Garfield, NO, NO


Posted Apr 18, 2008, 11:24 am
Hello! I'm Garfield I'm really not the real one like you see in all the newspapers, but I would love to see Garfield comics all over the world and I'm on a continuous search to find the real Garfield, and my Pookey teddy bear. I'd love to see the world and eat Italian food and Lasagna all over the world as well... maybe even get a few recipes for my mom!

Since mom found me she's been trying to find some Garfield cartoons, sadly she doesn't have any newspapers with any to show me... so she took me to the website and I was so happy to see the real Garfield... how exciting is that?

So anyone want to show me Garfield comics from all over the world? I'd especially love people that love Garfield as much as me and my mom do! :-)