Snuggles, Ironbridge, England


Posted Feb 6, 2008, 9:39 pm
I am a little happy green frog and my name is Snuggles. With my sweet face I can make you totally in love with me :)

I really really love themeparks, and my biggest wish is to go to Disneyland Florida..

So my first life mission: Spread the Joy and fun!
But my most important biggest life mission is: Go to Disney Florida!!
And After a talk with my sweet friend Tigger I decided to make my wishes come true!!

I hope there are sweet hosts who can help me gain these missions!

My travellist:
Gingermuggings - Australia (thanks for the nice trip!)
Magickzzl - USA (thanks for hosting!)
Wourpet - USA (thank you :D)
wmphimu - USA (arrived here at the 3th of june)
Desertrosenv - Las Vegas

Big hug From Snuggles!

Posted Feb 10, 2008, 9:46 pm
I'm enjoying my last days in The Netherlands before I go to Australia, to start my travel!

We needed a notebook for me, so we went by car to the Hague
My mum let me drive!

When we arrived, we decided to get some icecream. It was such a nice weather outside!
Strawberry icecream with real strawberries, cookies and M&M's.. very yummie!!
That evening I decide to go and say goodbye to my friend the Cat.. because I would see him for a long long time.. Check his face.. He is not so happy that I have to leave..
He just has to get used to the fact I think :P and.. I'm always comming back!!
He don't have to worry!

Big Kisses..and a paw
from Snuggles
*ready to go!!!*

Posted Feb 21, 2008, 8:49 am
I Have Arrived!!

Finally i have been let out of my travel bag and the 1st thing i saw was a fellow TV, Groovy standing at the door of the post box! I was so happy to see someone my size. Humans are so tall!

We hopped into a bag that Sam's daughter has let us use to tour the town in so we don't get lost at the bottom of Sam's handbag!
I'm not to happy about the colour, but Groovy told me Sam wont lose us because the bag is so bright!

Here i am at the entrance to Mount Gambier. It's not the same sign that Groovy saw. It's at the other end of Mount Gambier!

We went to see the Blue Lake. Looks much bigger then a lake and is very very deep. The water is what the town people drink and use in their houses. I wonder if it will ever become empty?

Here we are reading some information about the lake.

The sun was shining brightly and it was getting warm. I asked Sam if she could find somewhere for me to cool down. She found the PERFECT spot.

I had a good day today but after my long journey i need to have a long rest.
I found a good spot at Sam's home and now i am dreaming of completing my future missions.

Big kisses to you and one for Cat too  :p
xx Snuggles


Posted Feb 25, 2008, 6:30 pm
Wow snuggles, I almost didn't so you at that last picture with al the green :D
I hope you have a great time over there!
The lake is so prety!

Bye and kisses

Posted Feb 26, 2008, 2:02 am
Hello :)

I am sorry you have had to wait many days to see another update from me. The lovely weather i saw when i arrived dissapeared and was replaced with rain and was very cold. It has been very quiet the past few days.

On the weekend Groovy and I watched car racing on television.

I was having trouble seeing so Groovy let me sit on his head.

Sam found us a high chair to sit on which was better cause i think i might have squished Groovy's head.

Posted Feb 26, 2008, 2:15 am
Hi again!!

Today the weather is much nicer. Groovy went to school with Sam's daughters and i stayed home and played outside. We didn't think i should go to school because i am so little, i don't want to get lost in a HUGE crowd of children.

Breakfast today was lots and lots and lots of grapes! There are 50 grape vines here! I don't know what Sam is going to do with all these grapes, maybe make some wine or just eat them.

I played on the slippery slide with Sam's son. I don't think i will slide on it again. It is very steep and i slid really fast!!

The swing is much better for me.

Posted Feb 26, 2008, 8:55 am
Looks like your still having a lot of fun.. Good choice to not go to school :P A little green frog like you can end up everywhere :D
Have a lot of fun!
Here it's also raining now  :(


Posted Feb 27, 2008, 12:41 am

Sam was busy in the afternoon. She gave me some scissors and paper to keep me amused. One of the bears who lives here whispered in my ear that there was a pirate ship outside.

Inspiration followed! I made pirate hats for the 2 football bears, Marcello and myself.

When Sam wasn't looking we quietly drove outside in Barbies car.

