LittleLuzi, Cala Millor, Mallorca, Spain


Posted Oct 22, 2011, 9:16 am
hey! my name is luzifer, i am the son of the devil, the evil in person!
the people here where i live call me "Luzi" :)

i want to discover the world!  :p

Posted Oct 22, 2011, 9:18 am
me today on a beautiful fall morning!

Posted Oct 22, 2011, 9:38 am
me and my best friend frederick (a vampire!)

Posted Oct 25, 2011, 7:06 pm
tomorrow i'll start my first adventure! i'm going to Hannover to stay with chantii !

i'm very excited i think i will not sleep tonight!


Posted Oct 28, 2011, 2:29 pm
Hallo Mumi :)
Ich bin gerade in Hannover angekommen und habe gleich zwei neue Freunde gefunden und Chantii ist auch sehr sehr nett :)
Ich bin heute Abend auf eine Halloween party eingeladen und werde mich jetzt noch fertig machen Hope und Mikie wollen mir auch helfen.

Ich werde dir Morgen wieder schreiben und du kriegst auch Bilder wie mein Abend war :D

Dein Luzifer

Posted Oct 30, 2011, 3:51 pm
Hallo Mamii :)
Am Wochenende war es richtig toll :D
Wir waren auf einer Halloween Party *-* Und es waren viele Leute da und haben auch mit mir geredet und getanzt *Hiihi*
Da waren viele Gruselige Leute und haben mich immer Erschreckt und mit mir gelacht und Bilder kriegst du auch jetzt :)

Achsoo wunder dich nicht ich wollte dich nur schocken das Bier gehörte den Untoten neben mir :P

Dein Luzifer

Posted Nov 4, 2011, 11:45 am
Heute Wurde ich wieder nachhause geschickt zu meiner Mama und freue mich auf zuhause und werde ja dann gleich wieder losgeschickt :D
Liebe dich Mama dein Luzifer :*

Posted Nov 5, 2011, 12:43 pm
today i arrived back hooooome!

Posted Nov 5, 2011, 1:03 pm
today we went to a tv show in ludwigsburg

here i am getting ready for the ride :)

the navigation system is guiding us, because we have never been to ludwigsburg before!

oh no.. a delay :(

free ride again :)

we're going to the SKL show!

me and Motsi Mabuse! :)

this is the arena of ludwigsburg!

we're having a coffee!

a putzteufel and a real teufel (devil ;-) )

it was a very nice show and a great day! :D

Posted Nov 6, 2011, 2:52 pm
today we went to the vineyards because it is a beautiful autumn day :)

i was taken into the jacket so that i don't freeze


may I present: me and the vineyard

it's a portugese vineyard!

a dandelion!  :)

a little hut

the emblem of baden-württemberg

i'm swinging!  :p

autumn decoration!

the birth of venus  ;)

Posted Nov 6, 2011, 3:29 pm
we tried a special fruit today... pomegranate (granatapfel)

it looks interesting i think but i don't like it so much, it's too sour  :p


Posted Nov 7, 2011, 3:57 pm
I made a dessert today: paradise cream! yummi

it should look like this in the end... let's see

300 ml of milk...

add the pulver...

mix it all up!

mhhh... finished, looks tasty  :p

delicious  ;)

Posted Nov 16, 2011, 5:05 pm
im so excited! tomorrow i'll start my next journey  :) i'm going to Takata !
i think i will have a great time because there are already two other TVs, Baerle and Fussel, who i will get to know!  :D

Posted Nov 18, 2011, 6:53 pm
Hi, Mummy!
It was very cold an dark in the packing station in Lichtenfels. But Baerle and Fussel rescued me as soon as possible.
Takata opened the door with the magic code by Deutsche Post  :rolleyes:

Fussel and Baerle opened the box and helped me out. The welcome was a big happening.
To warm me up I had a black coffee in a black devil cup! I think, it is my face on the cup! Mummy, I´m a celebrity!!!

I had a big piece of lasagne for dinner.

Tomorrow we will visit our host´s girlfried at work, she has to work this weekend B) Now I will tell my first adventure to the other TVs.

Dear Mummy, I hope, you don´t miss me too much.
Kisses, your LittleLuzi

Posted Nov 20, 2011, 4:57 pm
Hi Mummy,
today we Baerle, Fussel and i had a breakfast with croissants and biskuits. When our host brewed coffee we captured the bakery bag :rolleyes:
There were gingerbreads inside! Yummmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :rolleyes:
After breakfast we visited our host´s girlfriend at work. She works in a Seniors Residence.
There we assisted her and did impoooooooooooooortant work!
I was allowed to jump in the laundry dryer. It was very hot and crazy inside  :D

After that we could knock off work and had a lazy sunday afternoon at home.

Mummy, I hope, you`ll miss me not to much! Have a god time!

Your LittleLuzi

Posted Nov 24, 2011, 7:23 pm
Hi Mummy,
chrismastime is coming! Today we decorated our hosts house with a nice stuff :rolleyes: I took a drive in the sleigh.

