Tiger Lilly, Odessa, Ukraine


Posted Jan 10, 2009, 6:33 pm
My name is Tiger Lilly. I would like to travel the world to learn how to bake cakes. I want to bake fantastic cakes with fruits, chocolate, nuts and cream. Some day I would like to visit Asia where my ancesters come from.


I heard that I'm going to travel with Thiele, the little pelican. He was a guest in our house. That will be fun!

Posted Jan 11, 2009, 9:42 pm
In the evening Germania, I and the TVs Ninni, Theodore and Big Bird  helped my mentor  to make snowballs. We did not make them outside but in the kitchen.

My mentor Katja had promised her sister-in-law to bake a cake for her. She was celebrating her birthday a few days ago and will need two cakes tomorrow to celebrate her birthday at her working place in a elementary school.

So Katja decided to bake snowballs.

But how can you bake snowballs?

First you have to bake a sponge cake, or you can buy one.

Then you prepare a cream containing curd cheese, creme fraiche, whipped cream, some sugar and amaretto. Here are the ingredients:

250 g curd cheese
150 g creme fraiche
125 ml amaretto
50 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar
400 ml whipped cream
2 packets Sahnesteif (a white powder which keeps the whipped creme tight)
200 g desiccated coconut


First you mix curd cheese, creme fraiche, sugar and amaretto. Then you have to make whipped cream and stir it to the other ingredients.


Now you have to rip the sponge cake into small pieces. Put the crumbs into the prepared cream and mingle both.



Put the desiccated coconut into a larger box. Then you have to form little balls with wet hands and to roll them into coconut.


We put the snowballs into paper muffin cups. Ready!


They are delicious!

I'm already anxious if I will bake cakes with my future hosts!

Tiger Lilly


Posted Jan 17, 2009, 3:44 pm
Hello Mum,

I wasn't the only ToyVoyager that arrived here today. Here arrived Bruni Lila, Cassandra and we two. So we are all new and met Tilda, Thiele and Friendship Bear. So much Toys :)!


Posted Feb 5, 2009, 3:51 pm
Hi Mummy!
I arrived savely at my next host's. It's a good thing that Thiele and I travel together. That way I always have company and it doesn't get boring or scary. I found out that I will travel on a plane tomorrow. We have to pack tonight and then go to bed early.


Posted Feb 16, 2009, 6:15 pm
I don't know where exactly we are but we are being man-handled. Some funny person went through our bag and just put in a note after that. I tried to read it but only got a glimpse before it got dark again. Something about all luggage having to be searched now.

Posted Feb 16, 2009, 6:27 pm
We started out early in the morning. It was still a bit dark outside. Here's our plane to go over the Atlantic. We couldn't use the flash because of the reflection in the window.

Posted Feb 16, 2009, 6:34 pm
We had a great view from the plane. The UK was covered in snow.
Which islands could these be? http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn233/Apperveilchen/toyvoyagers2/SSL16420-1.jpg


Posted Feb 16, 2009, 6:44 pm
After hours of just blue under us we can now see white again. It's Canada.

Posted Feb 17, 2009, 1:03 am
I had a look around the neighborhood when we were out.

Posted Feb 17, 2009, 1:07 am
Today we went to the playground. Lot's of other people had the same idea.

(I had taken more pictures here but they seem to have a data error. :( )

Posted Feb 20, 2009, 1:44 am
Today it snowed some. First I staying inside but then I look out the window and saw something orange jumping around outside, hunting snowflakes. It was so big that I thought for sure that it was a real tiger. I ran outside because I always wanted to meet a big tiger. The huge orange thing jumped on me and threw me around through the snow.
When we finally came to rest and could talk, I found out that is was only a tom cat calles Räuber. If cats are that big compared to me I am not sure I want to know what real tigers are like.
The playing/rolling around outside was fun, though... I think...

Posted Feb 24, 2009, 7:40 pm
We arrived in Merzig today. This is the great view from our dorm window. You can see the former hospital and the red cross ambulance station.

Posted Mar 1, 2009, 12:51 pm
It's dark and really tight in here but at least I don't have wings I need to accomodate somehow like thiele does and I can see well in the dark. I do wish we had a portable DVD-player to watch some movies but I'm glad Thiele doesn't have an mp3-players, his taste in music is questionable.

Posted Mar 6, 2009, 5:49 pm
Hello! I arrived at Marjolein's place in 's-Hertogenbosch yesterday!

Today Marjolein bought a little present for her boyfriend:


Yummie!!! That's all milkchocolate, ooh lala :D I hope a get a little piece....

Hugs Tiger Lilly


Posted Mar 13, 2009, 4:48 pm
Hi mummy!

I went to Marjolein's school in Utrecht today!

We went to the trainstation of Den Bosch first.



We had a chair for ourselves.


We read in Marjolein's book The Story of Art. It was kinda... boring.


So we decided to read the Dutch Donald Duck!




The view was also kinda boring haha. And the glass was very dirty! Sometimes I saw some houses but mostly it was all green grass and trees.


We listened to Marjolein's ipod.


The trainstation was a bit bigger than the station of 's-Hertogenbosch.


We walked trough the city Utecht. It's about 15 minutes walk from the trainstation to the school. On this photo you see the most famous tower of Utrecht: the Dom.


This is the Sint Janschurch (Saint Johnschurch) at the Sint Janskerkhof (Saint Johncemetery), we are near Marjolein's school now.


This is the street of Marjoleins school.


Well actually one of the places where the school is. The University of Utrecht is everywhere in the city. The biggest buildings are in the Uithof, we are going there next tuesday for the class Who's who in the Classical Mythology!

This class is called The Story of Art (just like the book we where falling asleep at).


See you soon!

Tiger Lilly


Posted Mar 18, 2009, 11:20 pm
Today we went with BlackCat when she visited her boyfriend at work. He is working in a company that is in the Margarethenhöhe.
The Margarethenhöhe is a jewel of the city. It is one of the loveliest examples of the German garden city idea. This area of the city is idyllic and was donated in 1906 by Margarethe Krupp on the occasion of her daughter Bertha’s wedding. Maximum two storeys high, comfortably equipped flats for workers and employees were developed following the plans of architect Georg Metzendorf. Even though the area gives a feeling of unity, no house is the same. Various design elements such as bow fronts and hedgerows, arched gables, plaster and natural stone foundations were used to give homes individual appearances. The estate has been under historical preservation since 1987.
It was really nice there but it was still dark, so the photos aren’t so good.


Posted Mar 18, 2009, 11:22 pm
Today we made some cookies for the budgies of BlackCat. She found a recipe online how she can make cookies for her birds herself and wanted to try it. So we went with her in the kitchen and helped her as good as we could.

Looking for the grain feed

Putting an egg to the flour

Mixing it

Putting the grain feed into the mix of eggs and flour

Mixing it again


Making little cookies of it (not perfect, we know)

and now we have to wait 15 minutes…

The cookies are ready =)!

And the birds are happy about it.

Posted Apr 12, 2009, 10:54 pm

I went to Brussels today!



Marjolein had a schooltrip so we first went to the European Parlement!


We weren't allowed to take photo's inside but Marjolein secretly took this one.


After this visit we went sightseeing in the city and we saw the most famous guy in the ciy: Manneken Pis!


We also went to the marketplace.




It was a very pretty market with lots of old buildings.

And of course we bought some really nice chocolate, Belgium is known for it's chocolate!


It was a very cool day!

Tiger Lilly

Posted Apr 12, 2009, 11:00 pm
I met Tigger at Marjolein's home!!


He was very nice and we talked a lot about being tigers and havings stripes and stuff like that :)


Posted Apr 12, 2009, 11:06 pm
We took a biketrip around the city 's-Hertogenbosch! We first went to the Market.



We saw some of the wall that is around the city.


We went to the supermarket to get food and stuff. This was also our last stop in The Netherlands, from here we went to America, because there is a postoffice in the supermarket! Bye bye Holland!


Hugs Tiger Lilly


Posted Jun 16, 2009, 7:27 pm
Just checking in to say that Thiele, Roots Bear and I have arrived in Flagstaff, Arizona. We are excited to see what is in store for us!

Posted Jun 24, 2009, 6:19 am
Upon our arrival last week We met another TV, his name is Casanova.

The weather hasn't been as beautiful as Ashley has hoped. Arizona is known for its monsoon summers. It tends to rain during the day unexpectedly. To keep us occupied Ashley lets us watch movies. Today we watched Coraline.

Posted Jul 4, 2009, 10:26 pm
So we got up very early this morning and watched Ashley pack some clothes. All five of us jumped in and got cozy for the trip.

After a long ride, we finally were able to peep out of the bag. Ashley gave us a piece of paper to hold on to. Between us all we figured out that we were getting on an airplane from Phoenix, Arizona to Houston, Texas.

We thought we were in for a weekend in the Lone Star State, but when we got there we boarded yet another plane. During this flight, Ashley had an empty seat next to her so we got to enjoy the ride outside of the suitcase. We made sure to get our seatbelt on securely.

This flight was not as long as the other and when we arrived Ashley told us to look out the window. We had arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Big Easy!!

After a short taxi ride we arrived at the hotel we were staying the weekend at, The Ritz-Carlton right on Canal Street.

The next day, we took a tour of French Quarter in a horse drawn carriage. Because there were a lot of passengers, it was hard to get pictures of me and all Ashley's other visitors with all the special things we saw. We learned all sorts of history about the area, especially since The entire Quarter is a National Historic Landmark and fortunately the area was relatively unaffected by Hurricane Katrina compared to other surrounding areas. 
We passed the infamous Bourbon St. This is the location of Mardi Gras festivities in the Spring, as well as The French Quarter Festival and Southern Decadence.
The whole tour lasted about 90mins and we went on almost every street of the district. We started and ended in Jackson Square which was also known as Place d'Armes. During the day, many local artists have their work on display and for sale. The park is situated in front of The Cabildo, which is where the Louisiana Purchase was finalized and signed, The St. Louis Cathedral and The Presbytère, which housed the Roman Catholic Priests and authorities in the 18th century.
Originally, the area was used for public execution of disobedient slaves. After the Battle of New Orleans in 1814 the park was renamed for the Unites States President Andrew Jackson and a statue was erected in his honor.

After a long day of walking and sightseeing we went for dinner at Jean Lafitte's Bistro which was above The Old Absinthe House. Jean Lafitte also had a major role in the outcome of the Battle of New Orleans along with Andrew Jackson.

After eating lots of yummy food including World Famous New Orleans Blackened Catfish, and Brie and Risotto balls, and many drinks we finally returned to the hotel for a nice relaxing evening before leaving the next day. Even though the trip was short, I look forward to my next adventure with Ashley. She said we might even get to see fireworks because Independence day for the USA is coming up soon!

Posted Jul 9, 2009, 3:56 am
July 4th is America's Independence Day. More specifically is it the federal holiday celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. On this day, America was officially free from the rule of the Kingdom of Great Britain. During this time of the year, and specifically on the 4th itself, many people celebrate by having events and get togethers such has barbecues, picnics, parades, concerts, carnivals and firework displays. Also, a lot of people wear very patriotic clothing, with flag emblems on them or the colors red, white and blue.

Because Flagstaff is not only a forest, but also technically a desert climate as well, it is very dangerous to have them if it is too dry. We were thinking that we weren't going to see any this year. We spent most of the morning and afternoon at Ashley's companion's house. He let us play some video games with him.

After killing lots of Zombies, Adam told Ashley that this year Flagstaff was actually going to have Fireworks. So we loaded up a blanket and sweaters because it can be quite chilly in Flagstaff at night and headed over to where the show would be taking place. There were lots and lots of people there. The show was very exciting, but because it was nighttime, it was hard to get a picture with me at the fireworks. But here is one of my favorite pictures of the whole show.

Ashley is hoping to get some time this week to show me and the other TV's around Flagstaff and give us a tour. We are hoping to get some good pictures because it is very pretty this time of year.

Posted Jul 14, 2009, 12:22 am
Today we went on an outdoor adventure. It was very beautiful outside, and the weather was perfect. Casanova, Thiele, Roots Bear, Ricky the Rat and I got to ride in Ashley's backpack. We are all ready to go!
Ashley explained to us that we were going on a hike, as well as geocaching. Geocaching is somewhat like a treasure hunt. People list the coordinates, and clues to a hidden container on the website [url=geocaching.com]geocaching.com[/url]. Sometimes there are trinkets inside the canister, and sometimes it is so small that you just sign the log. Ashley explained that sometimes it can be frustrating, but the excitement from finding the cache is worth the hunt. To get to the trailhead, we had to go off-roading a little. The bumpy road opened up to a small clearing and we spotted some female elk. Elk are one of the largest species of deer, and look almost identical to Red Deer found in Europe. We saw a lot them, but it was hard to get very close.

Soon after the elk sighting, we arrived at the trail. There was no marker her, but as we got closer we found a trail marker that let us know how much further to out destination. After hiking 2 miles we only have a little more than a half of a mile to go.

As we were getting closer, it got very windy so Ashley packed us into the backpack so we didn't fly off. She didn't want to lose any of us. Not too long afterwards, Ashley unzipped the pouch we were resting in and got to see the view.

We took in the view and rested awhile, then got to searching. 15 minutes later, Ashley's friend found something that he thought was the cache, but it was a teaser. It took a little while and just when we were ready to give up, Ashley figured it out, and the cache was found. Inside there were lots of different things including fly paper, bug bite medical swabs, and a travelbug, which Ashley explained was somewhat like a Toyvoyager. Usually, it is a tag or coin that travels to different geocaches. We didn't take anything this time, but we did sign the log and headed back. It was great fun and I can't wait for the next adventure I get to go on!

