Muki, Eugene, Oregon, UDA


Posted Jul 22, 2007, 3:08 pm
Muki will start his big journey soon! But before that we are looking for some hosts.
He is very excited and would like to visit as many countries as possible.
The weather is very HOT today, so Muki just relaxing in the cool room and he's dreaming about beautiful places.:)

Posted Aug 7, 2007, 11:49 pm
... 4 days now since I've been waiting in Mistigree's mailbox... I began to be bored when hopefully today I had a visit in the mailbox : another enveloppe with a ToyVoyager inside has arrived !! It was Luffy !! As he's more agile than me, he did succeed in going out of his enveloppe and helped me to open mine !! Then we tried to escape out of the mailbox, but we were too fat and we stayed stuck in the slit for a while !!

Posted Aug 8, 2007, 10:02 pm
Mistigree finally arrived today and when she opened the mailbox, she was quite surprised to see we were already free !!

Posted Aug 8, 2007, 10:17 pm
As I don't speak French, I was a little worried to make myself understand by Mistigree, but when we arrived in front of her door's flat, after having climbed 3 floors, I saw a noticeboard that was indicating it was Toy Voyager spoken here !! I was so relieved to hear it !!

As soon as I entered the flat, I was encircled by a crowd of curious toys, who wanted to welcome me ! Everybody was talking at the same time  and
I did not know which way to turn !!

Later I learnt that no one of the toys here but Alpina had already traveled (some will, and others won't). Alpina is a stylish cat who comes from Germany, but I won't see her a lot as she's on her departure in a few days... She's got beautiful blue eyes and I'm already sad that she has to left soon...

Posted Aug 8, 2007, 11:31 pm
As it is 10 days now since I've been wearing my yellow tshirt, it was a bit dirty and I decided to wash it. It was so sunny that he got dried in 10 minutes only !

I had a look at Mistigree's CD's, hoping to find a TATU's one, but unfortunately, there wasn't any. According to what I've seen, I guess I will be bound to listen to Placebo, Depeche Mode, the Cure and others rock bands, not so good as TATU...

As we were a bit tired, Luffy and I decided to go to sleep rapidly. Mistigree lent me a Fleur de Lys blanket... She told me it was a foretest of what our day will be tomorrow... We're going to visit Carcassonne, a big fortified town !! I'm so impatient !

Posted Aug 10, 2007, 6:46 pm
As Mistigree told me the day before, we had our first trip outside today !! We went to visit "La cité de Carcassonne" which is 100 kms from here, half way from Toulouse and Narbonne (near the Mediterranean sea).

Just before leaving the motorway to enter in Carcassonne, we stopped to a place where we can have a view on the Cité.

If you look with care, you will be able to notice vineyards around the Cité. Mistigree told me there were some famous vine in this area, called "Vin des Corbières" or "Vin du Minervois".

Posted Aug 10, 2007, 7:47 pm
There were many many tourists in the Cité and I began to get scared of this crowd, so Mistigree put me in his pocket all day long, with just my head outside. That way, I could visit the Cité even though, without being trampled down by anyone !!

At the entrance of the Cité, just before the drawbridge, I saw a statue of a woman. She's called "Dame Carcas" and is part of the following legend :
"By the mid-8th century "Pepin the Short", first Carolingian king of the Franks and father of Charlemagne, had been very busy taking back almost every part of the South of France from the Saracens, except for Carcassonne, because of it's impenatrable fortress. After a very long siege, the Franks hoped that the battered inhabitants of Carcassonne would soon starve and surrender. But Dame Carcas, the Sarrasin's widow, came up with a clever plan. She had a pig fed and fattened with the last sacks of grain the inhabitants could find. When the pig was fat enough, it was thrown over the ramparts. When the Franks saw this heathy animal explode they assumed there was plenty of meat and grain available still and deduced that the siege would not end soon. So, they abandonned their fight and left. Dame Carcas had the bells rung all day long to announce the victory. According to the legend, Dame "Carcas sonne" les cloches (rings the bells), and this is where the name of the City comes from"

We could have go round the Cité in a little train, or in a barouche towed by 2 horses as you can see there, but Mistigree prefered to walk, therefore we were free to stop when we wanted to !