On sunday we plan to go to the christmas market in Lichtenfels. Today we tested how to go there. I think it is a comfortable way, to go there in a basket. With the blanket inside it is very comfortable  ;)

Byebye, Mummy, I hope you miss me not toooo much!

Kisses, LittleLuzi

Posted Nov 26, 2011, 3:46 pm
Huhu, Mummyyyyyyyyy!

Lots of adventure today!
I got a present, an golden bear! But the best of the bear was inside, it was chocolate!
We made a trip to the Nici Outlet and we met a big Nici sheep, that took me in his jaws. After that we looked at some paragliders. It seems I am flying, too  :)

Time for one more present! In the Nici shop my hosts found a minimini LittleLuzi and bought it for me. It is nice, isn´t ist?

So, Mummy, I think we will have a party tonight. We have a good reason to be happy. I will tell it tomorrow  ;)

byebye, your LittleLuzi

Posted Dec 1, 2011, 7:19 pm
Hi Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Great adventure today again!
The weather outside was lousy and foggy so we had a lot of fun inside.

We got the idea to play "Supertalent". Imagine, I can do a headstand!

I won the show and my price was a ride on the dog Solvang. You see me with his mum Trudi, the duck. She is the duck of my host and is very funny  :D

This weekend we will visit the christmas market again. Perhaps we will go into the old castle, this is a little bit creepy, cooooooooooool!

Wish you a good night,

your LittleLuzi

Posted Dec 1, 2011, 7:20 pm
Here th photo of my dog-ride

Posted Dec 2, 2011, 4:16 pm
Hi Mummy!
Here some photos of our visit at the christmas market. There is a creepy castle, the right for me  ;) Quite daaaaaaaaaaaaaaark

After the spooky experience we were hungry and had some sweets, very fine.

Happy weekend for you and your TV Visitor!

Your LittleLuzi

Posted Dec 3, 2011, 6:19 pm
Hi Muuuuuuuuuuuuummy!

Toady we have a party, only for plushys! We are now 7 TVs! 4 who are on travel and 3, who still wait for their passport.

I did a spicy work today, I flavoured the "Sauce Bolognese".

Now we sit together and sing song, Baerle plays the guitar. He is a real allrounder. Perhaps today I can fullfill one of my lifemissions? I hope we have a cocktail tonight  :D

Byebye, Mummy, have a nice weekend!

Your LittleLuzi

Posted Dec 7, 2011, 4:31 pm

Today I fullfilled a part of my lifemission! I was in a cool bar and had a cocktail! I read the drinks menu and ordered a caipirinha. The lemons looked so juicy. I looked at the barkeeper while she prepared my drink.
It was so yummy!

I really sampled a lot of adventures here in Lichtenfels with my host family. Now I am ready to come home.

I´ll take along Erol the Pirat. Yetsreday his passport arrived.

Maybe we will start at weekend.

Byebye Mummy, see you soon!

Your LittleLuzi

Posted Dec 9, 2011, 7:15 pm
Mummy, Mummy!
We just have a party together, it is my goodbye party. I had a really nice time in Lichtenfels, but now it is over. In my packet will also travel  Erol the Pirat. He will stay a few weeks with us. In memory to my first trip I got two presents! You will be surprised!

I am happy to see you soon,

Yours, LittleLuzi

Posted Dec 12, 2011, 1:31 pm
I'm back hoooooome!

my best friend frederick opened my package!

Erol the Pirat travelled together with me, he'll stay with us a few weeks :)

i'm glad i'm home again, because it's my owner's dad's birthday on thursday, now we can celebrate together!  :)

Posted Dec 18, 2011, 1:56 pm
today i drank espresso out of the cup Takata gave me :)
i reaaaally like this present, because I am on it!  B)

Posted Dec 24, 2011, 12:59 pm
today I decorated the christmas tree with my friends Erol the Pirat and Sooky, who are both here at the moment!  B)

man in the moon  ;)

finished!  :)

Posted Dec 31, 2011, 11:27 am
today i made a little photoshoot  B)

Posted Feb 1, 2012, 5:06 pm
today I started my journey to Zandy

I sad goodbye to my friends Frederick, Lui and napoleon

now I'm on my way! I'm so excited!

Posted Feb 8, 2012, 8:05 pm
Mummy I arrived! And I'm soooooooooo evil. *hrhrhrhr*
Ok but step by step.

First I heared how someone opened the packet. (The big one.)

The voices say, that there is nobody and this can't be. So they put out the things and found my packet/bed. They opened it. I lay stock-still and wait. They look inside.

And than I jumped out and scream. *hrhrhr* And the others fall over. *hrhrhrhr*

But than they had such a sceptic look at me... I tell them who I'm and that they mustn't be angry (ok not all the time. You know, I'm evil, very evil.  B)) And they come closer to me and we talked a lot.

The TVs are: Icy, Mirembe and Paddington.