Posted Jul 26, 2009, 8:40 pm
Just writing to check in. Life around Flagstaff has been pretty slow. The weather here has been really strange. Early in the day it will be an enjoyable cool temperature, then towards the afternoon dark clouds start to develop followed by strong winds and heavy thunderstorms. The storms were frightening at first, but now they are quite beautiful. Ashley explained this weather is called Summer Monsoons. The rain during this time of the year is highly variable and is characterized by random bursts of downpour followed by breaks that can last for minutes or days. Due to the weather, venturing outside and taking pictures has been quite a task. Ashley has promised to show us around this upcoming week even if the weather is less than favorable. We may even get to bake a cake this week as well!!

Posted Sep 6, 2009, 5:17 am
There has been ALOT of thunderstorms here lately. Ashley said that it has been the rainiest summer she has seen since living in Flagstaff. We have been unpacking and organizing since we moved and Ashley has been letting us watch movies every day. Today, we watched Juno! This is Ashley's favorite movies. It is a very sweet comedy with a good story and lesson to it. We laughed a lot!

Also, Ashley started her fall semester at the university. She has only been in class for a few days and already has lots of reading today. Ashley is studying all about exercise and how it effects the human body. We got to read about Carbohydrates and Exercise fuel. It was very interesting.

Posted Sep 6, 2009, 5:19 am
Wow! Today was a long day. Ashley moved into a new apartment today. We spent a lot of time packing and moving boxes. During the move, it started raining so we scrambled as fast as possible to get everything inside. Ashley's new place is very nice, but it is quiet here as we are the only ones here. Don't worry, Ashley did not make us work too hard. Aster making the bed we took a nice nap!


Posted Sep 20, 2009, 11:21 pm
Our group has arrived with Abby in Canada!  Hinz + Kunz, and Aimee were on-hand to greet us, and Dottie Grace arrived at the same time we did.


Posted Sep 22, 2009, 1:01 am
Before I head off to my new host, Ashley, the other Tv's and I set off on a cupcake baking extravaganza! Ashley and many of her friends have birthdays soon so we made lots of cupcakes of different colors and decorations.

First thing we did was pre-heat the oven and put pretty cupcake liners into the pan. Not only did this make the cupcakes pretty, it also keeps them from sticking to the pan.

Next, after mixing the batter, we each took turns filling the cups. We used a measuring cup to make sure we didn't put too much batter so that they don't overflow when baking. After baking the cupcakes we put Reese's Peanut Butter candy kisses on the top while they were still warm. The heat made them melt. Then it was time for decorating.

Ashley let me help color the frosting. We made many colors including Neon Pink, Teal, Purple and Orange. After we did the frosting, I was in charge of SPRINKLES!

The only thing left to do was to eat the cupcakes. The blue ones were leftovers and the color was made using the remainder of other colors of frosting. They were so YUMMY!

Baking cupcakes was so fun! They were so good. It was just like baking miniature cakes. These birthday celebrations were a great way to end the travelgroup's stay in Arizona. We are now on our way to see AbbyB!

Posted Sep 26, 2009, 7:41 am
We decided to explore Abby's gardens.

The front gardens had lots of flowers.



We met lots of these gnomes.  They were all identical and they were all curiously named Smedvik.


There were so many dahlias, in all different colours.






Next, it was off to the backyard.

We played in an apple tree...


and a pear tree.


I had a look to see if there were any ripe tomatos to eat.


Look at all of these grapes!  Can you see me?


Mmm, raspberries.


Lastly, everyone posed for a picture with this fellow, who guards the raspberry canes.


Posted Oct 2, 2009, 5:56 am
Today I went to downtown Vancouver.  As soon as the rain stopped, I went sightseeing.

This is the war memorial at Victory Square.


This is the infamous Gastown Steam Clock, the first of its kind in the world.  As you can see, it it very popular with tourists.


This is a statue of Gassy Jack, the founder of Gastown, which is the oldest part of Vancouver.  He owned a saloon that burned down in the Great Fire of 1886.


This is Waterfront Station, an old CPR train station.  Now it is a transfer station for many different types of public transportation: trains, buses, the Skytrain and the SeaBus.


This is Canada Place.  One of the most well-known waterfront features of Vancouver.  At the front is a hotel, at the back is an IMAX theatre (which closed down today), and in the middle, inder the sails, are large rooms used for conventions.  The sails are lit up at night with multi-coloured lights.


This is the new Vancouver Convention Centre, which will be the media centre during the Olympics.  It is huge and practices green roof technology, the largest green roof in Canada.


The green area you can see behind me is Stanley Park, the largest park in Vancouver.


This is the Marine Building.  It is the best example of art deco architecture on the West Coast of North America.  The interior was used in the Fantastic Four movies.  It was built right at the beginning of the Depression, and because the contractors went bankrupt, the interiors were not completed as they were originally meant to be until recently.


Lastly, this is the Vancouver Art Gallery, the largest in Western Canada.  The building itself used to be the provincial courthouse.  The gallery is a popular spot for protests and large gatherings and demonstrations.  On the right-hand side of the photo you can see the clock that is counting down to the 2010 Olympics.


Posted Oct 8, 2009, 8:14 pm
Today I saw a little piece of Beautiful British Columbia (they even have that on their license plates).  Part of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, which is the next city over, are farmland and there are a lot of dikes that the public is allowed to walk on.  This particular area is near the Allouette River.


This is the river.


Posted Oct 8, 2009, 11:22 pm
Today I went to the local recycle depot.  They recycle pretty much everything.


Abby was only able to get this one photo of the other side before she was yelled at by an employee for taking photos.


Posted Oct 12, 2009, 7:06 am
Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year Abby and her family have a big meal.  This year there was a turkey roast, stuffing, brussel sprouts and candied yams, with sparkling apple juice to drink.  Yum!


For dessert everyone got a homemade pumpkin tart.


Posted Oct 12, 2009, 11:44 pm
We all went to the local pumpkin patch!



There were lots of things to see.  They had these big teepees, where people could sit inside.


There was this maze thing that had a lot of different displays.  Abby didn't take anyone's picture with most of them because it was not sunny in the maze and therefore very cold, but there were animals, Disney characters, and lots of other things.

This was near the pirate display.  Can you see me?


This was near the dinosaur display.  Creepy.


There was even a gnome village.


Then, we had a look at the pumpkin patch itself.  See that bush on the right?  It continued on way behind that.


Hey, look!  It's Charlie Brown!


Abby's family bought lots of pumpkins for carving and baking, and they will carve them in a couple weeks.  Maybe I will even be around to help.

Posted Oct 22, 2009, 4:01 am
Today I went to the UBC Apple Festival.  It is held once a year at the University of British Columbia's botanical gardens.


This is where the main event is.  There is apple tasting, cider apple chips and candy apples for sale, information about local apples, experts on growing apples, people selling crafts and even a kids zone where there were crafts and balloon animals.


There's even chili being served in an authentic WWII chuck wagon!  It's going fast because it's cold out and could rain any moment.


Part of the botanical gardens is an area where they grow fruits and vegetables.  All of the produce is donated to the Salvation Army.


Abby bought everyone tickets to the 1:30 apple tasting.  There are volunteers handing out samples for about 60 types of apples.  Abby and Erin say they have a tried and true method for tasting every single kind before the half an hour is over.


We were first in line.  Abby took this picture of me before we went in because she said that we would be busy eating and would not have time for pictures if we wanted to try every kind of apple.


I did it!  Every single kind that they were handing out, including the apples that astronaut Yuri Gagarin took into space, and a brand new kind developed in the interior of British Columbia that does not have a name yet.

The apple fest was a lot of fun. I didn't even know that many kinds of apples existed...

Posted Nov 1, 2009, 6:18 am
It is Abby's nineteenth birthday and we are baking her a tea cake.

The first thing we did was make the tea.  We are using organic creme brulee rooibos from David's Tea.


Next we mixed butter and sugar.


Then added eggs and almond extract.


We mixed flour and baking powder,


Then added it and the tea to the batter.



The whole time Lou was helping.


In the oven!





It was really good!

Posted Nov 1, 2009, 6:22 am
Happy Halloween!  This year I'm a cowgirl!


Posted Nov 1, 2009, 6:24 am
We helped Abby carve her pumpkin.



We decided on pumpkin pi.


Then, we decided to roast the seeds.


While we were waiting, we put the pumpkin outside.




Posted Nov 30, 2009, 8:07 am
Dear Mommy,
I have excellent timing! I arrived the day before Thanksgiving. Jayme lives in Japan, but she celebrates the American holidays since she's American. Its a good thing too, after that long ride in the envelope I was famished! We started in with the cooking the day before. First we had to go get some supplies. One of the places we went to was a place to get very fresh organic eggs. Its a weird sort of place. They had many animals for the children to look at, and then only a small store with the eggs and some pastries. Here are some pictures.
A monster almost got me!
After we got home it was time to start the cooking. Jayme said she was only going to make dessert early this year since it was just her family we had to cook for. We were making buckeyes. Yum! Here you can see the peanut butter balls.
Then they had to be dipped in chocolate.
Oh they were delicious. And I think we made a few too many for just her family, don't you think? ;) Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I can't wait to tell you about it!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Nov 30, 2009, 8:22 am
Dear Mommy,
We woke up to the most delicious smells... and we headed towards the kitchen. Only to realize the baby gate was up and Jayme was threatening everyone who came near her kitchen with a spatula. Yesh, I didn't know Thanksgiving was so serious! We waited and waited and finally just in time for lunch the Thanksgiving meal was served. It was worth the wait!
After lunch we went for a walk along the beach to burn off all the calories! Here is where we started. See the sea wall in the distance?
Well we walked all the way over there. Its really quite pretty. Some of the graffiti on it is just great.
And since the tide was out it was a nice place to rest and take a break.
We walked on a little further and found a small beach called sunset beach. Its really too cold for swimming, and there are lots of jelly fish this time of year, but some people were walking at the waters edge.
Finally it was time to turn around. Back where we began was a playground shaped like a pirate ship. We stopped there to rest while Jayme's children played.
Overall we had a very relaxing Thanksgiving. I wonder what adventures we'll go on next?
Tiger Lilly

Posted Dec 15, 2009, 8:24 am
Dear Mommy,
I'm sorry I haven't updated more quickly! Jayme's been quite busy. Us toys have been trying to help, but there's lots to do. We have done a few little trips though. First we went to a place called Comprehensive Park and took a walk. There are many walking trails here. Today we simply walked along the beach then to a small fish pond so that the boys could see the fishes.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Dec 15, 2009, 8:30 am
Dear Mommy,
We also got to go to a place called Murasaki Mura. Jayme was excited to go. Here we are at the entrance. The dog/lions next to us are called Shisas. Shisas are the traditional protectors on Okinawa, and culturally are taken from the Chinese. Okinawa was not owned by the Japanese until recently and it has a rather unique blended culture since it used to be a very common trade stop because of its location. Culturally they have picked up many things from the Chinese and Japanese, but because the Americans have been here since World War II there are also some odd American traditions interspersed with it all. But the Shisa are the protectors all over Okinawa. They are lion/dogs and are found in pairs, one to let the good spirits through and the other to catch the bad spirits. Almost all homes and businesses have them and you can make your own here at Murasaki Mura. Jayme says she assumes there are ones people made and either couldn't or wouldn't pay for so they added them to the many decorations.
We got to walk around Murasaki Mura, but unfortunately we did not get to do any of the crafts there as it began to rain! Boo. Here are the pictures before the rain.
Maybe we'll get to go again one day, it sure looked pretty and some of the crafts they did there looked very neat.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Dec 15, 2009, 8:47 am
Today we went to a very special place on Okinawa. It is the Peace Memorial Park. The Peace Park here on Okinawa has taken many years to build. It is to memorialize all that were killed on Okinawa during World War II and also a reminder of the cost of war, and the value of peace. The Peace Park consists of different sections. There is a museum there that has maps and a history of the battle on Okinawa as well as exhibits to see and stories of those who survived are told. There is also a Memorial that you can walk through outside that lists the names of all those killed during the Battle of Okinawa on the edge of a cliff. Finally there is an area with many memorials you can walk through, most of which are stones with the information carved into them in Japanese, which unfortunately Jayme can not read. Today we only saw a small portion of the park, the last area where there are memorials and nice walking paths. Here we are at the beginning of the walk, below us you can see the black stone with engraved names and the museum.
Here you can see the water at the base of the cliffs, isn't it beautiful?
Next to some of the memorials are paper cranes like these. Many of them are donated by local school children who come to visit. Isn't this an amazing amount of cranes? And these are the ones displayed outside where they must be replaced often. There are many in various locations and inside the museum.
Here is an example of one of the memorials up here.
Finally here is the view of the stones again as we were walking back to the car to go home.
It is a very beautiful and sad place to visit. But it is time to celebrate peace as well, and Jayme says we have a few plans for Christmas upcoming, I hope I'll be able to tell you about them soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Dec 18, 2009, 1:48 am
Dear Mommy,
Today we went on a long ride up to a base called Courtney. They were having a small Christmas festival here. Here I am at the entrance.
First we sat and watched some carolers.
Then we took the kids over to the kiddie land. They had an area for rides and for bounce houses.
Then we went to look at the hmmwv they had out. They also had a larger truck and police car, but there were too many people there to take a photo.
We wanted to see Santa, but it was far too busy so we couldn't this time :( Maybe another time. But we had lots of fun and I'm sure we'll do more soon!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Dec 18, 2009, 2:09 am
Dear Mommy,
We had lots to do! We made cookies and put them along with buckeyes in these little bags. The bags are for the Marines to take home with them along with other stocking stuffers from the Christmas party. You see, there are many single men out here who are very far from home and so Jayme's job is to try to help them (and the other families) to feel a little less lonely, especially during the holidays. So we cooked and cooked cookies!
Then we bagged them up.
Look at all these bags! 100 of them here, another woman was doing another 100. That's a lot of cookies!
Finally we also made a couple of Christmas tree cakes for the party itself. Doesn't it look yummy?
And then we were off to the party! It was at the bowling alley. They were supposed to have things outside as well, but it was raining :( This isn't a very good picture, but it was quite crowded and we didn't get to bowl at all! But here is the party itself.
But most importantly...someone very important came to the party. After he was done greeting all the children Jayme was able to ask him to take a photo with us as well. Did you know that Jayme knows Santa?! I'm very impressed. Here are all of us visiting right now with Santa!
Whew. Very tiring! I wonder what else we'll do for Christmas?
Tiger Lilly

