Jeremy, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


Posted Sep 3, 2011, 10:40 pm
Hi there,

My name is Jeremy and I became a ToyVoyager today!!  B)

TVs Airi, Robby and Quentin Ducky have been telling me all about their exciting adventures traveling the world, whereas my friend The Squirrel advises me to become a ToyVoyager host/greeter.

What do you think, should I travel?

Nice to meet you,

Your pal,


Posted Sep 9, 2011, 3:29 am
Hi, I went out on a ToyVoyager outing to see if I would like it.  I like it!!

First, Robby, Airi, Quentin Ducky and I looked at the zoo map to get our bearings.  Going to the zoo is one of Quentin Ducky’s life missions. :) Then we took more buses and streetcars than I could count.  It was worth it because we saw a lot of neat animals including a real live tiger!  We encountered an uncaged peacock up close and personal.  Cool, I want to go there again.

Bye for now,


Posted Sep 25, 2011, 7:36 pm
Airi, Robby, Quentin Ducky and I took the ferry to Vallejo, California on a nice warm day.

We saw four bridges and I was the lucky one to be on camera when we went under the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge; that was fun! The last photo shows the Golden Gate Bridge off in the distance.

Your pal,



Posted Sep 27, 2011, 1:56 am
We took a walk today and came upon a crowd of people.  When we got closer, we noticed they were lining up for something.  What is that giant object looming over the warehouses?

Your pal,


P.S. The other TVs have more photos.

Posted Sep 30, 2011, 1:39 am
One by one my ToyVoyager friends said goodbye to me:  two kissed me on the cheek!,  one flapped a wing at me, one shook my paw, ah, so nice.  I will write to them.

I’m going to Disneyland ! ! ! !

See ya there,

Your pal,


Posted Oct 2, 2011, 6:54 am
Hi Mom!!

I arrived in San Jose today, safe and sound :) Maggie got back from a long day out and found me waiting patiently in the mailbox. First thing that I saw when she opened my envelope were 3 dinosaurs with big sharp teeth, eek! I wanted to climb back inside and come home, but I slowly walked out and discovered that all the dino's are really friendly! They all welcomed me and gave me a big group hug. I brought out the postcard you sent, Mom. Everyone loved it, especially Spiker :)
After we all got acquainted I told Maggie that I was a bit hungry from the trip, and so her mom made us noodles and garlic bread. It was yummy! Then Maggie said it was time for bed, and introduced me to her friend. He's a white tiger too! Maggie says I can sleep on the shelf next to him tonight, and that he will watch out for me and make me feel safe since I'm just a cub and this is my first time away from home.

I really really like it here, Mom! But I miss you and will write to you soon. Love, Jeremy <3

Posted Oct 4, 2011, 5:19 am
Hi, Mom! Today was really exciting! Maggie took me and the dino TV's to a wildlife festival at Alum Rock park. If you look at the pink sign at the park entrance you will see a mountain lion warning! On our walk to the festival we passed a really nice creek that Maggie says usually is much higher, but since it is the end of summer it was pretty low. At the festival there were lots of booths set up where we learned interesting and useful things. There were firefighters and smokey the bear too! Maggie correctly answered a question about caring for our environment and won a fancy sticker sheet. One was a white tiger, like me! I met a really big turtle who let me have a ride on his shell :) Then me and Toothy made a coaster holder with wood and nails. After that we met some very nice snakes and learned a few fun facts about them. The snake people had a alligator head on display and Spiker decided to compare teeth  ;) After the festival we sat down for a yummy picnic, it was so delicious and really hit the spot. Before we left Maggie took us to the playground. They have a funny spider that you can climb on and hang off of and a concrete bird for kids to climb. It was a great day :)

Love you Mom!
Always, Jeremy

Posted Oct 16, 2011, 5:16 pm
Hi, Mom. Unfortunately Maggie's family got some sad news, so they've been pretty busy and out of the house a lot taking care of things. But I wanted you to know that I wasn't forgotten. Me and the other TV's have been keeping busy. Maggie taught Aurora and I how to play Uno :) Don't tell Aurora, but I'm much better than she is, hehe. I let her win sometimes though ;)

Posted Oct 16, 2011, 5:21 pm
Hello again! Today Spiker is leaving us. We are all sad to see him go, but I had a nice visit with him and I am excited that he gets to go on his first journey. He is off to Germany to visit BlackCat. Aurora and I rode with him to the post office. We told him we wished him safe travels, and helped him into his envelope and made sure he would be comfortable on his journey. Goodbye Spiker, and good luck!!

Posted Oct 16, 2011, 5:28 pm
Hi Mom! Today was exciting, but a little crazy. We all went out to dinner and Maggie was going to take pictures of me, but all of a sudden her friends mom had an emergency! Her friends dad was boiling water and got locked out of the house! YIKES!!!! So the mom had to rush home, leaving Maggies mom alone at the restaurant with all of the kids. So things were a bit crazy and she didn't manage to get a good photo of me. But I had some very yummy salad :)

After we got home we checked the mail and guess what we found... A NEW TOY VOYAGER!!! We opened the package right up and out came NiliHH the hippo. We we starting to worry that she might not make it in time for the big Disneyland trip, so we were all so very glad to see her. But it was very late and we had all had a long day. So Maggie tucked us all in safe and snug and told us we could chat more in the morning.

Sweet dreams Mom!
Love, Jeremy

Posted Oct 16, 2011, 5:33 pm
Good morning, Mom. I had a very nice sleep at Maggie's house. And when we all woke up we sat around and got to know each other a bit. NiliHH is very sweet. She is very excited for our upcoming trip :)

Later in the morning the mail arrived. It came much earlier than normal, and it was very very exciting because Maggie and her mom received 5 packages!!! The first one had another TV!!!!!! Her name is Sunshine and she is really, really nice!! We are all so glad that she arrived in time to visit Disneyland too! Finally all of us are here :) She brought some really cute chocolates to share with us, yummy!!  :p

Once we all introduced ourselves we helped Maggie open the other packages. One package had 25 Disney trading pins. Maggie was so excited!! She loooooves pin trading and didn't even know that her mom had bought her more ;) Next we opened a package that had a new Halloween Disney lanyard for Maggie to put all her new pins on. All this Disneyland stuff is making me so anxious to go!!! Only 6 more days!!!!!!

Posted Oct 18, 2011, 12:12 am
Hi, Mom! Today Maggie and her mom decided we would all go to the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival. At first the ride was going nicely, and there was very pretty scenery. But as soon as we got to the two lane section, traffic came to an almost complete stop!! A drive that should have taken us one hour took us more than two and a half! Thankfully everyone stayed in good spirits, so with great music and great company we were able to enjoy the long long ride. Maggie's mom decided to take some silly pictures of us while we waited to get there. There is a picture of the speed limit sign, and then a picture of our speedometer to show how fast (or slow) we were actually going, haha. Next there are some photos of a pumpkin patch we passed, and in the second pumpkin picture you can see the loooong line of cars behind us in the mirror. And the last picture is of me at the pumpkin festival. We finally made it and found parking a half hour before it was over. But, I got to have my photo taken in front of the giant pumpkins that Farmer Mike had carved earlier in the day. I hear he is world famous!

Hope you had fun at the postcrossing event. Considering how our trip went, we probably should have gone to that instead!
Love, Jeremy

Posted Oct 26, 2011, 3:18 am
Hi, Mom!! Yesterday Maggie's mom had work, so when we all got home we ran around like crazy trying to pack up for Disneyland. We finally got everything ready and went straight to bed because we had to wake up really early today to leave. Maggie said it was a long, long drive but I didn't realize just how long of a drive it really was! It felt like we were driving FOREVER! But me and the other TV's told each other funny stories and sang songs to keep busy. Finally, just when I thought we might never make it, we saw the signs that said we were in L.A.!! Woohoo!!!! Disneyland, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Oct 27, 2011, 5:25 am
Hi, Mom! Today was our second day in Disneyland. We had so much fun at the trick or treat party last night! Maggie and her family dressed up like pirates and we got soooooo much candy! Maggie's bag was completely full! Sorry we don't have the pictures to show you. I also met all of the Winnie the Pooh characters. Winnie, Eeyore, Rabbit, and Tigger. Unfortunately those pictures are gone too :( I can take pictures of their signatures in Maggie's autograph book though later :) Today we went to California Adventure first and rode on a really fast roller coaster! I was very brave though. Then we went on the Little Mermaid ride. Maggie's mom really loves the Little Mermaid so she was very excited :) She liked the ride a lot and said it was worth the wait. Soon after that is when she lost her camera. Very sad. But thank goodness for camera phones! Here is a picture of me in front of a fake movie lot in California Adventure. Looks pretty real doesn't it? Then it started to get dark so we headed over to Disneyland since the parades look the best at night. Here I am in front of the Sound-sational parade. This part was about Mary Poppins! It was really cool. Then we headed over to Fantasy Land. We got to pass by the castle. It looks sooo pretty at night! Next we all went for a ride on the famous Teacups! Those look nicest at night, too. We went round and round so fast that I got really dizzy! I loved it and wanted to go again, but Maggie said we would have to wait and go again tomorrow. After Teacups we went over to Storybook Land. It is a really cool ride where you get in a boat and ride through Monstro, the whale from Pinocchio. Then you pass by miniature versions of all the Disney storybook lands. I loved all the tiny castles :) Next we went to ride on It's a Small World. But the line was going to take an hour and Maggie didn't want to wait. So we took some photos in front with it all lit up and headed back to the hotel to get some rest. Good night, Mom! Miss you!

Posted Oct 27, 2011, 5:38 am
Hello, again :) Today was our last day in Disneyland. Sad, but we had a great time. Today we got to go on the Matterhorn. Maggie says it's her new favorite ride! Here is a picture of me by the Finding Nemo ride with the Matterhorn in the background. It was kind of scary, but lots of fun :) Then we went back to California Adventure and took a ride on the Toy Story ride/game. While your waiting in line there is a huge Mr. Potato Head that talks and tells funny jokes. After that ride we went on the Monorail, but it broke down in Downtown Disney! So we were stranded outside of Disneyland and had a long walk back to the main gate. On our way through the shopping district we passed by the two story Build-A-Bear. We went inside and while Maggie made a stuffed owl us TV's got our picture taken with some of the Disney bears. They were really fancy! It was neat to watch the bears being stuffed and dressed up :) By the time we got back to Disneyland it was dark again. We were a but hungry so we stopped and had a snack. Me and the other TV's shared a yummy Mickey shaped pretzel with some dip. It was yummy! After we rode a few last rides, we decided to head home since it was very late. On our way out we stopped and had our picture taken with the Mickey and Walt Disney statue, and we took a picture of the quote at the bottom. Then we saw a cute picture set up with some pumpkins and Maggie's mom decided to take our picture there too. And lastly, we took our picture in front of the Mickey Mouse flowers at the front entrance. Because it's Halloween, Mickey is wearing a cute eye mask :) I had a great time in Disneyland with Maggie and her family. Thanks so much for letting me go with them, Mom!!