Here is a map of the Cité. In the case I fall out of Mistigree's pocket, we agreed to find each other again here, but I wanted to avoid that because I didn't want to get lost in all the little lanes of the Cité, so I held on tight !!

I was very impressed by all those huge towers and by the ramparts and its crenels all long, but at the end, I was a bit tired... A tower...a rampart.... another tower... and a rampat again... with or without crenels... and a tower again....!!!

At a moment, Mistigree leant out of the ramparts so that I can have a view on the town of Carcassonne which is outside the Cité. It was beautiful but it gave me vertigo !

We also visited the "Basilique Saint-Nazaire" that has many gargoyles on its roof. Mistigree told me that the church "Notre Dame de Paris" also have numerous gargoyles. I wish I could go to Paris one day and see them!!

Inside the Basilic, there was this big bell, I felt so tiny on it !!

I also recognized Joan of Arc who's part of the French history (remember, the hundred years war !)

In the shops of the Cité (because where there are tourists, there are shops !!), you can find some tapestry reproductions. I especially like the one with the lion.

Look at this knight !! Don't you think he's got a strange belly ?

I was delighted with my day in Carcassonne and on the way back to Toulouse, I couldn't stop to imagine how they were leaving here before, how they were dressed, what they were eating... If they had known that one day, me, Muki from Hungary, would have followed their footsteps !!

Posted Aug 14, 2007, 7:51 pm
Unfortunately, this view is not the one from Mistigree's balcony, but a view from a restaurant's terrace in the town centre.
You will easily understand why Toulouse is known as "la ville rose" (the pink town)... look at the roofs and the walls of bricks !!

There seem to be nice churches here, we'll see some of them later, that's what Mistigree told me.

For the moment, we went to visit Place du Capitole. It is the main place of Toulouse. Look at the sign, it is written in French and in Occitan (which is a kind of old local French).

On one side, there are many archways with nice café under them. On the other side, this big monument is the townhall, that is called "Le Capitole".

Here is the courtyard... from the outside and from the window (Thus, I could better look at the architecture !!)

We can not visit all the rooms in the Capitole (I guess some of them are offices), but the ones we can visit are just beautiful. They contain many paintings and statues. A woman surprised to see Mistigree taking a picture of me told her that she had a nice little dog !!! So Mistigree explained her that I was a ToyVoyager !! The woman was amused (and I was proud cause she said I was nice !!)

Here you can see Marianne. She's the symbol of the French Republic and represents Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.

And here, just behind me, the French flag together with the Occitan one (this one represents the region).

Just behind the townhall, is "Le Donjon du Capitole". This building contains the tourist office, but we didn't enter because I had a local guide with me as Mistigree !!

Posted Aug 21, 2007, 9:41 pm
Dear Szandra,
I didn't forget it was your birthday today, but I'm so busy here with Luffy and Rama that I did not have time to cook a birthday cake for you !! Instead of a cake, we ate some ice cream, thinking of you !! Please blow out the candles through the screen and make a wish Szandra !!!

Your Muki

Posted Aug 28, 2007, 10:38 pm
Today, I saw a strange sign with a dog on it, so I went to see what it was exactly... Mistigree helped me to translate the text. It says : "Médor, 80 kgs of faeces on the pavement in a year"....(Médor is an usual name for a dog). Mistigree explained me it was to incite people to make their dogs use the gutters !! But I didn't feel concerned about this, because, as Kings and Queens and Top Models, ToyVoyagers don't wee-wee or poo-poo !!

Posted Aug 30, 2007, 6:17 pm
Today Mistigree took me to "Toulouse Plage" ("Toulouse Beach" if you prefer)... In fact Toulouse has no sea at all, but as many others towns in France, each summer they organise a place with sand, water games... for those who can not afford holidays, or who want to rest quietly at the sun...