Posted Dec 26, 2009, 9:41 pm
Dear Mommy,
I have lots of fun Christmas stories to tell you, but first I wanted to show you the decorations here at Jayme's house. She actually has two nativity sets. You see, she bought one the first year, but then realized her kids always wanted to touch it so she found one online that's a childrens nativity set that they can play with. Unfortunately she says this means there's almost always a piece missing, but at least now they don't try to get her set anymore. And it is pretty cute.
Here's the adult nativity set. Its still pretty kid proof, but looks a bit nicer.
Then there were the Christmas cards Jayme received! A few from toyvoyagers, a few from postcard friends, and a few from family. Not too many cards, but she put them out anyway.
Finally there was of course the tree! I won't put up a big picture of the tree yet, you can see that on Christmas Day :) But I will show you some of the small ornaments on it. Jayme and her family each get one ornament every year for a Christmas present. It may be something from a movie or cartoon they like or something on a trip. Like the Minnie ornament Jayme got at Tokyo Disney. Or it may be something that reminded Jayme of her kids. Like the panda ornament because her oldest son used to carry a panda around non-stop as a lovey for awhile. And then of course, there's a few small ones the children made as well. Here are some pictures of them.
I hope you liked the pictures! I'll be sure to write all about Christmas very soon so you can see what fun we had!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Dec 31, 2009, 11:45 am
Dear Mommy,
I'm sorry I didn't get my update up sooner to tell you about Christmas! But here it is now.
On Christmas Eve our first priority was of course making Christmas cookies! The kids had lots of fun making them. We toys mostly stayed out of the way since we didn't want to get all floury or coated in icing.
Here are the ones we left out for Santa.
After getting every ready for Santa we went on out to the Christmas Eve light show! We got there quite early before nightfall. Here we are waiting and watching some shows near the stage. You can't really see the shows from here, but they just had people coming up doing short acts juggling or what not.
They also had a small festival area for the kids with games and rides, so we took the kids over to do some rides while we waited.
The best part of all for the kids though was that we got to see some real snow! Even though it was very warm that night (Jayme was in a tshirt!) they had a snow maker they kept running to build up snowmen, and igloos and other things. It was very, very packed in the snow area. Lots of children checking it out! Many of them will live on Okinawa all of their lives and not really have a chance to play in the snow. Here I am in a brief picture I managed to squeeze in while we were trying to carefully keep an eye on Jayme's children.
Finally the lights came on! Aren't they pretty? They have a few very elaborate light set ups.
Whew! After that we went home and put the children to bed and helped Jayme do some last minute wrapping.
Finally we all got to bed and when we woke in the morning Santa had visited and brought more presents! Here we all are under the tree with the gifts.
We spent Christmas Day at Jayme's house playing with the boys and their new toys. Maybe I can take some pictures of them later. For now, Merry Christmas Mommy! Hope you had a wonderful one!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jan 11, 2010, 1:27 am
Dear Mommy,
Its been quite rainy here recently, but we've been trying to get out whenever the sun is out. The children are quite restless from staying indoors and they need to get some energy out! So we headed to one of the giant slide parks on Okinawa. Jayme's children really love this slide. Here it is from the bottom, you have to walk up quite a few stairs
And here's the view from the top looking down. Its a rollerslide so there are many rollers you slide down. The Japanese children go down standing up, but Jayme's children are a bit young for that so they go down sitting on a piece of cardboard.
They also had a small beach nearby so the children tried to build a sand castle.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jan 11, 2010, 3:26 am
Dear Mommy,
Like I said in the last update, its been very rainy! And Jayme's children are even driving us toys a bit up the wall with too much energy, so we also headed to an indoor playground. Its a place called Mona Kids. Here is the entrance, isn't it cute?
We had a snack inside
And here's the play area for the children. There's lots of tubes and ball pits for them to play in.
While the children were playing Jayme got to sit and rest and read a bit. I read some Lord of the Rings with her.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jan 13, 2010, 12:45 am
Dear Mommy,
I was quite excited when I woke up and it was actually sunny! Jayme said we were going to go out, but first we would make some lunches to take to eat in the car since it was going to be a bit of a drive. She said we were going to use these things called egg molds. First you boil and peel the eggs, then you put them in molds like this.
Here we are with all the egg molds.
Then you put them in the fridge until the cool, and when you take them out they've been molded and will hold their new shape. Neat huh?
We packed them along with other snacks into a bento box, which is a boxed lunch. Bentos are very popular in Japan. Jayme says she makes "American" bentos because her family doesn't like eating rice when it gets cold, which is a traditional bento food, so instead she makes her own type of boxed lunch. But it does look yummy... you can see the eggs are wrapped in saran wrap and placed in with the other food.
Then we headed off. It was a long carride up the coast until we arrived. Finally we arrived at the Busena resort! If you can see that pier far out in the distance, that's where we're headed.
We took a nice walk along the way, I thought this anchor was kind of neat.
And finally we made it to the pier.
We walked to the end and they had what's called an Underwater Observatory. You go down 2M under the water and you can look out the portholes! The area is really rather small, with only about 25 portholes, but its very neat. We stayed there for a long time watching the fish go by.
Finally it was time to head home, but we did stop at the playground on the way to let the children run a bit more. Can you tell Jayme spends a lot of time at playgrounds? Here's a view of the playground from one of the many things to climb on.
We toys took a rest on the rock wall.
Whew! I'm glad we finally got to go out and have some fun, hopefully I'll have another neat update soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Feb 2, 2010, 12:13 am
Dear mommy,
Sorry for the late update! We've visited a few places I'll tell you about, but Jayme hasn't had time to sit down it seems lately. First we celebrate Jayme's son Jacob's birthday! He's five years old.
For his birthday he wanted to go visit the aquarium so off we went! Here I am outside the building.
When you walk down to the entrance this is the view of the water there.
We got to see many fish. The Churaumi aquarium has the largest salt water natural light coral tank.
They also have the largest view screen to see whale sharks. Do you see him behind him? He's huge!
We made a new friend at the aquarium. He said he wants to be a toyvoyager too! He still has to pick a name for himself though.
Finally when we got home we decided to have some fun with the legos got for Christmas an his birthday. It took forever to put them all together!
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Feb 2, 2010, 12:24 am
Dear Mommy,
We also got to visit a ferris wheel! Here I am outside the ferris wheel.
And here are all us toys who are visiting on the ferris wheel.
Here's the view out the window. The water there is sunset beach.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Feb 2, 2010, 12:33 am
Dear Mommy,
We also got to visit the grounds of Shuri-jo castle here in Okinawa. Shuri is the most famous castle on island. It was the main castle for the Ryukyan kings. It has been destroyed 5 times, most recently during WWII and they continue to rebuild it. Now you can visit and even pay a fee and enter the reconstructed castle. We only visited the outside today, but I thought you would like to see these photos of the outside of the castle and grounds.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Feb 6, 2010, 7:39 am
Dear Mommy,
Jayme told me we were off to do something very special today. We got in the car for a long car ride and finally got out at a castle to quite a surprise. Us toys hadn't realized it was cherry blossom season here in Okinawa! You see, in mainland it comes much later but since Okinawa is warm year round the cherry blossoms tree bloom very early. They're also a much brighter pink than most in the mainland because they're a slightly different variety of tree. One of the most popular spots to visit is here at Nago Castle. You walk up the stairs and just look at the cherry blossoms along the way. Here is our view as we were walking.
On the way home we stopped by a spot called Manzamo Point to stretch, isn't it pretty?
Hope we get to have another adventure soon!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 6, 2010, 11:47 pm
Dear Mommy,
Today Haggis arrived! We were very excited to meet him.
We also stopped by quickly at the store today and got some cherry blossoms for Jayme's table. She was surprised to see them in the store, and we couldn't resist bringing them home. Aren't they pretty?
Jayme says we'll be very, very busy in the upcoming weeks and she has many updates to write!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 6, 2010, 11:59 pm
Dear Mommy,
Jayme says her parents are coming for a visit! Since they're going to be keeping everyone quite busy she thoguht it was only right for us to go take the kids out for some fun before they arrived. We went to two different playgrounds. The first was an outdoor playground, here you can see the playground behind me.
And then we bought tickets for something called a Super Slide.
Wow its big! Do you see the slide behind me? The children ride down it on sleds.
After that the kids still weren't tired enough so we headed to an indoor playground. Here are two pictures from inside.
Whew! I hope we don't have too much else to do before her parents arrived or I may be exhausted for the trip...
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 7, 2010, 12:09 am
Dear Mommy,
Today we went back to the egg farm, do you remember it? The place with all the animals? We saw some more animals, I don't really remember which I took pictures of last time, but hopefully there's some new ones this time!
And I don't think I remembered to take pictures inside the store last time, so here are some this time! They sell lots and lots of pastries along with eggs.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 10, 2010, 6:08 am
Dear Mommy,
I know you've seen the Peace Memorial Park, but I thought you may like to see it again since it was so very pretty. Here's another view of the cliffs.
And here's a closer view of the memorial walls listing the names of all those killed than I had before.
And here again is the museum, unfortunately we couldn't take pictures inside.
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 10, 2010, 6:17 am
Dear Mommy,
For the second day of Jayme's parents visit we went to a place called Okinawa World. Here I am where you buy your tickets.
At Okinawa World we got to go down through this neat cave and see all the neat rock formations inside. It was pretty hard to take pictures, but I hope you like them!.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 10, 2010, 6:31 am
Dear Mommy,
Today we went to a placed call the Pineapple Park. While there we got to rid around in a cart to see all the various plants like palm trees, pineapples, and flowers. Here are some pictures of our ride.
We also got to stop by the seashell museum there.
I'm sorry for any bluriness, I couldn't use the flash, but I know some came out blurry.
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 10, 2010, 6:39 am
We also took Jayme's parents on a nature walk. There wasn't too much to see on the walk, but here's a view.
And the beach at the end was beautiful!
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 10, 2010, 6:45 am
We also went down to Kokusai Street, which is the shopping street here on Japan. Many of the little shops here looked like this.
Lots of them sold these shisas, which are the guardians of Okinawa and found in many homes.
We went down one of the side streets that happened to be covered, here's what it looked like.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 10, 2010, 6:55 am
We also got to visit the Chinese Gardens. It was such a quiet calm place. I won't talk too much about it, just let you see the beautiful photos. It was a wonderful place to visit!
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 10, 2010, 6:59 am
We also went to this lighthouse, its at a place called Camp Zanpa.
Isn't it a beautiful view down the coastline?
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 10, 2010, 7:06 am
The final morning that Jayme's parents were here she took her mom to go get a pedicure. Toys can't get pedicures of course, but we did get to lounge in the chairs, and it is so comfy in there!
We tried to take a picture out the window, but it didn't come out. So we had to walk outside and take a picture for you, this is the view from the pedicure place. Isn't it nice?
I hope you liked the updates from their visit! I think we all need a real vacation now...
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 29, 2010, 11:11 pm
We also go to go spend a few hours relaxing at the beach one day when it was nice out!
I helped the kids play in the sand.
And all of us toys relaxed on the beach towel for awhile.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 29, 2010, 11:25 pm
Did you see the news stories about the huge dust storm in Beijing? We didn't have nearly so bad a problem, but we did get some left over dust from the storms. Here's the view from Jayme's apartment. Do you see the fog? That's all dust. Yuck! When you go outside you can taste it a bit. Jayme said the news sources say the dust is safe, but we didn't want to risk it, so we stayed inside unless we had to go out.
We did look up the dust storms in China though. We're very glad it wasn't that bad here!
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Apr 12, 2010, 12:18 am
I am sorry I haven't updated more quickly! Jayme's been very busy getting her school work done so even though we've done some neat things we simply haven't had time to sit at the computer to write them out since Jayme's been using it to get her work done. We did take a break to celebrate Jayme's birthday! Can you believe how big a cake her husband got for just 4 people and a few tv's?
After that the weather was just too beautiful to stay inside so we took our lunch to go have a picnic at the beach. Isn't it pretty?
But Jayme forgot to charge the batteries (d'oh!) so we only got one picture! After that we got back in the car, where thankfully Jayme keeps a battery charger, and drove to a nearby cliffside for a walk. We took some nice pictures along the way.
More updates soon!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Apr 13, 2010, 11:24 pm
We were able to celebrate Easter here in Japan! Though the Japanese don't celebrate it, Jayme's family is American so they do. Oddly, the Easter bunny brought Jayme's children Easter bookbags instead of Easter baskets. Jayme said he was probably just trying to make things easier for the move since the bookbags are just the right size for the children to carry their toys on the plane.
After the boys checked out their Easter bookbags we went off to find all the eggs the Easter bunny had hidden! We all helped look. Here's the ones I found.
Then it was time to open up all those eggs, look at that candy pile! Plenty to go around!
After that we took some time to color eggs. First we got out the kit that we were going to use
Then we had to set everything up. Eggs, dye, and lots of paper towels to catch the mess.
Here's the egg coloring
And more
And finally the finished product!
We were all pretty worn out :) Another update to come soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Apr 14, 2010, 2:30 am
Jayme decided to take the day before her final exam for us to go out and relax a bit. That's kind of backwards isn't it? But she said the weather was just too nice not to go out, so off we went to the Renassaince Resort. We started out by the indoor pool and watched the kids go down the water slides. They had lots of fun.
Us toys relaxed in the lounge chair.
From there we went outside to grab a bite to eat. Here you can see the hotel from where we were sitting
The kids had chicken nuggets and fries, not very creative but it kept them happy til it was time to go home.
There was also an outside pool, but it was a little chilly so no one was in it.
Finally we headed down to the beach at the Renassaince for a bit.
The children were having fun burying each other so we decided to try it out and bury Haggis.
Don't worry, no toys were harmed from this picture, Haggis dug himself out very quickly.
After that we headed home. Jayme has to take her final next, and hopefully after that we'll get to relax some and do some more fun updates!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Apr 28, 2010, 11:19 pm
We got to go back to the Peace Park yet again since Jayme decided she wanted to take a drive. Today we went to a new spot there though, they had a pretty neat playground!
We also go to stop by the museum. Here's the outside, sadly we weren't allowed to take photos inside
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Apr 28, 2010, 11:30 pm
We were able to visit a very neat site here on Okinawa! We started off by walking up a path with lots and lots of flowers.
Finally at the top we found out where we are. Nakagusuku Castle, an UNESCO site here on Okinawa.
Here you can see me next to a model of the castle with the actual castle in the background.
Here's a better look at the castle.
We went up many stairs
Finally we were way up at the top! Isn't it a lovely view. Here's the inside of the castle
And you can see the Pacific Ocean here.
Hopefully we'll get out again soon!
Tiger Lilly