Posted Oct 28, 2011, 4:28 am
Hi, Mom! Today we welcomed a new toy voyager who is coming to visit the Pinnacles with us this Saturday :) Her name is Salmonella and she is a big, beautiful fish! She is super nice and we all get along really well. It's getting to be a full house around here :) Well we have a really fun weekend planned, so I will update you on my adventures soon!

Posted Nov 2, 2011, 1:40 am
Hi, Mom. Today Maggie, her family, and all of us TV's went to the Pinnacles. It is a cave and set of trails that were created by a volcano a long time ago. We drove for about an hour and a half through the city, and out into the country through tiny towns with populations of only 200! Finally we got to the Pinnacles and went to the ranger store. There we paid our fee, picked up a trail map, and bought some postcards for Maggie's postcrossing hobby :) Then we headed up the road to the Bear Gulch area. We went into the visitor center and saw a table sized topographical of the area. Next we saw a poster that told us about how the caves were created by the volcano. There was a seismograph too, and on the wall there was a print out of some small earth quakes it had recorded in August. After our educational visit at the center, we walked out towards the trail head. Once we got there we saw a sign saying the caves were open and only .7miles away! The trail was all uphill, but the views were gorgeous! Here are some pics of me and the other TV's along the way. Then we saw an interesting old tree next to a sign saying we had made it to the caves! It was really very dark in there, but Maggie's mom managed to get a few useable photos of us. There were neat little ponds and streams inside, and tiny spaces to crawl through. It was really cool! Then we followed the light, and made it out of the caves. We were greeted by a long staircase with a giant boulder suspended over it. It was crazy to look at. Once we got to the top we saw the prettiest little lake surrounded by beautiful rock formations and hills! It was so worth the hike there :) We stopped for awhile and listened to another hiker playing his guitar while we enjoyed the nature and had a small snack. Then we continued our hike down around the rim. Once the sun went down we saw lots of bats flying through the sky! We had a really great day. Wish you were here!

Posted Nov 2, 2011, 2:33 am
Hi, Mom! Today we went to the pumpkin patch! It was really fun and there were lots of pumpkins to choose from. Maggie and her family chose 3 big pumpkins to carve :) Maggie says her pumpkin is going to be a surprise, so I can only show you her mom's pumpkin. She drew an owl! They won't be lighting them up until tomorrow, so you'll have to wait to see the finished product til then! ;)

Posted Nov 2, 2011, 2:37 am
It's finally Halloween!!!!! We are all sooo excited!! Maggie's mom spent all day volunteering in Maggie's classroom today for their celebration and arts and crafts projects. But when she got home we put together all the treat bags for the trick-or-treaters later tonight. Then they put out the pumpkins :) Maggie made the Boogie Man from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Turned out really well, she even drew him herself. Then there was the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, and of course her mom's owl. I think they looked really great :) I loved the spooky glow they gave off when they were all lit up!

Posted Nov 11, 2011, 4:20 am
Hi Mom! Today a new voyager arrived. Her name is Sheela and she is from the United Kingdom. She brought all kinds of treats with her for Maggie! Since yesterday was so busy with birthday celebrations for one of the girls Maggie's mom nannies for, everyone was a bit tired today and we had a relaxing morning. Maggie's mom went to make herself a cup of coffee and showed us how she uses a french press instead of a coffee maker. She swears it makes it taste better ;) She let all of us try a sip. It was really good! Then we helped write postcards for Maggie to send to postcrossers. It was a nice day  :)

Posted Nov 15, 2011, 12:18 am
Happy Veterans Day and 11-11-11, Mom!!!! What an exciting and lucky day!! Maggie and the girls her mom watches had the day off of school. Since it was yucky weather outside we all made crafts indoors instead. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, we made salt dough ornaments to give to people we are thankful for. We used 1 part salt, 1 part water, and 2 parts flour. Then the girls mixed it all up with their hands (what a mess!), rolled it out, and used cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes. After we baked them for a few hours to harden and let them cool, they were ready for paint. Here we all are with Maggie's finished batch. Didn't they turn out cute?! :) The girls are so excited to give them out next week!

Posted Nov 15, 2011, 2:00 am
Hi, Mom! Today a new voyager arrived! His name is Squab, and he's really cool! He brought us a really nice card from Germany, and a whole bunch of treats!! Maggie was about to burst she wanted to try one so badly!! But her mom made her wait until after dinner, haha. Can't wait to get to know Squab a bit better!

Posted Nov 15, 2011, 4:44 am
Happy Veterans Day and 11-11-11, Mom!!!! What an exciting and lucky day!! Maggie and the girls her mom watches had the day off of school. Since it was yucky weather outside we all made crafts indoors instead. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, we made salt dough ornaments to give to people we are thankful for. We used 1 part salt, 1 part water, and 2 parts flour. Then the girls mixed it all up with their hands (what a mess!), rolled it out, and used cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes. After we baked them for a few hours to harden and let them cool, they were ready for paint. Here we all are with Maggie's finished batch. Didn't they turn out cute?! :) The girls are so excited to give them out next week!

Posted Nov 17, 2011, 2:41 am
Hello again, Mom! Well, I have some good news for you! I AM GOING TO BE HOME FOR THANKSGIVING!! Isn't that exciting?! Since tonight is my last night here, Maggie and her mom made a cake! It sure was yummy. After cake I hugged all my new friends goodbye. Maggie said she is going to miss me a lot, but that she had a really great time hosting me. She also said that I was welcome to come back any time!After all our goodbyes I got into my envelope. It sure is cozy in here :) Can't wait to see you, Mom! I will be home soon :)

Posted Nov 17, 2011, 7:42 pm
I’m home, Mom, in time for Thanksgiving, wahoo!!

The Squirrel, Orkku Orava, Cheerio, and of course, Miss Kitty greeted me with lots of hugs.  I had so much fun with my first host family and their friends; they took me on many outings and helped me with three life missions!  Mom loved the drawing Maggie made of the other TVs and me at Disneyland, it is already on the the refrigerator.  And thanks for the beautiful Thanksgiving card.  I am so grateful for meeting you all in San Jose and traveling with you.  It was soooooo much fun.  I’ve already had my sip of coffee today and shared it with the rest of the plushies here.  :)



Posted Nov 19, 2011, 5:32 pm
Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the river and through the woods
To grandmother's house we go.
The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh
Through the white and drifted snow, oh!



Posted Nov 22, 2011, 8:28 pm
A package arrived marked “ToyVoyagers”.  Who could it be?

Cheerio knew it was her old friend, BarryO.  I never met him before as I was born during his last trip.

He was so exhausted, he wanted to go straight to bed so Orkku Orava and I tucked him into bed.  I think he is hallucinating; he muttered something about the Christmas elf bear.  We didn’t see the elf but I sure would like to.  :)  I will bring him a pot of coffee in the morning to wake him up so we can hear all about his adventures.  Orkku Orava will bring apple fritters.  Sweet dreams, BarryO.  Mom is so happy to have one more TV home for Thanksgiving.

Have fun and may you see the elf,



Posted Nov 24, 2011, 9:36 pm
Thanksgiving U.S.A.

We got up early to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and make apple-cranberry sauce for today’s big dinner.

Here are the ingredients we used:

I helped with peeling the apples.

Then we put everything into the pan and added orange juice.

Here is the final product, cooling.  The recipe made more than this but we will bring just this bowl to the table.

We all gathered ‘round the TV to watch the Parade.

This is a character from the Spiderman musical:

Wow, a band dancing and kneeling:

What’s this, the sacrificial animal, the poor traditional turkey:

Can you recognize these characters?  Lots of potential ToyVoyagers here!

After almost three hours of announcements that Santa Claus will be here at the very end of the parade, the TV developed technical problems and we could not see Santa.

We all ran to the window to see what was the matter.  It was a guy from the cable TV company in a cherry picker; that’s him behind the scaffolding and netting the painters put up.  He turned the cable off for about five minutes.  Well, they say, “timing is everything”.  We were very disappointed but we are grateful that some people are available to fix flickering cable networks even on holidays.  Thank you, Mr. Cable Guy.

We know that just because you don’t see Santa on TV doesn’t mean he isn’t there.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

Posted Nov 28, 2011, 2:50 am
Updating map.

Posted Nov 28, 2011, 2:53 am
Updating map.

Posted Nov 28, 2011, 2:56 am
Updating map.

Posted Nov 28, 2011, 2:59 am
Updating map.

Posted Nov 28, 2011, 3:09 am
Updating map.

Posted Nov 28, 2011, 3:12 am
Updating map.

Posted Dec 1, 2011, 5:29 am
I’m slow to update this one, you have already seen similar photos on Orkku Orava and BarryO’s travelogs.  Maybe. ;)  It is suddenly very busy here at home due to the holiday season starting.  Mom is taking us out one by one to see the decorations on buildings and parks.  It is too crowded to take us all together, look at what Orkku Orava saw at Union Square the other day, I want to go there, too!

We were so inspired by MamiTig's sewing projects and the thread about a hotel trail, we are making a bed and decorating a room!  We are doing it by hand and it still needs a lot of hemming.

It will be a gift for the Christmas Elf Bear who lives here 11 months of the year, he is working at the North Pole now.  Santa will drop him off here on Christmas Eve so that will be our deadline.  He he, in the meantime we will use it as a couch for raucous discussions of our daily travels.

The other bed is too small for him.
Tomorrow, I will help mom prepare Christmas cards, and Friday is my turn to go to class with her, can’t wait.

Bye for now,



Posted Dec 5, 2011, 6:31 pm
It was my turn to go with Mom to her class which is located in an art museum at the Western end of the Lincoln Highway; the Eastern terminus is Times Square, New York City.  This part of the city is known as Lands’ End.

The Lincoln Highway is less famous but farther north and about 800 miles (1287 km) longer than Route 66.  It is marked in red on this map.
This is a view over the Lincoln Park Golf Course toward downtown.  In the foreground is a monument from an old graveyard that has been moved.  When they rebuilt the museum after the 1989 earthquake, they had to stop construction because more remains were found from the old cemetery.  Mom was hurrying to get to an evening class here when the quake hit, class was cancelled.

This is a sculpture by George Segal called, “Holocaust”, all the more poignant juxtaposed with a beautiful view toward the Marin Headlands.

Here I am walking on water :) in the fountain across the street from the Legion of Honor which is an exact duplicate of the one in Paris, France.

Why is it that lions always get to guard these places, and not us tigers?

WW1 plaque inside the courtyard:

Rodin’s “The Thinker”.  Provide your own joke, I’ve heard them all.  The light was best from this direction.

I had to take a closer look at this Dutch lady’s fur lining.  Hmm, spots not stripes like me, but even so....  Mom says they use artificial fur a lot now.  Does that mean that plushies are in peril?  :(  I’ll have to study this topic, it seem very complicated.  I will discuss it with the other TVs.

Bernini’s “Medusa” is visiting from Musei Capitolini in Rome.  It’s the same idea as ToyVoyagers, this museum is the host!  Medusa is shown at her anguished moment of transformation from beauty to beast. Beast, maybe I should re-phrase that; many of us beasts are beautiful, is this my best side?  Hmm, she is transformed just like so many of our favorite TVs, like UrselHH and DuDu:)  UrselHH and DuDu certainly remained beautiful, IMO!
A beautiful orchid arrangement in the ceramics gallery:

We are looking for ideas for the miniature room we are decorating but this Louis XV style is too ornate for us.