Here is the entrance and the main path (you can see one beach cabin and the sand on the floor !)

The "beach" was just near the Garonne (the river that crosses Toulouse) but it was forbidden to bathe (hum yeah, I must say it must it is not a little river !!... and I guess it is not very clean too !!)

So I just stayed on the sand ! I played a lot, read a comic strip and then spent the rest of the day sunbathing !

Posted Aug 30, 2007, 8:50 pm
Mistigree is going to spend some days at her parent's house, 150 kms from Toulouse, so we took the train today !

Posted Aug 30, 2007, 9:46 pm
Today we went to Pau, a little town, near Mistigree's parents' village.
Here again, I found something to incite people to be more responsible for their dogs... It is a bag dispenser for... er.. you guess what !!!

I visited a park called "parc Beaumont"... Oh it is not Park Retiro !!! It is very small and sober, but quite nice even so !

I heard a frog diving into the water when I approached the nenuphars but I couldn't see her !!

This waterfall was very tempting, but as we were going to visit a castle later, I did not dive, I needed to be presentable !

Look at this bandstand !! Unfortunately there were no orchestra playing !!

And this is the Casino !! It is also a concert room and long long years ago, Mistigree went to see the Communards here !! (do you remember ?? Jimmy Sommerville !)

Posted Aug 30, 2007, 10:32 pm
Then we went to visit the castle of French King Henri IV.
Look, he had a quite nice mini skirt, don't you think ?!

This man is Gaston Phébus. He was a count and is represented with a dog here because (-according to Mistigree, but she's not sure, she's not historian !!-) he was hunting a lot (he even wrote a famous book about hunting) and on old tapestries with hunting scenes on them, he's very often represented riding a horse and accompanied by dogs.

This is the castle. It is quite different from the one I saw in Carcassonne !!! This one is from the Renaissance style.

There is a little garden too, with medicinal plants.

Once back home, Mistigree showed me a book about history and I saw what "château de Versailles" near Paris looked like !! It seems so big and has got beautiful gardens (that's what Mistigree told me because she saw it many years ago)

Posted Sep 8, 2007, 10:08 pm
I took the train again today ! But as I'm too small, I had to stand on tiptoe to be able to see the landscape !

So here I am in Lourdes, our terminus !

Lourdes is situated at the foot of the mountains Pyrénées and the river you can see here is called "Le Gave de Pau".

In 1858, a young sheperdess, Bernadette Soubirous, whose statue with her sheeps you can see here, said she had apparitions of Virgin Mary. Since then Lourdes has become a big pilgrimage city.

Mistigree told me she was totally atheist and thus she did not  believe in God at all, but she wanted me to visit this city even if she's not fond of it -she said-

We are welcomed in the Lourdes sanctuary by an angel. It seems it is St Michel as it is written, and hopefully there was a map of the different areas of the sanctuary as it is quite big.

First I went to see the "Basilique St Pie X" which is an underground basilica.

Its entrance is very strange ! It looks like the entrance of an underground parking !

The inside is strange too. There are only concrete walls and it is so dark !

I prefered to go and see the other basilica that you can see here, just behind the calvary.

Oh ?! Who's that woman dressed in white looking at the basilica ?

It is Virgin Mary of course !! Many people were leaving flowers at the foot of her statue.

Here I am in front of the basilica !

It is called "Basilique du Rosaire" and it has a big golden cross on its esplanade.

The inside of the basilica is full of Virgin Mary paintings as you can see !!!

Many walls are full of messages that catholic people left to her (Virgin Mary) to thank her fot having cured one of their beloved.

At the moment we were in the basilica, a mass was celebrated !! You can see 2 priests over there !! (hum... I think I'm the first ToyVoyager ever who attended a mass !!)

Then, I followed this sign...

And I arrived in front of the grotto where Bernadette Soubirous saw (-she said-) Virgin Mary.

Here, you can buy candles (and also medals with the effigy of previous Pope Jean-Paul II...... there are many merchandising items in Lourdes, and that's what Mistigree don't like very much too !!)