The boat was BIG. We sat at the front and pretended we were Pirates sailing on the high seas!

It is very tiring sailing such a BIG ship. When the ship came ashore we found a shady tree to rest under.

Big hugs and Kisses to you
xx Snuggles

Posted Feb 29, 2008, 7:38 am
Hello :)

Marcello the mouse became a ToyVoyager today. Before he left home he showed me the cows who make the milk to make the cheese for him to eat.

Here we are checking the milking machine. No milk today!

I saw a tractor pass by.

We wished Marcello farewell and helped him settle in his box for the long journey.

I am having fun and i miss you lots
Big Snuggle Hugs to you!

Posted Mar 5, 2008, 7:48 am

On Saturday Sam and her family took Groovy and me to the Speedway to see the local car racing. It was horribly noisey and smelly but we had loads of fun watching the cars crash into each other (no one was hurt) and a nice lady gave us a sticker to put in our note books :)

Posted Mar 11, 2008, 10:04 pm
Hello :)

As you are reading this i am on my way to my next host. Sam said she would upload the last few photos of me.

Sam's sister had her 16th birthday on Monday. I helped Sam make a lollypop tree which was part of her sister's present.

Lunch was cooked on the Barbeque. I tried to help but it was very hot.

There was lots of yummy food for me to try.

The birthday cake was BIG and delicious. I was allowed to cut the cake.

I have had lots of fun visiting Sam and her family. I am looking forward to my next adventures with my new host.

Big Snuggle hugs to you
xx Snuggles

Posted Mar 12, 2008, 6:17 am
Thank you Sam for taking such good care of Snuggles!!
I laughed a lot seeing the pictures :D

Thank you for being his first host :D

Posted Mar 20, 2008, 4:40 am
I have arrived in California! It was such a long ride from Australia, but I made it safely. I was greated by Izzy (magickzzl), Galaxy and Pearly. Ponies are fun to ride!


Posted Mar 22, 2008, 8:01 pm
Wow, Today was so busy! First we went out to Izzy's pasture to play with the goats and horses. I got to meet Sparkle the baby goat, and Coco a big brown horse! Along with all the other animals.

After we played there we went with one of Izzy's friends to get some snacks at the mall! I had a taco from TacoBell, then a cinnamon bun from Cinn-A-Bon! Yumm-o!

After a deliciose snack we went to a carnival we found driving along. I got my picture in one of the games where we won a toy tiger! It was so big and so load we decided to leave though.

After a few hours we went to another fast food joint and had chicken sandwiches and french fries! So much junk food here!

Posted Mar 22, 2008, 8:05 pm
Boy, Izzy's friends like junk food! Once again we went out to a restarant. This time it was a sit down place, Denny's. We talked till past midnight and split a hot fudge brownie! Yummy! Izzy took my picture with one of the menu's and Ally's little dinosaur! Im finally bigger then someone!

Izzy says we will be going to the bayarea tomarrow for the Easter weekend! I get to see the San Fransisco bay!

Posted Mar 29, 2008, 4:14 am
So for Easter we went to the "Bay Area" to visit Izzy's family. We stopped to take pictures at the Carquinez Bridge. The Carquinez Strait leads into the San Fransisco bay and lots of big ships pass through there! Carl and Galaxy came with us.

We finally arrived at Izzy's Aunt's house which was beautiful. They have lots of flowers and a veiw of the bay!

Posted Mar 29, 2008, 4:24 am
Happy Easter all! We celebrated the American way with dyed eggs and candy. I had so much fun with all the pretty colors! After coloring eggs Izzy's Aunts took us to Point Isabel, which has a great veiw of San Fransisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. There were lots of dogs getting walked, and Izzy even let me get close to the water!

On the way home we passed the Tosco Oil Refinery in Rodeo, and the C and H sugar company factory! So thats were sugar comes from.

Posted Mar 29, 2008, 7:41 am
Woooooww Snuggles! Everything looks so nice!! You have great weather I see.. a lot beter than it is here at the moment..


