the palace. The weather wasn't that great - no snow:(, but it was cold enough and the place was full of people.

At first we listend to the trombone choir playing Christmas songs. We also took a look into all the tents, but it was too crowded to take photos there.

We left the Christmas market and took a photo of the front of the palace by night before we drove home again.

Posted Dec 20, 2011, 3:43 pm
While our host was teaching at school, it started to snow. We asked her to go out with us, but she said, that the snow is rather wet and that it isn't nice outside. Nevertheless she took some photos with me to show the roofs covered with some snow.

Here you see the two towers of the church St. Peter.

Posted Dec 28, 2011, 9:09 pm
Petra has time to do some more baking. At first we all sat down at our place, where Petra wanted us to sit.

We took the book and searched for some nice recipes. You can see, which recipes we picked out for baking today.

We also baked some other sorts of cookies.

Posted Dec 28, 2011, 9:52 pm
Today is a very special day. We all were allowed to help packing the presents for Christmas.

Later we helped to cook chicken fricassee in the clay pot and some corn salad and of course we helped to eat everything:)

Later we ate some of our selfmade cookies.

Posted Dec 28, 2011, 11:02 pm
Merry Christmas to you!

In the morning we watched a movie, which Petra got as present yesterday evening: Elvis: That's the way it is.
I must say, that he was a really cute guy and I also like some of his songs.

Our sheep waited in the stable with the sheep.

Then we all went to the crib with the newborn Jesus.

Posted Dec 29, 2011, 1:53 pm
Today we helped to cook again. We had lamb, dumplings, vegetables (carrots, onions, oranges and dates) with red pepper pearls. It tasted very very fine, although it was a diet recipe - without the dumplings.

Then everyone went away and we were alone at home. We prepared everything for dinner: raclette. Look at this amount of black olives.

Posted Dec 31, 2011, 3:15 pm
Today we went to Petra's parents in law to celebrate Christmas with them and her husbands' sisters families. We saw some nice angels and another beautiful Christmas tree.

Posted Dec 31, 2011, 4:15 pm
The weather was a bit better, so we decided to go on a short walk over the graveyard, which is close to where I live right now. There is a beautiful baroque church next to the graveyard. It's called St. Peter.

We also visited to Jewish graveyard.

Next to the newapostolic church on the left we had a good view over a part of Bruchsal. The big house on the right is the backside of Sancta Maria.

Next to Sancta Maria we had another good view over the city. I hope, that I will come closer to those towers to see exactly, what these buildings look like. Petra told me, that from left to right you can see the tower of the city church Our holy lady, church St. Damian and Hugo, which belongs to the palace and the old tower of the ancient castle.

Here is the front of Sancta Maria. It is a school for soon to be kindergardeners and also home for some Franciscan nuns.

Here we are on our way back home. Turning around the left corner there the place, where I live right now.

Posted Jan 2, 2012, 3:20 pm
It's the last day of 2011 and we start to bake a new year pretzel. At first we had to take flour, some warm milk and fresh barm. We prepared a yeast sponge. Later we added honey and melted butter and salt.

Posted Jan 2, 2012, 3:48 pm
Happy New Year

We celebrated with friends and had a lot of fun. At midnight we watched the fireworks.

I'm sorry, it was really difficult to take a nice photo. This one isn't really a nice one.

Posted Jan 2, 2012, 8:38 pm
Mandy Sheep read a lot about Baden-Württemberg, because she joins in the Big German Round Robin. After hours of searching for information about the state we're living with our host right now, she got bored of reading so much, so she decided to listen to a nice song on youtube. Maybe you will watch it to. It is "Crawfish" from Elvis Presley's movie "King Creole".

She called us to join her.

Posted Jan 27, 2012, 7:06 pm
The weather isn't the best one, but today we've seen some blue sky:)
I decided to join my host and her daughter, when her daughter delivered a journal of the catholic church to some people.
On our way we saw some nice old houses.

Posted Jan 27, 2012, 9:16 pm
In the evening we went to take the stars from a storeroom of the church, where our hosts belong to. Petra takes care for the stars, which will be carried around by the starsingers on 6th January. Some of the stars are old, some don't look nice anymore, so Petra creates new covers and we decided to help her today.
Here you see a star, that still looks nice. Nevertheless it isn't, if you take a closer look. Last year it rained a lot and the star got wet. Now you can see white glue running down, where it should be only clear yellow. Some said, that it doesn't matter, but our host didn't like it and she asked us to cut out new yellow transparent paper and a new black star silhouette.

We didn't like the yellow side of this star, so we decided to spray it bronze and cut out a new yellow transparent paper and black star silhouette too.

We had to work really hard.

We also didn't like these two stars and we had to throw one into the bin, because it was broken on the back totally.

Then we had to outline the first star on the transparent paper.

Priscilla helped to cut it out.

But it was rather difficult for her, so Lintilla offered to help her.

While we worked, we found some marzipan potatoes.

We tried to speak really low, because Mi-Go had been fallen asleep in our back and you know, that he always runs to get it, if he sees something to eat.

But we should have knows it better. Of course he also feels, if something to eat is around. He jumped up and caught the marzipan potatoes in the same second. Only Lintilla seemed to take no notice of it.

Proud Mi-Go! We tried to keep calm and go on with our work. We had to outline the black star now.

Mi-Go was anything else, but no help for us.

But to our surprise, he was the one, who asked us, if he could be the one, who was allowed to cut out the black star silhouette.

That looks really difficult, but it seems, that he's the one, who knows, how to do it.

And yeah, it just looks great. Now you can be really proud, Mi-Go.

But, oh dear, we had done a mistake, when we outlined the yellow star. It was the wrong side of the paper and so the star didn't fit perfectly to the wooden star. We were very disappointed.

We had to cut out another yellow star and black star silhouette, which fit perfectly then.

Then we had a break and read the newspapers. We read, that Wulff is the Federal President and that there are some problems, but they aren't really interesting for toyvoyagers. But it was really interesting for us, that they wrote about a storm, which should hit Germany soon - no toyvoyager weather:(

For me it was interesting to see a photo of the wife of Baden-Württembergs Minister-President Kretschmann. I read, that she doesn't want to be called a First Lady. I did want to read this whole news article, but the others didn't and so we went on to the next page.

We saw a photo with a little bit of snow. Wow, there's snow somewhere in Germany.

But then we turned to read the Bruchsal news and the first thing we saw, what a nice bird singing and a pussy willow blooming. It seems like springtime here.

Did you know, that petrol in Germany is that expensive? I'm not sure, because we didn't know about this. Diesel costs between 1,37 Euro and 1,48 Euro, which means between 1,8092 US-Dollar and 1,9544 US-Dollar. It would be interesting to know, how expensive it is in other countries.

On Karlsruhe page on the right we read about a big construction area, where they build a new way for the city tram.

Here is an interesting page. It shows items, which you can buy in the newspaper shop. They sell items of Baden. Maybe we should go there and take a look, but surely they will cost some money.

And of course it was interesting to read about the weather in our region.

Although we took a closer view we only could read, that we will have storm during the night and rain and a temperature of 8°C - rather warm for winter weather.

We asked Petra to zoom it, so maybe - if you can read German - you will be able to read about the weather too.


Posted Jan 28, 2012, 10:28 am
I like this Christmas decoration on the window. It's on the same place each year. If you like it too and want the originals to cut them out for yourself, please send a note to Petra.
It's a nice place for us toyvoyagers, too. It is warm and you can see everything that's going on on the street

The first photo is without flash, just to show you, how dark it is outside although it is early midday. If Petra hasn't done a mistake, then there are 26 toyvoyagers sitting together. Some are her toyvoyagers, some her daughters and some are rescued toyvoyagers, which still are at her place and of course some are guests, who will move on again.

Posted Jan 28, 2012, 10:55 am
After the big group photo session we finished the stars.

The other toyvoyagers were really curious and came to take a look at the beautiful stars.

Later a group of starsingers visited our house, but we just had been too slow, so we aren't on this photo. Nevertheless we thougth, that it is a good idea to show you, how starsingers can look like. They don't carry one of our stars, though. They belong to the church region, were our hosts live, but our hosts go to another church, where they lived before. It's a bit complicated:)

In the afternoon we all helped our Petra to bake two cakes. She told us, that tomorrow isn't only Epiphany, but also her husbands 50th birthday and that we will go to the parish hall and carry cakes with us. At first we baked a Hermann cake. It is a cake like a round robin, that's how it seems for me. Petra told us, that she received a part of the cake a few days ago and that she had to stir it and to feed it and that now it is ready to get baken. Of course we added some more stuff like flour, sugar, almonds, cinnamon, chocolate pieces.

We read the recipe.

Then we had to get some more dishes for the "kids" of this cake.

We had been really busy.

We also added some apple pieces.

We wondered, if this dish would be big enough and decided, that it wasn't. So we took a star for the dough of Hermann.

Posted Jan 28, 2012, 1:44 pm
During the last weeks we had such a bad weather, that we didn't want to go outside.
Today Petra and her pupils went to visit the firestation of Bruchsal. It was very interesting to listen to the fireman. He talked about so many things. I had been fascinated, when I saw the big cars. We only took three photos, because Petra had to take care for her pupils in first line, of course.


Posted Jan 28, 2012, 4:15 pm
Today I went to school to help Petra, when she fixed new papers to the wall. At first we had to remove the flower paintings.

Then we fixed the selfcreated posters of the book presentations.

Posted Feb 6, 2012, 2:39 pm
Today we drove to the Michaelsberg in Untergrombach. Untergrombach is one of Bruchsal's suburbs with about 6000 inhabitants.
3500 to 2600 BC there were frist human signs on the Michaelsberg, which gave this culture the name "Michaelsberger Kulturkreis"
1502 AD Joss Fritz from Untergrombach planned the "Bundschuhaufstand" during the time of Peasant's Wars.

In the far (right side) you see some houses, which belong to Bruchsal.

Bruchsal and also Untergrombach are located at the edge to the Kraichgau. Here you see the Rhine Valley. If the weather is sunny, you can see the Palatinate Forest in the far.

The chapel is on top of the Michaelsberg.

Posted Feb 19, 2012, 11:17 am
Karlsruhe is the third largest city of Baden-Württemberg. It is the main city of the Baden part. It is located close to the German - French border, only about 25 km from Bruchsal. We arrived at Karlsruhe after a drive of about 25 minutes.

We first tried to find a parking place and then crawled out of the car. Wow, was it cold outside. We all didn't have the right clothes for a walk, so we had to hurry.

Karlsruhe was founded in 1715 as Karlsruhe Palace, when Germany was a series of principalities and city states. The town surrounding the Palace became the seat of two of the highest courts in Germany, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany (Bundesverfassungsgericht) whose decisions have the force of a law in many cases, and the Federal Court of Justice of Germany (Bundesgerichtshof), the highest court of appeals in matters of civil law and criminal law. It therefore considers itself the home of justice in Germany, a role taken over from Leipzig after 1945.

Due to similarities to the United States capital city, it has been speculated that Karlsruhe was a model city for the cityscape of Washington, D.C.[4] Both cities have a center — in Karlsruhe the palace and in D.C. the Capitol Building — from which the streets radiate outward. L'Enfant, Washington's city planner, had been given the plans of Karlsruhe (among numerous other European cities) as an inspiration.
(you can read this and more on wikipedia)

In 1715, Charles III William, Margrave of Baden-Durlach established Karlsruhe (Charles' repose), where he built his residence.

The city was planned with the palace tower (Schloss) at the center and 32 streets radiating out from it like the spokes of a wheel, or the ribs of a folding fan, so that one nickname for Karlsruhe in German is the "fan city" (Fächerstadt). Here's a photo of the palace.

We really wanted to see more, but it was so cold, that we hurried back to our car. When we looked out of the car window, we could see the State Art Gallery.

Posted Feb 21, 2012, 4:35 pm
We decided to drive to Durlach to climb the Turmberg. Our hosts told us, that the view from Turmberg would be just perfect. So we are really excited. You can see the top of the Turmberg just straight ahead.