This is a nice Gainsborough:

Then we grabbed a quick lunch before a three-hour class where I napped on a soft red velvet chair in a beautiful theater.  :)

Bye for now,



Posted Dec 10, 2011, 5:41 pm
We did some window shopping in the neighborhood.  People were eating outside the cafes; this is December, unusually warm this year, but wait until about the 15th when cold rainstorms often come in.

A few weeks ago this was a Halloween shop.

It was two minutes before closing and there was still one dog waiting for his people to pick him up at the groomers.  Don’t worry, we saw them running up the street to get there in time.

Here is a re-sale shop with wonderful Christmas decorations.

Shanghai Kelly’s marks the beginning a local pub crawl route.

This is the fern bar where DuDette and DuDu had their first date.  :)

The neighborhood still has a brick and mortar bookstore, its windows are filled with potential ToyVoyagers.  :)

The fresh-cut Christmas trees smell so good at the hardware store.

The Alhambra Theater built in 1926 has landmark status so they can’t change it too much; it closed as a movie house with “Wag the Dog” (1997) but they have managed to fill it with a nice fitness center.  What a beautiful place to work out!  The hardware store serves popcorn. :)

Mom bought us dinner at this noodle joint.  We got an appetizer on the house.  :)

Bye for now,



Posted Dec 14, 2011, 12:36 am
A package arrived and Orkku Orava cut it open.

Before she finished cutting, out jumped DuDu.

And right behind him was DuDette!  Home for Christmas! :)

They showed us postcards from Nuriayasmin and told us all about their journey.

Then we did a group hug.

We showed them the room we are decorating for our friend, The Christmas Elf Bear, who will be home Christmas Eve.  :)  We started laughing until we couldn’t stop and jumped up and down on the soft bed. Such good friends.

Bye for now,


Posted Dec 14, 2011, 6:14 pm
Mom took DuDette and me to Nob Hill to see the Christmas decorations and to give us some time to get to know each other.  I was born while DuDette was traveling in Spain with RikeH.  She is one of my ToyVoyager siblings, six months older!  She is so much fun, we had a wonderful time.  :)

The tall building with one flag is the Mark Hopkins Hotel where we saw a gingerbread mansion that smelled so good.

The building with many flags is the Fairmont Hotel; it had an immense two story gingerbread house with human size carolers and a santa on the roof.

Having fun,



Posted Dec 16, 2011, 3:07 am
Noodles is hatched!!  A new ToyVoyager has arrived!

I’m not Mom’s youngest anymore!  Oh, boy!!


Posted Dec 16, 2011, 8:06 pm
Noodles was just out of his egg when we took him to a 3-D movie,
"Hugo", which we all enjoyed a lot.  There was no time for popcorn but we will get another movie soon!  Yay!!  Afterward, we had a nice dinner out to celebrate Mom’s friend’s birthday.  Yum, there was chocolate cake, too.

He he he!  BarryO couldn't look at the screen during the scary parts.  We think he has acrophobia. ;)  I learned that word today.  :)


Posted Dec 24, 2011, 3:38 am

We heard Santa’s sleigh bells and went outside to greet our Elf Bear, home for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!!

Posted Dec 30, 2011, 1:46 am
My younger brother, Noodles, and I set out today for our consultations with The Great Yoda, a local ToyVoyager tradition.  ;)

The location of Yoda's fountain is also the starting point for a two-part puzzle geocache.  The actual cache has to be located elsewhere because geocaches are not allowed in National Parks.  So we needed to get the final coordinates by counting the number of benches and cascades at the fountain; picking up clues on a nearby sign, counting visible Jedi Masters nearby without trespassing but maybe peeking in thru doorways and figuring out how many bikes can park at the fountain. Phew.

Wow!  Yoda is very wise, what an experience!  :). Mom is happy there is a nice Starbucks there to relax, plug in the coordinates, and soak in the movie industry atmosphere which is not really very glamourous; it's mostly hard-working young people grabbing a strong coffee, taking a break and checking email while we TVs work at having fun.  :)

We didn't find the geocache partly because of a muggle who seemed to be living there in the great outdoors ;) but it was a great male bonding experience. I'm glad for the opportunity to get to know my younger but much larger brother before we head off traveling.  The geocache trail led us to the Palace of Fine Arts where we enjoyed a duck pond and checking out what is in bloom at the end of December.

Later at home Noodles and I continued hanging out together and Miss Kitty joined us but Mom rescued us from becoming kat toys.

Bye now and Happy New Year.


"Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm.  And well you should not.  For my ally is the Force...."  Says Yoda


Posted Jan 15, 2012, 6:38 pm
Gung Hay Fat Choy, everyone,

Orkku Orava and I took a walk on Grant Avenue to see the preparations for Lunar New Year.  You can buy everything you need for the new year at the Flower Fair, stuff like oranges & tangerines, flowers, plants, pin wheels, and red envelops. This will be the Year of the Dragon but the only zodiac animal we saw was a tiger!  He he, I like that! :)  We stopped and listened to Chinese Opera and saw people playing cards by the Goddess of Democracy.  We found a replica of the first school house in California, just our size, very popular with the pigeons.  ;)

Have fun,

Your Pal,


Posted Jan 16, 2012, 8:37 pm
Orkku Orava and I spent the day at Ocean Beach.

This is the ruins of Sutro Baths with Seal Rocks nearby in the Pacific Ocean.

Here is a zoom of Seal Rocks.

This hill near the Cliff House is made of graywacke Franciscan sandstone rock.  The exposed section forms steps just the right size for us to climb.

Someone left this object here.  Seems to be a skull figure, an omen, perhaps, indication that the place is haunted?  We didn't touch it, just left it where we found it.

Of course, we took some time to sunbathe and giggle.  It was so warm, Jeanne took off her jacket.

The windmill, tulip garden and Beach Chalet are in Golden Gate Park across the Great Highway from Ocean Beach.  We must remember to come back here when the tulips bloom.

We posed here for one of our regular ToyVoyager members, can you guess who? Maybe visiting this Roald Amundsen monument would get a ToyVoyager partial credit for visiting (or learning about) an elusive continent.  ;)  Amundsen’s ship was displayed on this spot for many years but is now in Oslo.

We stopped for a leisurely meal at The Beach Chalet where we found an easy virtual geocache based on 1936 Depression Works Progress Administration murals.  Dungeness crab is in season and was so sweet and wonderful with sour dough bread.

Then we walked on the beach at sunset.

Your Pal,



Posted Jan 18, 2012, 9:06 pm
Hi everyone,

Orkku Orava and I took a hike up a hidden path.

We found hydrangeas in bloom on this sunny January day.

A neighborhood myth is that there is no parking but obviously there is a space available here for your horse. ;)

“High on a hill” we spread out our blanket and caught some sun.

Soon we were pondering the age-old question, “can the meaning of life be found in park bench graffiti?”

This one answers the question Orkku Orava saw at an art show.  Do you remember her favorite art work?  You do read her blog, yes? ;)  Here it is:

For you movie buffs:  This is the apartment building where Agnes Moorehead fell out of an eighth floor window, then Humphrey Bogart went to the roof to avoid being seen in the elevator and ran down this very fire escape.

“...the shots of him climbing down the apartment fire escape are somehow claustrophobic and vertiginous all at once....”  -- Steve-O In “Noir of the Week”, 20 March 2006.

Bogie then caught a cable car across the street.

In the next scene he is shown at Powell and Market but that was a continuity error as he would have had to take the Cable Car going this opposite way to get to Market Street.
The Movie is “Dark Passage”, one of our favorites. This stained glass window is in the lobby of the apartment building where I live.  We stopped here to catch our breath and laugh about our adventures today.  Orkku Orava is so much fun; she has a high pitched voice similar to mine.  :)  He he,

See ya later,

Your pal,



Posted Jan 23, 2012, 10:36 am
Hi There,

It is very exciting, a new ToyVoyager has arrived.  He is a famous comic German pirate bear, named Pitzelpatz, who has been traveling a lot around North America. He is still wearing his Santa outfit.  He he!  Santa himself carried him the last segment of the trip; Santa likes to do a little extra volunteering in the off-season, the Christmas Spirit continues into wintery January. :).

Cheerful Cheerio had the honor of helping Pitzelpatz out of his travel coach.

Then mom introduced him to the other ToyVoyagers here:  Orkku Orava from Finland, DuDu from Shanghai, my sister DuDette, Noodles, my wise snowy owl baby brother, and me.

We had a welcoming blackboard waiting for Pitzelpatz where Jeremy showed him a few things to know about this stop on his travels.   Eureka (I have found it!) is the State of California motto, oro en paz is part of the City of San Francisco motto (gold in peace, iron in war),  The 49ers is our local football team, wait till next year :( ; and K2 is the nickname for Jeanne's top floor apartment; you are welcome to plant your flag when you complete the assent.  ;)

We are happy to learn that Pitzelpatz is a famous comic character; he will do his best to amuse us. :)  He printed out a Pitzelpatz coloring book for our bedtime reading.  He he, he is Pitzelpatz, the pirate! :)

Here he is after we tucked him in, isn’t he cute:

Hoping to visit you soon,

Your Pal,


Posted Jan 23, 2012, 10:41 pm
Hello on another rainy day,

Our new guest, Pitzelpatz, a bear pirate, declared today "wash day".  I went along with it and walked the plank into the big tub.  We scrubbed each other until we were all squeaky clean. The water was nice and warm and the company fun but, you know, I'm a tiger and can keep myself clean with my tongue; we cats never need baths.  Uh Oh, Cheerio wants to bathe with all new guests.

Your drippy Pal,


Posted Jan 25, 2012, 10:11 pm
Two of us are leaving soon and we had a little going away party with lots of hugs.  Can you guess which of us are leaving?

Posted Jan 30, 2012, 5:45 pm
Orkku Orava joined me at the Hyde Street Pier and we jumped into a ship which will take us out to sea. ;)  When we arrive overseas, we will split up and go to separate hosts.  We are both very excited we will be able to jump around in the snow!!  It is hard to say goodbye but we will read each others’ travelogs.

Wish us bon voyage!

Your Pal,


Posted Feb 9, 2012, 10:32 am
Hi, mom!  :D
I have arrived to Finland!