So we had to talke much more.
Bye mummy!
Evil greetings yours,

Posted Feb 15, 2012, 9:49 pm
Hi mummy!

Today it is Zandy's Birthday and so I jumped on her bed and awake her to give her my present.

She was happy about it and said thank you. I think she was very surprised and take a picture of me with the open present.

Than we had to say goodbye to Icy. He leave us today.

Puh so much in one hour. The postman ring and Zandy go upstairs, than she brought some packages with her. Look, so many...

We thought this are birthday presents but she told us, that she had won a competition on bookcrossing and therefore she gets many many books. This is a community in which you can chance books with other users. Than we helped her to open the envelops.

We read a little bit, but than it was time to go to the post office. Icy must go on his way and some books from Zandy. So we jumped into her bag.

After the post office we take a little walk through the town. Here you can see us on a stonebuilding.

It's a pice of a watergame for children. Not it's no water in it. The game is from one end of the street to the other one. Here you can see me in front of a picture of the watergame. On the right side you see a red key. It's the "Öhringer Schlüssel", the emblem of Zandy's hoemtown.

Than we met Mr. Hamballe. He is a very funny guy. His name means in Hohenlohe that he is an adorable but also a silly human. (Like you see he water flowers when it's raining)  :D

It was very cold outside, so we walk home and pass the market place. Behind us you can see the castle of Öhringen, in the part you can see is the guildhall of Öhringen.

And the last picture for today (It was time! Zandy's hand were blue, because of the temperature). This is the Stiftskirche (church). The tower behind me is called the Blasturm (blow tower) it's about 56 meters high.

So good night all at home.

Posted Feb 23, 2012, 7:00 pm
Hey at home!

Today Zandy and her mom decided to go shopping and we were allowed to go with them. Therefore we take the city railway, because we went to Heilbronn.

We cross a lot of citys. And in a spezial one we take this pictures:

The name of the city is Weinsberg. And we take this picture, because the castle there (you can see it on the hill on the left or in front of us. I hope you can it wasn't easy to take a good picture while the railway droves) has a nice story. It's called "Weibertreu" (somethink like: broad loyal). Why they call it so? Zandy told me and I'll tell it to you.

In 1140 the owners of the castle were the Guelf (Welfen) and they fight against the Hohenstaufen dynasty about the maystery in the empire. King Konrad III. besiged the castle and won the fight against his adversery Welf VI on the 21st December 1140. So the castle give up some time later and King Konrad III. allowed the women to go. And he said, that the women can take all with them if they can carry it on their shoulders. The men must stay there and the king would kill them.
So the women did it like he said, they take all with them what they can carry on their shoulders: Their men!
And so the castle get it's name.

So enought facts. It's time for fun.  B) On our way in Heilbronn we found this little boat and decided to play a little bit on it.

After hours we get hungry, so we buy something. Me and my friends decided to eat a salat with scampi.

Look I met this nice Lady.

And while it was cold we drink some hot chocolate. A really big pot for my. *yummy*

Than it was time to go home. While we were waiting for our city railway we take some more pictures. Here I'm in front of the city hall of Heilbronn. The clock is really nice, or?

There are three clocks. The highest one is a phase of the moon clock, the middle one is a normal time clock and the last one ist the astronomical clock. It was build in 1580 by Isaac Habrecht.

On the place in front of the city hall we found an embleme which shows all city partnership of Heilbronn. The cities are: Stockport in the UK, Neath Port Talbot in Southwales, Béziers in France, Solothurn in Schwizerland, Slubice in Poland and Frankfurt (Oder) in Germany. Zandy would take a picture and said we should sit on one flag. Of course I sit on the German flag.

And the last picture before we go home is with the ower of the Kilianskirche (church). It's a gothic one, first it was a romanic build in 1100.

Good night mummy, now I'm tired.

Posted Feb 23, 2012, 7:26 pm
Hi mummy!

Today we‘ve visited Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Rothenburg is a city in Bavaria, in the administrative district Ansbach in Middle Franconia. Rothenburg has round 11000 inhabitants. And Zandy showed us some pictures from some years ago, when she was there. The old city is sooooooooooooo awesome. A really medieval city.

In the morning we waked up and prepair us for our jounrey. It was could outside, but  we heat the car up.

We had a lot of fun during our drive. We sang songs and look outside. There was snow lieing and the landscape was wonderful. After round a hour we came to Rotheburg and look mummy what we saw, when we leave the car.

And than we walked behind the wall and found strairs. We decided to go up.

At the top of the Wall we can walk on the  parapet walk and of course we did it. What a fun and nice thing. Look and then we found this way.

We talked together if we should go there into the dark. And I said, we should do, there is nothing we must have fear.

But before we walked through I saw a very funny sign. Isn’t it?

After our walk on the parapet walk we go down and saw this nice tower. We all were very surprised, that all this things are in such a good situation after all this years.

And then in a separate part of the wall we had a really great view over Rothenburg. And with the snow it was really great.