Posted Feb 21, 2012, 7:22 pm
Durlach is a borough of the German city of Karlsruhe with a population of roughly 30,000.
It was chosen by the margrave Charles II in 1565 as residence of the rulers of Baden-Durlach, and retained this distinction though it was almost totally destroyed by the French in 1689.

Margrave Charles III William decided that he needed more space which led to the foundation of Karlsruhe, which in 1715 became the new capital until the state was merged into the grand-duchy of Baden.

We only drove through some narrow streets, because it wasn't far from sunset.


Posted Feb 21, 2012, 10:12 pm
The Turmberg ('tower hill') is a vineyard-covered hill of the northern most part of the Black Forest. A castle ruin with watch-tower are located on top of the Turmberg. The watch-tower in particular offers fine views of Karlsruhe towards the west and the Rhine River valley. On very clear days even farther west the Vosges in France can be seen. The Rhine River is the border between Germany and Alsace area of France. The South and East offer nice views of the Black Forest, and since the Turmberg is the northern most tip of the Black Forest you have hills more than actual mountains.

Posted Mar 18, 2012, 2:55 pm
Today we drove to Cologne. Petra's husband had to be there for a Trade Fair and Petra met olgamaus.

Here is some information about Cologne (wikipedia):

"Cologne (English pronunciation: /kəˈloʊn/, German: Köln [kœln], Kölsch: Kölle [ˈkœɫə]) is Germany's fourth-largest city (after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich), and is the largest city both in the Germany Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and within the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Area, one of the major European metropolitan areas with more than ten million inhabitants.

Cologne is located on both sides of the Rhine River. The city's famous Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne. The University of Cologne (Universität zu Köln) is one of Europe's oldest and largest universities.

Cologne is a major cultural centre of the Rhineland and has a vibrant arts scene. Cologne is home to more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries. Exhibitions range from local ancient Roman archeological sites to contemporary graphics and sculpture. The Cologne Trade Fair hosts a number of trade shows such as Art Cologne, imm Cologne, Gamescom and the Photokina."

Cologne Cathedral (German: Kölner Dom) is the city's most famous monument and the Cologne residents' most respected landmark. It is a Gothic church, started in 1248, and completed in 1880. In 1996, it was designated a World Heritage site; it houses the Shrine of the Three Kings that supposedly contains the relics of the Three Magi. Residents of Cologne sometimes refer to the cathedral as "the eternal construction site" (Dauerbaustelle).

Cologne Central Station: On an average day, about 280,000 travellers frequent the station, making it fifth busiest station in Germany.

Then we walked down to the Rhine.

We turned around and took a look back to the cathedral.

Here's the Hohenzollern Bridge.

Great St. Martin Churchis a Romanesque Catholic church. Its foundations (circa 960 AD) rest on remnants of a Roman chapel, built on what was then an island in the Rhine. The church was badly damaged in World War II, with restoration work completed in 1985.

We then walked around the Imhoff-Chocolate Museum.

We took a look back to the Hohenzollern Bridge, cathedral and Great St. Martin.

The museum is run by the Schokoladenmuseum Köln GmbH. Since March 2006, the Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt & Sprüngli has been its partner in producing exhibits. Prior to that the partner was the Cologne chocolate producer Stollwerck, and the museum was formerly known as the Imhoff-Stollwerck-Museum.

On this photo you can see, how high the water was in 1995 and you can see, where we took the photo with the chocolate girl, where we stand for the view back to the churches and bridge. The yellow line shows the way we walked around the museum and the green line the way, where we came from.

Inside the museum we saw all the machines which are necessary to make delicious chocolate.

There is a real chocolate fountain! We all got wafers dipped into melted chocolate. Yummy!

This equestrian statue shows Frederick William III of Prussia. You can see here, who else is on the base of the statue.

The Heumarkt is beside the Alter Markt the biggest place in Cologne historic city.

There are several small breweries in Cologne. This one is located at the Heumarkt.

It started to rain and we walked back to the cathedral. We entered it and it was so so dark inside, that we had problems to take nice photos. So please excuse the quality.

So this was the last photo of Cologne and we drove back to Bruchsal again.

Posted Apr 6, 2012, 3:17 pm
Today we were invited to celebrate our host uncle's 80th birthday. We celebrated at a Greek Restaurant close to the Rhine. In the early afternoon we went on a walk to have a view on the Rhine. Both, the Rhine and the Neckar flow through Mannheim. Mannheim is a nice city, Petra told me, but she had no time to show more than the Rhine.


Posted May 6, 2012, 7:58 pm
Hello friends,

I have to tell you that I am back home again. First I met Dicker Kumpel.

The weather was nice and we went outside.

Then we heard the sound of a motorbike. A nice little bunnylady  - sunshine -arrived. She is the fiancé of SunnyHH – another TV who belongs to the family of RikeH. Sunshine came with a friend – Petula.

Dicker Kumpel gave sunshine a big hug!

Then we called Kleiner Kumpel – he is a twin of SunnyHH. Sunshine was so happy to meet him. He came with his love Kleinohrhase.

We all had fun together and danced a polonaise.

Later I found a quiet place in the flowers.

It is great to be back home again. Thanks fam-united for the great time!


Posted May 28, 2012, 12:00 pm
Hello friends,

I am on my way to Finland now. I was invited to visit a host there – so I decided to drive to Finland with RikeH – and hopefully I will meet my new host somewhere there.

We went from Travemünde,Germany to Helsinki, Finland with the Ferry Finnlady. The weather was wonderful, but it was so stormy that RikeH decided to take only one photo of me outside. She didn’t want me to fly away.

Fortunately we had a wonderful cabin with many windows. Through this one I saw the way we went.

Then we all went to the window on the side of the ship. The sun was wonderful.

Of course we wanted to look to the other side.

Our ferry was great – look, there in front of us was a cruise ship.

Our Captain did a good job, so we won the race!


Posted May 30, 2012, 10:42 pm

I met today my new host, mmm105. I'm now in the city named Jyväskylä. It's located in Central Finland, and it's a nice town.

I came here with my mommy RikeH, and she met my new hostmom in a TOYVOYAGER MEETING!!! Just great!!! I met sooooo many new ToyVoyagers, and we had so much fun!

It was nice arrive to my new host without travelling inside the envelope.

Here are we all toys together in Kirkkopuisto (a church park).
Our hosts and moms mmm105, Reissari and RikeH has organized this meeting, thanks for them!

Then mmm105 and Reissari said they have a secret, and we all must trust them. They talked each other something about benji jumping...  :o  :o  :o No no no, I won't do that!!! It's too crazy thing to do!!!

But it wasn't a benji jumping place where we went. I was so relief about that. mmm105 and Reissari were just kidding!  :rolleyes:
We went to see more Finnish people in a great postcard shop, where was a postcrossing meeting there. That was nice!

After that I said goodbye to my mommy RikeH, and I left with my new hostmom mmm105. We went to the restaurant and I ate pizza, yummy.  :p

Then was time to go "home", to mmm105's place.
There all other ToyVoyagers, who are currently visiting in my new hostmom's place, they all said welcome to me. :)

After a long day, I'm quite tired, so I went to sleep...

ZZZzzzzZZZ zzzzz ZZZZZZ  zzzzz  ZzZzZzZ zzZZZZz ZZZ zzzz


Posted May 31, 2012, 9:36 am
Hey mommy!

Guess what? I completed one of my life mission!
And I did it even better, I was sitting with many more than 6 different hearts.
Look mommy, there's 20 pictures about me with different hearts!!!  :o

I'm so happy now!  :D

And mommy, I know that you are leaving from Jyväskylä today. I want to wish you such a great time and lots of fun in your journey in Finland! Travel safe! <3


:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D 
(Sit next to 6 different hearts)

:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D 

Posted Jun 1, 2012, 9:44 pm
Hey mommy!

Today hostmom took me with her to visit a great place.
We went to näkötorni (the viewing tower) to see good views about Jyväskylä city.
And the views were definitely so great! I saw the hole city from there!  B)

There's the city center, and the harbour of Jyväskylä:

There's the sport stadium of Harju:

And if you look very very carefully on the horizon of the following picture, you can see the ski jumping place there (it looks so SMALL in this picture):

There's the house where hostmom is living! Yes, the building inside the red circle. :)

There's Natural History Museum in the same building as the viewing tower is.
So, I visited there, too. :)

The Natural History Museum's website (click) tells that "The Natural History Section serves as a preservation unit for natural scientific research, and displays environmental subjects and research material. It takes care of the living plants of the botanical garden on the campus. It also receives wild animals found dead and prepares scientific samples of them. The section has a collection of over 250 000 samples, the most numerous being invertebrates, plants and moss."

I saw many Finnish animals there.

I saw karhu (a bear). This one was a baby bear.

And there's two swans. A swan ( joutsen ) is the national animal of Finland.

Just next to Harju, we all stopped to watch a fountain. :)

And by walking in the city center I saw this little detail on the wall of one building.
Looks cool!  B)


Posted Jun 3, 2012, 7:55 pm
Hi mom!

Look how nice rainbow (sateenkaari in Finnish) I saw today!  :D


Posted Jun 4, 2012, 11:47 am
Hi mommy!

Today is a sad and a happy day.

It's sad, because Mi Nam and Finfin has left from here to travel to their new hosts.

But it's happy, because a new toy BarryO arrived here.

First we all said goodbye to Mi Nam and Finfin.

They went to their envelopes.

Bye bye, travel safe!!!


Then we met a new toy, a teddy bear named BarryO. He is originally from USA.

Then we had a little party!!!  B)
We ate some German sweets, what Sabbel&Jenton has sent to hostmom as a surprise packet.


Posted Jun 5, 2012, 4:15 pm
Hello mom!

I have a little chat with Mo. It was so nice to meet a friend who I have met before (in fam-united's place earlier this year...)


Posted Jun 7, 2012, 4:25 pm
Hi mommy!

In the late afternoon hostmom said we will go to somewhere special place.
I was so exited about it.

Here I am, walking outside.

I saw some beautiful tiny flowers.

And I found also the plowing-flower. I plowed it... It was really fun!

And then we arrived. There's the best postcard shop in this town: Harjun Paperi. :)
We went there.

Isn't this shop amazing? I think so.

There was a postcrossing meeting there! And look, there were some other toys, too.

I wrote a postcard to you, mom!!!  :D

And I helped mailing them. I dropped postcards to the mailing box.

On the way back 'home' I saw a tiny ladybug. :)

It was a nice day!
Mommy, keep on eye to your mailbox! ;)


Posted Jun 8, 2012, 7:57 pm
Hi mommy!

Last night I was outside walking. I went to see the lake, and I wished to see a beautiful sunset. And I really did see it!!!

There's so typical Finnish things: trees and a lake. :)

I saw there some very pretty flowers.

It was a beautiful night. I saw a beautiful sunset, and all those clouds in the sky made it even more pretty and special, I think.

It was absolutely very relaxing to watch this beautiful view!


Posted Jun 8, 2012, 9:25 pm
Hello mom!

It was such a lovely day today, we all decided to go to a picnic.

But first have to make some food to take away.

Some carrots...

...and some grapes, too.

Then we all packed the food.

Then it's time to go.

This place seems to be a good place to have a little picnic.

No no no, we changes the place.
This second place is much more better, because we are now just next to lake.  :)

It was so nice just to relax there with good company!  :D

We spent many hours there. We all just had so much fun!

But then, we decided to go back inside.


Posted Jun 9, 2012, 4:18 pm
Hi mommy!

I cooked today!  :p

I did some "stuffed tomatoes", and it was yummy.

First thing to do is wait untill a frying pan is hot enough...

Then it's time to put the meat to the frying pan, and make them brown.

Then I made some grated cheese.

I prepared tomatoes. I covered them with a spoon, and I made tomatoes empty. And those covered tomatoes I put into the bowl.

Then it's time to make tomatoes full again. :)
I put meat and grated cheese into tomatoes.
Offcourse I used also some spicyes, like oregano...