The trip went well!  :D We were rowing in turns with Orkku Orava trough Panama Channel from Pacific to the Atlantic ocean.  ;)
Happily we had taken lots of provisions with us, so most of the time we were rowing mouth full of cookies or sweets, and we managed to catch couple of fishes too.  B)
After couple of days we reached the Gulf stream, and after that we didn´t need to do anything! The stream was carrying our little boat straight to the coast of Norway and we were just relaxing - eating and singing and discussing our past and future adventures.  ;)

In Norway I had to say goodby to Orkku, which was a rather hard moment, but we promised to keep in touch.  :)
I continued my trip towards Finland over the frozen Baltic Sea pulling my things in a sleigh.  :)  The weather felt a bit coolish after the warm California, but happily I have a thick fur. Actually, the longer I was wandering trough the snowy world, the stronger become the feeling that I had come to my own element!  B)

I´m not sure if I am a snow leopard or a sibirian tiger - Orkku asked that from me one time.. Do you know, mom?  :stare:

I reached the finnish shore after some days and started to search for a little red cottage in a place called Nuuksio.
Then I started suddenly to hear awful shouting, screaming and giggling!  :D
I followed the noise and soon I saw two small creatures playing in the snow!
When I get nearer I realised they HAD to be Zoe and Kirin:) I had come to Nuuksio!
The players had seen me too, they get up from the snow and started to stare.  ;)
Then they started to jump up and down and shout to me "Hi! Wellcome!"
I introduced myself and they asked me about trillion questions about my trip.
Actually, I think they were kinda admiring me somehow when I told about my trip over the Atlantic and the Baltic Sea.  :rolleyes:
They were trying to give me a wellcoming hug, but it was a bit difficult because tey both had skis on and they were falling about every five seconds.  They told me they had just put them on for the first time. :D
But we decided to go in. Now I saw the little red cottage Orkku had been telling me about!  :)
Inside I get my proper wellcome hug!  :p

I also met Henna, my new host, who gave me a kiss and said "Awwwwwwww how you are cute!"  :cyclops:
Then I was unpacking the gifts you gave with me, mom. Zoe and Kirin and Henna were all very enthusiastic about them!  :D They asked me to send their greetings and thanks to you!  :)
Most of all they liked the beautiful card.  :)
Then I had to rub my eyes, because it seemed there was TWO Orkku Oravas coming to meet me!  :o
I allready started to be dubious about the juice I had drunk during my trip, but then the squirrels introduced themselves as Orkkus sisters.  :D
They wanted to hear latest news about Orkku, of course.
Then we were having wellcome coffee!  :p It felt so good after the long travel!

Now Zoe and Kirin are calling me to come and see everything!  :)
See you soon again, dear mom! Greetings to everyone at home!

Your Jeremy

Posted Feb 14, 2012, 10:45 am
Hei äiti! (Hi, mom!)  :D
Happy Valentine´s day from your little tiger!  :)

It´s funny - here in Finland they don´t really spend the Valentine´s day, they have instead "Ystävänpäivä", which means "day of friends". So people here are remembering their friends today, not so much the lovers.  ;) I think it is nice.
The temperatures have been enjoyable! Between -15 and -20 degrees - just suitable for little tigers to play outside!  :D
Zoe and Kirin have been showing me around the yard and the village, although there is not much else to see at this time of the year than snow, snow and more snow!  :rolleyes:But it is rather beautiful, I think.

This little building has been a cereal storage some couple of hundred years ago.

Zoe told me there is GNOMES living in it!  :thinking:
It is a tradition to leave porridge for them in evenings, and it has always disappeared, which "prooves the gnomes have ate it!" says Zoe. Hmmm.. I have to find out more about this!
Here we are climbing along the ladders onto the roof of an old hencoop.  :D
From there we have a good view over the yard.  :) In summertime it must be a nice place to sit and drink coffee. Henna has even put here a table and two benches for that purpose.  :D
We went for a walk along the small village road.  :)
We walked to the shore of the nearest lake called Sahajärvi, but it was on ice and it has been snowing so much that all we could see was snow, and this hibernating boat!  :D
We walked along, the road lead us trough forests.. half of the time we were running and sliiiiiiiiiiding along the icy road.  :D
This is the "big village road" (like the villagers call it) along which the village bus takes people to Leppävaara or Espoon keskus.  :)

Now you know in how isolated place we really live here in, mom!  ;)
We hopped to the forest to admire these icicles we saw hanging from a rock.  :)
It wasn´t easy to climb along the icicle, but I managed!  ;)
We started to play we were living in ice age.  :D This was our rock shelter home, from where we went to hunt for mastodonts!
I, of course, was a saber tooth tiger!  B) Maybe a Smilodon californicus.  :rolleyes:
Zoe said in that case she was the "prehistoric giant terror bird", Titanis walleri.  :rolleyes:
Kirin was trying to find some predatory foreparent, but couldn´t. "Although my great auntie was rather frightening".
Here I´m lurking, ready for any mastodonts happen to pass by!  ;)
But there wasn´t any! Maybe they had better things to do!  :rolleyes:
So we hopped to the village bus which we saw approaching on the road, and went to hunt for something else!
Laskiaispulla!  :p
It is a bun, which has whipped cream and strawberry jam or marsipane between the halves, and very very njammy!
Much better than mastodont!  :)
A valentine kiss for you!

Your Jeremy  :stare:


Posted Feb 20, 2012, 3:45 pm
Hyvää Laskiaista, äiti!  :D

Laskiainen in Finland is related to the Carnevals elsewhere.
The history is the same - it was here too a celebration before starting the fasting, but people here are not fasting much anymore,
since Finland was converted into the lutheran belief some 500 years ago.

Here they don´t have masques nor samba, but lots of different traditions instead.  ;)
The most important Laskiais tradition is to go to a sleighing hill!  :D

In old times it had a magical meaning, and everyone who just was able to move, even the old grannies, went to the hill and slided down with whatever - there wasn´t usually enough sleighs for everyone, so people slided down withs pieces of cardboard, wooden planks, trays..
So of course we headed to the sleighing hill too!  B)
While sliding down the hill in Laskiainen, we have to shout:
"HUROOOOO PITKIÄ PELLAVIA!!" :D And it is the better the longer down we slide. ;-)
That is a magic ritual to make the flax grow long next summer!  :thinking:

After practising a bit we were all able to shout that understandably. ;)
I´m sure the flax will grow super long - we were shouting so much!
Then there is another tradition saying that after coming away from the hill we should shut our mouths totally, not say anything at all, not even make any kind of sounds!  :rolleyes:
The one who first forgets and says something, is going to get the most mosquito bites next summer! :D

So we were all trying to fool each other into saying something.. Pfff!  :D Zoe fooled poor Kirin to shout by dropping a lump of snow onto her neck.  :rolleyes:
Then we started to build things out of snow. ;)
We had some architectual disagreement about what we were building -  a snow castle or a snow lantern - and so we ended up into building both. ;-)
The snow was still not quite optimal for building - it should be zero degrees, but it still is about -2, but we managed to build anyway. :D
So this is the lantern, although it can work as a castle too. :D
And this is the castle no enemy can invade! ;)
Because it is occupied by the valiant toyvyager troop you see here!  ;)
Besides, we also have a huge larder of snowballs ready if someone happens to try! ;)
We lit a fire in front of our castle! :)
We were dancing round the fire!
And singing awful, wild, secret toyvoyager songs. ;)
In the evening we lit a candle to the snow lantern too. :)
Isn´t it beautiful, mom?
The night of the Laskiainen is wild too. ;)
We headed again to the sliding hill trough the darknes! We lighted the hill with candles, and oh, mom, it felt
so magical to be sliding between them in the dark night!
It was so easy to imagine the forest spirits standing on the edge of the dark forest,
watching us..
So our Laskiainen was full of snow and fire. ;)
It was a magical celebration!  :)

See you soon again, dear mom!
Your Jeremy


Posted Feb 23, 2012, 7:41 pm
Terveisiä Suomesta, äiti!  :) (Greetings from Finland, mother!)

We went yesterday to Helsinki. It was quite awful weather! Windy and raining wet sleet that came horisontally straight against our faces!  :mad:
Here we are in front of the Helsinki main railway station. Yes, it is the building there behind the snowpiles.  :rolleyes:
Everything is covered with snow, and now when the temperatures have came up around zero degrees, the snow is very wet and very heavy, and dangerous too.  :thinking:

There is tons and tons of it on the roofs.. one woman just died in Helsinki because a ton of snow and ice fell over her from a roof. So we were walking carefully, keeping an eye on any threatening looking roofs.
We walked to see the Helsinki main lutheran cathedral.  In finnish it is called "Suurkirkko". (= big church!)  ;) White church in middle of white world.  :D
Here are the stairs leading up to the cathedral, although it can be hard to believe.  :D
Look at this, mom! Someone had written the name of the city by showelling snow away from the stairs!  :D
We hopped into a tram and watched from the window people fighting their way trough the snow.  :rolleyes:
We hopped for a short surprise visit to Hennas mothers place. This is the view from the livingroom window.  :)
Hennas mother put us to sit in a doll pram with all sorts of toys and giggled to our puzzled faces.  :rolleyes:
Then we met some very nice dolls who are always happy to talk with toyvoyagers.  :)
Then Hennas mother wanted to put shoes on my paws. And then she was giggling more.  :rolleyes:
I liked  this painting on the wall.
Then we were given "laskiaispulla"s!  :p
I think Henna mother really likes little toys.  :rolleyes:
Then we came back to Nuuksio by a train and a bus.
It was Hennas turn to play in the snow.
She build this rather funnylooking snowperson. :rolleyes:
See you soon again, dear mom!
A warm hug from Jeremy!  :stare:

Posted Feb 28, 2012, 12:31 am

Hyvää iltaa, rakas äiti!  :D (Good evening, dear mother!)
Can you guess where we are in this picture?  B)
Oh yes, we are up on a roof!  :D
Henna went to help the nearest neighbor, who is an old guy, to showel the snow down from his roof, and we went with her, of course.
Following the path starting behind my back we come to our own little cottage.  :)
We were watching the views while Henna was showelling, and helping her by shouting supporting comments.  :rolleyes:
Then we went for a walk. First we took a bus to Leppävaara, which is a bigger suburban area, and from there we walked to the sea shore and then some kilometers over the ice.