Here are a grouppicture of us in front of the great view.

But it’s getting colder there, so we decided to walk  our way. And it was good, because we found this old church. (But we can’t go inside, there was a mess and we thought it will be bad to go inside during this.)

And look there was a sun clock on a house.

On the other side of the church we found this relief of a religious szene (*brr*). We are not really sure which one it is and there was no sign.

Oh mummy, and we found a Teddyland. Look how many teddies there in the window. We tried to talk with the teddies but they didn’t hear us. Ok, when they won’t talk with us, the mustn’t …

And then we found a really nice fountain. There are a lot fountains in Rothenburg.

Mummy, Zandy showed us a store with Christmasdecorations. This store is open the whole year. She told us, that it is very funny to go there in summer, because than you didn’t think on Christmas, but in the store you must do it. Sadly it wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside the store and the Christmas museum.

After this visit we went to a museum. A really great museum, I was soooooo happy. It’s called medieval crimemuseum.  Look what we found outside.

A cage in which you put thieves and then you put them into the water.  And before you go in you see this horse buggy. You know what there are for? Yes, in this horse buggy  you bring the thieves to the prison or to the deathsman.

MUMMY! HELP! Look what they do with me!!!! They put me into the gallows. :’-(

Hihi, don’t worry mummy. This was my idea, I want to take a picture.  :D

And then the doors opend and we could go inside. Wow, it was so dark in the first room, so that the pictures aren’t very well, but we do our best.

A reck. This was a torture instrument to bring the defendant to a guilty plea. And look a chair with thrones.

After this scary torture instrument we found some prison doors. And I decided to go behind so that Zandy could take a picture.

We also saw a thing, that you use to bond the people. In the upper loop you put the head of a person, than the hands you put in the middle ones and the legs in the last one. Strange, or?

Mummy and look at this masks. Buh, scary.  – So cool! :D

This are Shame masks from the 17./18. from old Austria. The left mask has a mustache with twisted ends, horn and openings on the sides, for attachements of chicken feathers (symboling sexual lack of restrain). On top of the mask are bells which make the public aware when they ring.
The middle mask is one with a pig shout instead of a human mouth. This symbolized that the person wearing it acted like a pig.
The right has big glasses which shows, that the person sees all and the tounge says that the person talked about all.
On the next picture you can see me and my friends reading a strange story. It was in German, so I helped my English speaking friends. And the story was really, really, really strange.

I will tell you what the story tells: The title is “The animal banish”

There was a downright court procedure against animals in the 15. century in the Switzerland.
The area of Bern was attacked several times of cockchafer grubs. To fight the grubs, because they menace the harvest, the bishop of Lausanne began a court procedure against them with the ambition to banish them:
He send a apparitor to them, to call them to send an ambassador to the court. But the animals didn’t came and so the court procedure happened without them. And so the bishop adjudge them to leave the country in a deadline. But the cockchafer didn’t go. And so the bishop anathematized them.

Mummy, we all laughed so loud, that the other people look at us. But we are right, or? So silly people! How they can think, that cockchafer will come to a court procedure? So silly! Really!

But ok, we came to us and than our tour goes on. We found this big equipment, to press emblems of different things.

And this different punishmends of honour.

Mummy, look at this crazy mask. It’s a shame mask from the 17. Century. Shame masks were put on those heads from people standing at the pillories. They served on one hand to elucidate the bad character and crime of the person being punished, and on the other hand to make them look ridiculous and to encourage the mockery on the onlookers.

And this is also silly! A shame mask for women. – No for talkative women. (Ok for EVERY women!  :p)

We found a glass case which shows some traditional things that women wear on their wedding. How boring. The others things are more interesting! *hrhr*

Of course we found THE torture and death penalty oft the medieval time. The iron maiden. I think you know what this “lady” do. *shiver* This one is an original from the 15./16. century from Nuremberg. But this one wasn’t really a torture or death penalty, it was a shame penalty for women and girls.

Can you see the cage behind us? Ok I know it isn’t easy, but we do our best. It’s known a “The Trülle” here . It’s a pillory in form of a cage in which offenders stood, either standing free on all sides on a public place or fitted into the front of a building (most the town hall). This cage could be rotated , mummy.  It was the punishment for work-dodgers and for revelers who disturbed the peace at night while drunk.

On the right site there is a big justice sword.

Next I saw a funny picture with shows different punishes. Ok, it looks funny on the picture, but in real they were not so funny, I guess.

Mummy do you see the things on the floor? I will tell you what they are.

Left the stone,  this is called Turkish head. After the defeat of the Turks in Vienna 1683, this head was worn around a chain as a symbol of shame. The both stones in the middle are called stones of wickedness (lorry). And right are the wooden block. This is a weight which a person had to wear during he was standing at the pillory.

The next picture shows a justice. I think you can see what the persons and floors shows us.

Mummy, so you know what the next picture shows?