Tomatoes are almost ready. They just need to put into owen, and when the cheese has got some nice colour, they are ready.  :p

Yummy, it's ready!!!  :p (in the picture you can see the stuffed tomato, but also some other vegetables next to it)

It was good!


Posted Jun 10, 2012, 5:36 pm

Today I watched television. There was very popular program, Moomins. :)

Moomin charachters and stories are popular in Finland, but also almost all over the World. The writer of Moomin stories is Tove Jansson (1914-2001).

Hostmom told me, that there's many many Moomin things here in Finland. First of all, there's the Moominworld in Naantali, the Moomin museum in Tampere, and there's also lots of Moomin products selling in Finland.

Lots of Moomin info you can find through this link.


Posted Jun 12, 2012, 9:01 pm
Hi mommy!

I met today a new ToyVoyager, hostmom's own new TV Kurnau. We all introduced ourselves to him.

Mommy, I did something marvellous today. I plowed, and there were... there were MANY magical bubbles flying in the air!!! Just like that!!! Wow!!!  Can you believe it? :o
Oh, and then happened something unbelievable: those bubbles suddenly didn't exist anymore...  :o  :o  :o

I was so confused... What it was?  :thinking:

Hostmom explained to me that they are soap bubbles. :)
And when they hit something, they exploded.
Ooooh, now I underestand.  :D


Posted Jun 13, 2012, 8:20 am
Hi mom!

Today ToyVoyagers B.o.B. and Erol the Pirat left us. They both are travelling to Germany now.

We others said goodbye to B.o.B. and Erol the Pirat. I hope their journey will be safe and nice.


Posted Jun 17, 2012, 6:41 pm
Hello mommy!

I went to visit in place called Viherlandia today. It's a place, where are selling lots of different flowers and other plants, and other things needed in gardening. There's also a cafe.

Hostmom went to this place, because there was a postcrossing meeting there. But first, she showed me something really great: two living parrots, Kalle and Torsti!

Here is me and the other parrot.

After meeting parrots, we went to cafe. And because I was very hungry, I ate a panini (a toasted/grilled warm sandwich). It was so good, that others came to eat it, too...

And for dessert, I ate a piece of cheese cake. Yummy!  :p

Then I took part in a postcrossing meeting. And guess what?!? There I met two new ToyVoyagers: A teddybear and a horse (they were with another Finnish host Delenna there). :)

Here are we all:

Postcrossers are so crazy, they allways write so MANY postcards!!!

After the postcrossing meeting, I went to look around. I wanted to see, what kind of place it is.

I found many nice things there.

We were riding a bike there!!! Yippee!!!  B)

And we saw the flowers were riding a bikes, too!!!  :o  :o
hih  ;)

I met some gnomes, too. They were very funny!  :D

The next picture is the last (but not least) photo today.

Some hearts for you, mommy!  <3

I had a nice day! :)



Posted Jun 18, 2012, 5:54 pm
Hi mom!

Today ToyVoyagers Mo sheep and Telie frog left us. They both are travelling to Germany now.

We others said goodbye to them. I hope their journey will be safe and nice.


Posted Jun 21, 2012, 8:40 pm
Hello mom!

There were today some strawberries on the kitchen table.

I tasted them, and because they were so good, I invited others to come and eat them, too.

And we ate them... we ate a lot...

Oh my... uuups... we ate them ALL... Hopefully hostmom will not be mad, because we ate them ALL...


(P.S: Hostmom wasn't mad, so don't be worry about me, mommy!)

Posted Jun 22, 2012, 11:01 pm
Hello mommy!

It’s juhannusaatto (Midsummer’s Eve) today. I saw something really exited thing: juhannuskokko (a Midsummer bonfire)! It was so cool.

Here are some info about Midsummer celebrations in Finland:

"In the Finnish midsummer celebration rituals include bonfires, cookouts, a sauna and spending time together. Bonfires are very common and are burnt at lakesides and by the sea. In folk magic, midsummer is a very potent night and the time for many small rituals, mostly for young maidens seeking suitors and fertility. An important feature of the midsummer in Finland is the white night and the midnight sun. Because of Finland's location spanning around the Arctic Circle the nights near the midsummer day are short or non-existent (in Lappland there’s several days when sun doesn’t set at all). This gives a great contrast to the darkness of the winter time."

It was really nice to experience this Finnish celebration.
And mommy, can you believe that these photos have been taken just 1-2 hours before midnight, and there is still not dark at all!!!



Posted Jun 24, 2012, 12:29 pm
Hi mommy!

I visited in the local trainstation, and I saw a very old train there.
They don't use it anymore to travel, but it's a nice statue/decoration in the trainstation.


Posted Jun 25, 2012, 10:44 am
Hello mom!

Today PinkLady left us. She is going to her next host to USA.

We all said goodbye to her, and hope her travel will be safe.


Posted Jun 28, 2012, 6:48 pm
Hello mommy!

Guess what??? I can go to visit Spain with my current hostmom. She is going there for a holiday and she will take me with her! Wow!  B)

I put the sunglasses on. Look, it's little bit big! Hih...  :cyclops:

I helped hostmom to pack her things. And I said 'bye bye' to Kurnau, because he will stay at home. Hostmom thought that someone has to stay at home, just in case, if any toy will come here between those days when we are abroad.

Oh, tomorrow we will leave. I'm so exited!

Mommy, I will tell you later, what happened in Spain...



Posted Jul 9, 2012, 4:22 pm
Hello mom!

I'm here, in the airport of Jyväskylä.
I'm so exited to start flying and arrive to Spain soon!

Look, mom, the plane in the picture is the plane where we are going. It's quite small plane, because we are going to Helsinki-Vantaa airport first.


Posted Jul 9, 2012, 4:43 pm
Hi mom!

Now I am in the air! I'm in the plane travelling from Jyväskylä to Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Look mommy, do you think these landscapes are marvellous? I think so! :)


Posted Jul 9, 2012, 5:14 pm
Hello mommy!

I have arrived in Spain now. I'm in the airport of Madrid.

I have travelled so many hours already today, that it's time to eat something. So, I ate a sandwich and drink water.
Look, mommy, there's so funny text in the serviette. :)

We got a new friend from the airport shop: a blue dinosaur (4th from the left). He is hosmom's the newest ToyVoyager. :)


Posted Jul 9, 2012, 5:29 pm
Hi mommy!

My journey continues...
I'm again in the plane, now going from Madrid airport to Màlaga airport.

Landscapes are awesome here, too.


Posted Jul 9, 2012, 5:56 pm
Hello mom!

It was quite late last evening when I arrived here (it was already dark, so I didn't take any photos of this place then). But now I did! :)

This place is Riviera del Sol, and it's Mijas-Costa, just next to Mediterranean Sea. I'm here about one week with my hostmom and toy friends. This is nice place to spend a holiday.  B)

These pictures are from our hotel. Is it look nice, mom?


Posted Jul 9, 2012, 9:09 pm
i Hola !

I was walking on the beach of Mijas-Costa, it's a part of the hole beach of Costa del Sol. There were so soft sand. I really liked walking there without any shoes or sandals or something.  B)

It really feel like summer now!  B) Sun is shining and it's so warm (about 29 degrees Celsius).

While walking on the beach I found some tiny clams from the ocean.
Are they pretty, mommy?

When I continue walking on the beach, I found this small cave! How cool is that?  :D
We all went inside to the cave, just because we all toys are too curious, hih.  :D

Because I wanted to see the big ocean even more better, I decided to climb on the rock. It's the same rock as the cave has.
Other toys climbed there, too.
Mommy, can you see me? I'm on the rock's wall.  B)

From this picture you should see me better, because it's closer-look photo. :)

It was very exiting!

After walking on the beach I wanted to enjoy sunshine.
So, I took a sun bath, it was soooooo relaxing!
Mommy, close your eyes, imagine the sound of ocean, and warmth of sun, and just relax...  B)

While walking back to hotel, I saw a flag of Spain, and a flag of Andalucia (one part of the country Spain).


Posted Jul 10, 2012, 9:24 am
i Hola !

In the evening I visited in a zoo named Biopark.
More information about Biopark you can find here:

It located in the town named Fuengirola, one of the town in Costa del Sol.

There was amazing in the Biopark!!!  :D There were so many animals there, and the hole zoo was like a tropical paradise!

I met different monkeys, tigers, alligators, parrots, flamingos, hippos, frogs, snakes, birds... etc.

The most exiting thing was that we all were able to go inside the place where they kept monkeys from Madacascar (the first photo). And when we were there with those monkeys, one of them was interested about hostmom's backbag, and tried to take a look inside of it. Hih!  :D Maybe the monkey was hungry and searched food from hostmom's bag... Or maybe he was only too curious.  :D  :D  :D But it was funny thing anyway.



Posted Jul 10, 2012, 10:00 am
Hello mommy!

Here you can see a view of town Fuengirola. :)

I visited many times in Fuengirola, because it was a place where we had to change a bus, if we wanted to visit another cities.

This photo has been taken very near of the bus station of Fuengirola.


Posted Jul 10, 2012, 11:36 am
i Hola !

Today I visited town named Mijas. It's beautiful small town located more away from the ocean, and more near to the mountains.

Look mommy, how breath-takingly beautiful views there was!  :o

We all toys found a small nice park. So, we walked there. :)

I climbed on the tree to see surroundings even better. It was fun!

From the tree I saw a very old church. I wanted to see it better, so I went there, and others came, too.
We are sitting on the wall of the church. Can you see me, mom?

Well, now you can see me for sure!  :)

Then I walked on small streets of Mijas.
This is one of the street I walked on. Look the background mom, there's a nice mountain there. And if you look very carefully, you can see the white building in the mountain, it's a cathedral.

How nice, they have donkey-taxis in Mijas! I said 'Hello!' to donkeys. :)

I also saw a horse-taxi!  :D

And here is the Plaza de Toros, an arena where have bullfighting shows every week. And guess what mommy?!? We are going to see a bullfighting there!  B)

At first, there was a flamenco show. It's a typical dance in Spanish culture. It looked nice! :)

Then I watched the bullfighting. I have to say, the bullfighters were very brave!


Posted Jul 10, 2012, 2:25 pm
Hello mom!

I had a great time in the hotel room, too, because I met many new toys there. Hostmom's godchild was travelling in Spain, too, and she has many toys with her. We all wanted to have a group-friend-photo, so we took it. And now I want to show it for you, mom. :)


Posted Jul 10, 2012, 7:48 pm
Hello mom!

I visited today in a great place: Gibraltar.  :)
Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean.

I saw these flags: A flag of United Kingdom, a flag of European Union, a flag of Gibraltar, and some other flag (I think it's an advertising flag or something).

On the window of one shop I saw a picture of the Queen Elizabeth II. She is the head of Gibraltar state, and represented by the Governor of Gibraltar.

Because Gibraltar is British overseas territory, there's some double-deckers, offcourse. I think those red busses look nice and unique.
In the backround of the photo there's a part of the Rock of Gibraltar. :)

This is the lighthouse, it's called "The Europa Point". :)

"The Europa Point Lighthouse was built by Governor Sir Alexander Woodford between 1838 and 1841. It was fully automated in February 1994 and its loom can be seen over a distance of 27 km (17 mi). It is the southernmost lighthouse for which Trinity House is responsible and the only one outside the UK." (Wikipedia website)

Here I am, in the southern part of Gibraltar.  :D

Look mommy, there's so many ships travelling trought the Strait of Gibraltar.  :o And there's so much more outside the photo!!!

My journey in Gibraltar continues...
Now I am inside of the Rock of Gibraltar. There's a cave, a big one, and inside the cave there's many dripstones!!! Cool!!!  B)
Mommy, I'm in the stalactite cave! Wow!!!

Outside the cave I met a monkey of Gibraltar.
These monkeys have a bad reputations, because they often try to steal from humans. Luckily they were in kind mood today, and didn't try to steal anything from hostmom.

This is one view from the city to the Rock of Gibraltar. Is it beautiful?

Mommy, I did something really exiting thing!
I drove in a cable car to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar!!!  :D

I'm in the cable car. :)

And now I'm on the top of the Rock of Gibraltar.
It was a windy place, so hostmom had to take photos quickly.