In Leppävaara I saw this nice shop window.  :D
Here we are walking towards the seashore, trough the habitated area. Rather similar little red cottage this than our own.  :)
We tested this birdhouse to see if it would be a nice recidence.  ;)
We walked past Akseli Gallén-Kallelas ateljé. He was one of the greatest painters of the finnish national romantism period some hundred years ago.  :)
Then we came to the sea shore and started our way over it.
There had been people skiing.  :)
The wind was blowing the snow and forming small dunes over the ice.  :)
The reeds of the shores looked golden in the sun..  :)
We saw a bridge too, but it was pretty unnessessary at the moment!  :D
We walked trough an island with nice pine forest.  :)
There we saw something interesting. Do you know what this is, mom?  :thinking:
It is where people go ice swimming!  :thinking:
There is a machine keping the water on the move, so that it doesn´t get properly on ice, but it is really icy!
Do you feel tempted to hop in for a little refreshing swim, mom? :stare:  I do not!
We left the ice and walked trough Munkkiniemi, which is a part of Helsinki.
We saw a house where they had just dropped the snow from the roof, and I took this pic for you to see how much snow there was up on the roof.  :rolleyes:
We walked to the Helsinki harbour. There was some ships in the ice. This one works as a restaurant nowadays. :)
You can see there far away couple of the big ships which go to Sweden and Estonia.  :)
Sometimes they need help of the icebreaker ships to get in and out of the harbour.
Then we saw the Esplanade park, which is one of the most popular places to spend time in summer evenings. Not much people there now.  ;)
The benches weren´t very inviting to linger on..  :rolleyes:
So we went to linger in a café instead!  :p

Warm hug to you, mom!
Your little snow tiger.  :stare:

Posted Mar 19, 2012, 11:04 am
Boa tarde, mãe!  :D
I´m writing from Portugal so I have to practise my portuguese!  ;)
This doesn´t look much like Portugal, and it is not.  :D Here we are still in Finland, like you propably guessed.
So we were there practising our funny wintery trips.. here we are hugging a pine tree, some people say it gives you energy. Never know.  ;)
So we were walking in the forests an on the ice..
We saw the first vague signs of spring (the melting ice).
Do you know what this is, mom?  :D
It is a snow shoe! Henna was learning to walk with those and we were giggling like hell.
Then we were suddenly dragged onto the airport!  :thinking: Henna had bought some last minute - cheap tickets and was running to get into the plane, and we were bumping against each other in her backbag, mur!  :thinking:
But when we get to the airport we found out that the plane was hours late..  :rolleyes:
So we had all the time in the world to watch the planes coming and leaving and being washed.  :)
As a little toyvoyager one has to be very fast while moving amongst the hippopotamus -like turists! They certainly don´t watch where they are stepping.
On the other hand, they are also dropping lots of interesting things from their pockets when they run like headless hens.
We started looting the floor between their feet and found masses of sweets and coins with which we could buy more sweets.  ;)
Soon our bellies were so full we could only sit down. After 10 minutes of silent sitting Henna got worried (or sarcastic) and asked should she maybe take us to see the airport doctor. Hah hah.  :rolleyes:
Then we found a coffee automat, which was giving FREE drinks!  :cyclops: And not only coffee, but also hot choc, and "wiener coffee" and tea.
After some mugfuls we felt ready to terrorize the surroundings again.  ;)
We were driwing around with this cart, fast and faster. Do you see, mom, what the cart says? "No brakes!"  :D
When we at last got into the plane it was quite dark and we were all rather sleepy.
I could not even see anything trough the window. So we started to sleep and slept trough the whole flight. Or tried to sleep, there was a guy snoring like a tractor sitting in front of us! Until I sneaked under his seat and bit his toes every time he tried to start snoring.  :D
Here I´m waiting for the luggage in Lisbon airport.
Then we took a taxi to Laranjeiro, where we live here in Portugal, but about that I didn´t know anything, I was asleep in Hennas pocket and only woke up next morning when Zoe rolled me away from the bed.
We went to watch out from the balcony.
We went for a walk to watch around - into what kind of place we had landed.  :)
See this, mom? A tuned old Vespa! Wow! I want one like this!  :D
We met some aboriginals..  ;)
And admired local vegetation.
And peeped into a farmers market.
..were me met some choc easter bunnies. They were very sweet, ha ha.  :rolleyes:
And came to the riverfront of river Tejo. We saw the city of Lisbon on the opposite shore.
We took a ferry over the river and went to see something about Lisbon too.  :) Zoe was working as our guide, she has been here already sometimes.  :D
Here we are sitting on Praça do Comércio, where Zoe led us, although she was telling us it was "Praça dos kiwi birds" and built in honor of the wonderful and rare animal, kiwi.  :rolleyes:
Actually this was the economical centrum of Lisbon, where the sailboats came with their exotic loads of spices and gold and whatnot they have robbed from different parts of the world.  :thinking:
I must say I liked Zoes version more than the reality.
In middle of the square there is a statue of King José I riding a horse, or maybe I should say a statue of a valiant horse carrying some bimbo in her back.
All the buildings round the square were originally the headcontors of the shipping companies and banks and such.. haha, originally the square was a place were they were hanging unwanted people - those with different religious or political views. I detect there some nice symbolics about on what the wealth was built.
This square is also where the Republican Party members shot the last king of Portugal 1908.  ;)
This is a triumphal arch, only I don´t know what triumph it is celebrating, because the Wikipedia doesn´t tell and Zoe says it was built to commemorate the victory of kiwi birds over the invasive ants. :rolleyes:
This is Sé de Lisboa, kinda main cathedral.
The whole name seems to be Igreja de Santa Maria Maior, and its building satrted 1147, using the material of the mosque the moors had built there during the moorish occupation.  :rolleyes:
Then it has been rebuilt and remodelled about zillion times and suffered many earthquakes and rebuilt again.
They have pierced these small doors trough which normal mortals go in and out. I don´t know when the big doors themselves are opened. Maybe when some cardinal is coming in the head of a prosession or something.  :rolleyes:
Well, we tought we are at least as important visitors than some cardinal and started to bang the big doors..  B)
And then we were running and giggling because there was a church worker totally lacking the sense of humour who got really pissed off when he saw us.
We walked on, watching the houses and the people.
We saw some nice old tiles.
And a beautiful view over the old city.  :)
Then we were ready to go back to home.

I´ll try to make an uppdate soon again, mom, although we are having some technical troubles.  :p

Kisses from Jeremy!  :stare:


Posted Apr 8, 2012, 6:28 pm
Hello, dear mommy!  :)

I came here to wish you a good easter!  :)
These flowers are for you!  :stare:
A hug from the whole gang!  :)

Your Jeremy

Posted Apr 11, 2012, 3:30 pm
Bom dia, mãe amada!  :)

We visited Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa,  Lisbon zoo!  :D
I was very excited, because I wasn´t sure if there would be any tigers there or not.
It is a nice zoo - rather green, and the animals had lots of room, although of course there always could be more..
The first animal I encountered was a bison (Bison bison). She/he (I don´t know) was in a lazy mood, just laying in the sun.
I went to ask from her/him "Hello! What kind of animal are you? Are you some sort of cow?" She/he just turned her/his head slowly, stared at me and said "I´m a bison. And what are you then, some sort of pussykins?" MUR!  :rolleyes: But I guess it was right for me.
Then I met some turtles, but I just passed them fastly because it seemed they were having a private moment..  :rolleyes:
Then I saw some giraffes, and I immediately remembered Kirin..  :)
So I greeted them and we were chatting this and that.  :)
They had little babies too!  :D
Then I saw a very big turtle. I asked from her if she had seen any tigers, and she answered "Oh yes!"
"Where?" asked I.
"What? Just there!" said she and pointed at me.  :rolleyes:
Heh heh! So funny, so funny..
The flamingos weren´t very helpful either. All they could talk about was shrimps.  :rolleyes:
The rhinoceros was asleep and snoring.  ;)
But the elephants had a suggestion to make.  :)
"Why don´t you take a driwe in the little cablecars?" they asked.  :D
Hah that made me giggle so much because that is the forum name of my mom - Little Cable Cars!  :D
It seemed like a good idea - maybe I could spot the tigers from the cablecar.
So I went for a driwe.  :D
It was very fun too! The cable route went round the whole area, and I enjoyed the views.  :)
Some young stupidos were hopping and jumping in their car so much that they had to stop the whole system, and we were hanging there some minutes.  :thinking:
Really, they were behaving so much worse than their cousins the simpanzes and orang utans in the zoo!
I wonder why are they in the cages and these bimbos in the cable cars.. should be the other way round.  :p
Then I saw them! I saw the tigers below!  :D
Then I was just waiting imptiently the driwe to come to it´s end.  :rolleyes:
And then I run to meet them!  :D
The tiger was having a nap when I came there, but I started to call her.
Soon she heard me and came nearer.  :)
"Hello, little friend!" said she.  :D
"Where are you coming from?"
I told her I´m a toyvoyaging tiger and coming from San Francisco.
So, she took a comfy position and started to tell me about herself.
Se told me she is a siberian tiger (or tigress) (Panthera tigris altaica), and that she belongs to the largest existing tiger species, but even so there is only 250 wild adults left in the world!  :o
Many other tiger species have already disappeared, and for example South China tiger is almost extinct - there is only 59 of them left, and they all live in zoos.
I had not realised our situation is quite that bad.  :(
I said good bye to her and went to see even more rare cousins.
Mom, look!  :D
They are just like me! White tigers with blue eyes!
They were delighted to see me too!  :D They were wellcoming me as a lost and found cousin and asked me whose baby I am.  :rolleyes: Hrm-hrm! I told them I´m an independent toyvoyager white tiger, even if I am small!

They told me that we, white tigers, are considered holy amongst most people.  :cyclops: Did you know that, mom?
There is even shrines for our glory in many places..  :stare:

Zoe and Krystal were looking a bit pissed of when I told them they still don´t need to bow in front of me, it is enough if they bring me coffee to bed every morning.  ;)

They were chasing me round the tiger cage a few rounds.
Then it was time for us to go home and eat something! We were all starving!  ;)

See you soon again, mom!
A warm hug from Jeremy  :)


Posted Apr 18, 2012, 9:02 pm
O muito bom dia para ti, mãe! (A very good day to you, mother!)  :D

It is your little voyaging tiger writing here, although it is pretty hard because Zoe and Krystal are tickling me and pulling my tail - they want me to go and play hide and seek with them.  :rolleyes:

One evening we were watching a very scary film called "Mars attacks", and next night Krystal and Zoe were sure there was monsters under the bed and didn´t let me sleep either.  :mad:
I told them there is no monsters, but they said "Yes there are!" I told them, pissed off, that if there is a monster I´m a flower fairy. But I should have not!  :thinking:
Next day we were walking towards the train station to go to Sintra, and suddenly this monster emerged from the water!  :thinking: It was grinning at me madly and rolling its eyes round and making gurgling sounds. I thought it better to retreat.  :rolleyes: We run towards the station.

Zoe and Krystal were exchancing glances and I knew there was troubles ahead.  :rolleyes:
Then we were waiting for the train to come..
.. when another monster appeared suddenly!  :thinking:
This one was yellow and it tried to eat me!  :o
Happily the train came, and we run to it, and sat panting for some time!
Then we were watching the views from the window. Here we are crossing the river Tejo.
No one was saying anything about the monsters we had just seen, witch was rather unnatural!  :thinking: But I was kinda happy with the situation, remembering the comments I had made the night before.. :rolleyes:
Then we arrived to Sintra, which is a very charming little town about 30 kilometers from Lisbon.
We were walking trough the historical center, seeing old houses and nice fountains.
We peeped into a yard, where they had this very impressive bench with a lion, and a competition of camellias going on.  :)
Everything was pretty normal.  :)
Until this alien fauna suddenly walked amongst the bushes, and we were running again!  :thinking:
Then when we were sitting and resting after the run, they started it..  :rolleyes:
"So, is there monsters or is there not?" they asked from me, and I had to answer that "yes, there seems to be".
"So, are you a flower fairy then, huh?" they asked next and I had to say "I guess I am".  :rolleyes:
They started to collect all sorts of flower petals, oh dear..  :rolleyes:
And then they dressed me as a flower fairy!  :thinking:
And then they were giggling so much they fell to the ground holding their bellies.  :rolleyes: I think they must have made some sort of pact with the monsters!