This man is adding more candles as there are many people who come and buy one or more !

Then you can light your candle here. A candle represents a prayer. As there are too much people (and thus too much candles and not enough place for them to burn here), someone regurarly comes, picks up the candles and lights them back in a big room just near where they finishe to burn (Mistigree has never seen that room, she doesn't know if anyone can see it besides)

Then I went to the place where we can drink sacred water... Well... Mistigree is quite septic about that... It is said that this water (that comes from a spring of the grotto where Virgin Mary appeared) could cure illness and make miracles...
Anyway, I drank some of this water and prayed to meet with the group TATU one day !!!!

People can bring water at home if they want. Therefore in all the shops around you can buy plastic cans or even Virgin Mary shaped bottles !!

After the sanctuary, we went to see the castle of Lourdes (it is less famous than the sanctuary of course, but I enjoyed it !)

In the courtyard of the castle there where some miniature houses and I found 2 coming from Spain !!! Maybe it is a sign and means I'm going to visit Park Retiro one day ?

We came back home with the TGV (high speed train), it runs so fast !!!!!

Posted Sep 15, 2007, 1:32 pm
Today I went to see the Garonne. It is the river that crosses Toulouse.

From the "Pont-Neuf" brigde, we can see "la prairie des filtres". It is the name of one of the Garonne's bank, where people go to relax or just to wander.

I read that at the begining of the XX century, la prairie des filtres had many different functions : it was used for planes landings, agricultural fairs, rugby matches, allotments, or even sheeps pastures !

I had a rest in the grass near the water, it was so fresh (the sun was high this day !!)
The bridge you can perceive behind me is Le Pont-Neuf, the oldest bridge of Toulouse.

And this is "le dôme de la Grave" (La Grave was an hospital). Some years ago, Mistigree was living just in front of it !!

Then I went to see "l'église des Jacobins", one of the churches of Toulouse.

Here is the entrance.

And the inside of the church where the stained-glass are reflected on walls and pillars.

Posted Oct 8, 2007, 9:26 pm
Today was my last day in France (maybe until the next time, who knows ?)... I'm now on my way to Germany where I'm going to meet The Sparkle !
Before Mistigree took me to the post office, she wrote some words in Szandra's notebook and I helped her sticking a stamp coming from the envelope in which I arrived in France so that Szandra will have a nice notebook full of stamps !
The Sparkle

Posted Oct 19, 2007, 3:08 pm
Today Muki arreived at my home in Germany.
He hide himself deep in the envelope.
He was a little shy to see his new host. So he came out of his envlope step by step.
The next step is coming out of the envelope.
He did and so we can shake hand and paw.
Than Muki surprised me by saying that he wants to meet our dog Luna.
She was happy to meet him and wants to play with him.
Muki was not affraid and played a little with Luna and than wants to sit om my desk again.

Muki, welcom to our home i hope you like your stay here.

The Sparkle

Posted Oct 21, 2007, 10:47 am
The sun is shining so Alfie Langer and i are going to see the garden and his hidden tressurs.
First we where enjoying the sun to get a nice brown color.
Than i looked around in the garden and found this beautiful verry late rose. My host told me he is flowering for the 3th time this year.
Than i found a old bike so i can lift my paw and give it some smelly water.
Then i was sitting in the basket in front of the bike. I hoped someone will take me for a nice tour in this little village.
Alfie was trying to ride the bike but he was to little.
Then our host told us that this bike is for staying in the garden because it is old and not save to ride anymore.

The Sparkle

Posted Dec 27, 2007, 10:54 pm
After a long time doing nothing because the father inlaw of my host died she takes me and Galen to her class with 4 till 6 year olds.

They where celebrating christmas and have a christmas tree in their classroom. Me and Galen did clime in to it. to see them joining their christmas dinner.

All the children made a little christmas light.
The classroom looks verry pretty.