And there, on the horizon, there's a mountain from Africa!!! Wow!!!
Mommy, I can see the part of Africa!!!  B)

...and the closer-look photo of Africa.

It was a nice day!  :)



Posted Jul 10, 2012, 9:29 pm
Hi mommy!

Guess what? Something really great thing happened to me today!!!  :D

I got my life mission completed!!! Hurray!

I finally was photographed with the 5th cruise ship today!

I'm so happy now!!!

Here are details of my 5 different cruise ships:
* 1st and 2nd ships were in Helsinki, Finland in 23th June 2009, with Delenna (both ships are in the same photo)
* 3rd ship was in Valletta, Malta in 17th July 2009, with Spadge
* 4th ship was in Halifax Harbour, Canada in 23th September 2009, with Rennire
* and finally 5th ship was in Gibraltar today, with mmm105



:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D
Be photographed with 5 different cruise ships!!!

:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D


Posted Jul 10, 2012, 10:01 pm
Hi mom!

Mommy, can you believe that sometimes can be exactly right place in right time? Well, today it happened. I was in the right place in the right time!  :D

I saw The Olympic Torch!!! And it was only good luck, because it happened suddenly, and hostmom hadn't any clue of that beforehand.

It was so nice surprise, that hostmom couldn't believe her eyes, she couldn't believe it's really true, The Olympic Torch, wow!!!  :o  :D When hostmom started to believe it's really true, she had hurry to have a camera...  :)
And yes, I'm in the 2nd picture, I'm in the middle of all toys (hostmom had to take the photo very quickly...)

I'm so happy, that I was there with hostmom, and I could see the Olympic Torch!


Posted Jul 11, 2012, 8:56 am
i Hola !

Today I visited in a city named Benálmadena. It's also one city in Costa del Sol.

We stopped to watch a nice fountain on the street. It was funny fountain, because it changes the sizes of water (first it was small, but then it suddenly turns out to be a big fontain, and then small again etc...).  :D

There's a mountain named Mount Calamarro in Benálmadena. And there's an opportunity to go to the top of the mountain using cable cards. So I drive cable car today, too. But this time it was much longer way (about 2600 metres), and it took about 12 minutes to go in one direction.

It starts here.

And now I'm in the cable car.

Look out the views, mom!  B)

On the top of the mountain there was a bird show. I managed to be in the same photo with this owl. :)

Mommy, do you think these views are beautiful? I think so, and I enjoyed watching these landscapes. I was walking on the top of the mountain (about 800 metres over sea).


Posted Jul 11, 2012, 9:49 am
i Hola !

Today I visited in the Princess Diana Park, in Mijas-Costa.
I think the park is beautiful, especially the entrance to it.
What do you think, mommy?


Posted Jul 11, 2012, 3:44 pm
i Hola !
Hello mommy!

It's our last day in Spain today. In the evening we are going to the airport of Malaga and start travelling back to Finland.
But before that, we had a nice day to spend, and we were in the city named Torremolinos.

I saw these beautiful flowers there!

Look mom, how nice "stone family" we found!  :o
Can you see me? I'm just in front of the "stone mom".

Here are we: girls (Ronja and Kit-Kat) in the middle, and boys (Wayne and me) in the left side and (Druri and BarryO) in the right side, and a small fountain behind us. :)

Mommy, look! I climbed on the BIG sized pineapple!!!  :o  :o  :o

Ha haa, I was kidding!!!  ;) :D
It's not a pineapple, it's a palm tree. Hi hii...
But it looks like a pineapple, don't you think so?

It was so fun, that we searched bigger palm tree, and we all climbed on it. :)

And this is how this city (Torremolinos) looks like.

Look mom, there's flags of so many countries there!
In the middle there's the flag of European Union, so I think there's all countries' flags who take part in the EU.

There's very nice beach in Torremolinos. :)

Isn't this bench wonderful? It's so cheer-up!  :D

Before leaving Spain, I wrote a postcard to you, mom.
So, keep an eye on your mailbox!  :)



Posted Jul 11, 2012, 5:31 pm
Hi mom!

I'm back in Finland now. The hole journey in Spain was amazing!

Now I'm in the train travelling back to Central Finland, to Jyväskylä, where hostmom is living.

I feel very sleepy, because the flight was in night-time, and I couldn't sleep in the airplane.

ZZZzzzzz Zzzzzz zzzz zZZzzzZZZ zzzzz


Posted Jul 11, 2012, 5:47 pm
Hi mommy!

We got 3 new ToyVoyagers to visit mmm105's place today.

And guess what?!? They all are sheeps! So funny coinsidence!  :D

New toys are Lina, and Mr. and Mrs. Honeymooners.

We all said welcome to them, and then we had a welcome party.  :)


Posted Jul 13, 2012, 11:55 am
Hello mommy!

An envelope arrived today. We all were so curious, what would be inside of it. Kurnau opened it, and we others were looking.

We were sooooo curious! A secret envelope from China...

Oooooh, it's another ToyVoyager! It's Totoro:) from China! :)

It's great to have more friends!  :D


Posted Jul 13, 2012, 12:05 pm
Hei! Hello!

I was walking outside today. I saw a nice small park. And there I saw this statue of Uno Cygnaeus (1810-1888). He is considered the father of the Finnish public school system.

And because the boy in the statue is reading, I feel like I want to read something. Together with Kurnau we went to the local library.

Kurnau helped me to find a book about sails. There's so many books!!! :o Even more books are outside the photo.

And yes, we found it!!!  :D

There's an art statue in the library building. This one is called "Tiedonpuu" ("A tree of knowledge"). It has made in 1980.

And there's also a nice exhibition about the history of Jyväskylä-city, the dolls are showing things about this town's developement.
(Yes, I can remember mommy, that you have already seen this exhibition when you visited in Jyväskylä, but I want to add some photos anyway...)

In 1850's Jyväskylä was a small town with many craftsmen.

In 1870's there's an increase of forest productions (logs), and it made Finnish economy better.

In 2000's Jyväskylä became a bigger town, because some federations of municipalities has made (smaller cities joined together to became one bigger city).


Posted Jul 15, 2012, 9:30 pm
Hi mom!

Today I saw some public art works outside. They are all so unique. :)

This one is called as "Elämän koulu - vastuu, luottamus, luovuus"
In English it might be something like "A school of life - responsibility, trust, creativity"

This one is "Karhu" ("A Bear"). The artist's name is Oskari Raja-aho, and the statue has made in the year 1930.

Look, we all are riding on the bear!  ;)

This one is "Keinumieli-Tyhjämieli-Häkkimieli" and the artist is Juhani Petäjäniemi, and it has made in 1989.
The name is difficult to translate into English, but it might be something like "a mind of swing - a mind of emptyness - a mind of cage".

I like this statue. It looks like there's two people flying. :)
The name of the statue is "Elinehto-ajatus-liiketoiminta" and the artist is Heikki Häiväoja, and it has made in 1979.
The translation of the statue's name is "Lifeline-idea-business".

And there's a statue "Kauppias ja apulainen" ("A Merchant and his assistant). The artist is Pauli Koskinen, and it has made in 1959.

And this one has made the same artist, Pauli Koskinen, in the year 1957. It is art in the outside wall of the building. And it's name is "Reliefi"

After walking a little there started to be dark clouds in the sky, so we turned walking back, and we hoped to arrive 'home' before it's raining... 

...But mommy, we didn't managed. It started raining so quickly.
And the  rain, it was HARD, we got totally wet within one minute.

We run back 'home', and inside it was time to get dry again, aww... :)

What an adventure!!!



Posted Jul 16, 2012, 9:20 pm
Hei! Hello!

A new toy arrived here today: Hunny bunny originally from USA.
It's so nice to have more friends! :)

We had a welcome party for her. We ate all candies what she got with her in the envelope. They were soooo yummi!  :p


Posted Jul 17, 2012, 3:57 pm

One more toy arrived here today. This is so great, to have more friends! :)

We looked the envelope, and the stamps on it. Who is coming from South Africa? Wow, so far.

"Hello! My name is Phog. I'm from Germany, but I was visiting in South Africa." said this cute dog to us.
We introduced ourselves, too.

Then Phog showed us the great postcard what he had took with him from South Africa.


Posted Jul 20, 2012, 5:12 pm
Hei! Hello!

Today I went outside to walk and look around this surroundings.
And almost immediately I saw the beautiful nature of Finland,
so many green coloured trees, the fresh air, and so on.

And this is an orthodox church of Jyväskylä.

And this is an evankelic lutherian church of Jyväskylä.
The church has buildt in 1929, and the architect was Elsi Borg.
This church has called also "the church of angels".

Then I continued my walking, and I found a river named Tourujoki.
This river goes through the city of Jyväskylä. It's about 2 kilometres long river,
and it goes from the lake Palokkajärvi to the lake Jyväsjärvi.

Here are we all toys: Lina, Kurnau, Wayne, Totoro, Honeymooners, Hunny, Phog, Kit-Kat, Ronja, BarryO, me, and Druri.

And there's a bridge of Tourujoki.


Posted Jul 20, 2012, 5:16 pm
Hello mommy!

I visited in the natural park of Jyväskylä.
It's so cool forest area just next to the river Tourujoki.
It's a nature conservation area in the middle of Jyväskylä.

At first, we need to go down to the long wooden old stairs. It was exiting!

Look, how beautiful nature there is! It's so green and fresh!

Can you see those weird things in the tree?
They are "kääpä" in Finnish, they are some kind of mushrooms growing in old trees.
How cool!

It's time to have a little brake, and just relax. :)

Then it's time to walk forward.

We walk on the "pitkospuut", the wooden path on the ground.
There must be this wooden path, because the ground is so wet.

It was a nice place, this small natural park! :)


Posted Jul 21, 2012, 2:14 pm
Hi mommy!

Today I visited in the Craft Museum of Finland.

Due to water damage, there were only small exhibitions of different things.
They all were very colourful and nice exhibitions! :)
Just look by yourself, mommy... I hope you can feel the atmosphere through these photos.

There's some Karelian national costumes.

And there's very old ski supplies.

This is very colourful art, isn't it?

This one is so colourful, too.
Do you think there's all the colours of the rainbow?
Well, they are different coloured coat hangers. It looks nice! :)

And what do you say about this, mom? Even more colourful!!!  B)
On the floor there's many tiny marbles there.
And in the wall there's a lot chrocheting hotpads.
All together it looks nice, right?


Posted Jul 23, 2012, 10:41 am
Hei! Hello!

We got more company today.

A new ToyVoyager Ranja Dragon arrived from Germany.

I'm sure we will have lots of fun together!


Posted Jul 27, 2012, 4:50 pm
Hi mommy!

I was walking outside today.

I visited in "kirkkopuisto" (a church park).
Mommy, do you remember this place? ;)
The church has buildt in 1880, and the architecht was L. I. Linqvist.

In the church park, there's a statue of Minna Canth (1844-1897).
She was a famous Finnish writer and social activist.
Her works concentrated on the issues of women's rights.

There's another nice statue. :)
Mommy look! All those flowers are so beautiful!


Posted Jul 27, 2012, 4:54 pm
Hello again mommy!

I visited today also in "satama" (a harbour of Jyväskylä).
There I saw many great boats!
Just take a look at photos to see how fun I had. 


Posted Jul 29, 2012, 7:55 pm
Hi mommy!

A new toy arrived today here. He is Rico the Tiger from Germany. 

We had a welcome party, we ate all chocolate candies what Rico brought from Germany. They were so yummy!    :p


Posted Jul 29, 2012, 8:07 pm
Hello mommy!

Today I was walking outside with Kurnau and offcourse all other toys, too.

We went to see Harju's long stairs, because hostmom has said it looks quite nice now, because there's already some beautiful flowers there.
Mom, do you remember Harju, this small hill just next to city center?

We all climbed up these long stairs. It was a good training for health. :D

After visiting Harju, I saw this funny sign. :)
There's showing how far away this place is from different cities abroad.
It's looking cool, isn't it?