I’ll tell you. It shows a “Drunk Tank”. Especially it was used for men who went often to the inns and drank too much. Through the hole came the head so that the weight of the barrel was carried of the shoulders. As a special hardship sometimes weights were put on the outside. (How silly?!)

Here you can see me and my friends in front of a model of a marketplace. Right you can see a building whit is open, this shows a school and the different classrooms.  When we walked our way we saw an old school table and a donkey.

You didn’t believe for what the donkey was. It was for blithering  pupil, they must sit on the monkey. Funny people!

Oh and we found weights. Whit this people buy their things. Of course some weights were faked, so that people must pay more than they really must.

And we found a glass case which shows different gallows and pillory. How much they have. For everything a different one.

Scary clothes, or mummy? There are from a deathsman. Now I know why people were afraid if they see such a man. But of course I wouldn’t be afraid if I saw him. I’m the evil in person, he will be afraid of me. *hrhr*

The wheels were also a punishment. People were non-friable and than they drive with the wheel on armes and legs oft he people. Mummy, it is sooooo … *hrhr*. What the people in the medieval times had in their heads?! They were so crazy, but funny :D

Mummy I’ll come to you. :)
No, don’t worry, we only found this old gun and I decided to take a picture. After all the interesting things I must do something funny.

I saw this picture which shows two criminal persons.

And an axe.

I found this funny chair. But I don’t really remember for what it was.

And this is for hack down heads. Yeah! Great! I need such a thing too mummy. I like it. :D

And the last great thing: A shame violin and other instruments of torture (bind rails and whips) – Oh äh, this things I need too, mummy! :D

Look, only for you mummy. :D Hehe no, I think it’s no good idea to steal them. There are beautiful. But I think our crown-jewles are more important, or mummy?!

Puuuuh this was a trip. Scary, silly but also very interesting. How people change in time, this is very interesting. And I’m happy, that they change, because when not I’ll never become a ToyVoyager. :) But so I learn something and that’s good. After our trip to the museum we went to a cafe with a delicacy from Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It’s called Schneeball (snow ball). Zandy told me, that this pastries are from shortcrust. The first ones were only with sugar powder but now there are many differend sorts. You can see them behind me and my friends.

Of course Zandy saied that we will taste them and than we had the spoilt for choice. I decided to take a snow ball with marzipan and dark chocolate. And it was sooooooooo delicious. I would like to send one to you, but I think I had no chance to do it. I’m sorry mummy.

Than it‘s getting late and we had to go back to the car. On our way we passed another great fountain. Look at the statue on it.

But than we decided to take another walk on the  parapet walk, but now the other side. First we take this picture, you see me on the wall?!

From above we saw a nice house with a really nice clock. Isn’t it?

And we like the sunset from above. It was really nice. I hope you see it a little bit on the pictures. It was very cold and I don’t know who shivers more I or Zandy. :)

And we saw this tower with some emblemes, the left and right one shows the embleme of Rothenburg but we don’t know which one the middle one is.

And the last picture was this one.

And than we drove home and fell into our beds, because we were so tired.

Bye bye mummy, I hope you enjoy my Rothenburg-Trip.

Posted Feb 26, 2012, 7:11 pm
I'm back hoooome! I had a great time together with Zandy, I brought some souvenirs with me :)

it was so nice to see Lui again!

one of the bonbons Zandy put in my box ;)

we went to Karlsruhe, first we had lunch at Maredo!


then we visited the castle, isn't it impressive? would be a perfect home for me B)

then I saw the pyramid of Karlsruhe, which is on the market place

aaand then, we went to the Faschingsumzug! it's carnival! :)

hihi.. scary.. the right thing for me ;)

was a nice day :)


Posted Mar 29, 2012, 2:07 pm
today me, Hase and BineHH had a delicious breakfast! :)

Posted Apr 2, 2012, 5:35 pm
heeeelloooooo! :) yesterday we had a beautiful day in Heidelberg! We went to the castle (303 steps high!) and the city center! we had so much fun :) we all agreed that we love being toyvoyagers!

we had a mexican lunch

then we went home again. one last picture of the castle! ;)

was a great day!

Posted Apr 2, 2012, 5:36 pm
time to go again! I'm going back to Lichtenfels, visiting Takata and Yosemite :)

goodbye! :)

Posted Apr 4, 2012, 3:58 pm
Hey Mummy!

I savely arrived at Lichtenfels. What a welcome! All plushies said hello to me! So much wellknown faces, I love coming back!

I also said hello to my old friends Baerbel, Joschka, Trudi and Friedolin. They will come with us to Denmark, too! I hope hostdad´s car will be big enough for us! :D

But so much new TVs, too! We will go altogether to Denmark! We will have enough time to chat and exchance experiences of our life as TVs. I am so excited! Maybe I will fulfill one lifemission!

I gave my hostparents the present I brough along. They liked it very much! Exspecially because I had two evidence photos that I painted the easteregg myself!

So, Mummy, hope you have a nice evening!



Posted Apr 6, 2012, 3:40 pm
Hey Mummy!