Posted Mar 31, 2008, 2:50 am
The weather is indeed nice, so nice in fact that yesterday Izzy and her friend decided to take a bunch of us Travelers to San Fransisco! It was so much fun! We walked across the city, and saw most of the peirs, and hung out all day at the famouse Pier 39! I got got to see Califnornia Sea Lions, A Pacific Gull, and could see Alactraz, aka "the Rock", and Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate. By the time we got to veiw the golden gate though, Izzy's camra died! Guess We'll have to photoshop a picture! We also visited a big fountain along the way thats really trange, and a funny sculpture that Izzy let us climb on. After a long day we finally headed back to Izzy's.

Posted Apr 7, 2008, 12:41 am
So today I went with Izzy to school! It was really fun. She showed me around the art department, and we ran into one of her Professors/Famouse artist, David Wetzl. He was quite puzzeled by us (My new friend Little_Teddy and I). We got to climb some tree's and meet some of the sculptures around the department! It was so much fun!

Posted Apr 7, 2008, 12:44 am
Before leaving school for the night, we hit the Memorial garden, which is so pretty. Its brand new this year, and Izzy was even surprized by it!

Posted Apr 7, 2008, 12:56 am
Izzy and her friends went out again to a resterant for soda's. It gave Little Teddy and I a chance to talk. He's from Apeldoorn! Thats near our house, isnt it mom? Izzy also brought soon-to-be voyager, Twilight the pony, and Izzy's friend all brought her pony Breezie. We were served tiny swords in our soda's, so we played all night long! We also played with Ally's son Damian. We all got tired though, infact we took a nap with Reyn.

Posted Apr 7, 2008, 1:36 am
Today we got up late because Izzy has a cold. But we finally got moving, and headed out to Roseville for an art show! there were lots of pretty paintings there, but sadly they did not allow pictures. Izzy snuck one of the outside of the building though!

Posted Apr 7, 2008, 1:39 am
Today Izzy was still sick, but we headed out to get hay for her sheep and horses! Little Teddy and I helped her unload all 8 bales! Boy they were heavy, 120 lbs each! good thing we have a hay hook to help us hold on!

Posted Apr 19, 2008, 12:11 am
Once again we have visited the bay area to see Izzy's family! This time we stopped to see the Carquinze bridge again at the vista point, its the place where you really can stop and get pictures and they have plaques! From the Vista point you can see Mare Island, which had a military base and they built navel ships! it looks pretty quiet now. We also read a plaque about Al Zampa, who was an iron worker and helped build the bridge. Izzy told me that her Grampa helped build the bridge to and was really good friends with Mr. Zampa! Wow!

After we saw the bridge we got to go to a nursery, but Izzy got so dirty she didnt want to get us all dirty, so theres just a picture of the flowers! I got to go with my new friends, Samantha the turtle from Australia, Little Teddy and Twilight the pony, oh ya, and the Traveling Pearly!

Posted Apr 19, 2008, 12:14 am
We're having a sleep over!!! I got to help Izzy do some house sitting for a friend of hers for a few days! We met a nice kitty statue, but she didn't talk much. We watched lots of Television and ate junk food most of the time!

Posted Apr 19, 2008, 12:55 am
Yay! We went to the mall today! A farther mall down in the city, the Arden Fair Mall. They have fun benches that look like kitties and pyramids. We also saw a caresel and the Sanrio Store!!! Izzy got me some Karopi the frog stickers!!!

Then we past the Disny store! Izzy showed me around but got in trouble for having a camera. She told me i would get to see much for stuff in disney world!!!

Posted Apr 26, 2008, 6:05 am
I got to go to a goat show mom! It was AMAZING! Their were African Pygmy goats, the little petting zoo kind, everywhere! About 200 of them. Izzy showed some of hers to, and I even got to meet the Grand Champion Doe! (which is a girl) who was Izzy's! I got my picture with Zedilia, who is a chocolate colored goat.

We also got to sit in a stall just like a goat and we put Samantha turtle into a milking station, which is a device to keep the goats still while milking or grooming them! they were so cute! this is my last journey with Izzy, and it was a blast!

Posted Apr 27, 2008, 11:34 pm
I have arrived in Colorado and it is warm and sunny.  I went for a walk around the yard when I first arrived to stretch my little legs.

Just before I went back to my hosts house I spotted some ducks walking around the yard behind me.

My host said they are wild Mallard ducks but they have been visiting here for awhile and are probably making a nest somewhere in the yard.

Posted Apr 27, 2008, 11:54 pm
Today I met all the other TVs that are visiting here right now.