Mommy, guess what hostmom said to me today?
She told me that I can come back home soon!
Ooooh, I'm so looking forward to meet you again!
And guess what? Druri will travel with me, and he will come to visit you!!!
So nice that I don't have to travel alone.  :)


Posted Jul 29, 2012, 8:11 pm
Hi mommy!

I watched the Opening Seremony of the Olympic Games from TV.
It was a cool show!  B) 


Posted Jul 30, 2012, 6:29 pm

Mommy, I'm coming home! :) And mommy, I'm not coming alone. Druri will come, too. We are coming together!!! :D

It's so nice that you invited Druri to visit in Germany, and to visit us. I just can't wait to be able to show my hometown, and introduced dicker Kumpel to Druri. I'm sure we will have great time together in Germany. :)

I found the map of Europe, and I showed to Druri how far away Germany is from Finland. Druri is so exited! 

Kurnau said goodbye to us. And then all others came to say it, too. All have been so nice to us, that we propably are going to miss them all. Finland was a nice place to visit.

But we are not only ones to leave here. There's other ToyVoyagers saying goodbye, too. Niiskuneiti will also travel to Germany, but to the other town. And Honeymooners will travel to Japan. I hope they will have a great journey!

Mommy, I'm looking forward to meet you again! 


Posted Jul 31, 2012, 9:34 am
Hi mommy!

I'm coming home! I'm already in my travel box, and coming to you.
It's so dark inside this box, but luckily I have company, Druri. :)

Goodbye Finland! Germany, I'm coming...

See you soon, mom!

Posted Aug 8, 2012, 8:30 pm
Hello friend,

I just want to tell you that I am at home again. Druri and I had a fast trip to Germany.

We met some other TVs here and talked a lot.

I had a great time in Finland – but it is good to be at home again, too.


Posted Dec 23, 2012, 9:55 pm
Hello friends,

Christmas is coming – and today I helped decorating the Christmas tree. We started with the Christmas baubles.   

These two baubles were so funny!   

We had more decorations for the tree.   

I loved this one most, because it was a gift by our friend Tobi!


Posted Jan 17, 2013, 8:35 pm
Hello friends, 

I love Christmas! My brothers, my sisters and I sat in front of Rudolph and Snowy  - two close friends of Santa Claus.   

We all had fun and sung a Christmas Song for both.   

We must have been great, because we received a lot of chocolate.   

Merry Christmas!   


Posted Apr 9, 2013, 8:56 pm
Happy Easter!

I celebrated Easter with my sisters and brothers.

HolgiHH and I found a lot of chocolate.


Posted May 28, 2013, 5:13 pm

Today Murph and GustavHH came and visited Dicker Kumpel and us.

PieksiHH, BineHH and I decided to prepare a party for all of us!

Batida should be good for us!

This looks great!

Then we wait for the others!

When they arrived we told them about the party!

They jumped onto the table and loved our idea.

I found a great place between HelmutBluepant and BineHH.


Then it was time to eat.

I had a yummy muffin.

Later this evening we all had fun and sang wonderful ToyVoyager-songs

It was a wonderful evening!


Posted Jun 28, 2013, 8:56 pm
Hello friends,

It was Dicker Kumpel’s birthday today. He got a blindfold.

Then he was allowed to look. We all sat in front of and sang a birthday song for me.

Look – Dicker Kumpel received a present from his friend Murph. All he need for a Candlelight Dinner with Kleine Fee. This was a great idea!

Birthdays are nice!

Then we had a party with coke, fruits and burgers.

It was a wonderful birthday party!


Posted Jul 4, 2013, 5:24 pm
Hello friends,

I am so excited. After staying home for a long time I said goodbye to Dicker Kumpel.

Our guest HelmutBluepant travelled home today.

And because his parcel was so big, he invited me to come with him.
Great idea! The others gave me a big hug.

Then we jumped into the parcel.

Hopefully we will have a fast and safe trip.


Posted Jul 4, 2013, 10:41 pm
Hello Mum,

today me and HelmutBluepant came to Remscheid and Charlotte and Oink gave us a very warm welcome

He had me in his rolling-stone-bag when Lotte welcomed him like a hurrican:cyclops:

Then he introduced me to Lotte and Oink.

Lotte gave me a big hug

But the first thing I wanted to do was writing a postcard to You

The plushies helped me very nice

Then we showed our presents and gifts
Helmut is so thankful and very proud about Dicker Kumpels gift: a handsome shovel for his gardening :D

Charlotte and Oink were very pleased about the yummie cookies from Switzerland and thanked us a lot

And both were very impressed by the wonderful cards from the nice Hotel in Zermatt, the tickets from the railways and the great map

The it was time for dinner: Oink and Lotte had prepared a lentil stew, Helmuts favourite meal
Then Helmut whispered to me, what do I think about a little party?

For dessert we had nice little chocolate covered marshmallow

And then the party started :cyclops:
Helmut and me, look, we had Hugo to drink, very tasty :p

Lotte and me, we also had Hugo :cyclops:

Helmut and Oink started a strawberry-dance

And I did the dance as well

Here together with Lotte

Lotte... tried to dive after a strawberry that felt into her glass :rolleyes:

What a great welcome-party :D
But then it was very late and we were happy to find sleep alltogether in the comfort plushie-bag B)

That was it for my first day here and I like it here very much, Mum, I´m glad that You let me travel with Helmut to this crazy people here.

Good night, give You hugs and kisses
Love and see You Mum
Yours TobiHH


Posted Jul 7, 2013, 9:48 am
Hello Mum,

today we went to an old but interesting place in Remscheid: The Steffenshammer, a very old smithy that is now a little Museum and still funcionable today and shows the visitor, how the people in the Bergisch Land formed irontools with using water as energie.
The place is called Clemenshammer, but the old smithy is called Steffenshammer
Behind me You can see a huge wheel for transmission

This is the entrance to the little half-timbered house and until the 1930s a widow with 6 children lived.
The house is very very small, you can see it at the windows.

This is the entrance
Behind me are the narrow stairs up to the first floor but this is closed for public

Here in the main room the association that promotes the Clemenshammer, shows what tools the smithy produced in the old times and wich tools they needed and how hard and difficult the circumstances of living and working were in the so called "good old times...

And this is the smithy itself

Lets have a look inside

Here I am on a funny chair, it hangs from the ceiling.
That has the reason that the smith can move for and back when the iron gets longer and longer during the process of smithering
There You can see the hammer powerd by waterenergie and the anvil, where the sun shines through. It was very dark there, only the light from outside and the fire in the oven lightend the room

Lets have a look outside again and see how the water turns the huge wheel
Huiii. I like the water that sprinkled very powerful, what an energy, what a noise it makes...

In the garden was a small summer-party and they showed how to smith

And it was funny to see how they bake wafels here
Hmm, yummie, of course we had one :p

There was a wheel of fortune
I won a little sheep that was happy to join out troops :cyclops:

And a dixie-band played nice music
We were allowed to sit in the shadow of the big bass-tuba

Nice summerparty and we recreated a little moment sitting on this bank

Then we were invited to visit an astonishing park: The "Unicat of Gardens"

The man told us that is the official smallest park
What a nice and interesting place this was

The last for today shows a typical Bergisch House with ist green shutters
Ähh..By the way Mom..its for sale...wouldn´t You like the idea of living in the Bergisch Land?? :cyclops:

Love and greeting and many hugs
Yours TobiHH


Posted Jul 8, 2013, 3:27 pm
Hello Mum,

today was a fine and sunny day and we went to the Gruga-Park in Essen
With about 65ha is the Gruga one of the largest Parks in Germany

Look at the fantastic four fountains
And we were welcomed by a nice but shy pelicane

Here are the first views into the landscape of the park
And everywhere you find some more or less nice sculptures

Everywhere are nice and coloured flowers in large flowerbeds
And look at the bassin with water lilies

From a bridge You can see the "Hundertwasserhouse"
It is in the area of the park but not open for public, because its a temporary home for children who are very ill to recreate here together with their parents

And this Giant Reedwood is sooo huge that it needs 3 Photos
to show You
how large
it is to the top :cyclops:

Now we come nearer to the tropical houses
Look at the nice Agapanthus

And the Angel trumpet (Brugmansia or Datura) is even huge
Nice salmon clour it has

Now we are in the entrance of the tropical houses
It is a feeling like in a jungle but colder than outside at the moment

Oupps, I have forgotten the name of this nice blue blossom-plant
Have You ever seen such a mixture between blue and violet?

Me on a huge leaf strong enough to hold me
The smaller examples You often find in living rooms, could be Monstera

And look, I made it to balance on a banana leaf
But theese are smaller bananas without any fruit

Me under a palm tree
not one coconut I was able to find

This was the most exotic tree I have ever seen
A silk floss tree (Ceiba or Chorisia speciosus)

Theese friendly parrots were very silent
What a pity that they are not allowed to fly free in the house...

Now we are in the cactus house
A golden barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii). Some people call it also "seat of mother in law" :cyclops:

Nice flower of a fig cactus
But no fruit was ready to eat

Now we change to the bonsai area
I like the small trees in our size

Now we change again the area and move to the farmers and the perennial gardens
Pink fuchsias

Orange lillies

My favourite for today is this royal knight's-spur (Consolida)
it has exactly the same blue colour as my heart I am sitting on :D

This small pink and white mixture is nice
Its called yarrow (Achillea)

Another very different part of the park
a huge rondel with mixed flowers surroundend by a huger old round hornbeam hedge

Now we change again and walk trough an area similar to a half-desert or maccia
Yucca gloriosa can be left outside in the winter here

I was overhelmed when I saw this flower bed
California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) in so many different colours
I love them

Here I play hide and seek in the huge leaf of a Gunnera

Here we are at a lake with black swans
impressive birds and very angry...

Geese on the green

In the far You can see the Gruga-Tower and we want to go on the top of it
It´s quite huge, isn´t it?

Now we are on the top and the view is incredible
Don´t forget, we are still in the middle of a City in the Ruhr-Area, Essen

And what an additional surprise, we saw a zeppelin
...O.K., it was very far away....

Now we are on our way back to the entrance an we saw these two nice bronce horses

Red and blue, nice idea to mix these two colours
Do You see the bronce desert lion in the background?

I wanted to meet him
And he allowed us all to sit on his neck, very nice and kind cat :D

This was our day at the Gruga in Essen, I liked it there very much and hope, You saw how nice it was for me being here

Love and kisses to You Mum and all the others at home
See You soon
Yours TobiHH

Posted Jul 10, 2013, 2:16 pm
Today we gave the little skunk Mefito a warm welcome.

We introduced each other and talked a lot about travelling around the world

He is a very kind, but litte shy boy, but look what eyes he made when he met Oink the first time ;)

Posted Jul 12, 2013, 6:08 am
Hi Mum,

Great news: Today our holiday to the Northern Sea will start!

So we all packed our things we need there and Strunki cared that we have a safe seat :cyclops:

Well, that´s quite o.k. for a photo, but she convinced us that we would have a better view out of the car when we turn around  B)
O.K., let´s start our way to Büsum  :D


Posted Jul 12, 2013, 6:23 am
Now we have done the most of the journey and drive to direction Hamburg :D

There we we see the first views of Hamburg, Helmut is so happy to see the town again, he told me he liked it being there with You and the other plushies

But we want to go further so we have to drive trough the Elbtunnel
Woow, that tunnel is quite amazing

Posted Jul 12, 2013, 6:33 am
During the travel we had a lot of fun together
The we passed the Channel that connects the Northern and the Baltic sea
Now its not so far anymore and the rest of the way is done very fast
This windmill looks great


Posted Jul 12, 2013, 6:40 am
Now we are in Büsum and had a late dinner there under the sky :D
And we are very happy and tired enough to have a nice place in the sleeping-bag :cyclops:
That was our first day of the holiday and more will follow :D

Love You Mum and give hugs to the others at home
Yours TobiHH

Posted Jul 12, 2013, 9:37 pm
Hi Mum,

today the weather was not as sunny as the days before, the people told us...
So Helmut had to wait until he can put his shovel into the sand...
But we spent a nice day at the harbour of Büsum and saw a lot of ships
Most of them are shrimp boats, because Büsum is famous for shrimpfishing
but some other nice ships are here as well in the old harbour part

Here is a ship at the wharf
Nice to see people working when you are on holiday :cyclops:

But we didn´t only see ships there
This is an old light-fire

And here are some tons and nets from older times

And here You can see the modern lighthouse of Büsum

In the centre a nice clock

And a train for tourists

Some ships came in
and some came out of the harbour

But we also saw some animals, can You see the little hatchlings of the black-headed gull [Larus ridibundus]?