Posted May 9, 2010, 9:46 pm
We got to go visit a fun place called Forest Adventure Park. Unfortunately us tvs only got to see it from the sidelines. Jayme said it was a bit too dangerous for us to go on the course since if we fell down we'd be lost for good and it'd be a little too easy to drop us. We did get to watch her and others while we waited though. Forest Adventure is a zipline and obstacle course. You can see the zipline course behind me. The lines may be a little too small to see clearly, but they go over the valley, which is very deep. Those aren't shrubs below, they're full grown mature, very tall trees. You can see while she didn't want to drop us on accident!
To show you what the course is like, here is the practice course. Before you're allowed to do the real course they have you go through the practice course so they're sure you know all the safety precautions. They don't want anyone falling!
Finally there's the obstacle course. There's a net that you jump into like tarzan hanging from a rope then you pull yourself up. And then lots of other various obstacles you can walk over.
Here's a picture of Jayme, you can see why it would be kind of hard for her to hold us for poses as well since she was holding one for dear life, which was at least pretty funny to watch :)
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted May 29, 2010, 2:48 pm
Well, technically we have a couple more udpates to write about Okinawa, but I thought you'd like to see what we've been up to the last couple weeks and so I thought we'd jump ahead and come back to the Okinawa updates once Jayme can download the information from the camera. First is our last night on Okinawa. We went out to eat at Jayme's favorite restraunt. It's called Sam's
They cook the food in front of you so it comes in courses. First is a small treat made of Okinawa sweet potato.
Next comes Navy Bean soup, and you can also see Jayme's new glass in the background. She ordered her drink with a souvinier glass since it was her last visit
Next comes salad
Then the cook arrives and cooks right in front of you! It's served right off the stove of course. We started with potatoes, onions, and green peppers
Then came the meat
And finally came the fried rice and beans
Yum! At least we'll have our bellies full for what comes next
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted May 29, 2010, 2:56 pm
The next day we got up and sat and sat at the airport trying to catch a flight. Finally we left to go home for a bit and came back at midnight to try for a flight then. We were flying space-available so unfortunately we couldn't get on just any flight. Finally we made it on the one at midnight! But it wasn't time for the plane to leave til 3am. We were all very, very tired. And unfortunately Jayme isn't allowed to take pictures of the plane or the airport since it is on a military base :( But once we got on the plane we could take a shot of us in the seats, looks like an ordinary plane doesn't it? Really we're on a seat above a HUGE cargo hold. We flew on a C-5 which is one of the largest planes out there.
After a long, long 10 hour flight we arrived in... Alaska? We checked into a hotel there even though we'd only have a few hours to sleep, but the kids had a hard time sleeping because it was still light out! Kind of neat really. Here's the view from our hotel at 11pm.
Finally we went back to the airport at 5am to catch our next flight. This one was on a slightly smaller plane, but still very big. We had to get onto our seats first.
But after take off we were able to get out and stretch, and look at how much stretching room there was! The kids had a blast running and playing during the flight. It was lots of fun. They even took a nap spread out on blankets on the floor.
Finally after all those plane rides we made it to Camp Pendleton's airfield just North of San Diego. We took a taxi to the beach to wait for Jayme's ride to show up, since she had an hour or so to drive. We just crossed the Pacific!
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jun 16, 2010, 1:01 pm
I am sorry I didn't update for so long! We had all sorts of internet problems and couldn't get the pictures up, but hopefully over the next few days you'll get to find out what I've been up to for the last month. We spent a lot of time just relaxing at Jayme's in-laws house, but we forgot to take pictures there. D'oh! We did do some day trips though. Our first one was to Balboa Park in San Diego to visit the Science Center. Here I am looking towards the park from the parking lot where we waited for the park tram.
And here's the Rubean H. Fleet Science Center. All the buildings here are done in a similar architectural fashion.
Inside was very neat, there were lots of handson science experiments for the children to explore as well as a small area for children under 6 (Jayme's barely made the cut off!) where they could play with balls and other toys. Here you can see some pictures inside.
When we came out the water fountain was on! Here is the water fountain outside the museum and behind it you can see the Natural History Museum.
Here's the central area of the park where we waited for the tram to come get us again.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jun 16, 2010, 1:25 pm
A few days after our trip to Balboa Park we headed to the Ramona Rodeo. Jayme's inlaws actually live in Ramona, which is on the outskirts of San Diego. Every year there's a rodeo held here. It's very, very popular. Here's a couple pictures of me at the rodeo
And these are some zoomed in pictures Jayme took during it. It was lots of fun to see.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jun 16, 2010, 1:48 pm
After the rodeo we lazed around a bit then thought we should go back to Balboa Park again since we'd only seen such a small portion of it. Our goal today was to go to the Air and Space Museum (you can tell we're taking little boys along, right?). We went to a different parking lot this time. We walked past the Organ Pavillion. We didn't get to see it, but every Sunday they have free concerts here.
Then we walked a short ways in Palm Canyon Trail on our way.
Finally we made it! Whew. Here's the entrane to the Air and Space Museum.
There are lots of neat things inside, the boys really liked this globe. You could make it look like any planet in the solar system by pushing a button.
And they lots of stuff besides planes to look at, like this Aircraft Carrier model.
But of course, there's lots of planes to see!
Whew! We got to see a lot. On our way out we headed back towards our car and decided to stop at the Botanical Gardens. Here's the outside.
And here's some of the lovely plants inside.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jul 15, 2010, 12:41 am
Today we stopped by a place called Dos Picos park. It's a nice small park here in Ramona, CA where Jayme's relatives live. They have many hiking trails, but you have to be careful of the wildlife and most specifically the mountain lions on them. Here we are at the entrance.
Oh and did I mention we took Jayme's new puppy with us? His name is Max. He's a sweetie.
We stopped by the playground here at the park to let the kids play for a little bit.
Then we took a little walk around, but we stayed nearby since Jayme didn't really feel like dealing with any mountain lions today :)
They also have a small duck pond here.
It was nice to get out and stretch a bit! More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jul 15, 2010, 1:05 am
Today we headed somewhere special, to Sea World in San Diego. We started out our trip in the artic exhibit to see the polar bears.
After that we headed over to the brand new dolphin show. Unfortunately we got there a little late so we were seated way up high! It provided a nice view of the stadium though.
Here's some zoomed in pictures of the show so you can see it. Sorry I'm not in them, but if I was all you would see would be specks. It was a very neat show, there were a lot of human acrobats in it.
After the dolphin show we headed over to see the sharks, here I am in the shark tunnel.
After that we headed over the main-line attraction, the Shamu show.
And again with some zoomed in pictures.
After the Shamu show we went on to see some flamingos.
And then the seals.
Finally we headed to the kid's area to let the kids unwind a bit. They had a jungle gym type area.
And of course some kiddie rides.
Our final show of the day was the seal show. Here's a few pictures of me and some zoomed in ones.
After that we headed home to collapse for the night! But we had lots of fun. More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jul 15, 2010, 12:40 pm
Today we headed up a little ways north to a city just south of Los Angeles called Anaheim. Anaheim is famous for one very small reason... it's the home of Disneyland! We got there a little too late in the day to go to Disneyland, so instead we checked out the Downtown Disney area, which is a shopping plaza right outside Disney's gates. Here you can see some of the stores here.
We also went inside the Lego store where they had various creations made of legos (and of course blocks to purchase!) We found a statue of a celebrity there, Woody from Toy Story 3. Jayme's little boys love Toy Story and they were very excited to see this life-size Woody.
Finally we stopped by one more store called Build-a-Bear. We didn't take any pictures inside, but we helped the boys to make a dog to send to their daddy for Father's Day.
After that we headed back to the hotel for a good's nights sleep, we wanted to be well rested before our day at Disney!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jul 16, 2010, 2:44 am
We got up very early to go to Disneyland, Jayme said it's best to be there early because it's less crowded the first hour or two the park is open. When we arrived there weren't many people at the plaza in between the two parks at Disney in Anaheim, California Adventure and Disneyland. We aren't going into California Adventure, but we thought you'd like to see the entrance. You usually can't get a picture like this because there's too many people around.
As you can see, once we got inside the crowds showed up! They open up the turnstiles early to allow people into mainstreet, but you can't get to the rest of the park yet. You can see the castle though! And the rest of mainstreet.
Once they put down the barriers and let us in we headed right towards FantasyLand. Jayme said those rides are a pain later in the day because they're so slow to run and load and offload. The first ride we did was Casey Jr's Train. Here's a picture waiting for it and a picture on the ride.
After that we headed over to do the teacups, what fun!
Then it was time for the carousel.
Then the children really wanted to do It's a Small World. We ended up riding it three times! I don't think I'll ever get that song totally out of my head.
Next we headed over to Toon Town. If you look closely in this picture you can see a celebrity ;) That's Pluto in the background!
Next we went over and took the ferry to Tom Sawyer Island, here you can see us waiting in line. We forgot to take pictures over there we were so busy running around chasing kids.
Next we went over to do the Buzz Lightyear ride. Like we said yesterday, Jayme's kids really love Toy Story. They had lots of fun on this ride. Sadly all we got were pictures in line. Here's the line.
Here's a better picture of one of the wall murals.
Next we went onto the Jungle Cruise. Here's the entrance.
And the boat's we road on.
And here's some of the animals we saw on the way
Finally after that it was time to take a breather while we waited on the parade to start. The kids took a little nap in their stroller and we read for a bit.
Then it was time for the parade! It was more of a show than a parade this time, instead of floats they came out and danced around.
After the parade we ran over as fast as possible to do the Nemo subs. They're very popular right now because they're still new. Here you can see a sub.
And you can't really see what's out the window, but here's where we sat for the ride.
After the Nemo ride the kid's were getting cranky and we were all worn out so we headed home. Whew! I'm sure we'll recover to do some more updates before too long!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jul 28, 2010, 2:02 am
After we visited Jayme's family in California it was time to head to Ohio to see the next batch of family! So off we went. Our first stop here was at the Columbus Zoo! It was very neat. This year it was voted by some travel magazine as the best in the nation. We ended up starting out at the petting zoo to see the goats.
Then it was off to see the Moose! We were in the North America area.
Keeping with the North America theme we went onto the polar bear exhibit. The bears were hiding, but we got to play on the playground there.
We stopped by the bobcat exhibit as well. We didn't see much of the bobcats, they were napping. But I wanted to show you this plaque because the people in it are Jayme's relatives (by marriage). They raised the bobcats here at the zoo as well as working with the bonobos here at the zoo and some other small cats. Jayme got to have some real fun here when she was younger and they still worked here.
After that we headed into the Asian area. They had a bell there that was very sad. It chimes every time a species goes extinct.
After that it was time to stop for some dippin dots. Mmm!
And then we went into the aquarium.
We saw a couple more animals on the way out, but decided it was time to call it quits then because the kids were getting tired.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jul 28, 2010, 2:42 am
We didn't do too much in Ohio besides the zoo, Jayme was too busy making phone calls! But then we found out we had a road trip to go on! We spent a very long time in the car...
When we looked out the window quite awhile later we were... in CHICAGO?! I thought were supposed to be headed towards North Carolina...
Apparently we had to come up to an area near Chicago to pick up Jayme's furniture that had been in storage. In the meantime, we decided to take some time to check out the city :)
Since Jayme's father hadn't been to the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower we decided to head that way. Here I am outside.
And here are the views of the city from the tower.
They had this neat new thing there. It goes out over the street itself and has a plexi-glass bottom so you can look straight down at the street. I thought it was scary! But Jayme's kids loved it.
More later,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jul 28, 2010, 3:02 am
After Chicago we had to go up to Wisconsin to pick up Jayme's items. We only had to go just over the border, and we weren't there long but sine Wisconsin is famous for cheese we had to stop to get some.
We also stopped by a restaraunt called Cracker Barrel. They have lots of what's considered American country cooking and you can find them all over the country. Mm. Lunch.
One of the fun things here is that they have these little wooden table games you can play. We got to relax and play one while drinking some root beer while we waited for the kids to finish eating.
Whew. On our way to North Carolina finally! Next stop Wilmington.
Tiger Lilly