A happy christmas for my mum.
The Sparkle

Posted Dec 27, 2007, 11:00 pm
I'm having christmas in the Netherlands.
It is verry cold here at the moment. But their is no snow :(

Happy Christmas and a great travel full 2008
The Sparkle

Posted Dec 30, 2007, 9:35 pm
Today me and Galen did some geocachings with our host and her boyfriend.
They love geocaching because your are outside and can walk with a goal or can take a ride to a place and find a hidden treasure.
The first place we visit today is a geocache on a special place. This place is a memorable place. In oct 1943 a Englisch plain on his way back from bombing Leipzig (D) crash here.
This wing of this monument is a gift from the Britisch Airforce to give the monument his look as it looks today.
Our host her boyfriend found this first cache for today. We take a look what was inside the treasure. We love all the nice goodies.
This is on our way to the third cache off today. Galen has to stay in the car so i can have some time for me alone and have some different pictures.
On this picutere you can see a river looking water that is crossing this city called Assen. Their are a lot off waters like this in this aeria because in the history they use it to move Turf to other places.
The view form the cache place.
Me and the cache. In this cache their is only some papper to lleave a note that you made a visit.
This was the las cache we did today also on a memoral place.
because of the evening it was a bite spooky and also because what was happend here.
a month befor the end of WOII the Germann Army killed 10 people here.

I think i helped my host and her boyfriend like a good doggie with finding those treasures.

The Sparkle

Posted Jan 5, 2008, 1:11 am
On the last day off the year we also maked a walk to do a geocache. It is my host her 50th when she found it.
here you can see Galen and Me together with our host.

My host was tring to make a picture off me with at the background the place we where walking but the fog wass rolling in verry fast so the pictures did not have a sharp background.
A picture of the Fochterloer Veen that we visit. It is a realy beautiful aeria.

Sorry their are no pictures of the new years firework becaus off the fog. You can only see one meter.
The Sparkle

Posted Jan 19, 2008, 11:25 am

And again i'm in a envelope underway to my next host.
This time i'm going to Northern Ireland.
I hope i will arreive soon.


Posted Jul 5, 2008, 3:42 am
I am in Miami now!! I am so excited.

Today our host take us to visit a fancy outdoors shopping mall called The Village of Merrick Park, in Coral Gables, one of the most affluent neighborhood in the U.S.  How about that?  We didn't do any shopping there, but the place is very well tended and the garden is beautiful with lots of statues and flowers.

Sometimes children play in the fountain here but today it is quiet.

We all get a peacock ride!

Hmm what is this statue?

Turns out he is steering a boat.  Let's all get a ride!

When we get home we find that we have a new toy visiting.  Her name is Candy Cotton.  Wow, there are three bunnies now.  Need some more doggies here!

Posted Jul 22, 2008, 3:40 am
Tonight we go to a fondue dinner.  I don't remember ever doing it so it is a lot of fun.

First is the cheese fondue.  The server whips the cheese into a pot of wine until it melts.

We then dip some bread into the pot of melted cheese.  It's so delicious!!

Then we have dessert, the chocolate fondue!!!  Look at this plate of marshmallow, cake, strawberries, banana and more!!!  I don't even know where to start.

This strawberry sure looks yummy!!  We have a really good time.

Posted Jul 24, 2008, 4:59 pm
Today we visit a bubble tea shop.  The bubbles are tapioca balls, soft but chewy, that are put into smoothies, iced tea and drinks.  They originated in Taiwan but are getting popular here.  You can see all the bubbles in the cup.  I order an azuki bean smoothie w bubbles.

Here we are, Candy Cotton, Watson, Floppers, then Robito and Palmito who are Marina's toys.  Marina gets some Oreo cookies which taste quite good.

We also release some books at the BookCrossing Zone there.

Posted Aug 9, 2008, 3:07 am
Today we visit the beach, which Florida is famous for.

It's a pretty day, there are a lot of palm trees.  Let's all climb onto one!

We see some catamarans on the beach.

Look, someone is going out there in one.

We decide to just sit on the sand and sunbathe a little.