Then we drove bicycle and bought some shrimps
Here I am with Helmut, he has fun all the time here

What a nice first full day

That´s it for the day, love You Mum
Yours TobiHH

Posted Jul 13, 2013, 9:54 pm
Hi Mum,

today we spent the complete day on the beach of Büsum: The new Pearl Lagoon. Altough heaven was very cloudy, it wasn´t very cold...until the wind came...
There is a dam in the middle where You can walk on to the sandy beach
This is the view from the other side
And here to the sea itself
A lot of colurful tents with shops are there

The first we did was playing in the sand
Helmut with his shovel filled a bucket with sand together with me
There we built a little castle of sand
He is sooo happy about his blue shovel from You and Dicker Kumpel :D

Then we had fun on the water

After Swimming we chilled in a huge circle swing
That was a lot of fun for us all :D

In the afternoon we heard a shanty choire singing
Helmut an me knew most of the songs and we sang the whole time.
Together with Helmut I swayed to the music  :D

That was it for today, tomorrow we plan to drive to Friederchskoog and want to visit the seal-station

Love and hugs
from Your TobiHH

Posted Jul 15, 2013, 7:25 am
Hello Mum,

today we visited the Sealstation in Friedrichskoog, founded in the early 80thies to hatch baby seals lost their mothers
There is a large tower to climb on and You have a wonderful view all over the landscape and I found a lot of my colleagues there :D

At first we learned the difference between a common seal or harbour seal and a grey seal

Then we climbed on the tower to have a first view from above
There You can see a building formed as a whale, it´s an indoor-playground for children

In the pools are a lot of small baby seals to hatch

They have been found on the beaches at the northern sea without their mothers and brought here to take care of them until they are old enough

But You can also watch adult seals.
The huge dark one is a grey seal
and this is a harbour seal
They are not able to live on their own because they were ill as babys

Can You see me on the largest seal I have ever seen?

Here I am with a real seal

At the end alltogether we donated an amount for the station

What a nice and informative place

Posted Jul 15, 2013, 8:49 pm
In the afternoon we vistited Meldorf, a very old town with an impressive dome, almost a cathedral.

The first we did was drinking koffee at the nice "Dome-Café" at the market, it was a very good advice by mcdaniels who knows the place very well, and, Meldorf is also the birthplace of Soeren, her funny elk.
See us plushies having coffee, strawberry-cake and a huge portion of curd with honey and crunchies :p

Then we saw some nice old houses there around the market

The dome was still open in the afternoon

So we went into the dome and saw the impressive interiour there
Light was a little bit difficult, Strunki apologizes for that :thinking:

Before we went home we saw this nice blooming rosebush at a house
I loved it to take a bath in theese wonderful roses

That was a nice sunday here in the North

See You soon, give You lots of kisses and hugs, love You Mum

Posted Jul 16, 2013, 8:05 am
Hi Mum,

today we drove to the Eidersperrwerk, that is a huge protection building against storm tides and connects Dithmarschen in the south and Eiderstedt in the north
It was built between 1967 and 1973 and has its 40th anniversary this year

It is almost 250m long and about 15m high
There You can see the huge double portals to close or to open up and down

Here we are on the top, you can walk above and the cars drive under the way

There is a bridge that can be opened for ships

From the top You have a beautiful view on the river Eider

But we want to go on by car and so we drove the tunnel
That was exciting!

Posted Jul 17, 2013, 5:47 am
After the Eidersperrwerk we drove on to St.-Peter-Ording.
In the old village are nice houses with beautiful gardens

Strunki promised us that there is also a large beach with a lot of sand where we can build sandcastles
Such a castle we want to build :cyclops:

O.K., let´s drive to the beach
Well, not only TO the beach but ON the beach itsself
This place is the only one in Germany where You are allowed to drive on the beach by car, its unique...

Together with Helmut I digged a moat around our castle
I must admit, it hasn´t the same size of the sandcastle we saw in the village but we had a lot of fun building it

After so much work we had to recreate in the beachchair

Then we found a kite
It was complete and so we started kiting

After kiting and so much activities on the beach we had to chill out again in a lounge at one of the famous stilt houses
What a great place (when the sun shines...)

Posted Jul 17, 2013, 6:17 am
On our way back from St.-Peter-Ording we made a short trip to Tönning
This is an old town with nice houses and a beautiful small harbour
What a full day :D

Posted Jul 17, 2013, 1:16 pm
Today we visited another very old town with interesting dutch architecture and small water canals trough the town

Here are some first impressions from the market place and the dutch facades
Here is one of the canals with nice bridges

Everywhere You find nice portals and rosebushes at the housefronts
The people even have flowers planted in their boats...

Then we had the idea to make a guided roundtrip through the canals by boat
That was a great fun to see the town from the waterside
I like this bridge in dutch style
Now we are on the river Treene
See the nice water lilies there
A great day with much to see

See You soon Mum, love and hugs

Posted Jul 18, 2013, 9:44 pm
Hi Mum,

today we made a walk across the mudflats and saw some interesting things
At first we noticed the sign that You have to be careful because of the tide
Then we started our walk
and found our first shell
Helmut put it into his bucket
Then we walked further on
and found some more interesting habitants of the mudflat
O.K., this is not a lugworm [Arenicola marina] itself but the little hills he makes when the water is not there :cyclops:
But it looks very interesting

The next we found was seaweed or little kelp
And here are some very very very small edible crabs, in German it is called Taschenkrebs  [Cancer pagurus]
Here is a bigger one

Some different seaweed

And here is a jellyfish

Here are some more different shells

The nice guide digged a bit and in the mud we found this interesting worm
This is a clam worm, in German Borstenwurm [Nereis sp.]

But here is the real lugworm [Arenicola marina]
It tries to dig itself back into the mud, it doesn´t like the sun

Then the hightide came back and we finished our mudflat-walk
And came back safe to the point we started
What an interesting day

That´s it for today
Love and hugs for You Mummy

Posted Jul 19, 2013, 9:39 pm
Hello Mum,

today it was not sunny enough for the beach so we decided to go on the market

It´s a nice and colourful market with lots of local products
Here are the greengrocers
and there You get some nice fruits

Here is the fish

A lot of cheese

Meat and sausages from the butcher

But not only groceries You find here
Flags, kites, windbells and
sheep...o.k., no real ones

Flowers and plants

But what do we want to buy on the market? After a first view we decided to buy some apples
this fruit market stall looks very nice
Yummy apples we bought there

Posted Jul 20, 2013, 4:35 pm
Our next walk lead us to the old church of Büsum, St. Clemens
In a small park sat this kind person, it is the statue of Neocorus, he was one of the first pastors of Büsum and wrote a Chronicle about the Dithmarschen
We went inside and found a very nice and interesting interiour
What an impressive pulpit
Wonderful old curchwindows and the altar
And a ship from the ceiling

Outside we found this nice building, the old mailstation

There we had typical tea with milk and rock candy

On our way to the promenade we found this thatched-roof house
Its very new builded

At the promenade waited a suprise: They rebuild the dykes and the old beach is closed at this season

O.K., let´s see what we will find in Heide

Posted Jul 20, 2013, 8:27 pm
At next we visited Heide, the hugest town in the near

Here is the old curch, but unfortenatuly it was closed

A nice fountain with St. Georg on the top

A large pedestrian zone with many nice shops
But we came to Heide for antother reason, a very special plant nursery

Posted Jul 21, 2013, 10:36 am
Hi Mum,

today the weather is fine enough again for going to the naturist beach in front of the dyke.

There we enjoy the landscape

Look what we found in a dustbin
A large piece of thin cloth and a bag with rods
We take it with us and try what it could be
Then we built it up
That looks great
It´s a beachshelter
We have a lot of fun inside
and outside

In the afternoon we left the beach and met some sheep, even small lambs
What a nice day

Love and hugs to You Mum, that was it for today, see You tomorrow
Tobi HH

Posted Jul 21, 2013, 5:44 pm
Hello Mum,

today is our last day in Büsum :(

But You don´t guess what we were able to do, because the wind was good enough for this: We did plushie-kiting :cyclops:
Do You remember the kite we found in St.-Peter-Ording?
We built it up

At first I was not sure, but Helmut gave me an instruction during the tandem together with him
That was the greatest I ever did

But now I want to start a second time on my own
I love it :D

What do You think, could we do this again at home? ;)

That was our last and nicest adeventure here at the North Sea
I´m looking forward to come back home to You Mum

Posted Jul 21, 2013, 7:52 pm
And here we are

This nursery shows its attractions not on the first view, its a little bit hided
A café is there as well

Rare plants You can find outside there
or inside the huge warmhouse with a huge figtree in the centre

and wonderful roses

Even some chicken we met, but they are not fo sale

At least, the sheep outside and next to an old farmers garden

What a wonderful and peaceful place

Love You Mum and see You soon

Posted Jul 22, 2013, 11:01 pm
Hello Mum,

this is my last evening in Büsum and we wanted to celebrate this with some nice photos of the sundown we watched here, when the evening sky is clear enough to see the sun going down into the sea.

So only enjoy the following pics without any large comments and feel, how great our time here was when You look into our deep relaxed faces :D

And even the moon waved me a last good bye...

Good bye Büsum...

Posted Jul 23, 2013, 7:57 am
Today we left Büsum and drove along some nice streets and suddenly we saw this sign
Hey, what a nice surprise, I´m coming home
All plushies gave us a warm welcome and it was a happy reunion
At first we huged each other and everybody: Dicker Kumpel, Pepita, BineHH, Rocky Raccoon, Minnilotta, HelgaHH, Sean, Kleine Fee, Gozer, PieksiHH
Then we got a first yummy meal
Wooow, at home it tastes best :p

Then it was time to say good bye....
Good bye Oink, it was nice to meet You and we had a lot of fun together

Good bye Mefito, You little skunky, I would love to see You again here at home, please come again when You are in the near

Good bye Charlotte, I will miss You but I am looking forward to see You again next year

And Helmut, old pal, what we experienced, the great flight with the kite together, was fantastic.

Good bye everybody, but now I am happy to have my mum RikeHH back :D

Posted Jul 28, 2013, 2:46 pm
Hello Mum,

today I made a little walk through the garden around the house
Here I found some huge digitalis

A beautiful Delphinum in pink and yellow

Look, me at the lillies

Theese columbine [Aquelia] are two-coloured

And this rosebush is very old

The very first blossoms of ox-eye daisy [Buphthalmum salicifolium]
Bumblebee and butterfly love it

Blue and yellow corydalis

Some more columbine

And a small red-leafed japanese acer

Now we are at the pond
The main plant there is the water soldier [Stratiotes aloides], Helmut told me, that the larvas of the dragonfly use it for coming out of the water after some years of growing and hang themselfs at the leaf tips to hatch out in some weeks. It has mall nice white flowers, only one per plant.