Posted Sep 4, 2010, 1:32 am
I'm so sorry it's been so long since I updated! Jayme's been too busy. She also realized she forgot to put up the 4th of July photos! Oops! We arrived to Jayme's new home just in time for the 4th of July here. We spent the morning on a quick trip to the beach, it was lots of fun.
We spent the afternoon unpacking, yuck. Then it was time to head out for some fireworks. Aren't they pretty?
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Sep 4, 2010, 1:41 am
We had to make one fun stop before the kids went back to school as a special treat. We stopped by Krispy Kreme Donuts. Yum!
Unfortunately the hot donuts sign wasn't on, so we couldn't see the donuts being made. But we did get to enjoy a tasty one.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Sep 4, 2010, 1:47 am
Wilmington is very well known for the it's downtown area on the waterfront. We didn't have long to look today, but we wanted to go check it out finally so down we went. Here's a view of the water front.
And a little view of the downtown.
They were also having a farmer's market the day we were there with lots of things for sale.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Sep 4, 2010, 1:53 am
Today we visited one of Jayme's relatives and she took us to a local farm. Here you can ride on wagon rides, here we are waiting in the barn for the wagon.
Once on the wagon ride we got to ride around for awhile and feed various animals. The children had lots of fun feeding them as the animals ran up to be fed. Here are some views on the ride.
After the ride we walked down a small path that had these funny gourds growing from the arch.
And we stopped by the petting zoo and to see some camels are on our way home.
Hope to have more adventures soon!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Nov 14, 2010, 1:29 pm
Jayme says one of the things she enjoys most about being stateside again is the shopping opportunities! We took a trip out this weekend to go see some of the yard sales in the area. In the colder states where it gets lots of snow they only hold yard sales during the summer, but North Carolina stays warm enough that they can hold them well into the fall. People used to only advertise for them with street signs, but these days they put up their ads online, which is nice because then you don't have to just drive aimlessly. Yardsales typically run very early in the day from 7 or 8am to noon. Jayme made up a list of sales for us to go to and printed out directions from mapquest and we were off
Some yard sales are small and at people's houses like this one.
Others are called community sale and they may meet in a small parking lot, or sometimes a church building and have many people with different tables or areas like this one. Kind of like a miniature flea market.
The children behaved very well while we were out on all the yardsales, so we stopped by McDonalds on the way home to let them play at the play area.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Nov 14, 2010, 1:50 pm
We had a very nasty storm come through here over a series of days. It was very interesting. Before the storm came we were actually considered to be in drought conditions for the month, as it was the end of the month. Normally the town would have had something like 7-8 inches of rain for the month, and there had been none. There was quite a bit of concern about this. Then this storm system came through and over 4 days we went from being in drought conditions to being in surplus... to surpassing the record for rainfall not in a 4 day period, but in a month! It rained and rained and rained! And that month that we beat the rainfall record on had two hurricanes in one month, so we had quite a bit of rain! Many areas were flooded, but Jayme's house sat up pretty high so we only had to deal with the rain and wind.
You can see how many pine needles came down on the roof.
And some bigger things like this branch came loose as well. They made some very loud noises on the roof when they fell.
Luckily the damage done wasn't too severe anywhere since the ground was so very dry, but quite a few places had some minor damage from water a couple feet deep!
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Nov 14, 2010, 1:56 pm
The storm cleared up just in time for RiverFest here in Wilmington. We didn't stay long because it was VERY crowded, but here you can see a picture of the crowds and booths as well as the water front with a coast guard ship.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Nov 14, 2010, 2:03 pm
It's Halloween! We didn't have time to make costumes this year, but we did have fun. The children picked out designs and we helped them carve their pumpkins.
Here it is when it's dark, though you can't see us too well.
Then we went out to go to trunk-or-treat instead of trick-or-treating! It was lots of fun. Here you can see some of the decorations on the cars for the people that participated. The dog-truck was a local veterinary hospital.
When we got home Jayme said it was a time honored tradition to put the children to bed and then sit back and relax with a drink for the evening. She even had some small bottles for us, and our new friend we found along the way. We're trying to talk her into becoming a new toyvoyager, she said she may try to travel somewhere new for next Halloween.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Nov 14, 2010, 2:49 pm
Jayme's grandfather and his wife invited us to do something very special this weekend! So knowing that we decided to skip out on the unpacking here, all of Jayme's items finally arrived! Looks like time for a good weekend trip.
We took the long drive across the state to their house to see the local hot air balloon festival! Over 50 balloons come to this festival, so we knew it'd be fun to see! We paid for our tickets, and set our lawn chairs out to get a good seat.
After eating a picnic lunch and relaxing for a bit, it was time for the balloons to start! Here are the first ones being blown up!
By the time that one was up and going, there were so many more!
Goodbye balloons!
Hope you enjoyed seeing them!
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jan 16, 2011, 5:54 pm
We're about to head out on another trip to San Diego, but before we go I wanted to show you the pretty leaves here since by the time we get back they'll sadly all be gone. San Diego won't have many leaves that are changed yet. We didn't get to go anywhere special, but these are a few pictures on Jayme's drive to work.
Lots more soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jan 16, 2011, 5:57 pm
After our airplane trip to San Diego we decided to go to Balboa Park again. You've already seen a lot of it, but we went to a new museum this time. Here are some photos at the Model Railroad Museum. The children really liked it here, as you got to watch all the trains going around and there was room after room of them.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jan 16, 2011, 6:03 pm
There were a few new things to see walking around Balboa Park. The
Globe Theatre had just geared up for their Christmas special of the Grinch before Christmas so they had some new decorations up as well as the Christmas tree!
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Feb 13, 2011, 1:41 pm
After spending some time with Jayme's family we headed back to Disneyland again... you'd think we spent enough time there the first time, but we had fun the second too! This time we got to go to both parks, Disneyland and California Adventure. I'll start with telling you about Disneyland. Here we are at the entrance!
We had already seen a lot of Disneyland so we didn't take as many pictures, but we did take some. Here you can see the Mickey and Walt Disney statue at the front of the park with the castle in the background.
And here's a better photo of the castle, doesn't it look so pretty decorated with all that snow?
Jayme's sons went on their first roller coaster ride on the Matterhorn! We got to ride along too of course.
And we went onto Small World again, this time it was also decorated for the holidays.
Finally that evening we got to see the Christmas parade. I'm sorry the photos aren't better, I tried to take some with me but in the low light they didn't come out well.
The next morning we got up bright and early to head over to California Adventure, which is another Disney park here in Disneyland Resort. The picture many months ago of me in front of the California sign is the entrance. Here I am inside, you can see the small Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
After we got in we made a mad dash to the Toy Story ride, because it is still really new so it has long lines unless you're one of the first ones there. On the way we stopped to take a quick picture of paradise pier, where the ride is located at. You may even be able to see the Toy Story Carnival ride in the middle at the bottom.
We didn't get any good photos on the ride, but it was lots of fun. You shoot out various things from your guns, like hoops for  ring toss or pies depending on the 'game' you're at at the time. The kids really liked it.
After that we headed on up the ferris wheel since we were there already.
Finally we headed back towards another area, but we had to stop along the way because we found some real celebrities! Lightning McQueen and Mater. Jayme's sons are big cars fans, so we had to stop to say hello.
We went to a kid's play area with lots of tunnels and such to run through for a bit.
Then we went on the Soarin' Over California ride. A very neat ride where you sit in special pretend hang glider seats that take you way high up in the air to a special screen so that you pretend to hangglide over different areas of California. It's one of the more popular rides here.
Finally we were all worn out and it was time to head back one. We did take one more picture of Paradise Pier as the lights turned on for the evening.
I hope you enjoyed reading about this adventure! More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Feb 13, 2011, 1:52 pm
Our trip to California was actually pretty unplanned. It was decided at the last moment. However, a few months before hand, Jayme had bought tickets for a thing called Disney on Ice. It's a big show put on in an ice rink. They travel around the country and put on lots of shows, some with different themes. This one was a Toy Story 3 show. Here I am waiting for the show to start, they were putting different pictures on the ice in the mean time with the lights.
And here's a few photos from the show.
When we left to our surprise it was snowing! Quite a bit actually, you can see how much was on Jayme's car. We decided it was time for the 2 hour drive home before the snow got worse. Thankfully there wasn't any in Wilmington.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Feb 13, 2011, 2:05 pm
With the start of the Christmas season, Jayme and her family had a new visitor. He wasn't much larger than us, but he definitely wasn't a toy. He was an elf and it was his job to report back to Santa on how well the boys behaved. Every evening he'd fly to the North Pole and every morning he'd come back and when we (and the children) woke we'd find him in the oddest locations. His name was Cookie the elf. The first day after Cookie arrived we awoke to find him taking a cotton ball bath... apparently he thought they were snowballs.
The next evening we decided to stay up and see him fly out, but he said he couldn't fly until everyone in the house was asleep, little toys included. So instead we spent some time helping him decorate the Christmas tree, but we fell asleep afterward and he was off again.
Another morning we woke up to find him playing with the stickers. The silly elf had wanted to put them on the children that night, but they were too big for him so he ended up covered instead
A few days later the boys had been very, very good so Cookie arrived with a gift for them! Some yummy popcorn and a copy of Elf the movie. We had a fun movie night that night!
A different day we woke up to find Cookie going fishing... in a bowl of goldfish crackers. Amazingly none of them were biting...
Sometimes the other toys got into it. Apparently he and Mr. Potatohead decided to have some fun one night.
Another day we helped the children make some yummy gingerbread houses. The children left some for Cookie and apparently he took some to Santa who decided the boys needed another small toy and sent them Bullseye the Horse with Cookie that night!
On another day we couldn't find Cookie anywhere! Finally Jayme looked out the window and noticed the car was parked all funny. We went out to investigate and discovered that Cookie had apparently taken a car ride that night.
A few nights later was Christmas Eve... time for Cookie to go back to Santa until the next year. We helped put the cookies and Cookie out for Santa, then we went to bed.
The next morning Cookie was gone, and Santa had clearly come! He even left a bone for Max.
We had a great amount of Christmas fun! More soon,

Posted Feb 13, 2011, 3:03 pm
The weather was pretty decent, so we decided to take a little walk near a local beach. There's a small hiking trail here that Jayme hadn't been to yet, so we all decided to go explore it. It starts out closer to the beach.
Then we veer away for awhile among the marshlands.
There's a small WWII bunker you can see here as well.
Finally at the end is supposed to be a nice view of the local marshlands, but it's still a bit cold for all the animals, so there weren't any animals to see.
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Feb 13, 2011, 3:08 pm
Today was Jayme's son's birthday, so we went out to Chuck E. Cheese to give him a chance for some play time. First we had to get lots of tokens to use.
Then we let the kids go at the games.
They also had a show with Chuck E. Cheese as a star.
Finally we went home for some yummy icecream cake. Delicious!
More soon,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Feb 13, 2011, 3:13 pm
We decided to take a trip to the Natural History Museum in Raleigh this weekend.  It had lots of neat exhibits, all based around the state of North Carolina and it's history. Here you can see the state map.
They had many examples of animals found here in North Carolina like mountain lions, pelicans, and wood peckers
They also had a section on the ocean and the animals in it. Some were bones like this whale skeleton
While others were exhibits like this sea turtle
One section was dedicated to the rocks and earth and gem stones, where you could learn how dirt was made and what the different type of rocks are.
And the last section we saw was dedicated to dinosaurs that used to live here many years ago, this was the boys favorite section.
Hope you liked the museum,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Jun 22, 2011, 4:16 pm
Today I arrived at my home :D

Mummy was really happy that I had such a great time and a save journey home.

I brought a lot of great souvenirs: a fan as a souvenir for our time in Japan, a lovely beaded bracelet for my Mummy and lots of postcards from all the places I have been with JaymeC. Thank you so much, Jayme!!!


I'll relax at home for a while and than maybe will continue my journey.

Tiger Lilly

Posted Sep 7, 2011, 4:25 am
Tiger Lilly arrived at her new destination in Iola, KS and was greeted by  the welcoming committee: Topple, Talya, DraperDuck, Yetta Bear, Kali, and Pitzelpatz!

Posted Sep 7, 2011, 4:30 am
Tiger Lilly arrived just in time to help with a science class project. The assignment was to make a model of a plant and animal cell. Tiger Lilly looked at pictures of the cells, and then she knew just what to do! Cell cookies!

Posted Sep 8, 2011, 3:21 am
Tiger Lilly was excited to learn that her host mom loves coffee, since one of her life goals is to drink coffee! Tiger Lilly learned how to set up the metal espresso maker, and that it gets really hot, even way up on top! She saw how the heat forces the water up through the coffee, making a delicious smelling brew. It was sooo good!

Posted Sep 9, 2011, 1:26 am
Tiger Lilly went to work with mom today and met a friendly sumo wrestler!

Posted Sep 10, 2011, 3:08 am
Tiger Lilly and the other TVs visited the Cottonwood Garden today. Tiger Lilly found a lovely rose, and a very interesting vine!

Posted Sep 11, 2011, 2:15 am
Tiger Lilly decided to taste test the sugar cookies :)

Posted Sep 12, 2011, 3:20 am
The Prairie Spirit Trail (also known as the rail trail, since it follows retired railroad corridors) runs 109 miles north/south down the east end of Kansas and currently ends in Iola (though, plans are in the works for it to extend further south). Today, Tiger Lilly and the other TVs joined the host family on an hour hike down the rail trail, and saw lots of beautiful scenery!

Posted Sep 12, 2011, 3:29 am
Tiger Lilly and the other TVs visited the park today. They walked along the cushy path around the park, then played!