I showed them my journal and they were really excited about all my neat pictures.

Mittens is leaving tomorrow for Russia and Coney is leaving to go back to Ft Bragg and then on to Afghanistan.

Others in the paicture are Frogger, Jimbo Elephant, Candy Cotton, Lucky-Ducky and Bumble.

Posted Apr 28, 2008, 12:04 am
After I met the other TVs we were all told to go find something to do because our host was busy.  I didn't know the others very well yet so I went outside to play by myself.
I had a great time and found a swing set on the patio.  At least i think it was.  It had all kinds of neat twirly rides and even played music while I was swinging.

These last 2 rides were super fantabulous -- they spun around and around and made me feel like I was climbing down but I didn't move!

Posted May 1, 2008, 4:36 am
Today was a BLUSTERY day!  Today TibiPanda and I met a new friend and we went outside to play.  We did not get far because the wind had blown leaves and flowers all over the ground.  It was raining flower petals.

I am with TibiPanda and Winnie the Pooh

Posted May 1, 2008, 4:46 am
Tibipanda arrived today and met me and Bumble.  Bumble is leaving tomorrow so we went outside to see what he has been doing.

He asked us to fly up into a big tree to help him pollinate but Snuggles and I climbed the tree instead.

Posted May 3, 2008, 8:31 am
Today we got to travel.  We got a nice comfiy spot on the dash of the truck where we could see out the window.

Soon after we started on our voyage it started to storm.  We were worried it would be a very stormy trip.

We drove right through the storm and soon it was nice and clear again.

We drove into some very steep mountains and wourpet told us we would be climbing right up over top of them.

and we did

and there was snow up on top of the mountains too!

The first town we came to was Rangely, Colorado.


Posted May 5, 2008, 5:54 am
The next town after Rangley was Dinosaur.  Wourpet said there were lots of dinosaur around and we saw 2 of them.  It was very strange because the dinosaur we saw were in corrals.

Dinosaur is a very small town with only about 300 people and almost that many dinosaurs.  It's funny, though, because on the fences where the dinosaurs are there is a sign that says 'No Pets'

Posted May 5, 2008, 6:32 am
We arrived at Vernal Utah not long after we were in Dinosaur.  They are close together and the Dinosaur National Monument is in between.
The first thing we saw as we came into town was another Dinosaur.  This was a very big pink one!

Posted May 5, 2008, 7:08 am
Today was super awesome!  I got to go boating on the river and I even took the boat out for a ride all by myself!

Posted May 14, 2008, 5:47 am
Today was spring clean-up day and we helped pull an old hedge up and pile it on the street.  Then a big truck came along and a loader loaded it up and hauled it away.

Posted May 19, 2008, 8:04 am
Today we went ino the mountains -- they are called the Bookcliffs -- to Highline Lake and Mack Mesa Lake.  We had a picnic there and it was very cold and windy.

Posted May 19, 2008, 8:13 am
Today we went for a long drive up on top of Grand Mesa to a little town called Colbran and up to Vega Lake State Park.  Grand Mesa is the largest flat top mountain in the world and we drove along the top of it for many miles.  I was traveling with my buddies so we are sharing pictures so you can see everything we saw.  There was still snow on top of the mountain at the lake.

Posted May 20, 2008, 4:17 am
We went to Murdochs today to get some plants for the garden.  There were so many to choose from.
Wourpet seemed to know what she wanted though and she left me and the other TVs to wander around and smell the flowers.

Once she had her plants picked out we got to ride in the cart.

But she sure didn't leave us much room.

Posted May 20, 2008, 4:23 am
After we unloaded the plants out of the truck Wourpet said she had a surprise to show us.
She showed us a picture on her camera of some little baby Robins that have just hatched.

She said if we were very quick and very quiet and didn't touch anything she would let us have a peek into the nest to see the babies.

They were so cute.  After I got down from the tree I saw some ducks that also have a nest in the garden.

Posted May 29, 2008, 5:28 am
I am getting packed up and getting my book ready for traveling again but today I got a very big surprise.

First we had a Birthday Party for JamaBanaDukLuv and had a lot of fun playing games, fortune telling with a crystal ball, and giving JamaBana the royal bumps.

But that wasn't the big surprise!