Posted Aug 13, 2008, 1:01 am
Today my host put us in her backpack and tells us that we will be traveling.  When we pop out of the backpack, we find out that we are in an airplane!  Of course we get very excited!!  We ask her where we are going but she says it's a surprise.  Oh well, we decide to settle down and read some magazine to pass the time.

Looking out of the little window we can see the strip.

And other airplanes.

We are taking off!  Look how small the houses and roads look!

We are higher than the clouds!

I wonder where we are going?

Finally we land.  Mocha thinks he hears some French.  Both of us have traveled to France so we speak a little French. So we are in France now?  Wow!  But when we look out, we realize it's not France.  Turns out we are in Montreal, Canada!  I haven't been to Canada before so I am excited!!

Posted Aug 15, 2008, 7:14 pm
Today we go to the Jean Talon Farmers Market.  There are a lot of interesting shops.

This one is a cheese shop, with lots of cheeses from the local region.

This one is famous for its ice creams.

We eat breakfast here, the baguette and pastries are really good.

Look at all the pretty flowers.

The fruits and vegetables are so inexpensive and delicious.  They look much nicer than the ones in supermarket.

Posted Aug 15, 2008, 7:24 pm
We come to Montreal for the dragon boat race.  It is held at the Jean Drapeau Park.

We see this big Bio Sphere soon after we get out of the subway.

We also meet the mascots from the Beijing Olympics.

We find this lion resting before the dance.

Here is the dragon dancing for the opening ceremony.  He chases the ball all over the place.

This is the ceremony to commemorate Breast Cancer survivors.  You can see the survisor teams in the water, many of them dressed in pink.  The audience on the shore shower them with carnations.  It is a very moving celebration.

It's exciting to watch as the dragon boats race across the finish line!  Dragon boat is a sports from China that has thousands of years in history, and is now popular all over the world.

We are really happy that our host's team wins a gold medal!

Posted Sep 3, 2008, 4:49 am
Today we continue our travel in Montreal.

This is the Basilica Notre Dame.

We take a walk in Chinatown, which is not far from Old Montreal.  There are a lot of shops selling interesting things.

This is the entrance to Chinatown.

We also visited Oretaire St. Joseph.  Legend has it that if you pray all the way up the 99 steps of stairs to the church, your wish will come true.  A lot of crippled and sick people get well in such manner and there is a wall lined with clutches believers left behind.

At night we visited Place Jacques Cartier in old Montreal.  A lot of artists are there drawing caricatures.

Look at the beautiful fireworks at the Montreal International Fireworks Festival.

Finally we make it back to the hotel.  It's a long day, we are tired but totally enjoy the sightseeing.

Posted Sep 5, 2008, 7:03 pm
Today we go to visit Quebec City.  It's the oldest walled city still to exist in North America!

This is part of the city wall.

The houses are really European.

We first visit the Parc de l'Artillerie.  Here are remains of structures built to guard the St. Charles River and the Old Port.

This is where they made cannons.

This is the oven used for baking for the soldier.  I bet the breads were really good!

Afterwards we stroll the streets.

We found this bicycle in a shop window.  It's all made with candies!

Unfortunately our host can't figure out which statue this is.  She keeps looking at the map and first say it's this certain fountain but then realize there is no water.  So she thinks it's this certain statue but then when we walk on we find another statue that seems to fit the guidebook description even better.  But anyway, it's a nice statue.

Now this is Le Chateau Frontenac, a very famous hotel/landmark.

The houses look like toys.

We continue on to Lower Town after dark.  This is a famous 4,665 sq ft trompe-l'oeil mural at Place Royal, depicting 400 years of Quebec history.

The Normandy style houses at the cobblestone square are very quiant and romantic.

You can see the funicular in the background.  It transports people from the Chateau to Lower Town.

We find a shop selling Native American crafts.  A lot of dream
catchers to guarantee a sweet dream tonight.

Posted Sep 5, 2008, 7:40 pm
This morning we go to a place called Chez Cora for a delicious breakfast.  The decoration is very cute.

The crepes and waffles all come in huge portion with colorful pile of fresh fruit.

