Walla, Pyhtää, Finland


Posted Aug 7, 2016, 6:01 pm

Hello World!
My name is Walla, I am a little creature from Finland who is waiting to get traveling. First, I would like to show you guys what I have been up to since I became a toyvoyager.

(This is me, enjoying one of my favourite snacks)

So, today I experienced something that almost made me pass out. I went climbing on a ropes course - up in trees. I had with me another toyvoyager, _Mishuta_, who flew all the way from Germany to visit us.

We started up about three meters high and walked along a track composed of swings, ladders, cables, webs and ziplines. It went higher and higher - but only for a couple of meters more. I felt like screaming at first but as we went along, I actually forgot how high we were and began to enjoy the scenery.


Mom, are you sure about this now?? I have never tried walking on a trapeze before...


This was almost too exciting for me - but I have to say, heights do not frighten me quite as much anymore.  :)
I guess learning to enjoy all kinds of new stuff is the very point of being a toyvoyager.