Mommy, sometimes it is hard to be the only guy in a house full of girls!  :rolleyes:
Not that I had anything against flowers, or girls, vice versa!  :D I just hope the flower fairy pics don´t find their way inside the tiger comunity!  :rolleyes:
After Zoe and Krystal were able to move again from their giggling, we walked trough the park, admiring all the flowers and the camellia petals sailing over a little pond.  :)
And then we were all little flower fairies!  :D
We made our way trough a jungle.  :D
And saw some wonderfully smelling acasias!  :)
Then we climbed over a wall and landed on a private property.  :rolleyes:
And started to follow a path.  :)
There was growing wonderful trees!  :D
I was admiring everything!  :)
Every now and then we walked over higher hills from where we could see far.
The mimosas were in bloom too!  :)
We were having a great picnic under the trees.  :p
After which the world was going faster along its route round the sun.  :rolleyes:
Zoe led us in front of a steep cliff and told  us to climb.
We climbed, but both my head and stomach felt heavier than usually.  :rolleyes:
Huh! We had to sit for a while, and Zoe told us this hill is called Monte da Lua - the Moon Mountain, and that it is a pagan holy place.
The archaeologists have found many items from here which have to do with the lunar cult in prehistorical times.  :p
Here we are near the top. Beautiful, isn´t it?  :)
There is ruins of a castle on the top the moors build here when they were invading the Iberian peninsula in mediaeval times.  :) It is called Castelo dos Mouros, the moorish castle, surprise surprise.  :rolleyes:
The local stones seemed to have eyes!  :thinking: I was waiting some monstrous activity again, but no, no monsters after my turning into a flower fairy. Dubious.  ;)
We were wandering up and down the castle walls, although the world was still spinning a bit too much.  :rolleyes:
Can you see the Sintra town down there?  :D
Behind my back you can see the Palácio da Pena, the Pena palace, which is a royal palace the portuguese kings built in the 19th century after the images they had in their heads after reading too many fairytale books as kids.  ;)
We were still running around and admiring the views and giggling to the turists.  ;) We saw two women who had put on high heels when they came to climb here! Can you imagine?  :thinking:
When we had investigated every nook and corner we started to climb back down.  :)
Here is still a view to the town of Sintra.  :)
On our way back to the trainstation we saw this little house where the fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen lived in the 1880´s  :)
I found still a floer for you, mom!  :stare:

See ou soon again, mom! Kisses from Jeremy!  :)

Posted May 14, 2012, 10:35 am
Hei, rakas äiti! (Hi, dear mother!)  :D
I wish you are well!

Ha ha, mom, we flew to Finland to make some pancakes over the fire.! ;)
Here we are in Lisbon airport watching our aeroplane to get ready to take us in.  :)
We flew with TAP which is a portuguese company.
It was pretty cloudy and we could not see much trough the window.
But there was an ecrane where we could follow our flying route.
It tooks a bit over four and half hour to fly from Portugal to Finland, which are the northern and southern ends of Europe.  :)
Here you can see all the countries over which we were flying.
We were watching the safety instructions.
Then we started to talk about how it would be great to jump one day with a parachute and started planning how to steal one of Hennas bedsheets..  :rolleyes:
The sky got clearer and we spent rest of the flight watching the earth spreading itself down there.
When we were flying over the Alps I tried to spot the snowman.  :rolleyes:
Back in Finland we went to see how the spring was getting forward.
There was still some snow, but the first flowers were already pushing trough it.  :D
The heavy load of snow had fell some pines behind the cottage.
And a deer who had clearly skipped the potty training had visited the yard.  :thinking:
The little brook was not so little anymore..  :D

It was pretty interesting to see how the landscapes I had only seen in the vintertime looked now in the early spring!
So we took some necessary provisions with us and made a trip to the sea shore in Porkkala.  :)
The sea was still partly covered with a thin layer of ice.
And we saw a small sauna which had sailed there during the autumn storms from who knows where.  :)
Of course I just HAD to try the firmnes of the ice.. :rolleyes:
It was very fun until my toes got wet.
The water temperature must have been near zero degrees, and you know, mom, how much I detest cold water.  :mad:

So I got back to the dry land rather fast, and we started to build a fire.
Here we are collecting dry twigs and branches to start the fire. There was so much fallen branches on the ground after the winter that it was totally unnessessary to chop firewood.  :)
Soon we had the fire burning and the coffee water heating.  ;)
The warmth of the fire felt wonderfull.  :)
Can you see the steam rising from my poor toes, mom?  :stare:
Aah, black coffee, just like I love it!  :p It never tastes better than when it is made in an open fire!

Funny, by the way, that almost any food tastes better outside!
Then we went to investigate the surroundings a bit more and found out that on the other side of the cape the sea was already open.  :D
"Hello, blue sea! Nice to see you again!" we said.  :)
The sea answered by glistening even more joyoysly in the sun. The summer is coming!  :D
So we went to play with the waves.  :)
We were hopping from stone to stone, trying to avoid the water.  :rolleyes:
But of course that was impossible - soon we all had our toes wet, and the water still was near zero degrees - and so we had to go and build up the fire again.  :rolleyes:
Here you can see three little voyagers with wet toes!  ;)

We were all feeling kinda peckish, and since we happened to have dragged with us eggs, milk, a big frying pan and a kilo of flour, we decided to make pancakes.  ;)
Can you see, mom? My first pancake is frying here!  :p
We attacked every pancake as soon as it get ready!  :p
Mums mums!  :D
After five pancakes per voyager we sat down to drink some glögi and then we had still some pancakes more.  :rolleyes:
What was left (which wasn´t very much!) we hanged to the nearby trees as a spring gift for the crows and seagulls.  :)
We found the first blue anemones!  :D
They looked a bit thirsty, and we fetch them water from a pool.
The sun showed up and we were sitting in the rocks  enjoying it.  :)
Then it was time to go back to our home in Nuuksio.  :)

I´m sure, mom, that you would have loved our pancakes too!
I´ll fry you some in future!  ;)
Kisses from Jeremy.  :stare:


Posted May 21, 2012, 11:39 am
Hei/Hello/Olá, dear mom!  :D

Your little tiger here is travelling in so fast speed there and back over Europe that he has already started to speak a funny pidgin language, mixing english, finnish and portuguese words.  ;)
Actually, we are all speaking like that nowadays and having lots of fun with it.
I´ve met two cats.
First  one was this hostile kitten who lives with Hennas mother. In this pic she is showing of, frustrated because I didn´t agree with her plans of eating Zoe:thinking:
Instead of the suggested kiwi bird meal I was devouring this delicious dish of salmon and potatoes.  :p
The other cat I met lives with a friend of Henna. He leads a double life. At night time he is a flying saucer driwer in the TPTC -  transplanetary public transport company.
Or that is what he said.  :thinking:
We were making more little trips to see how the spring was spreading over the land.
And eating more njammy snacks around fire places.  ;)
Her I´m eating a pumpernickel.
And here we are having delicious little potatoes we fried on the fire.  :p
The spring was gaining strength every day when the days got longer.  :) there was more and more blue anemones in our yard.
A sea of them!  :D
And do you know what this is, mum?  :stare:
It is a rhubarb pushing up from the earth!
Soon there will be rhubarb soup! :p
Then went to search for false morels, but it was still too early..
All snow melted away and run to the sea along the rivers. Good bye! Wellcome back next winter!  :)
We were camping couple of days in a tent we build up with pinched towels.  ;)
The first little lizard of the spring came for a visit.  :D
It had just woken up after hibernating whole winter and it was very hungry! We helped her to catch some flies.  :)
We wellcomed the first crocuses.  :)
And drew to the nearest "center" (= a village with 500 inhabitants) to eat "korvapuustis" (kind of buns).  ;)
And then guess what, mum. We flew again to Portugal!  :stare:
First day in Portugal we took part into a demonstration.  B)
Here the red carnations are always part of demonstrating, commemorating the 1974 Carnation Revolution, when the dictatorship was overthrown.
We were singing "O povo unido jamais será vencido".  :)
And then we were sitting in the table of little kiosk and trying a local drink called "Ginja" which is made of sour cherries.
And I think we also opened the bottle of "Salmiakkikossu" we had bought with us from Finland as a souvenier, but I don´t remember so well..  :rolleyes:
But next morning when I woke up someone had painted a red heart onto my tail, with lipstick, I think.  :thinking:
I have a suspicion Zoe and Krystal might know something about it.
Anyway, Henna commanded me into a bath.  :mad:
Zoe and Krystal were washing even my ears and then I had to take a shower!  :thinking:
They even put some hair conditioner into my fur so that now I´m smelling of flowers!
"I am a tiger and I wash myself like all cats do, by licking myself!" I told them. But they just said "Jaiks!"  :rolleyes:
Then they wanted to comb and brush my fur..
And middle of all this Henna came in and said I´m cute!  :rolleyes:
Maybe all this combing and fur conditioning has its bright side too..
Do you think I´m cute too, mom?  :stare:

Many kisses from your (cute) Jeremy.  ;)


Posted May 25, 2012, 5:09 pm
Olá de novo, querida mamã! (Hello again, dear mom!)  :D

Como estás? How are you? Estou muito bem. (I´m very well.)  :)
Here you can see your little mechanic regulating the electric current in the city of Lisbon. Krhm!  B)

In a way that is true too, because I´m visiting the Museum of electricity in Lisbon and it is here where all the electricity to Lisbon was coming from hundred years ago.  :)
It is a very impressive building, full of interesting looking stairs, pipes and machinery.  :)
Being honest, I didn´t understand very much about them, but I was admiring their special beauty.
Like some piece of modern sculpture.  B)
Or a sight from a 1920´s "futuristic" film about space travelling.  :rolleyes:
One could easily get lost here!  :thinking:
Or hide behind all these things for some generations and turn into a new species
without no one realizing anything!  B)

Actually I think I saw there some enormous rats with self-luminous whiskers and using some mysterious equipment!  :thinking:

Just kidding. Pfffff!  :D I think.  :thinking:
I saw a workman in clothing which looked like being from a time hundred years ago.
Maybe some part of the odd machinery was a time machine and I had been sent backwards in time.  :thinking:
I saw the guy opening a hatch and went to see nearer.
It was some kind of huge owen full off burning coal.
I hopped in to try in real life the theory I had been reading
about the trick how to walk over burning coal.
Quite easy!  :stare: Just need to concentrate..

Just kidding again!  :D
I didn´t go even near the burning coal, but I saw more of those guys in oldmodish working outfits..  :thinking:
And a little boy too, also in funny clothes.
Besides, he was clearly underaged for so heavy work!  :thinking:

I watched out from a window..
.. and became convinced that I really had moved backwards in time.  :thinking:

Maybe it was those rats with the odd equipment..  :thinking:
I saw more of that odd folk.  :thinking:
And decided I better find those rats again..
I went to search for them near the place where I thought
I had seen them..
And when I peeped out from another window I realised I really need to find them FAST!  :o
I was running now!

And saw one of those odd rats gesturing to me, showing me a glass ball, full of blue light!
I hopped over the ball!
..and was sucked into a time continuum.
On the other end of it there was a platefull of spaghetti and eggplant with cheese filling.  :D :p

Or that is what I told to Zoe and Krystal when they asked me about the museum visit.  B)  :D
;)  Well, just because of the bath some days ago..  :rolleyes: They looked a bit suspicious.