Posted Sep 13, 2011, 3:57 am
Tiger Lilly watched S at her new hobby... tearing apart old electronic things to see what's inside. Tiger Lilly thought there were quite a few interesting things in the stuff box!

Posted Sep 15, 2011, 5:16 am
Tiger Lily's travels took her to Orscheln's farm supply today. She found mums (a sign of autumn!) and a tire swing!

Posted Sep 16, 2011, 4:46 am
Tiger Lily had a hard time deciding what to order at Dairy Queen because everything looked so yummy! The Chocolate Extreme Blizzard turned out to be perfect for a hungry tiger.

Posted Sep 17, 2011, 11:47 pm
Tiger Lilly found some very strange sushi today. Every time she tried to take a bite, it rolled away!

Posted Sep 19, 2011, 4:41 am
Tiger Lilly was very excited to hear that there was a birthday to be celebrated today! That meant lunch at El Charro and lots of presents to open!

Posted Sep 20, 2011, 4:15 am
Today was a quiet day, and Tiger Lilly went to work with host mom. There wasn't so much to do, so Tiger Lilly decided to be an armchair traveler and visit an art gallery, via artbook!

Posted Sep 22, 2011, 2:43 am
Tiger Lilly visited the Pinwheels for Peace project at the local elementary school today. The pinwheels are made and exhibited by the children. :)

Posted Sep 23, 2011, 4:36 am
Tiger Lilly went with the other TVs to see how the water level is doing at the Neosho River, and to see the seasons changing in the fields. Tiger Lilly realized she is the perfect color to camouflage with the autumn leaves.

Posted Sep 24, 2011, 4:22 am
Tiger Lilly helped with harvesting the last of the season's tomatoes. Host mom said they'll ripen inside, but it's getting too chilly to finish ripening on the vines. Tiger Lilly found a few yellow pear tomatoes that were looking lovely, though.

Posted Sep 26, 2011, 12:23 am
Tiger Lilly had a fantastic time at the Greater Kansas City Japan Fest! She listened to Suzuki strings, saw a lovely collection of traditional dolls, and explored a bonsai forest!

Posted Sep 26, 2011, 1:14 am
Tiger Lilly met a strange shop keeper lady on her travels today. She had wooden money that she kept calling "groats."

Posted Sep 27, 2011, 2:29 am
One Chinese zodiac tiger from Yun Cheng. Two empty diet coke cans. Three sticks of chewing gum. Four lego toy sets. Five Reeses peanut butter cups!

Posted Sep 29, 2011, 4:10 am
Tiger Lilly went with host mom to the Kansas Mental Health Center Association meeting in Wichita today. It was at the Airport Hilton, and she liked watching for the planes.

Posted Sep 29, 2011, 4:13 am
Tiger Lilly helped pump gas at Quick Trip in El Dorado. Host mom commented that the $3.19 per gallon she paid is the cheapest gas shes gotten in a very long time!

Posted Sep 29, 2011, 4:15 am
Tiger Lilly thought the view of the Flint Hills, near Rosalia, KS, was gorgeous!

Posted Sep 30, 2011, 5:07 am
On the way back from day 2 of the conference, host mom and the TVs stopped at the river in El Dorado to relax and take a break from driving!

Posted Oct 2, 2011, 2:20 am
Tiger Lilly was excited to go on another voyage. She even helped pump the gas! Gas was a little more expensive in Iola than it was the other day in El Dorado, at $3.24 a gallon.

Posted Oct 2, 2011, 2:23 am
Tiger Lilly went to Chanute with her host family, to look for the music shop. First they got lost, then finally, they found it! Tiger Lilly had a great time looking around the shop.

Posted Oct 2, 2011, 2:25 am
Tiger Lilly enjoyed some delicious Mexican food at El Charro.

Posted Oct 3, 2011, 6:05 am
Tiger Lilly and her friend (Biscuit the big, white, fluffy cat) learned how to sew a skirt today! They assisted the host family's oldest daughter, who coached them on the project.

Posted Oct 5, 2011, 1:22 am
Tiger Lilly inspected the tomatoes to see how many were ripening. They were fun to climb on!

Posted Oct 6, 2011, 3:59 am
Tiger Lilly and the other TVs came with S to the doctor's office, to see what she needed for her sore throat. Tiger Lilly found all sorts of interesting things to explore!

Posted Oct 7, 2011, 3:00 am
Host mom took a detour on the way home from work today. She showed Tiger Lilly the place known as "twin trestles" which is where local teenagers gather to party at night. Tiger Lilly noticed that some of the flowers are starting to fade. Perhaps winter is around the corner.

Posted Oct 9, 2011, 5:25 am
Today, host mom spent some time on her sewing project. She said all these bits and pieces will become something beautiful. Sure seems to be off to a good start!

Posted Oct 10, 2011, 5:58 am
Tiger Lilly was excited to visit a ghost town today. Kalida, KS has been gone for a long time... all that is left of the original town are some stone structures and a cemetery.

Posted Oct 10, 2011, 6:02 am
Tiger Lilly found lots to explore on the season's end visit to the community garden.

Posted Oct 12, 2011, 4:43 am
Tiger Lilly joined host mom for an office lunch in Garnett. Om nom nom, strawberries!

Posted Oct 12, 2011, 4:45 am
Host mom took Tiger Lilly for a walk to see the changing of the leaves. So pretty!

Posted Oct 13, 2011, 4:47 am
Tiger Lilly went with host mom to a baby shower luncheon at work today... yum!!

Posted Oct 14, 2011, 5:51 am
Nolan and Tiger Lilly stopped to admire the mums at walmart!

Posted Oct 16, 2011, 4:25 am
Tiger Lilly was excited to be in the Farm City Days parade today! She got to ride on a float and see lots of interesting people!

Posted Oct 17, 2011, 5:02 am
Tiger Lilly went to the Fall Festival at RiverTree Christian Church today! It was so busy, with bands, games, hay rides, food, and free pumpkins!

Posted Oct 19, 2011, 5:07 am
Tiger Lilly is so excited... she enjoyed her host family's house, but today is the day she gets on her way to the next exciting adventure!

Posted Oct 24, 2011, 1:57 pm
Hello Mum,

I have just arrived in Wales. My host's son wanted to show me and the other toys here his big K'Nex toy and he took a photo of us. I think I am going to enjoy myself here.


edit - Clyde was hiding in a bag, and so a new photo will follow shortly.

Posted Nov 7, 2011, 10:30 am

Today, we come to a hands-on science/engineering musuem near the historic town of Ironbridge.
Here, this exhibit shows the water cycle.
This is a fly wheel. A child is turning a small wheel which in turn is turning the big wheel.
There are information computers with a remote to be pointed at the ? - there's a crash test dummy, still and motion picture cameras, pianola, ..
The pianola
This is a tessellation puzzle.
Can we do this one?
How does this look?
More exhbits - another pianola, an engine, bellows...
bicycle powered pump, meccano rollercoaster...
dentist chair...
There is a sports exhibition. The history of swimwear!
It has come a long way!
A swimsuit..
Football boots, a few decades old...
A drill...
A small ball exhibit thing, with conveyor belts, scoops,...
Back to the puzzles again...
Do you like our Tangram Candle? Ted the Enguinity Mascot came to see how we did too.
A "recycling" machine thing.
A bridge
What's inside a teddy bear?
or a guitar?
or a turntable?
Anyway, it is an amazing place but unfortunately, they are closing for the day so we have to leave...

Posted Nov 9, 2011, 4:16 pm
It is a beautiful day for a walk.
There's a funny stone structure over there...
I think we'll be going to look at it.
The rock "cliff" on the left is Over Owler Tor, I think.
There it is, Mother Cap I think is its name.
This is a funny looking rock! It has a smiley face!

Posted Nov 9, 2011, 7:59 pm
We are looking out of the window at the big wide world. Some of us are leaving for new adventures.
Bon Voyage and take care.

Posted Nov 9, 2011, 8:06 pm
Tomorrow is Bonfire Night, but there are some bonfires and fireworks display tonight.
We have come to this big bonfire manned by the fire brigade.
My host did take some photos of fireworks with us, but she can't see us in them (we are too dark), so here is one we saw!

Posted Nov 9, 2011, 10:26 pm
Today is another nice day. We have come to Ty^ (the ^ is above the y) Hyll, The Ugly House near Betws-y-Coed.
The house is currently closed but the gardens are open.
This is the back of the house.
And the view across the road. The house was reputed to have been built overnight in order to claim the land.
We stopped off in Betws-y-Coed to get refreshments. We parked on the other side of the river and had to walk across the bridge.

Posted Nov 9, 2011, 10:30 pm
Tonight is bonfire night, and we've come to a fireworks display
My host took many photos of fireworks with us and without us but she can't see us in any (it was too dark) when she looked through them on the computer. This is one we saw.

Posted Nov 17, 2011, 10:35 am
We've come back to near Betws-Y-Coed. There's a geocache near here... I wonder where it could be!
I wonder where it could be!
A little waterfall...
This is Miners Bridge.
The view down the river.
The view up the river.

Posted Nov 17, 2011, 10:37 am
Next, we went a couple of mile on the other side of Betws Y Coed to Conwy Falls.
It was a pleasant walk to the falls.
And we walked a different way back.

Posted Nov 17, 2011, 10:38 am
It was getting late, we caught this dusk view of Snowdon on the way home.

Posted Nov 18, 2011, 11:38 am
Today, we, that is us toyvoyagers and prospective travellers, welcomed a new visitor, Mr Wilson.

Posted Nov 18, 2011, 11:52 am
Today, we came to Denbigh to do some geocaching. The day wasn't that great for many photos...
we found this cache...
Then we found this "police car" in a little green bag hidden in a tree quite near the police station!

Posted Nov 19, 2011, 9:12 pm
Hi Mum,
Today, we went out for lunch in Menai Bridge
and then walked over Menai Suspension Bridge to the bus stop.
There is a second bridge that crosses the Menai Straits. Can you see the Britannia Bridge?
We had a look out over the bridge on the other side. Beaumaris is in the distance, as is Bangor Pier though barely visible in this picture.
Somewhere in this picture, there is a very sneaky geocache that my host had found a previous occasion.
This is the bridge from the mainland.

Posted Nov 19, 2011, 11:14 pm
Today, new ToyVoyager tags arrived. We gathered around them with the prospective travellers...  They looked excited... Who will be chosen to go on an exciting adventure around the world?
Today is also the day Clyde leaves for pastures new. Wil miss you my dear brother!

Posted Nov 19, 2011, 11:15 pm
We've come to the allotments
These leeks look nice.
This green broccoli is past its best.

Posted Nov 19, 2011, 11:21 pm
We are going for a little walk.
We've come to a sandy place near Conwy.
There's an island out there in the distance.
That's me!
No words needed!
We found a geocache and this is a travel bug.

Posted Nov 24, 2011, 10:50 am
Hello Mum
Christmas is in the air, the shops are full of Christmas things. We have come to a garden centre in the middle of Anglesey
Some nice baubles.
Fibre optic tree with stars.
Another tree....
More baubles.

Posted Nov 30, 2011, 12:19 pm
We've come out for a walk, but first, a geocache
is near here.
A tree!
This is the only nuclear power station in Wales still active. Wylfa is a Magnox reactor.
This is the Esgair Cemlyn and is a naturally created shingle ridge.
The sun is setting over the lagoon. There are also islands in the lagoon, and it is a nature reserve.
A closer view of the power station.

Posted Dec 12, 2011, 11:10 am
My host is doing a jigsaw
She isn't quite finished yet...
Luc Zeke is leaving today.
For travel, he's popped back into his egg. ...

Posted Dec 12, 2011, 12:04 pm
We welcomed a new visitor to my host's home
His name is KalliHH

Posted Dec 12, 2011, 12:15 pm
My host had put in some dried fruit for soaking in brandy the other day.
Today, we will make the Christmas cake.
The butter and sugar is being creamed.
Eggs were added.
Flour, spices, the fruit, nuts and treacle also get added.
The cake will take 4 hours in the oven, after our bedtimes. Maybe we'll have a photo with it when the cake is fed some more brandy.

Posted Dec 12, 2011, 7:37 pm
Today, we've come out late to Porthmadog to find a Geocache.
We are in a bird hide. Porthmadog is a coastal town and is sited on the estuary of the River Glaslyn. On another occasion, my host has seen a red-breasted merganser bird.
I can't see any birds out there.
This is a geocache, with the logsheets in a 35mm film canister. It is getting dark and time to go home.

Posted Dec 16, 2011, 7:48 pm
Today, we went for a walk. We've come to Penrhos Country Park on Anglesey.
It is a  bit windy.
The coastal park also has a woodland. They have a pet cemetery.
Having a rest on Tunnicliffe's seat.
We saw some fungi.
Not sure why this yellow bear is on the fence post.
Holyhead mountain is in the distance.
Near here is a geocache.
The geocache was found but we didn't want to reveal the exact location of it.
More fungi. Brr, it is cold.

Posted Dec 20, 2011, 11:02 am
Oh dear...
There's a piece missing....

Posted Dec 20, 2011, 11:05 am
We heard that there had been snow in the mountains, so we jumped on a bus
and headed out to them. Can you see the snow on the mountain?
We came to Llanberis. This is Padarn Lake.
On the other side of the lake is where the Quarry Hospital is.
It is too late in the year to go on the train up Snowdon, in fact, they are closed for the off-peak season and are doing maintenance.
Snow isn't all that far down the mountain.
Before the bus home, we had time for a quick look at Dolbadarn Castle. You can't see the really snowy mountain in the background!

Posted Dec 20, 2011, 11:16 am
We've come out to Porthmadog to go shopping, but first, a look at the snowy mountains.