Then we went outside and roasted marshmallows at the fire.  That was really super fun and so yummy!

But that wasn't the big surprise!

My buddy Tibipanda came over at the marshmallow roast and said he had something for me.

And he took off his special Toy Voyagers shirt and laid it on the rock.

And then he helped me put it on and he said it was for me for being such a good friend all month and doing so many things with him.

And he gave me a big hug -- I felt so special.

And then we showed Lucky-Ducky ('cause he was the only one watching) and he said that was really nice.

and THAT was the big surprise!

Posted May 29, 2008, 5:59 am
Today several of us were getting packed and ready to go to our next hosts and Wourpet said "Not so fast'  She said all our boating and yard work and roasting marshmallows had gotten us more than just a little dirty.

She said we were going to have to have a bath before we were going anywhere.

But then she did something very strange.
She pulled out some little socks and she told us to crawl in.
I climbed in fast when she told me the sock was to make sure my stuffin' didn't come out in the bathwater.

Then Tibipanda climbed into his little sock.

And JamaBana climbed into a big sock.

Wourpet put us into the bathwater and it felt very strange.  Then I heard the humming noise and realized it was a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub.

From the bath we went into a very soft warm drying room that tossed us all about but we weren't scared all snuggled up in the sock.

Then we crawled out of our socks -- all clean and dry with all our stuffing!

No I am going to finish up my journal and head to Virginia.


Posted Jun 3, 2008, 10:55 pm
Guess what? I arrived today in Virginia! I heard some noise outside of my luggage...
...and look who was there to greet me!
I had a good trip, but I am happy to be here now!

Posted Jun 3, 2008, 10:57 pm
What fun...another Toy Voyager arrived today! I didn't see her at the post office...I think we were coming from different directions! But I got to help open the package...
...and look who we found! Shirley Sheep!

Posted Jun 7, 2008, 10:30 pm
What an amazing morning we had! Today was the National Race for the Cure, a huge 5K race to raise money for breast cancer research. There were 50,000 people (and four toy voyagers) that walked and ran in the race today! (and Mara says that there are usually more, but the crazy heat kept a lot of people at home) First, we had to get ready. I skipped the sunblock, but Plaid Moose helped me to pin my race number on...
Then it was time for the race. It was hard to take pictures because of how many people were there and the weather (it was really hot, and the morning started really foggy), but here I am on the race course...
The women in pink t-shirts are cancer survivors! And here I am at the finish line! (the building in the background is the one of the Smithsonian museums - The National Museum of the American Indian)
We were really proud of our race - here we all are on a bench afterwards...
...and here we are catching a moment of shade under a plant near the Smithsonian Castle!
Of course, before we got back in the car, I stopped for a picture in front of the Smithsonian Castle!

Posted Jun 12, 2008, 2:40 am
We had a fun day today! When Mara got home from work she told us that a package arrived! First, we tore off the tape...
And then out popped Muumipeikko!
But there was still noises in the traveling case...
It's Mausi! But there was one more surprise...
HitchaRideMo! Here we all are -
We told them all how hot it has been here in Virginia - over 100 degrees each day - so we have been keeping cool inside in the air conditioning. But it is finally starting to cool off a bit, so we will go on an outing with everyone soon!

Posted Jun 16, 2008, 6:14 pm
I had a fun day yesterday! It was Father's Day, so we went to Mara's parents' house to celebrate. First, I helped her dad with the grill (can you see me? It was very sunny...)...
Then, I relaxed under the shade of the umbrella...
While we were waiting for lunch to cook, we all played hide-and-go-seek in her parents' yard. Can you find me in my hiding place?
And here we are afterwards relaxing on the front porch!
After we celebrated Fathers Day, we went with Mara and her husband to play softball. They couldn't take pictures during the game (since they were playing!), but here I am at the field!

Posted Jun 23, 2008, 3:10 am
I had such a fun weekend! I hopped into Mara's backpack with the other toy voyagers and we all went to a scrapbooking convention! Here I am at the entrance...
We started with some shopping. Here I am with Mausi looking around at all the booths to shop at!
Then it was time to take some classes. We looked at the class schedule and decided which ones we wanted to take.
Here I am making a summer album:
And here I am with a flower album I made:
What a fun weekend! :)

Posted Jun 30, 2008, 6:45 pm
We had a busy weekend here! Even though it was really hot, we all went to the Nationals-Orioles game! Here I am in our seats, watching the baseball game:
And here I am in front of the scoreboard, which Mara said has one of the biggest HD screens in any stadium!