A single rose
it even has a wonderful fragrance

This is the honeysuckle or woodbine [Lonicera]
It has a beatiful fragrance mainly in the evening

The little white flowers of the wormwood

Here we are in the part with some apple trees
And I sit inbetween the apples

Behind the small astilbs are still some late peonies
This would be the right one for PinkyHH
I dont´t know if I like the pink or the white one more
But in comparison the white one could be the right one for me

A lot of blackberries for jam
But at the moment they are still blooming, the berries need some weeks to grow

And columbine again
In different colours and shapes

And this is a columbine meadow-rue [Thalictrum aquilegiifolium] in yellow

But the funniest and everlasting flower in the garden is a huge potted poppy
Lotte told me that it is hers and helmuts favourite place, the poppy blooms and brings colour in the garden, even when every other flower is faded
Here together with Oink I enjoy chilling in the poppy, what a funny idea able to sit in a flower

Back in the house Helmut showed me his newest leaf-cacti blooming, the Epiphyllum

And after this he invited me tot he higher terrace up to the roof where the warmhouses are placed

A very blue plumbago

And a yellow „princess of the night“
Also a epiphyllum

Like this red ones

At last a blooming strelitzia

That was my walk around the garden and the house and I saw some nice flowers and plants

Love to You Mum :D

Posted Jul 29, 2013, 1:07 pm
Hello friends,

as you already saw I am back home. We had a lot of fun in the afternoon.

In the evening I showed my brothers and sisters my souvenirs.

We took a great tour in a boat in our holidays - and you can see me in the front of the boat.

I told about my meeting with other seals.

Then I showed photos from my travelog. I had a great experience - when I took a flight alone and together with my friend HelmutBluepant.

My Mum loved the update so much, that she wrote an entry in I really like for me. I am so proud.

Thanks strunki for the great time with you!


Posted Sep 6, 2013, 1:03 pm
Hello friends, 

Today was an important day…but not for us ToyVoyagers. My Mum  RikeH married her finance on the lighthouse of Amrum today. We TVs were not with them, but we waited at home.

There were only some gifts, because they decided to celebrate their wedding alone as a couple.

But someone wrote a huge card! Who was it? Well – how amazing! The ones of you who love Darts will definitely know this man!

Then we looked into a small nice book with lovely poems about love and marriage.

We all wanted to get a piece of the wedding cake!

I liked the flowers!

Later another gift arrived – it was from a very good friend of RikeH. We opened it and found this lovely pair of koala bears together with more nice stuff.

But now I want to say: Congratulations Mum!


Posted Sep 10, 2013, 9:41 am
Hi friends,

This morning  we enjoyed the sunshine on our balcony.

Later that day the weather went much better – and I took a walk to the small beach – and saw a beautiful  ferry.

Can you see the lighthouse far behind me?

It was great sitting in the Dunes.

And I found some nice shells.


Posted Sep 15, 2013, 11:01 am
Hello friends, 
Sunday was our last day on Amrum – and we relaxed on our beach chair.

We thought that it was boring to sit next to each other, so we all searched our own place.
Can you find me?

Yes, here I am!

Later that day we drove home to Sülfeld.


Posted Sep 25, 2013, 6:46 pm
Hello friends,

It was a great day today. Murph and Nathalie came and visited us!

We got a gift.

Later it was time for a surprise. Dicker Kumpel built a Time Machine for us.

We all were very surprised.

He had to tell us more about the technology inside and hoped that we would try it with him. It went darker and darker.

He opened the door. Should we trust him and try it out?

Yes, we did!

We all went into the machine.

Bye – it will start soon!

Love you Mum!

There was a big silence inside the Time Machine and we only heard the noise of the Machine.

Then the noise stopped and the door opened.

Wow, what a trip!

We all felt fine – but where were we – and WHEN were we?

Murph and Dicker Kumpel jumped onto the Time Machine – it worked. We travelled through the time – it is Murph’s Birthday!


To be continued…

Posted Sep 26, 2013, 8:18 pm
Hello friends,

:D 27th of September!  :D

It was Murph’s birthday and we created a wall out of mushrooms for him. It looked great!

Then we sang a wonderful birthday song for Murph.

And he got some gifts!

Then it was time for dinner. We had a marshmallows barbecue.

It was great sitting around the fire with friends.

Our marshmallows were ready.

It was delicious!

In the evening RikeH and HoBi had a great surprise for us! A firework!

It went darker!

It started!

What a wonderful evening!


Posted Sep 26, 2013, 8:54 pm
Hello friends,

We woke up in the Time Machine. What date would it be?

We were lucky, because we were back in the middle of September – it was the 15th of September – and again one of us had his birthday – it was me!

The others sang a song for me and wished me luck and happiness.

Great news – Murph came and asked me if I would love to come and stay with him for some weeks.
Of course I wanted it!

So we had to say goodbye to Dicker Kumpel and his guests. We had a wonderful adventure here!

Goodbye friends!

I will write more from Lower-Saxony soon!


Posted Sep 27, 2013, 7:39 pm
Hello mum,

today we wanted to search mushrooms.

At first we found this mushroom – every child knows it  :D.

These mushrooms taste hot: peppery boletes

And here! Unbelievable! We found a star in the forest!

This plant looked funny. The wild arum is very poisonous.

Another mushroom  :rolleyes:: a little king bolete.

A little break

This mushroom is very, very poisonous. Each year many people were killed by the poison of these mushrooms. It is called the death cap.  :(

Do you know this plant? The deadly nightshade is also very poisonous. But there are some people, who eat this berries. Then they get a jag and do strange things…

The lion shield is rare here. What a wonderful colour  :D

At the end we found more stars! Don’t they look great? They are my famous mushrooms!Mum, do we have these at home, too?  :rolleyes:

It was a wonderful day in the forest!



Posted Oct 3, 2013, 4:46 pm
Hello mum,

today I took a look at the hometown of Murph.

It is only a small town, but it has a big church.

This river flew through the whole city.

There are 2 big salines in the spa gardens. The people used it to produce salt in the past.

This is the famous place of Murph. It is called Summstein – you sit inside of it and bumble. Then the whole body prickles. Very funny!

Next to the Summstein you see the colorful pigeonry, but I didn’t see pigeons.

I really loved this beautiful fountain.

There were many flowers in the park.

They opened a golf-course here. It is an 18-hole-adventure golf course.

Bad Salzdetfurth is a really nice city.

I hope that I will show you more of it.


Posted Oct 8, 2013, 9:16 pm
Hello mum,

Finally we are on holidays  :D. At our first day we visited a big abbey.

This was the abbey church from outside, beautiful – wasn’t it?

And then inside of the church – can you see the gold and all the angels?

The decoration for the harvest festival was so beautiful.

The garden of the abbey:

There were many old trees.

It was a very beautiful abbey.

A brewery belongs to the abbey. We bought a lot of delicious stuff.  ;)

Tomorrow we will hike. The nature should be really nice here. I am curious!



Posted Oct 10, 2013, 4:55 pm
Hello mum,

Today we hiked.

And this was the point where we started. The beautiful “Bremsdorfer Mühle” in the “Schlaubetal”.

We walked along this small river. It is called Schlaube. It was a wonderful landscape.

I found a mushroom form my life mission. It was not so beautiful – but grey – a new color.  ;)

We continued our walk along the river.

Wow – another mushroom with a new color. It is purple. Can you see the color? The mushroom is very bright. Maybe we will find another mushroom that is really purple. We will see.

This lake was the destination of our hike.

What a beautiful scenery.

Do you know this tree? It grew in front of our holiday flat.

A Walnut tree – and the nuts were ripe.

We collected all nuts. They were so yummy.  B)

Until soon


Posted Oct 13, 2013, 3:14 pm
Hello mum,

We walked around this lake today.

First we found a purple mushroom. This one is really purple, isn’t it?

What a wonderful view over the lake.

We were not able to use this boat anymore  :)

Unfortunately we couldn’t take this mushroom with us. It is not allowed to pick mushrooms from a nature reserve.  :(

What will we find there?

Wow – what a view!

Yesterday I walked along the Schlaube. This is the spring of the small river.

This small river feeds the whole lake that we walked around. Unbelievable.

Isn’t it beautiful here?

These mushrooms look like small balls, don’t they?

I really love it here!



Posted Oct 17, 2013, 4:55 pm
Hello mum,

Another hike through the 'Schlaubetal'. First we found a new mushroom for my lifemission. It was pink!
Again the small river – the Schlaube

This mushroom is eatable, but many people got stomach ache when they ate it.  :(

We walked through a lot of sand – it there a beach near to us?

No, but there were many mushrooms.  ;)

A small waterwheel in the forest.

Wow! Another mushroom for my life mission. It was green!

The last photo of the „Schlaube“ – what a wonderful river!

Until soon …  back in Bad Salzdetfurth…


Posted Oct 22, 2013, 5:39 pm
Hello mum,

it was a wonderful  fall day. So we went into the forest.

Of course we wanted to find mushrooms. The first mushroom is called the panther cap. It is very, very poisonous.

I found a new mushroom for my life mission. It was not so beautiful – but white…  :)

Maybe you know this plant – it was the water mint.

What a wonderful mushroom: a magpie fungus

Ugh, these mushrooms smelt like garlic.

What a wonderful forest.

These mushrooms were good. The name is sheated woodtuft. They were very yummy.  :D

We found this sign in the forest. HoBi don't like these animals. We are not fussed about them - we are ToyVoyagers.  B)

Another colour for my lifemission – orange!

At the end we found this rare mushroom. Unfortunately we don't know its English name. But it was really purple  :D

What a wonderful day in the forest!

Yours TobiHH

Posted Oct 26, 2013, 4:15 pm
Hello mum,

It is time that we have a closer look on my  life mission: mushrooms in 9 different colors – that’s a lot!  :)

Let’s see how many colors we already found.

We should write down all the colors …

… and then we count the colors.

We only have 8 colors now. One is still missing. What color could this be for a mushroom?  :thinking:

We know that black mushrooms exist. Will we find one? Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Until soon


Posted Oct 29, 2013, 6:00 pm
Hello mum,

Today we went over a big meadow. We took a long walk!

There were mushrooms on these meadows – and they looked beautiful.

Far away we saw a big flock of sheep. Unfortunately you cannot really recognize it on the photo.

More mushrooms – and they were in a beautiful yellow!

We continued our walk – maybe we will find a black mushroom.

Look, Mum. Didn’t these small worms look funny? They are mushrooms too…  B)

I especially like these trees.

Another mushroom – unfortunately it was not black, too.

What a wonderful day on this meadow.  Sadly we didn’t find black mushrooms here – hopefully we will find some soon.

Until soon


Posted Nov 1, 2013, 2:49 pm
Hello mum,

Today I went to a beautiful park.

On our way to the park we found this gate. I loved the color.  ;)

... and this fountain.

Behind me you can see the castle.

There was a small pavilion in the park.

The owners of the castle is the family von Cramm. In the Past the famous tennis player Freiherr Gottfried von Cramm lived here.

These old tomb slabs were impressive.

A beautiful lake belongs to the park, too.

Let’s see, what more we can find here.

The Castle at close range.

These old bonnets look funny, don’t they?

Wow, what a beautiful park!

Look what we found in the park.  :D

I would love to live in this Castle and find more gold!



Posted Nov 7, 2013, 5:04 pm
Hello mum,

today I took a look at the hometown of Murph. There are many half-timbered houses in Bad Salzdetfurth.

This river flew through the whole city.

Bad Salzdetfurth is an old miningtown. And you find memories of this time everywhere.

The golden ball in front of the ‚Kurmittelhaus‘  is the sun.

All over the town you find planets in the right distance and in the right dimension. This is the earth.

This was the train station of Bad Salzdetfurth. I have no idea why it is called Kulturbahnhof.  :thinking:

It is a nice town.



Posted Nov 13, 2013, 5:15 pm
Hello mum,

Today must be the day! We want to find the black mushrooms. Because up to now we found 8 different colors. The black ones should be here!

But first we had a view over Hildesheim!

What a beautiful big mushroom – but it was not black!  :(

We also found some nice flowers!

There are hardly any leaves on the trees. We had to rush to fulfill my life mission. It is nearly impossible to find mushrooms when it is cold.

Unbelievable! Can you see the small black thing in our middle?  :stare:

Wow, we did it! My life mission is completed.  :D

There were really mushrooms in 9 different colors! I will show you all of them. Hopefully we didn’t miscount!  ;)

1,2,3,4,5… and the next…

6,7,8,9… Oups!  :thinking: 10 different colours!  B)

I am really proud and happy!


Posted Nov 22, 2013, 4:08 pm
Hello mum,

today I visited Hildesheim.

The first stop was the market place with many nice old houses.