Posted Dec 20, 2011, 11:25 am

Some houses on my host's estate have outside decorations.

Posted Jan 11, 2012, 11:49 am
We went to my host's mum's for Christmas.
My family started the tree without us.
These lights work!
We hid among the tinsels
The tree is going to look good.[img][/img]

Posted Jan 12, 2012, 12:03 pm
What is behind us in the wrapping paper?

Posted Jan 12, 2012, 4:03 pm
We've come out for a New Year's Eve walk to the beach at Hunstanton
There were lots of people on the beach to look at a poor dead whale. According to one of the locals, it had died out at sea.
It was quite a big beast. I bet it was quite magnificient when it was alive (but not as great as a tiger).
The brown layer is Carrstone, a sandstone with cement. Above, there is red and white chalk.
The old lighthouse sits atop the cliffs.
The sun will set soon.
There isn't as much white chalk on the cliff, some had fallen down.

Posted Jan 12, 2012, 4:05 pm
We are going to enjoy the rest of 2011 and  relax. Tomorrow is a new year!
Let's celebrate with some cake!

Posted Jan 12, 2012, 4:06 pm
Happy New Year.
Today, we've come for a New Year's Walk at Freiston Shore. It is an RSPB nature reserve.
The weather wasn't all that great but at least it was dry.

Posted Jan 20, 2012, 10:37 am

Today, we'll be making our way back home to Wales. I wonder if we'll stop off anywhere interesting.

Posted Jan 20, 2012, 11:28 am
On our way home, we went via Magna, an industrial science museum set in an old steelworks near Rotherham/Sheffield.
The museum is in 4 sections. The first section we visited was Fire.
It is a fire
And it is being drawn into a tornado
See the reflection of it in the glass of this exhibit.
This is a metal can magnet game.
On to air now
but had a quick look at the Big Melt show
This thing blows air to generate "music" at the press of buttons.
Then, onto water
Lots of possibilities to get wet but we didn't bring any towels, so will be careful.
A water blaster..
Those cones will get full of water when someone raises the water up a rope or something.
Those balls are being kept in the air!
Then, we went on to Earth
This film is showing the Earth.
We arrived here late and didn't have time to put our hard hats on.

Posted Jan 26, 2012, 11:04 am
We got back home safely but haven't done much. Travelling is tiring!
A package arrived
Henrik came to see us! Someone new to talk to!
However, Mr Wilson and KalliHH are leaving tomorrow.

Posted Feb 9, 2012, 10:06 am
Today, we went to Garden Organic's Ryton Gardens near Coventry for a Potato Day.
Look at all these spuds!
There were so many different ones. Golden Wonder is a crisp brand perhaps taken from the name of the potato used to make them.
It was a pleasant day so we walked around the gardens. Tasty cabbage!
Ryton Gardens has many little gardens. This is a small garden.
This is the biodynamic garden.
The compost bin display. My host has "dalek" type bins plus a compost box at the allotment.
This is the cook's garden.
The pond in the children's garden has some ice.
There's a little house, some wooden things to bong.

Posted Feb 24, 2012, 9:36 am
After leaving Ryton Gardens, we had time to stop off in Ironbridge at Enginuity, a hands-on science centre.
Look what is inside a teddy.
A Dyson washing machine.
And some model ships.
The ? are to be aimed at with a special remote to activate a commentary
There's a bicycle powered thing.
A crazy boiler!
Wind Power. There are different numbers of sails to experiment in the wind.
Water power and dams.
Tessellations. Can we put this back together?
I think so...
Yes we can!
Another one!
Let's have a race in the Norgren Climbing Challenge!
Neck and neck!

Posted Mar 4, 2012, 5:55 pm
There's no snow :( other parts of the UK have had significant snowfall but we've had none.

Posted Mar 4, 2012, 6:02 pm
Surely there must be some snow on the mountains... so we went out to check, to Llanberis.
There it is..
Though there isn't as much as what fell at my host's mum's!

Posted Mar 7, 2012, 2:14 pm
We haven't been out recently, my host's family have been redecorating the house slowly. Anyway, this room was recently finished and is now a workshop and jigsaw area.
We decided to help my host's son do The Periodic Table jigsaw puzzle he received for Christmas.
We all dived in to have a look for more pieces to put in the puzzle.

Posted Mar 9, 2012, 8:49 pm
The postman came with a packet...
I wonder who is inside.
It is Squizzle
My host is attempting a 3000 piece jigsaw of the Mappa Mundi. How long will it take if we help?

Posted Mar 16, 2012, 10:29 am
Look who has come to help with the 3000-piece jigsaw
Hello Shesh and Lizzy Lizard

Posted Mar 30, 2012, 11:02 am
Hi Mum,
My host heard about a craft and seed fair in Conwy, a historic walled town about an hour away by bus.
We came early on the bus and shared a nice pot of tea over breakfast.
Conwy lies on a river mouth. There is an RNLI station so we had a look at the lifeboat.
This is a "mussels" statue
Look at all those boats.
We went for a short walk along the town walls.
Afterwards, my host bought some seeds.

Posted Mar 30, 2012, 11:03 am
Hi Mum,

I have enjoyed Wales very much but I am looking forward to my next destination....

Posted Apr 4, 2012, 6:24 pm
Dear Mum

Greetings from Heidelberg. Just like in Wales there are quite a few other ToyVoyagers here and they welcomed me warmly.


My surroundings also seem to be nice. Look at this beautiful blowing tree.


My new host's cat Sammy was also curious so we looked out of the window together.



Keep fine,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Apr 8, 2012, 10:37 am
Happy Easter, Mum!!

Posted Apr 10, 2012, 8:18 pm
Dear Mum

Woozy and I accompanied nuriayasmin when she visited a friend. We cycled along some fields in the south of Heidelberg and took a couple of photos.






Lots of love,
Tiger Lilly

Posted Apr 14, 2012, 10:16 pm
Dear Mum

Today a bunch of seven ToyVoyagers went on tour and as you can surely imagine, we had a lot of fun and saw many interesting things.

This is a school but as we still have Easter holidays and as it's Saturday, there weren't any pupils.


First we went to the cemetary "Bergfriedhof". It was opened in 1844 and consists of a Christian and a Jewish part. It's quite a big area and we saw only a small part of it.



Here we're all sitting on the grave of the Jewish poet Hilde Domin. She was born in 1909 in Cologne and died in Heidelberg in 2006. In 2004 she became a honorary citizen of the town.


After leaving the cemetary we spent about three hours walking in the forest.



We had a rest on this interesting table.


This totem pole was standing next to the eagle table, so we really felt a bit like in the USA.


We were pretty tired after all that walking but as we had to go down to the city centre, anyway to catch a bus back home, we decided to take some photos at the castle which is situated in the mountains about 80 m over the city centre.


This is one of the fountains in the castle's garden.


The view down to the city centre, the Old Bridge and the river Neckar is really stunning.


Heidelberg Castle was built in the early 13th century and was destroyed in the 17th and 18th century. Its ruins are nowadays the city's biggest tourist attraction, thousands of people from all over the world come to visit Heidelberg Castle each year.




Tiger Lilly

Posted Apr 26, 2012, 9:27 pm
Dear Mum

I'm sorry you haven't heard from me for a while. I'm fine but nuriayasmin was busy, so we didn't go anywhere.

Well, today we went to Mannheim and took some photos of the water tower and the Friedrichsplatz with its fountains and flowers. A very beautiful place.





Tiger Lilly

Posted May 1, 2012, 3:09 pm
Dear Mum

I spent two days at the UNESCO world heritage site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. The weather was great and the landscapes fantastic.

On the train to St. Goar.

St. Goarshausen

The Loreley statue

View from the Loreley



Climbing up to the youth hostel at Stahleck Castle in Bacharach.

Tiger Lilly

Posted May 1, 2012, 3:12 pm
Dear Mum

Today I visited the beautiful city of Bacharach and then took a boat to Rüdesheim where I rode the chair lift to the top of the mountain.







Tiger Lilly

Posted May 9, 2012, 10:50 pm
Dear Mum

Today we said good-bye to three TV's.

HolgiHH is travelling to the USA.


Králi will stay in Germany and travel further north.


Sheela is travelling to the United Kingdom.



Posted May 17, 2012, 7:01 am
Good morning, Mum

Guess what? I've been awake all night long! It's because I accompanied nuriayasmin to work. She's a nurse and works at a psychiatric clinic. We had a very quiet night, just gave medicaments to some patients who couldn't sleep. However, it was nevertheless an interesting experience.





Well, now I'm going to sleep. Have a nice day.

Tiger Lilly

Posted May 22, 2012, 5:00 pm
Dear Mum

nuriayasmin told me that someone invited me to visit them. How thrilling. I'm excited to meet my new host family. Coco Presley  gave me a good-bye hug and helped me to get into my envelope.




Talk to you soon.

Tiger Lilly

Posted May 25, 2012, 8:07 pm
Hi Mum!

I arrived at my new hosts today!
After I climbed out of my envelope I met Tiger! He is so huge! :o Will I become as tall as he is one day? :p We had a little chat and he is very nice.
I also said hello to the guinea pigs. They are very funny and friendly.

Tiger Lilly

Posted May 25, 2012, 8:11 pm
Hey Mum!

This evening I helped my hostdad to prepare supper. We had pancakes with a delicious filling of ham, cheese and onions. *yummy*

Hugs & kisses

Posted May 26, 2012, 7:53 pm
Hi Mum!

This morning I helped my hosts to prepare breakfast for the guinea pigs. They eat many vegetables and salad.
They were all very happy as we gave them their food. Especially Jacques (the white) was very impatient. :)


Posted May 26, 2012, 8:19 pm
Hi Mommy!

I went with my hosts to the supermarket. First we made a list with the things we had to buy. In the car from my hostmom I met 3 very nice tigers. 2 are sitting in front at the windscreen and one lives on the rear shelf. On our way to the supermarket I saw a bit of Stotzheim and the neighbour village Roitzheim. It´s very nice here. :)
In the supermarket they had a lot of yummy food. I especially liked the meat *roar* and the sweets! :p
On our way home we made some more photos and my hosts also showed me the gasstation from my hostmom´s dad.


Posted May 27, 2012, 9:05 pm
Hello Mum!

Today we made a barbecue. We grilled Tofusausages, vegetables and burgers. That was so yummy! :p
Later we got us a delicious "spaghetti" sundae with chocolate ice cream.


Posted May 28, 2012, 9:36 pm
Hi Mommy!

Today we made a bicycle tour. I shared the bike with my hostmom. First we cycled through the fields belonging to Stotzheim. There I saw a cross wich originally was from a nun´s grave. In Stotzheim are several of these crosses. Unfortunately my hosts forgot why exactly that was made but they will try to find someone who still knows.
After we left the fields we came through the neighbour village Flamersheim. There I saw a odd looking little house, some sheep and the castle/mansion of Flamersheim. Then our route led us to the next village called Niederkastenholz. In Niederkastenholz I saw some cows, an old well wich is still used and a memorial. On our way trough Niederkastenholz we had to cycle uphill most of the time. So we took a short rest and I found some beautiful poppies. After our rest we cycled to the Hardtwald. That´s the forest belonging to Stotzheim and it´s name comes from the Hardtburg, an ancient castle wich is inside of the forest.
I was really impressed by this old castle. Most of it are ruins but still very good intact and  in autumn and winter you can still climb the tower. In spring and summer it´s closed because birds breed inside. There is also a part of the castle were still people live but they like theis privacy. ;) I could hardly make a choice wich photos to take so that I deciced to use nearly every photo. :p
On our way back home we passed the riding stable were my hostmom used to ride. The horses enjoyed the sun just like us.^^


Posted May 30, 2012, 8:26 pm
Hi Mum!

My hostmom and I have been very busy with baking.  :)
At first we made cheese cookies.
200g flour
150g butter
2 tbsp. sour cream
200g crumbled cheese (Emmentaler)
a dash of salt

You have to knead these ingredients together and then let the dough rest for one hour in the fridge.
Then roll out the dough to 2-3mm and cut it into small pieces. At last brush the cookies with a mix of the yellow of the egg and milk and sprinkle them with sesame, poppyseed, carawayseed or whatever you like. Bake them at 180°C for approx. 10 minutes.

Then we made Chocolate Muffins:
250g Flour
150g Sugar
2 heaped tabelspoons Cocoa powder
2 level teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
225g chopped Chocolate
250 ml Milk
90 ml Oil
1 Egg

Put 50g of the chocolate aside. Then mix all the other ingedients together and fill the dough into the baking caps. At last spread the 50g chocolate on top of the muffins. Bake them at 150°C for approx. 25min.

At last we baked a parrot cake. That´s looks really funny.^^
200g Butter
300g Sugar
300g Flour
4  Eggs
1 bag of baking powder
250g Sour Cream
1 bag of red berry compote (powder)
1 bag of chocolate pudding (powder)
1 bag of vanilla pudding (powder)
  food colouring

Mix the first 6 ingredients. Then split the dough into 3-4 parts. Mix every part with a different colour and/or powder. Now fill the dough into a baking tin or springform baking tin. If you use a baking tin it needs 200°C and 20min. If you use a springform it needs approx 175°C and 30-35min. Maybe you have to cover it with aluminium foil.

This is all so yummy and we had a lot of fun! :p


Posted May 30, 2012, 8:49 pm
Hi Mum!

Today I went with my hostmom and the guinea pig ´Kleinschwein´ (engl. Tinypig) to the vet. She is only 3 month old and has a problem with her skin. But it´s nothing serious.
On our way to the vet is saw more from the beautiful landscape and the old villages in the surrounding area of Euskirchen.
There were a lot of nice photos from wild animals in the vet´s waiting room. The treatment room was also very interesting but I also got a little bit scared as I sat on the table. I´m glad that I don´t have to go to the vet. ;)

Hugs & kisses

Posted May 30, 2012, 8:55 pm
Hi Mommy!