Loaded with food, we head to Montmorency Fall.  It's even taller than the Niagara.

It's amazing how calm the water is at the head of the fall.  You can even see the reflection of the trees.

We walked across the suspension bridge and take the stairs all the way down the height of the fall.  The view is really nice.  We do not go all the way down because it's getting really misty and I don't have a raincoat on.  The noise is  thunderingly loud.  Very cool!

Posted Sep 5, 2008, 7:48 pm
Today is the last day of our trip.  We go to the Biodome, which is located at the Olympic Stadium.

This is a very scary looking catfish.  I wonder if it's called that because it has whiskers like a cat or if the fish eats cat?

It's amazing how the birds do not live inside a cage.  We can stand really close to it.

I didn't know that porcupine can climb trees but this one can!

We see some starfish.

And many puffins.

This one is swimming.

These are really big penquins.

We can see how they swim.

I wonder what they are lining up for?

Posted Sep 6, 2008, 3:04 am
Today we go to the main library in Miami downtown.

The library is on a square, where there is also the Miami Art Museum.

There is a water fountain in front.

And here's the library.

We volunteer at the library to help sort books for the annual book sale.

On the ground level there is an art exhibition.

It's a nice, big library.

Afterwards we check out some books.  It's an automated system where you scan the books yourself.

Posted Sep 22, 2008, 5:27 am
Hi Mom, I have arrived and my host seems to be very bust but she said if I stay out of the way she will get done as fast as she can and will be able to take me out to see some sights in Colorado.

I found a very nice spot on top of the desk where i can watch her working without getting in her way.

Posted Sep 22, 2008, 5:34 am
Today I decided to go out for a walk and I came across some very large peaches.

I brought one in the house to show Wourpet and she said she would have to get off the computer and start harvesting.

We picked peaches and tomatoes and we washed and peeled and cooked and canned and boiled and dried and -- wow -- it was a busy day but we made many things.

I learned all about preserving in all different ways.

My favorite was canning and the jars were just right for playing hide and seek with wourpet.

Posted Sep 22, 2008, 5:45 am
Today we went somewhere finally.  Wourpet said I have been very well behaved and she had a surprise.

It was Apple Festival at Cross Orchards.  Cross Orchards is a living museum farm and we got to see all kinds of things.  Everything still happens her like a real farm but it is alos all the old antique things.

We went in and checked out the bunkhouse where the fruit pickers stayed.

I got to sit on the bosses bed next to the office.

I also got to sit on his saddle.

In the office there was a large desk for 2 people to work at.

And a very nice wood stove but there was no fire burning because it was hot outside.


Posted Sep 22, 2008, 5:55 am
Outside there was lots of stuff going on at the farm and lots of animals around.

I saw chickens everywhere but I couldn't get very close to them.

Beside the barn I saw some calves.

There were geese in a pen and wourpet said they usually get to wander around like the chickens but they bite and there were lots of little people and little mukis around today.

Around the corner we found a blacksmith shop and I got to watch him working on the forge and the anvil.

The blacksmith offered to let me come in and sit on the anvil but wourpet was worried letting me do that.


Posted Sep 22, 2008, 6:01 am
Next we went over to the apple harvesting.  We walked through the orchard and I learned all about pick, pruning, spraying and even smudge pots.  Then we found the big apple press where the apples were loaded in and they squeezed the juice out of them.

Then we walked around and looked at some of the other old equipment on the farm.

There was a threshing machine

And lots and lots of tractors.  Some of them were running and they were pulling around a wagon giving people rides.

Posted Sep 22, 2008, 6:07 am
We went back to load up the booth wourpets had and I thought we were going home.
Then wourpet said she had more to show me.

We went to the Military Motor Pool.  It was a museum of army things.  And even antique soldiers.


Posted Oct 16, 2008, 3:20 pm
I have arrived in Miami, Florida!  It's late and I'm going to bed early tonight after my long trip here.  I did want you to see the picture of me at Lago Luna.