What do you think, mom?  :stare:
Kisses from Jeremy! :)


Posted Jun 6, 2012, 10:17 am
Kukkuu, mãe!  :D

I wish you are as well as I am, and I'm splendid!  :D
I have made two new friends.  :D
This guinea pig is one of them. She is named Guilhermina (can you imagine  :rolleyes:) and she is a very affectionate animal.
This elderly cat lady was a bandit in her younger days.  :)
Now she is already retired and came to spend here the rest of her days.
Here she is taking care of her personal hygiene.
18 years of age and still that elastic! Wow!  :o
We have all been helping Henna and Maria in the house.
I have for example been doing the shopping in he farmers market.  :)
I´m smelling all the melons to find out if they have the wonderful, sweet smell, which tells they are ripe and delicious.  :p
This is what I bought from the market.  :D
Wonderful, juicy apricots!  :p
Delicious, sweet strawberries!  B)
The best cherries I have ever eaten!  :p
I also bought the invitingly smelly cheese, but the olives are from the trees of Marias parents.  :)
Her mother has prepared them herself.
Then we took the little ferry to Lisbon over river Tejo.
The weather was cloudy and sending little showers of rain over us, but we had a mission to do.  :)
We went to search for certain flowers!  ;)
We saw beautiful camomillas.  :)
And spiky opuntias. (Too spiky!  :mad: )
An glowing pelargonias.  :D
And also these nasturtiums.  :)
Did you know, mom, that they are edible? They are good in salads and they have vitamin C.
Some people even put them over pizza.  :rolleyes:
This bunch is what we were collecting and it is for you, mom.  :stare:
It is a tradition here to collect this kind of bunch in the "Dia de Espiga" which means the day of the Thursday of the Ascension.

The flowers in it symbolize different things:
Ear of a grain plant  - bread
Poppy - love and life
Olive branch - light and peace
Wine leaves - joy
Marigold - wealth
Rosemary - health and strength

I wish all of these for you!  :)
Then we were grilling some salmon for our dinner.  :p
We were having some boiled potatoes, carrots and cauliflower with the salmon.
We sprinkled olive oil and lemon over everything in portuguese style.
Njammy!  :p
Then we made some fresh coffee.  :)
And had it with choc cake.  ;)
I hope strawberries and choc cake are part of your summer joys too, mom!  :)

See you soon again!
Kisses from Jeremy.  ;)

Posted Jun 19, 2012, 12:52 am
Hei rakas äiti!  :)
"I wish this finds you as it leaves me!" I just read this magnificent sentence in an old book and thought it useful.  :D

It was time to say good by to Portugal again.
Here we are having a "bica" in the Lisbon airport.  :) That is the most common way to have coffee in Portugal. It is rather strong and the cup is almost toyvoyager sized.
People were watching us, when we glided stylishly on the escalators like big cosmopolitans.  B)
Ha ha, we turned our noses towards the ceiling and started to talk nonsense, like "But you have to take in account also the statutory formatting of the portofolio, and the paragraph 7 conserning the coloring of socks."  :rolleyes:
Good by, Portugal!  :)
It was a bit sad to leave again so soon, but on the other hand, we were all very eager to see if the summer had arrived meanwhile to Finland!  :D
Here I´m trying to watch the air hostesses appealingly with my endearing kitten eyes so that they would bring us soon something to eat.  :rolleyes:
It worked!  :p (Who could resist blue kitten eyes?)
When we arrived to Finland we found both a new toyvoyager mate and the northern summer waiting for us!  :D

Here is Brownbeard, standing between Zoe and Krystal.
And the wonderful northern summer is everywhere around us!  :) It is in these forget-me-nots..
.. and in the unbelievable fragnance of the lillies of the valley.  :)
It is in the birds and squirrels busying everywhere, collecting food for their babies, and in these glorious buttercups, who look like little suns.  :)
Until they are ready to be blown to fly and to spread seeds for new little suns over the fields for next summer.  :)
The fresh greenness felt so wonderful and inviting after the already somewhat hot Lisbon, that we couldn´t wait, but just dived into it, into the forest!  :)
Have you ever become drunk of nature, mom?  :stare: I think we really were. Or maybe we were drunk of summer, I don´t know. But I know we were all giddy, laughing out loud out of pure delight, dancing and singing..  :)
.. and running onto treetops and roaming under fallen trees, and saying "Good day!" to every ant we encountered..  :D
.. and played to be ents from Tolkiens Middle Earth.  :D
Then we came to the lake shore, and grew suddenly silent in front of the beauty of the landscape.  :)
So we just sat there for some time and listened the dragonflies making sounds like small helicopters, the bumblebees buzzing and the waterbirds honking on the lake, and let the summer in to fill us.  :)
But of course that kind of silence is not a very natural state for four lively toyvoyagers, and soon we were hopping again.  :)
The little stream was singing happily too when we jumped over it from stone to stone.  :)
Filled with summer or not, we all soon felt a certain emptines in our stomachs and decided to build up a fire to make something to eat and drink.  ;)
Soon we had coffee water heating and a frying pan ready to make pancakes.  :D
Oh it was hard to wait them to get ready!  :thinking:
But they were just perfect! A bit burned here and a bit raw there - just like they have to be made in a forest on an open fire!  :p Njam Njam!
We were also having carelian pastries, which are a traditional food from eastern Finland. They were very good too.  :p
Then we had some very sweet portuguese tangerines we had brought with us to Finland.  ;)
We started to head back towards home, but not along the straightest route!  :D
There was so many things to watch and touch and smell.
I just love the smell of newly ploughed, dark earth!  :D
And also the smell of newl cut trees. Although it is sad to see cut trees..  :thinking:
I´ll write soon again, mom!
Have a joyoys summer too!
Your Jeremy  :)

Posted Jun 27, 2012, 11:52 am
Hello, mum!  :D

I wish you are well!
We have been enjoying the finnish summer a lot.
Although it has been a "traditional" finnish summer weather too - raining most days, and aproximately 15 degrees warm and a horrible amount of mosquitoes everywhere - I´m full of bumps!  :thinking: - but what does that matter when everything is green and fresh and full of life!  :D
One day we walked to Helsinki.  :)
Well, we didn´t walk all the way, because it is about 30 km from Nuuksio where we live, we took a bus first to Leppävaara and from there we walked along the sea shores, maybe 15 kilometers alltogether.
The landscapes were very beautiful, and we saw many rowing boats and waterbirds and some icecream boots.  ;)
But also some international, not so pleasant symbolism.  :rolleyes:
We saw also these small airplanes in their own harbour.  :)
Then we saw a VERY inviting looking little café.  :D
We were having some buns and coffee and watching over the beautiful bay.  :)
They had a block of flats for birds!  :D What a swell idea! This could do as a toyvoyager hotel too!  ;)
Then we came to a harbour where there is some old sailing boats.
One of them was just coming from the sea.  :)
This one could be a pirate ship.  :)
This is an old lighthouse ship, which was anchored into dangerous spots when a storm was coming to warn the other ships about underwater stones.  :)
We walked over a little bridge, which was full of padlocks.
Henna explained to us that couples in love come here and hang there a lock as a sign of their love and commitment, and the keys are usually dropped to the sea.  :)
That sounds very romantic to me, but what if the couple divorces? Do they come here with an iron saw or what?  :rolleyes:
On the other side of the bridge we saw the Uspenski orthodox cathedral.  :)
It started to rain and we went in.  :rolleyes:
Then we continued our walk.
This building is one of the Helsinki city museums. Originally it was the summer villa of a powerful woman, Ulrika Eleonora, who lived in the 19th century.
Behind my back is the Finnish National Museum building, which looks rather like a church to me.  :)
We walked trough a park full of wonderfully smelling syringas.  :)
Then we came to the shore of Töölönlahti bay. It was formerly a bay of the sea, but when the city was growing they filling parts of the shores to gain more land, and nowadays it is more like a lake, although it still has connection to the sea trough narrow channels.  :)
The people living in Helsinki just love this place. For them it is like a little piece of countryside in middle of the capitol city.  :)
We came to the gate of Linnanmäki, which is the Helsinki amusement park, and the oldest one in Finland.
We made a stroll in the area, watching the kids running from ride to ride and exhausted parents running after them.  :rolleyes:
There was some nice fountains and lots of beautiful flowerbenches.  :)
And a lue Moomin house serving as a toy shop.  :)
We couldn´t into any of the rides, because most of them had a hight limit of 120 cm.  :rolleyes: Henna tried to hide us into her clothing, but the gatekeeper was very alert and noticed the suspicious bumps in her thin summer clothing..  :rolleyes:
But tell you the truth, it didn´t matter at all, because in my opinion we have just as much or even more fun just climbing a tree or hopping in a pile of hay.
I liked this flowerbed in the shape of a peakock.
The old merry-go-rounds with their polished paintings were the most adorable of the rides, I think.  :)
Haha, mum, do you know  :Dwhat these are?
They are giant pinecone cows! Like those kids in past were making and playing with, when they still didn´t have many toys..  :)
The masses of people and the noise soon started to get on our nerves, although it was nice to see all the happy children.
So we just had some more buns and then headed back towards home.  :)
Here you can see the view over the Töölönlahti from the hill where the amusement park is situated.
We walked trough a park named "Lenin puisto" = Park of Lenin, after Vladimir Iljits.  :)
There was lots of rhododendrons.  :)
And a beautiful little pool.  :)
When we came back home, we found the first ripe wild strawberries in the yard!  :p

As you know, mum, I´m soon leaving towars new adventures. So I´ll make soon the last upate from Finland.  :)

Love, Jeremy  :)


Posted Jun 29, 2012, 1:47 am
Hello mommy!  :D

Hello also to my new host Zandy - I´m already on my way to you when you see this.  :)

My last days here in Finland where pretty busy. I´ll show you.
We went for example to see a mediaeval church called Pyhän Laurin kirkko. (Church of Saint Laurentius)
We walked there some kilometers along a path which followed the river Vantaa.  :)
The path was totall bordered with blooming lupines. Isn´t it beautiful?  :)
We crossed the river along a bridge. But we sat sometime watching the slowly running water.  It wasn´t running, it was lazying forward!  ;)
"You cannot cross the same river twice" said some filosofist, and "Time is a river in which I fish" said another one. We sat talking about the time and the change and were deep in a filosofical discussion when we reached the old church.
Here it is.  :)
It has been standing (or sitting, laying?) here over six hundred years. How many different rivers has it seen?  We continued on this subject and came to the conclusion that propably it had never before seen a river with a bridge with a white tiger, kiwi bird, a siberian husky and a little pirate crossing over together.  ;)
The church suffered from a fire in the 19th century, so there is not interesting old wallpaintings left.
We peeped in, but there was some meeting of priests going on and we backed of.  :rolleyes:
Then we had some buns in a café.  :p
And walked back trough a beautiful birch forest.  :)
Back in Nuuksio we enjoyed the rare sunny weather in a garden swing.  :)
We build a hut with rhubarb leaves and set a bonfire in front of it.
We decided to spend the night in it.  :)
Hennas toyvoyager Tuli, who had spent a long time in California with miss Kate, arrived back home, and me, her and Zoe had a lot to talk about the places we all know so well.  :)

Then we were doing something exiting!
We went shooting onto a target with an air rifle!  ;)
The aiming and handling the gun was a bit difficult, but I think I did quite well!  :)
Here you can see how well I hit!  B)
A neighbor called Henna and asked help. He had catched a rat into a trap and didn´t know what to do with it.