Today I got a feeling of what we expect in Denmark  :D

I rode the little motor scooter right to Denmark B)

Maybe I will arrive earlier than my hosts :D

Yours, Luzi

Posted Apr 8, 2012, 3:06 pm
Hey Mummy!


Today hostmum said, all TVs should come down in the garden. We wondered what was going on. Then she says we should look if we find some sweets, the saw a bunny with a basket full of eggs and sweets a few minutes ago. Oh my god, hostmum sees bunnies!  :rolleyes:

But in fact, the first thing I found was a chocolate bunny in the grill  :D and an egg between the stones.

Altogether we found a lot of sweets in the garden, maybe there was really a bunny with chocolate??? I don´t know.

But the main thing is, that the sweets taste good  :D

Your LittleLuzi

Posted Apr 15, 2012, 2:47 pm
Hey, my dear Mummy!

We arrived save and sound at Denmark! Today we visited the beach. LIFEMISSION FULFILLED!!!

We had to make a short walk through the dunes. I played in the sand and I really enjoyed it! Because I fulfilled my lifemission the other TVs built a throne of shells for me!

Wow, I felt like the king of Denmark on it! B)

On our way back home we had to climb over the dunes once more.

To celebrate my lifemission we had a cup of coffee in a little cafe.

What a great day

Kisses, LittleLuzi

Posted Apr 17, 2012, 8:47 am
Hey Mummy!

I met another dark creature, a chocolate truffle bowl aaaaaahggggggggggggrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D :D :D

Posted Apr 20, 2012, 12:08 pm
Hej Mummy!

Ugly day today, very bad weather in Denmark. So we made a shopping tour. Do you know what "Bolcher" means? I know  ;)

Just take a look:
There was a man, who rolls a mystic mass. He wore gloves, because the mass was hot. He formed a roll, once black, once white...

Put it into a machine...

When he started the machine it made a pandemonium  :stare:

And what came out???


Blavand Bolcher is the oldest candy factory in Denmark!

We certainly MUST taste the candies!

SOoooooooooooo yummie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet greetings, your LittleLuzi

Posted Apr 22, 2012, 4:00 pm
Hey Mummy!

Today we have two birthday TVs! It´s Baerle, and Maeusle . They are now 3 years old.

We sang "Happy Bearsday to you" (I am not good in singing :stare: )

But I wished them the very best, this crazy folks and got a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate cake  B)

Yours, LittleLuzi

Posted Apr 27, 2012, 2:04 pm
Hej Mummy!

Today we spent a last day at the beach. It was soooo windy! I looked for a place with less wind and found it  B)

Maeusle, Bodo and me captured the boat in the sandbox and started our way to the south :D

See you soon!

Yours, Luzi

Posted Apr 29, 2012, 6:59 pm
Hey Mummy!

Time to say Goodbye!

Soon I will leave my hosts and my adventure will go on. BERLIN, I am coming!

For Goodbye the TVs made TV-Diving with me, something like stage diving, only without stage, but with TVs  ;)

See you in Berlin!



Posted May 2, 2012, 10:32 pm
heya mummy!
i have arrived at my new hosts tonight. it has been very funny, when they have opened the box and tried to find me.
hihi. and i have not told them anything about the danish candies ...
they needed hours to open my small box in the big box. but finally they managed to free me.
i jumped out. but instead of them being afraid when they saw me, i was astonished to see two dark creatures! i was just about to tick my live missions "meet other dark creatures" ...
... when two little bears jumped out of the black gloves, giggling loud.
hey mummy, believe it or not, i was shocked and jumped back into my box.

but then i had to laugh and we started to talk and talk and talk ...
nice guys here i think. this ill be evil with them.

Posted May 6, 2012, 5:01 pm
hello mommy.

yesterday i made a walk through the borrogh i am staying in.
look what a funny building they have here!
and a big shopping street.
some nice graffitti ...
... and some really evil graffitti.
look here: a funny gully with some sights to be seen in berlin. let's see which ones i will visit during my stay.
hihihi ... the door nob of a catholic church! looks like daddy, doesn't it?

when i came home to my host's appartment all the plushies here were so curious about the candies i should have brought with me. who the hell have told them about it?
ok ... don't be too evil, i said to myself and presented the danish candies! we opened the glass and filled the sweets into a bowl. see what happened:
1st second
2nd second
3rd second
going, going, gone!
those guys are quick!

see you later mommy  B)