Posted Oct 25, 2008, 12:16 am
The weather was absolutely miserable this morning!  It was raining most of the morning, but when it stopped raining, my host told me that we were going for a ride!

Our first stop was at Panera Bread.  My host is a member of Bookcrossing, and she wanted to leave some books in the book basket at Panera Bread.


Posted Oct 25, 2008, 1:27 am
We went to Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden next.  Wow, this garden is huge!

Here's a map of the Garden:

Here I am at the Visitor's Center:

There were lots of flowers and I had to smell all of them!

There were lily pads that looked like dinner plates!

and a tree that had rainbow colors for bark!

I visited the rain forest, the lake, and the spiny forest:

I read a few signs:

And I saw a ghost!  Fairchild will be having a harvest festival this weekend and they were getting some decorations up for it.

Posted Oct 31, 2008, 11:52 pm
Today is Halloween!  I helped my host decorate the house with all kinds of scary things!

I helped set up the skeleton man:

Then I set up the pumkin:

And I put the scarecrow in the garden:

I hung a scary skeleton face on the door:

And the most important thing is the candy!

My host made a red cape for me so I can be Super Dog for Halloween!  I'm now ready to go trick or treating!

Happy Halloween!


Posted Nov 8, 2008, 10:52 pm
I went to Matheson Hammock Park today.  Matheson Hammock is a huge park with lots to do.

First, I played by the lake:

I chased some iguanas into the mangrove (they were very fast and got away before I could catch them!):

I read a sign about aligators, but I didn't see any today.

But, I did see a raccoon!

I found this little house under a huge tree.  It must be a hobbit house because the door was very small!

I had lots of fun at the park!


Posted Nov 9, 2008, 12:50 am
While I was at the park, I could smell food cooking and hear music playing.  I went to investigate and found out that Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden was having their Ramble.  It is a festival that they have every year.  Fairchild is right next to the park.

I listened to Stephen Mikes play the sitar:

I watched this lady sculptor working:

And I saw a glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly:


Posted Nov 20, 2008, 5:01 pm
My host took me on a road trip today!  We are heading to Gainesville, Florida which is about 350 miles north of Miami.  We will visit her parents and her daughter who live in Gainesville.  It's a long drive, about 6 hours!  The weather was a little overcast, but nice otherwise.  South Florida is very built up with lots of buildings and shopping centers, but central Florida is not so built up and has lots of farm land with lots of cows and horses and orange groves.  We drove miles and miles and miles and saw nothing but trees and bushes!  I saw lots of cows and horses, too!  I did get a couple of pictures near Yeehaw Junction, Florida:

Posted Nov 20, 2008, 5:12 pm
Today I went with my host and her daughter to a park for dogs!  I met lots of different kinds of dogs and had lots of fun!


Posted Nov 20, 2008, 5:20 pm
We drove back to Miami today.  The weather got cold over the weekend, but the sky was clear and bright.  I did get a picture of central Florida again on the way back to Miami:


Posted Dec 9, 2008, 8:32 pm
Today I went to Emerald Acres stables where my host keeps her horse, Lucky.

Here I am at the entrance:

Here I am with Lucky:

I also met Spencer, the pig:

And I met the miniature donkeys:

I also met some of the barn dogs, Tigger and Ears, but I didn't get any pictures of them.  I had fun meeting all the animals at the stables!



Posted Dec 9, 2008, 8:49 pm
Today is Thanksgiving in the United States.  It is a tradition started by the early settlers of the U.S. and the Native Americans to give thanks for a good harvest.  It is usually celebrated by having a big feast.  We are celebrating with my host's family in Gainesville, Florida. 

I helped to cook dinner!  We made a turkey:

I helped to put some decorations on the table:

We had lots to eat!

It was nice having dinner with my host's family!


Posted Dec 18, 2008, 8:11 pm
I'm sorry I haven't updated my travellog in awhile.  My host has had some things to take care of in Gainesville, Florida, so I've been hanging out with Snoopy in the car.

I am now on my way to Oregon!  I wonder what it will be like there?  I hope I make it in time for Christmas!