Posted Jul 4, 2008, 7:31 pm
Even though I was ad to say goodbye to my friends, I left this week for a new adventure in England. Before I left, we had a big group hug to say goodbye.
Then it was time to climb into my luggage. But look who climbed in too - HitchARideMo! Steve & Helly are going to be so surprised when the open the suitcase and find both of us! :)
Steve & Helly

Posted Jul 15, 2008, 11:38 am
Hurrah, we've arrived safely. Helly's been busy taking us places but there may be a delay in writing up about where we've been as she's busy preparing for her first teddy bear fair this Sunday.
Steve & Helly

Posted Jul 19, 2008, 5:54 pm
Off to the Swindon Association of Snails 2Cv monthly meeting . . . at a pub, where else!

Trouble is, it's raining and I can't see out of the window, glad Steve can!

As we drove along I heard a very load noise, it sounded like it was coming to get us . . . what can it be? . . . it's very frightening. . . .

Oh, it's OK, it's a Hercules flying into Lyneham. These planes fly over all the time.
Steve & Helly

Posted Jul 19, 2008, 6:04 pm
Here's where the 2CV club have their meeting, Churchill House.

Now, what shall I have to eat?
Steve & Helly

Posted Jul 28, 2008, 6:27 pm
Here I am in the front of a 2Cv ith my friends Pierre Bear and Hitcharidemo. The dashboard of the car is just the right size for us.

I went on a tour of South Oxfordshire with two other 2CVs, it was really good fun.

First I climbed to the top of Wittenham Clumps, near Wallingford. It was a steep climb but worth it for the fantastic view from the top.
Steve & Helly

Posted Jul 31, 2008, 6:06 pm
Next day I set off in the 2CV again. This time to the South Coast for fish and chips.

The first stop was at Upwey, near Weymouth. I walked around the lovely Wishing Well gardens before having a cup of tea.

Can you see the small hedge which looks like a strange creature?

I especially liked the leaping salmon, I felt quite at home by the water.
Steve & Helly

Posted Aug 5, 2008, 7:21 am
Here I am with HitchARideMo at Silbury Hill. The largest man made hill in the world. No one knows why it's here although they have some theories!
Steve & Helly

Posted Aug 7, 2008, 6:46 am
Once a year, in July, there's a huge motorcycle meeting in Calne. There must have been hundreds of bikes here.
Steve & Helly

Posted Aug 7, 2008, 6:51 am
Then Helly met a policeman and he let HitchARideMo and I climb on his bike. Wow, it looked very fast. Hitch' was a little bit scared it might take off! Next to the bike was a Harley Davidson police bike - Wow!
Steve & Helly

Posted Aug 19, 2008, 8:14 am
Look, overnight a crop circle appeared at the foot of Cherhill Hill.

Steve met Helly after work and we went to the top of the hill to see if we could see it any better.

There's a foot path to the right of the field where it's appeared. It was a steep climb and the view wasn't much better.

It looks to be a central circle with crescents radiating away from it.

There are two theories about how circles are formed: The first is that they are messages from aliens and the second that groups of people do them.

Even if it is groups of people the symmetry is amazing and the skill fantastic.
Steve & Helly

Posted Aug 19, 2008, 8:27 am
As the view wasn't great we climbed further up the hill, across the top and looked down on it from the other side. A bit better view but this time too far away!

Cherhill has ancient earthworks on the top, you can see some in the photo.

We then walked back down the path, which was a lot better on this side. Can you see Cherhill's white horse behind me?

Oh, and guess what? The best view of all was from the road!
Steve & Helly

Posted Sep 18, 2008, 5:28 pm
Here I am in Shropshire at the Victorian Village near Ironbridge.

First stop was to listen to a story about a highway man and a fairy. It was ever so funny!
Steve & Helly

Posted Sep 18, 2008, 5:31 pm
Then I went for a walk around the village. It was really good fun with all the staff dressed up as if they were Victorian. The shops are all Victorian too and you can get old money to spend in the shops.

After this trip I'm going home. I've enjoyed the crop circles and other sites.