Posted May 11, 2012, 8:11 am
hello mommy.
yesterday i became known to a very nice and dark guy: the count. poeple say he is often just hanging around. he told me that this is the comfortable position for him to sleep.
in the morning i woke him up. he said we would go to a very special place: the citadel in spandau.
it is the best preserved renaissance castle in germany from the 16th century.
at the entrance i understood, why this is a special place for the count.
this is the layout ...
... and a model of the citadel.
an old map of spandau and the citadel.
first we took a walk: this is the oldest part of the castle from slavonic times: verrrry old! and the tower called "julius".
entrance building from another prospective.
short break in a chestnut tree.
then we found the graves of ...
... two knights ...
... and a lion's head. strange thing are just lying around here.
this is julius' tower ...
... which we were climbing.
look how thick the entrance door is! no wonder, they used to store the prussian state treasure in this tower.
we took a look into the old gaol. spooky!
the stairs.
many stairs.
finally we reached the top and had a spectactular view on spandau (townhall and saint nicolai's church) ...
... and surroundings.
downwards i slided the hand rails.
hehehehe ...
we found these funny guys standing around: the marquises of brandenburg. they must have stood here for a long time: they were petrified!
ha: this is the very first german count in this area: albrecht the bear.
what's an old fortress without a real pillory?
this is a model of the city of spandau, now a borrough of berlin.
thank you very much, count, for this interesting tour!
sorry, mom, this was not my fault. i just coughed ...


Posted May 14, 2012, 9:19 pm
hello mommy!
no, i have not forgot mother's day. i was just a little bit too busy.
i love you mommy - your little devil  :cyclops:

Posted May 15, 2012, 7:52 am
*steam* *sulphur smell* huhu mommy *steam* *cough* it's me again!

yesterday it was nice and sunny. so i made a nice city walk.
i started at reichstagsgebaeude, the german parliament building.
near by i found the most famous building in berlin: the brandenburg gate.
heejaah! run, horses, run!
on the other side ...
... is a very famous square where every tourist comes once at least.
not far awya i found the statue of a soviet soldier ...
... and a soviet tank. strange things are just standing around in this town ...
look, what funny house i found: "kongresshalle" (conference hall) - the berliners call it "pregnant oyster" or "smiling mouth of jimmy carter".  :cyclops: it was a present of the america people to berlin in the 1950s.
what looks like a giant washing machine is "bundeskanzleramt" (federal chancelory).
huhu, angie!
behind the lion on that old bridge you can see the new central station.
"smile" said the photographer.
this is the victory column. the angel on top of it is called "joldelse" (golden elly or so).
this a highrise building near my host's home.
district town hall
the old post office

this was a nice walk. hey this was one part of a life mission of mine! yippieh!

bye bye mommy, your little devil loves you!

*steam* *sulphur smell* *cough*

Posted May 18, 2012, 2:13 pm
hello mommy! it's me, your little luzi!
yesterday me and the count visited charlottenburg castle.
it is a very nice baroque castle ...
... with a large park around it. this was the summer residence of the prussian kings and queens.
some funny guys!
this is called belvedere, good view. formerly the queen's teahouse, now a porcellain museum.
prussian eagles always look angry. but they are not.
naked man at the main gate  :rolleyes:
really a very nice castle.

the count knows many nice places.  :D

ciao mommy ... cu!

Posted May 18, 2012, 9:34 pm
huhu mommy.
today i have visited an airport in berlin: tegel airport. the berliners love their old airport so much, that they don't want to open their new one for another nine months. crazy!
look where you can fly to from here.
later i have visited the old town of spandau. this used to be a town on its own but is a borrough of berlin. spandau is seven years older than berlin.
this is saint nicolai's church, the main church.
in front of the church stands joachim, marquis of brandenburg. he changed to the lutheran faith with his people.
"2 souls for € 2.99!" what an occasion.
on my walk through this beautifull old town i have met the count, my dear friend. we went into this small pub behind us.

cheerio mommy, your little luzi!  :cyclops:

Posted May 20, 2012, 9:34 pm
*steam* *sulphur smell* huhu mommy *steam* *cough* little luzi callin'!

today me and one of the big blue elephants went to his favorite park. this is what we have seen there:
funny faces in the tree ...
we have eaten "quarkkeulchen" - whatever this is called in english ... very yummy!
small nap ...
and then we have seen the most beautiful flowers ever!
ice cream is always a good idea.
wow: black flowers!
and at the end of this day: a good and refreshing beer!

see you mommy, your little devil misses you!

*steam* *sulphur smell* *cough*  :cyclops:


Posted May 30, 2012, 7:19 am
hello mommy! it's me again!

this weekend was very relaxing: my host was busy.
so i decided to do a sightseeing tour through the very centre of berlin: alexander square.
it is a square with lots of modern buildings.
this is the world time clock. when it was errected, the people could see what's the time in big cities all over the world, but where not allowed to go there.
highrise building is a hotel.
in front of it is a large fountain. sometimes people take a bath in it.
in the background you see the famous landmark television tower. it has no official name, just television tower. but the berliners have given him a nickname: tele asparagus.
do you know what television means in english? far looking. yes, it's a far looking tower.
this is the red townhall, the seat of the berlin senate and governing mayor. in front of it they don't sell umbrellas - it's a protest camp.
neptune's fountain and saint mary's church
this sculpture is called sakko and jacketti by the berliners. it shows karl marx and friedrich engels.
berlin's official animal: the bear. RRRRROOOAAARRRR
here i stand in front of berlin cathedral. the prussian kings thought they needed a counterpart to saint peter's in rome. they wanted to be the head of the lutheran faith.
can you see jesus showing the victory sign with his fingers?
it is a huge church! sad i wasn't allowed to enter ...
then i crossed a bridge with strange staring fish. mommy i guess they are stoned!
two horses take care of some locks with a fork.
then i entered berlin's most famous boulevard "unter den linden" (under the linden trees). here they are building a new underground line in front of nice old houses.
this is new guard, now a monument for peace and freedom.
old library of ...
... humboldt university.
there stands prussia's most famous king: frederik the great.
from behind ... between the linden trees.
what a nice walk: let's return home.