The rats are a problem. They don´t survive in finnish nature, they only live under peoples houses, where they are not wellcome because they eat the houses and spread deceaces, but people don´t want to use poison against them, because that is really nonhumane. It tooks a whole week for the rats to die and they have awful pains trough all that time. So people catch them alive, but what to do with them?  :thinking:

We were making several phonecalls, and at last found a person who was willing to take the rat to live with her.. I hope the neighor catch another rat too, so that the first one gets company..
We came back to our hut and stayed up for late night, telling stories and singing round the fire.  :)
Tuli taught us to sing a finnish song.

"Meil on metsässä nuotiopiiri          "We have a fire in the forest
missä kuusten kuiske soi.              where the spruces are whispering
Kipunat kohti tähtiä kiirii                sparks fly toward stars
lähipuutkin punervoi.                      reddening also the nearby trees.
Ja me muistamme sankariaikaa      We remember the heroes of past
sadun tenhon tunnemme, taikaa.  and feel the glamor of fairy tales
Ja kun laulumme yön yli kiirii          Our singing rangs over the night
ja kun hongat huminoi."                And the pines are humming."
Then we slept.
In the morning we had a small feast with blueberry pie and coffee Henna had arranged to say farewell to me.  :)
I said goodbye to the little cottage.  :)
And to all my friends there.  :)
Especially to Zoe, because we two are from the same corner of the earth and our mommies are good friends too.  :)
Then we pushed the boat to water.
I hopped in. Zoe gave me a lucky kiss for the trip.  B)
Then I set sail. Goodbye, goodbye!
Germany, here I come!  :D B)

See you soon again, dear mommy!
Your Jeremy  :)

Posted Aug 16, 2012, 12:53 am
Don't worry, Mom, I'm okay.  I have been hosted by a nice lady in Germany since July.  She took me to a medieval fair and gave me a wonderful surprise.  Cheerio, my dear sister, was there!  We had so much fun catching up.  The TV celebrity,  TV-TV was there, too; remember, he came to visit me just a week before I was born as a TV.  :). A lot of us became TVs because of his fame.   I have family and friends everywhere!!  ;).

Here is a photo of me and the gang taken by Yosemite, Cheerio's host.  Mom, keep a look out at Aquatic Pier, I'm rowing home!


Posted Oct 18, 2012, 1:52 am
It was a very long, rough trip back across the Atlantic Ocean, through the Panama Canal and up the Pacific Coast.  I almost ran out of fresh water, candy and cupcakes.  =o^^o=  I know it was Zoe's farewell kiss that kept me safe on my journey alone.  Farewell.  Farewell.

When I finally sailed back to Aquatic Pier, poof!  I popped out of a box at home, on stage!!


My older but smaller brother, BarryO hugged me and showed me I was inside a
magic trick
!  :). I hugged my brother-in-law, DuDu, my pals, POD-not and C.T. Mouse, Detective; and met the TVs visiting  here:  Squab, Konrad, Suomi-boy, and Lexie.  They took turns carrying my luggage, which has stickers from four countries, to my room and tucked me into bed.  They will be on Santa's nice list. ;)

It is so good to be home.

Hugs and a big kiss from

Your Pal, Jeremy

Posted Oct 22, 2012, 5:09 am

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.

T'was Grace that taught...
my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear...
the hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares...
we have already come.
T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far...
and Grace will lead us home.

The Lord has promised good to me...
His word my hope secures.
He will my shield and portion be...
as long as life endures.

When we've been here ten thousand years...
bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing God's praise...
then when we've first begun.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.


Posted Oct 22, 2012, 5:12 am
While Mom was busy in her office, we went up to the attic to see if we could find some old junk to use for Halloween costumes and decorations.  We found a wardrobe full of old clothes!  Lexie, Squab  and Suomi-boy put on sweaters while BarryO got a jacket.  Konrad put on a plaid bowtie and I picked out a fireman's hat and boots.  But Konrad and I had enough, we are guys, and won't wear anymore of that stuff. 


Posted Oct 23, 2012, 4:53 pm
The cold rainy season has started here.  Burr!  So Konrad jumped at a chance to head for a tropical climate, a place called Paradise on Earth!!

We gave him a group hug and Lexie offered to send him by magic  :o  but he decided to go by traditional ToyVoyager travelope instead.

Your Pal,



Posted Oct 28, 2012, 9:57 pm
It's good to be home.  It's me, Original Jeremy.  Lexie needs more magic lessons!  ;).  She's applying for a scholarship to ballet school instead.  Wow!  She is soooo beautiful. Yep, it's good to be home.  I'm back in time to be on the set-up committee for our annual family reunion.  My dear cousin Magic Jeremy is here already.

DuDu and his friend, POD-not are thinking about dressing as cowboys for Halloween so we baby tigers are now rodeo horses.

We did lots of hugging and took a bath with the soap Zandy sent and ate up all her candy.  Thanks, Zandy, I miss you.

Your pal,


Posted Nov 12, 2012, 3:33 am
Hey Alex,

So cool to have your own apartment!  Hope you find or make some cool furniture.  Can't wait to see it finished.  Yep, we have lots of tips.  Maybe put your lawn chair on the roof but leave room for Santa to land there on Christmas Eve.  ;).  Make a picnic up there.  Sun bathe.  Star gaze.

This is how we make a bed:  find a box top in the size you want for the base.  Gather lots of material from the charity bag for sheets, blankets and pillow cases.  We took a piece of cat bed material from an old broken cat perch, sewed it double and stuffed it for a soft mattress.  A dark brown velour blouse was cut up for bedspreads, tablecloth, pillow and bolster covers.  The headboard is a 4" x 6" picture frame covered in that same velour material.

A smaller bed has a platform made from another 4" x 6" frame.

We got lazy and never finished hemming all the sheets and bedspreads but we think it doesn't show too much.   Of course, we test the beds daily by jumping up and down. :).

Have fun, Alex,

Your friend,


Posted Nov 15, 2012, 2:07 am
Today is Lexie's last day here and we put on our outdoor gear to hike at Rodeo Beach in Marin County. Then we went home; she played a melodic bell for us and Squab did the chicken dance ;) ; we hugged a lot and she took off through the magic box. Poof!!

Don't worry, she read a book by Houdini's brother. If all goes well, she will soon appear on the most famous blue chair in all of Germany.  :)

OMG!!  What is this ....

Your pal,


Posted Nov 16, 2012, 6:29 pm
Cheerio is home!!  My sister really knows how to make an entrance! :)  We hugged a lot and settled into the living room where she showed us her new purse, postcard and what, her new baby duck!! ;) 

We hugged her and she told us of her adventures with Yosemite in Germany.  We giggled about our meeting at the medieval fair and talked on into the night.

Your pal,


Posted Nov 22, 2012, 8:23 pm
When we came back from grocery shopping, Noodles was home chatting with Miss Kitty!  Says he flew in through an open window after a 2,000 mile flight from Minnesota.  Hmm, I wonder what surprise Mom has for him; she says he has to wait a couple of weeks.  We hugged him and he showed us the goodies he brought from Jillyfish's house.  Oh boy, he brought a Minnesota pencil and enough writing paper for all of us to write our letters to Santa. 

We're going to watch the Macy Parade now while eating a bowl of pistachios.  See ya later at the Thanksgiving feast.

Many hugs to you,

Your pal,



Posted Nov 23, 2012, 2:32 am
The Thanksgiving holiday is all about gratitude and the sharing of traditional foods that goes back to the pilgrims and indigenous Americans, and farther back to religious celebrations after the Fall harvest.  In 1941 U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt set the holiday's date on the Fourth Thursday in November. 

We sat around a big table and each of us told what we are thankful for and then had a moment of silence remembering our dear friend, kcrawfish.  We are very happy to have known her. 

We enjoyed a traditional meal of salad; turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, squash, carrots, bread, cranberry sauce; several desserts, etc. 

Posted Nov 27, 2012, 8:21 pm
We saw some redwood trees in a park and relaxed in a rose garden.  Could this yellow one be "the last rose of summer"?  The park gardeners prune the rose bushes way back in January.  People come from long distances to take the cuttings home for their own yards.

Your pal,



Posted Dec 2, 2012, 9:47 pm
Monday was DuDu's birthday.  We made a cake for him and had large glasses of wine.  Having fun,

Your Pal,


Posted Dec 5, 2012, 5:16 pm
St. Nicholas Day!!

Squab showed us about putting shoes outside your door on Dec. 5.  St. Nickolas will put small gifts in the shoes while we sleep.  Did you know that American children get small gifts in stockings on December 24-25 along with bigger gifts placed under the tree?  That's a long time to wait!  DuDu says the kids in Shanghai get gifts of money in red envelopes at Lunar New Year which has dates that vary in January or February; it will be February 10 in 2013.  Suomi-boy says he has no idea what happens in Finland as he was born in August; this will be his first Christmas. :) We will read our Finnish friends' updates.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!!

Ho ho ho,

Your pal,


Posted Mar 27, 2013, 4:42 pm
Happy Springtime, Everyone,

Look what we found in the mailbox while DuDu and Rudy were out skateboarding!  It is our sister, DuDette, home from visiting three hosts in Germany.  She's jumping around fully recovered from her surgery.  :)  She showed us lots of gifts she brought back from Sabbel/+/Jenton's house; there is enough candy there for our Easter celebration.  She was very glad to be re-united with the Easter egg she got from MA_17 and her all-important driver's license. :)

She will surprise DuDu later.  :) 

Bye for now from

Your Pal Jeremy

Posted Mar 31, 2013, 2:33 am

DuDu got a tip from C.T. Mouse, Detective, about where to look for colored Easter eggs.  OMG....  DuDette popped out and DuDu fainted.

His skateboarding friend, Rudy had to resuscitate him. It's soooo nice to see DuDu & DuDette back on "their bench."   

Then we all went into the kitchen and ate hundreds of chocolate eggs.



Posted Oct 10, 2013, 6:51 am
We did a seance to see if we could conjure up the spirits of lost TVs. It was very spooky.


Posted Apr 6, 2014, 10:43 pm
Hi Everyone!! 

I put on my sunhat and ToyVoyager tag because… I’m going overseas!! Oh boy!!  Oh boy!!  I’m so excited.  Can You guess where I’m going?  Hint:  my pirate friend lives there.

See ‘ya there,
Your Pal, Jeremy

Posted May 27, 2015, 10:19 pm
Hi Everyone,

I am so happy.  I was out exploring in the jungle and found a ToyVoyager who speaks my language, Tigerese.  His name is Arn Wes Wilde from Beijing and I get to show him around.  Oh Boy!

Having fun,

Your Jeremy