This is the „Knochenhaueramtshaus“  – a really famous building.

The next stop was the dome of Hildesheim. It is currently a big construction area. Here is a rose, which is 1000 years old.

Why lives a Hindu God here in Hildesheim?

We don’t know – but his name is Shiva. He is a little bit spooky.  :rolleyes:

The „Kehrwiederturm“  is the last tower of the old city wall.

In front of a church we found this fountain.

On the way back to the car we found this house. It was rebuilding a few years ago. We didn’t like the location – it does not fit in this place.

But we like the name  ;)



Posted Nov 28, 2013, 5:20 pm
Hello mum,

we visited a ruin today.

This catapult was really huge.

There was a big wall around the ruin.

We had a great view from the wall. It was the garden of the castle.

You won’t believe. The people had a heating in the past.

The thing with the holes was the heating.

There was a nice view from the tower over the ruin.



Posted Dec 8, 2013, 2:35 pm
Hello mum,

today is Nikolaus Day : the humans put their cleaned shoes in front of the door the night before – and on the 6th of December the Nikolaus came and put sweets into the shoes – if the humas were well-behaved.  :) Unfortunately I don't have shoes – but we searched big ones from Bine and Holgi.

These shoes are too small.

But these were great !  :D

They were big enough.  B)

Bad luck for us – the boots were dirty. And the Nikolaus only fills clean boots with sweets.
So we searched something to clean them.

And we  cleaned one boot.

It looked great...

Ready – now we put the boot in front of the door.

This was exciting – we sat behind the door and wanted to surprise the Nikolaus.

We waited all night long – this was my time to hear what happens!

Well – I heart something!

It worked – the whole boot is full!

But what now? How can we get the sweets? We are so small – and the boot is so big! We pushed togehter – maybe he will fall?

We made it – and so many sweets for us!

We must have been very nice over the year.  :rolleyes:

Happy Nikolaus


Posted Dec 13, 2013, 2:50 pm
Hello mum,

the weather was awful today. Many clouds, rain and cold temperatures.  :( But we took a walk around this lake.

Everything was grey!

You can use boats here during the summertime. Now in the wintertime there were no boats.

A beautiful river, isn’t it?

I loved this birdhouse.  :D

It is a wonderful lake.



Posted Dec 16, 2013, 5:12 pm
Hello mum,

Today a new guest arrived. Let’s have a look who is in the envelope.

It was Sean, a little penguin from Berlin.

Until soon


Posted Dec 18, 2013, 5:11 pm
Hello mum,

today we visited Hann.Münden. There was a wonderful town hall.

This tower looked liked a candle - funny, isn't it?

This was the “Weserstein”.

This is the place where the Rivers Werra and Fulda meet to form the River Weser.

A wonderful bridge over the Fulda.

Hann.Münden has a lot of beautiful half-timbered houses.

I really loved the old town gate.

There were some constructions works in front of the castle.

I absolutely wanted to have a photo with this funny guy.

Hann. Münden is really a beautiful town.

Many greetings


Posted Dec 21, 2013, 4:28 pm
Hello mum,

today we took a trip to a small spa town near to our home. There was a spa garden with a saline. We were really curious about it. But first some photos from the town.

A beautiful fountain – unfortunately not working – but it is wintertime.

The carillon didn’t work for us, too.

But this girl loved to play with us.

On the way to the spa garden we saw this beautiful house. It would be a nice place to live in.

At the entrance of the spa gardens we found this stage. We sang a wonderful Christmas Song for HoBi. Can you find me?

Finally we found the saline! But what was it? It was so small! The salines in Bad Salzdetfurth are so much taller.

It was beautiful, but….  :rolleyes:

At the end we found this great tree. How will he look in the summertime with leaves?

A beautiful trip with ugly weather again…

Until soon


Posted Dec 23, 2013, 3:56 pm
Hello mum,

today a new guest arrived. Who will it be?

It was Soeren.

It was very cold and windy, but we wanted to leave the house. We went to Seesen. It is a city with many windows. You can see the famous places of the city when you look through the windows.  We saw the Castle Sehusa through the first window.

Then we met this nice guy. It is Wilhelm Busch – he wrote many famous stories.

All over the city you meet these funny boys. Their names are Max and Moritz.

Through this window you see an old courtyard.

Here you see the church of Seesen.

This house was so beautiful!

Look – Max and Moritz from the back side.  ;)

This museum was really beautiful, wasn’t it?

Seesen is a really beautiful city.

Until soon


Posted Dec 29, 2013, 2:52 pm
Hello Mum,

Today we went to a small wildlife park.

A beautiful lake with many storks…

Many animals – like these funny guys - didn’t want to stay outside, because it was too cold.

These alpacas had enough wool – so it wasn’t cold for them.

These small guinea pigs found a cozy place under the warm lamp.

A funny train.

I love these kangaroos.

Why is this old digger here? Maybe children love playing with it….

Eventually we had sunshine…

Rike, you would have loved it here – so many budgies…

… these guys were really lazy…

Our last photo for today.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!


Posted Jan 7, 2014, 4:05 pm
Hello friends,

It was a great day today! I came home after spending a great time with Murph and Hobi.

Dicker Kumpel had gifts for us!

Yummy chocolate!

Christmas is great!

Dicker Kumpel showed us his Christmas crib.

Of course I loved the Christmas tree.

Later it was time to say goodbye to Soeren, Sean and Murph.

We had a big TV-hug. Hopefully I will see the others somewhere again.

I had such a great time with Murph!

Fortunately my good friend Helmutbluepant was here again. Nice to see him!

He had a gift for me!


I had a small Santa Claus for Helmut!

Thanks HoBi for giving me such a great time!


Posted Jan 9, 2014, 9:58 am
Hello friends,   

Look – the Christmas tree has colored lights today – time for a party!

Dicker Kumpel decorated our chair.

Then he brought the important things – drinks and food.

At midnight we went out to welcome the New Year.

As a lucky charm for 2014 I got this funny chocolate pig.

Happy New Year to all of you!


Posted Mar 3, 2014, 9:22 am
Hello friends,

You didn’t see it up to now, but I am on the Cruise with my Mum. I spent most of the time in the kid’s club together with my sisters and brothers, but today we were in the cabin, when we reached Lissabon.

It was a nice view from our balcony.

There was a big bridge over the river.

Tomorrow there will be a big TV-meeting! I am so excited!


Posted Mar 16, 2014, 12:26 pm
Hello friends,

Today was an exciting day – we had a TV-meeting.

It was great to sit together and talk!

Poschti came on the Cruise with us so we had a welcome party this evening.

We had chocolate and fruits.

I had my own bottles of Coke.

Then we all took one piece of fruit and one piece of chocolate.

It was a nice party, but then we were tired and went into our TV-bed.

Good Night!

Posted Apr 24, 2014, 7:57 pm
Hello friends,

Today was Easter – and I met the Easter Bunny!

I got some chocolate – this was nice!

I visited my grandma. Look, there were funny bunnies.

And wonderful flowers.

I met these hens – I think they worked hard for Easter.

Maybe these were the children of the hens?

Happy Easter to all of you!


Posted Mar 20, 2015, 12:48 pm
Hello from Nebel,

This is the funny name of a village here – it is fog in English.
I am on the Amrum Island again - I love it here!

First I went to the church.

Dicker Kumpel and I loved this crocus.

This is a famous house here - the Öömrang-Hüs.

I had a great view to the neighbored island called Föhr.

This mill was so beautiful!

Next to it there is a Cemetery for unknown seamen.

Nebel has a lot of beautiful thatched houses.

Back at home I had a lot of fun with my friends in our beach chair.


Posted Dec 10, 2015, 11:46 am
Hello friends,

I am on holiday with my Mum – and I were in Bahrain today.

First I visited the museum of Bahrain. You saw big drawings here – they showed how it looked in the Past. So much water – I was surprised.

Today it is a dry country and has a desert.

In the museum they built a typical building for Bahrain.

Men dress like this today.

Pearl diving is important for the country.

Look – a beautiful old car – but you see not many of it in the streets today.

We walked around the museum and saw nice sculptures.

I liked this building.

Yours TobiHH

Posted Dec 12, 2015, 3:30 pm
After visiting the museum we went to the Fort of Bahrain. It is really important – and it is a World Heritage Side.

I will enter it soon.

This is a beautiful way.

We had a great view over the archaeological excavation and the modern city in the background.

I wanted to see more of the Fort.

You can see the difference between the old and the new time here.

Posted Dec 22, 2015, 8:19 pm
Hello friends,

I visited some camels, it was funny!

I went close to the Camels and we talked a lot.

Look, a Mum and a Child.

It was a nice place!

Then we went to the Formula-1-Track of Bahrain. Behind me you can see the plan of it.

This was the grandstand.

Here you can see it from the other side.

This is the way to the Pit-Stop. You can see the skid marks.

This is the Pit-Stop number 31.

Behind me you see the place for the award ceremony. Instead of Champagne they get rose-water to celebrate.

Then we went onto the race track. It was really interesting.


Posted Jan 11, 2016, 2:36 pm
Hello friends,

Together with my brothers and sisters I am on a Cruise Ship. And what are you doing on a Ship? Yes, relaxing. But what is more important – we wanted to have a party!

We knew, where the good drinks were!

There! But they were high above us, what shall we do?

Good news – HelgaHH can fly, so she flew to the drinks…

…threw it to us and jumped back to us.

We brought it back to our place and everybody chose his or her famous drink.

Look, what I chose. And I took some delicious chocolate!

Well – it was fun – I shouldn’t say more.


Posted Apr 25, 2016, 2:30 pm
Hello friends,

I have been in Norway. We had a wonderful holiday home – with great views and a lot of snow!

My siblings and I enjoyed the sunshine.

One day we went to another Fjord today – the way to it was beautiful.

What a wonderful place.

Behind the curve was the Grotfjord.

A really nice place!

Back home we sat at the fireplace!


Posted Aug 7, 2016, 11:33 am
Hello friends,

In the afternoon we celebrated Dicker Kumpel’s birthday. We wished him a happy birthday and sang a song for him. He loved the couch that Murph gave him as a birthday present.

We played soccer, because it was EM!

It was fun.

Then we went on the swings…

…and into the sandbox.

I had a great place.

Then we sat in the sunshine and talked a lot.

Oups, nobody should see this – we took some drinks with us.



Posted Dec 14, 2016, 7:06 pm
Hello friends,

I am in Australia at the moment.

Today we will do the Great Ocean Drive. But first we stopped at the Rotary Lookout. Nice – we will go there soon.

And we come from this direction. We live in Esperance at the moment.

I learnt the names of the islands.

This was the first beach - the West Beach.

The Path to Blue Haven was very steep.

So we decided to drive to the Salmon beach. The way from the parking lot to the beach was shorter there.

What is more important? My wonderful coat or the background. The camera knew the correct answer.

This beach should be one of the most beautiful beaches of Australia. The Twilight Beach was Australia’s best beach in 2006.

In my opinion this was because of the rocks in front of it.

On my way to the car I saw some nice flowers.

Next stop: Observatory Point. I loved the rocks with the waves.

Oups – we have to climb up there.

This was the view to the Nine Mile Beach…

…and into the other direction.

The last stop was the Ten Mile Lagoon. Rocks create a lagoon here. Normally the water is quiet here.

Back in Esperance we walked along the promenade.

We learned about the hunting methods of the Aborigines.

Next to the beach there was a Port with big ships.

In the Past people drove with horses to the beach.

This was Sammy the Seal. Surely we talked a lot.


Posted Apr 26, 2017, 7:48 pm
Hello friends,

I am on the Amrum Island at the moment. I love it here.

There seem to be fog over the North Sea.

We wanted to climb on the Aussichtsdüne.  Look, there it is.

There were many small lakes in the dune valley.

It was exhausting to walk on the dune.
But it was worth it. This is the direction to Wittdün.

There is the North Sea – and I could see Dicker Kumpel's famous lake.

And this is the direction to the lighthouse.

It was my first time on this dune. It was great.

In the evening we had nice light outside. I wanted to have photos with it.