bye bye mommy! see you soon  B)

p.s.: no i think i have really fulfilled another life mission. i have seen so much of berlin!  :D

Posted May 30, 2012, 8:35 am
hi mommy! here comes trouble! since my host was not at home, me and the resident plushies had the whole appartment for us.

of course we have had fun. MUCH FUN!!!  :cyclops:
we made a race. i.c.bear on black power, little bunny on red flash, and me on silver arrow!
ooooops ... this car is fast! where the hell are the brakes?
bunny was fast ...
... but i was faster ...
i was so concentrated on little bunny, when i.c. overtook us right through the middle!
but he is a goodsprinter. so we got him.
yippieeeeeh! i won!!!! but bunny was close.
first round was mine. i want more!
second round: wulfie on silver arrow, me on black power, and cosimo on red flash.
WOW! watafast round! those guys are a challenge.
but i got them all!
ooops, wolfie made a mistake ... chackah!
second round was miiiiiine ....
... no brakes!  :o
after a couple of rounds we ae all the sweets. those polish ones where awfully yummy!
at the the end of the day i was allowed to drive on on my own.

see you there mommy!!!

(nono: just joking ...)  ;)

Posted Jun 1, 2012, 6:52 am
good morning mommy!
yesterday me and the count made a walk to the city centre.
first we went to see some left overs of the medieval town wall ...
... and some old houses. not many of those have survived the last centuries.
then we visited a church. outside a nice baroque church ...
... but inside: nothing but bricks and a cross. the count said he and his friends like to fly here and listen to midnight concerts.
we visited an underground station with pictures of old vehicals on the walls and part of an old underground train.
these are the ruins of saint franciscan's church - named after the guy that talked to the birds.
then we went into the supreme court building of berlin. it has one of the largest stairceses in town.

bye bye mommy - see you soon - your little devil  :D

(ps: is the count a dark creature?)

Posted Jun 1, 2012, 5:03 pm
hello mommy.
today i took a break.
first i set down with the teddies talking about evrything and nothing and drinking tea.
then i listened to groovy music together with the count.

bye bye mommy. see you  ;)

Posted Jun 4, 2012, 10:33 pm
hi mommy, your devil talking!
today a new toyvoyager arrived: an elephant named fanti. he has got his name tattooed on his backside  :thinking:
a nice guy i think.

bye bye and good night, your little luzi for ever!  B)

Posted Jun 5, 2012, 9:42 pm
outch mommy outch!

these guys here are really evil: i like them very much.
in the supermarket some hours ago, they have told me, this is a sweet strawberry juice.

i drank the whole bottle at once.

now i am burning inside. THIS STUFF IS HOTTTTTTTT  :cyclops:

Posted Jun 7, 2012, 10:09 pm
hey mommy! your favorite little devil speaking  :cyclops:

just in case you forgot where i am i made a collage for you:

and i have found my name miss spelled:

mommy i miss you: i will come home soon, promissed  :)

Posted Jun 10, 2012, 12:37 pm
hi there, mommy.
today i will leave this nice crowd.
they have made a big fare well party for me.
they have brewed a very special drink.
i don't know, what it was.
but it was some awful good stuff!
then they made a last picture of me me and my dear friend, the count mount bat'n. he really is an evil friend!
after this we made a last group photo ...
and then i jumped into my travelbox, that will bring me back home to you, mommy!

i have enjoyed my stay here very much. thanks a lot, guys!

bye bye. cu next week  B)

Posted Jun 13, 2012, 9:41 am
I am back hoooooooooooooooome!

I talked with the others about my adventures in denmark and berlin! :)

Posted Aug 11, 2012, 9:31 am

today was the great day! we took our plane to Mallorca! Of course, all the TVs read the security instructions

we sat down and used the belt..

we looked outside the window..


Posted Aug 11, 2012, 10:22 am
on the first day on Mallorca I had a relaxing day at the beach

what a view! :)

the beach bar, chilling with my friend Parsifal, a little dragon.. :)


Posted Aug 12, 2012, 5:12 pm

today we were in Cala Millor, a famous tourist-place, a lot of entertainment is there! :)

we had a yummi dinner.. pizza!

drank sangria..

then we went into the city center! there is a huuuge playground for kids

some cool bars and shops :)