Right now we are watching Crimson Rivers with Jean Reno (my hostmom is a fan of him^^) and eat some cheese cookies. That´s a nice way to let the day end.

Big hug

Posted May 31, 2012, 7:46 pm
Hi Mum!

Today we went to a pet shop. We needed new pet litter and straw.
In the shop they had a lot of very cute little animals. I saw Degus, Mice and Rabbits.


Posted May 31, 2012, 8:43 pm
Hey Mum!

After we came back from the pet shop I helped my hostmom to clean the home from the guinea pigs. At first we weighed them all. I also got weighed and I kept my weight! :p
While my hostmom started cleaning I spent some time with the guinea pigs.
I would like to introduce them to you.
Group 1:
Jacques (white)
Cheesy (black with brown face)
Kleinschwein (black)

Group 2:
Michael "Mikey" Poulsen (black)
Luzy ( 3 colours)
Mary-Ann (brown/goldagouti)

The cleaning was pretty hard work and we had a lot of garbage.^^


Posted May 31, 2012, 9:10 pm
Hi Mommy!

It´s me again! A new ToyVoyager arrived today. Her name is Vanilla and she comes from the USA. She is very nice and huge! :o I think we will have a lot of fun together! :D


Posted Jun 3, 2012, 11:48 pm
Hi Mommy!

Vanilla and me joined our hostmom for work today. She is a nurse and works for a private domiciliary care. We had to stand up very early. Hostmom already got up at 4:30 a.m. :o  At 5:55 a.m. we left the house. It was already pretty bright outside but it was also raining. Of course Vanilla and I coudn´t take photos at the patients houses but we took photos while hostmom drove from patient to patient.
At 11:30a.m. hostmom had a short break and we went back home. We stayed then with our hostdad to help him prepare lunch.


Posted Jun 3, 2012, 11:50 pm
Hey Mommy!

It´s me again. Like I already wrote, we helped our hostdad to prepare lunch. At first we peeled potatoes and cut them. We made homemade fries in the oven.
Then we cut onions and roasted them with kebab meat in the pan.
It was really delicious! We ate it with tzatziki and green olives.


Posted Jun 4, 2012, 8:52 pm
Hi Mum!

Today I visited Euskirchen. That´s the city were Stotzheim belongs to. My hostmom and dad both grew up in Euskirchen and Stotzheim is just about 10min away. We went there for some shopping and had a great breakfast at an american bar called ´Jo3´. We ate so much that I needed a rest afterwards! :p
In Euskirchen we saw some interesting buildings and a very old fountain.
We also made a funny photo with our hosts in a "photo box". :)


Posted Jun 5, 2012, 10:15 pm
Hi Mommy!

Today we visited Bonn and the Haribo shop! I saw many "Goldbären" there and I even rode on a carrousel. In the shop they also have an area in wich they tell a bit about the company and the production. Did you know that the german showmaster Thomas Gottschalk has an entry in the guinness book of records for promoting Haribo for more than 14 years?
They had so many delicious sweets! It was hard for us to choose and so we bought a lot! They are so yummy!

Hugs & Kisses

Posted Jun 7, 2012, 7:11 pm
Hi Mum!

Today another envelope arrived here! Vanilla and I were very excited because we could hear something moving in the envelope! Than someone climbed out of it. It´s another TV! His name is Landroval and he comes from Canada! We gave him a big hug he gave us some more Haribo! :p


Posted Jun 7, 2012, 7:50 pm
Hey Mum!

Today we drove with the car to Hürth. That´s a city very close to Cologne. We went to the Hürth Park, a big shopping mall with a cinema inside. Today is a official holiday in Germany so most of the shops were closed but that didn´t mattered because we just wanted to watch the new movie with Jean Reno. B) I think the english title is "The Chef".
In the cinema there were some interesting things to see. Like a Spiderman on the lift.^^
The movie was great and we ate a lot popcorn!
Before we drove back home we went to the top of the multi-storey car park and took some photos.


Posted Jun 9, 2012, 3:19 pm
Hi Mommy!

I had a wonderful day! We went to Cologne by train.
The first thing I saw in Cologne was the cathedral. I was really impressed. It´s so big and beautiful!
Then we went to the Chocolate Museum. The museum shows everything about chocolate. The production, the history in society and many more! You can also see how chocolate is made. The smell in the museum is absolutely delicious! :p One of the best attractions there is the big chocolate fountain! I wished I could have jumped into it! ;)
You also can order a chocolate bar there wich is just made for you. You can choose between 40 different ingredients and 3 sorts of chocolate. Everyone of us choosed one component. Hostmom wanted milk chocolate, I wanted strawberrys, Vanilla wanted vanilla (of course^^) , Landroval wanted pistachios brittle and hostdad wanted chocolate sprinkles. So yummy! (the last photo shows us with our chocolate.).
After we visited the museum we were all very hungry so went to Pizza Hut.
Unfortunately we had some problems with our camera so that we couldn´t take more photos.
But I can tell you what we did. We went for some shopping and later we visited a Tattoo & Piercingstudio. Hostmom got her 3rd tonguepiercing. It sounds very funny when she speaks now.  :)


Posted Jun 11, 2012, 4:52 am
Hi Mum!

Today we had a lazy day. We watched the cows on the pasture behind the house and in the evening we all sat together and watched Leon - The professional.


Posted Jun 11, 2012, 5:02 am
Hi Mommy!

Right now it´s nearly 6a.m. here and I´m still awake! Our hosts allowed us to stay up all night and play Super Mario Galaxy 2 with them. It was a lot of fun!
About an hour ago we watched the sun rise. It was absolutely beautiful!
Now I´m really tired and we will go to bed.

Good night

Posted Jun 14, 2012, 11:21 pm
Hi Mom!

Our hosts went to the pet shop again. Landroval and Vanilla joined them. I stayed at home because I was already there and it was raining so hard that I didn´t wanted to go out. Instead I watched some TV. When they came back we had dinner. They had bought a really delicious salad with prawns in a tortilla bowl. That was so yummy! :p


Posted Jun 14, 2012, 11:48 pm
Hi Mom!

Vanilla and I joined Landroval, hostmom and her brother to Haribo. As Landroval missed that last week and hostmom forgot one kind of sweets we went there again. Once again it was great inside this paradise of sweets!  ;)


Posted Jun 15, 2012, 12:20 am
Hello Mommy!

We have been baking today. We made "Nusshörnchen".
Here is the recipe:

200g butter
200g cream cheese
300g flour

100g white sugar
100g brown sugar
100g ground hazelnuts

Mix the first 3 ingredients than let the dough rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
Then divide the dough into four parts and roll each part out to 26cm diameter.
Now mix both sugar and the hazelnuts and spread it over the dough. Cut it into 16 pieces like a cake and roll the pieces up and put them onto the baking tin. Bake them at 180°C for approx. 15-20min. They are absolutely fantastic! :)

We also baked some muffins. Nothing special, just some with chocolate chips. But they are not finished yet! Tomorrow we will make something special out of them! We also prepared something else for the muffins. Can you guess what it is?  ;)


Posted Jun 15, 2012, 7:41 pm
Hi Mommy!

This morning we finished the Muffins. At first we put a thin layer of sugar icing on the muffins and then we put blue coloured coconut flakes on them. At last we attached the eyes (the balls I showed you yesterday) with sugar icing to the muffins.
Ta-da we made Cookie Monsters! :D

Now I will also give you the recipe:
(It´s for 24 muffins)

200g butter
200g sugar
1 bag of vanilla sugar
3 eggs
500g flour
2 bags of baking powder
100g chocolate chips
250-300ml milk

100g coconut flakes
150-200g marzipan paste
powdered sugar (as required)
small chocolate chips (as required)
water and/or lemon juice (as required)
loads of blue food colouring

At first mix the coconut flakes with the food colouring. You can do that 1 or 2 days before you bake the muffins because they need a while to dry.
Then mix the ingredients from the butter to the milk. Fill the dough into the muffin baking tin and bake them at 180°C for approx. 20min.
While the muffins are in the oven mix the marzipan paste with powdered sugar until it is smooth. Then form little balls out of it and put a small chocolate chip on them.
At last mix powdered sugar with some lemon juice and/or water to get a sugar icing. Now do what we did today and that´s it. ;)

Big hug

Posted Jun 24, 2012, 9:47 pm
Hi Mommy!

We made semolina pudding with vanilla flavour. It was very easy. At first we let milk boil and then we mixed it with the semolina.
After 5 min it was ready to eat. Of course we ate it all and afterwards we were so full that we could´t move anymore! :D It was really delicious!


Posted Jul 4, 2012, 8:37 pm
Hey Mommy!

My hosts and I are very sorry that we don´t have much time for new updates. Right know my hosts are working to much but we hope that we will have more time together this weekend and next week. :)
On June 27th we went with hostdad to Kirchheim, that´s a neighbour village of Stotzheim. There we walked through a park and took a look at a damn wich is in the center of the park. There is also a swimming bath, it´s behind the fence. It was quite a long walk and they all were much faster than me because Landroval can fly and hostdad and Vanilla have much longer legs than me so I asked hostdad if he could carry me in his hand from time to time.  ;)
Before we went back home we took some flowers for our hostmom. She was very happy!


Posted Jul 11, 2012, 10:50 pm
Hey Mommy!

We went for a walk through Stotzheim and the Hardtwald. Vanilla and Landroval hadn´t been in the forest before.
On our way through Stotzheim we saw a lot of old buildings and a memorial for the people from Stotzheim who died in both wars.
Then we went into the forest. After a while we came out of the forest and there were a lot of fields. We had a great view from there. After a while we went back into the forest and to the Hardtburg. Again it was really beautiful and in the eveningsun it was especially great.
It was a wonderful day.


Posted Jul 29, 2012, 9:25 pm
Hi Mum!

We cooked something very strange today. It´s called Cola Chicken. :o

For 2 servings you need:
2 Chicken breasts
330ml Cola (hostmom uses a light cola mixed with orange soda)
240ml Ketchup
That are the original ingredients. Hostmom also adds some tomato purée, garlic and rosemary.

Now I will tell you how we made it.
First we flavoured the chicken breasts with salt and black pepper. Then we put them into the hot pan seared them on every side.
We mixed the cola with ketchup and tomato purée and poured it into the pan. Then we put the lid on the pan and let it boil. After 30 min. we took the lid away, condensed the sauce and added some more salt, pepper and also garlic and rosemary.

I have to admit it tasted really great!  :p

Tiger Lilly

Posted Jul 30, 2012, 6:52 pm
Hi Mom!

Right now the weather is really great here. It´s hot and sunny!
So we decided to go out and take a sunbath. Vanilla grabbed a towel and we went down the stairs and into the small garden behind the house. There we just relaxed in the sun. It was a wonderful lazy day. :)


Posted Aug 27, 2012, 8:57 pm
Hi Mum!

Today we drove to hostmom's aunt in Mausbach near Stolberg.That´s about 1 hour away from Stotzheim.
In Mausbach we had a great breakfast with many fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon, yellow sweet pepper, a double bun made of rye flour called "kölner röggelchen", scrammbled eggs & bacon, tomato-mozarella-basil packs, marmelade and curd cheese.
That was so yummy! We talked a lot and completely forgot about taking more photos.
But on our way home we took some more and if you look real close you can see a rainbow on the photos. That was really beautiful!


Posted Aug 27, 2012, 9:22 pm
Hi Mommy!

Hostdad had the great idea to show us the "Katzensteine" (engl. Catstones) near Mechernich/Satzvey. It's part of a geologic formation of mottled sandstone that goes from Mechernich to Nideggen and Kall.
First it was a great tour over the hiking trail A1. After approximately 1 hour I asked him if he really knew where we are, because we could see the motorway Autobahn 1 (A1)! At this point he admitted that he wasn't there before but he studied the map of trails.
After another walk of 30minutes we finally had lost our way and stood in middle of the Mechernich Forest... It seems we walked criss-cross through the whole Forest!
It was hot, we all were very thirsty, our feet got blisters and the sun began to go down,.... fortunately we saw a familiar high seat (in the forest we saw around 30 high seats) and found the way back to the parking place.


Posted Aug 27, 2012, 9:24 pm
Hey Mum!

We tried again to find the "Katzstein" and this time we found them! It was really easy today and we have no idea how we could get lost yesterday! :rolleyes:
The "Katzstein" looked really cool and hostdad also showed us an oak wich is more than 1000 years old! That was very impressive.


Posted Sep 2, 2012, 9:42 pm
Hi Mommy!

Today Landroval, Vanilla and I watched a very thrilling episode from the TV series Columbo when hostmum came home a put a parcel on the couch behind us. She also said something but we didn´t really listened because we were so absorbed in that episode.
And then something jumped on our backs! :o We were so surprised and swirled around. It was our hosts TV B.o.B. and their new guest DuDette! After the shock was over we all huged each other and talked a lot. I´m sure we will have a lot of fun together! :)

Tiger Lilly

Posted Sep 2, 2012, 10:33 pm
Hello Mommy!

We had a fantastic party! Our hosts got us burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, sushi, waffles, cocktails and whiskey. We talked a lot and I allowed DuDette to ride on my back. That was a lot of fun! Vanilla and Landroval even danced together. :D
In the early morning we all fell asleep.


Posted Sep 4, 2012, 9:44 pm
Hi Mum!

I´m feeling bad! I think my head is 5 times bigger than usual. Never ever I will drink so much alcohol again! The others are not feeling better either. I think it´s better to spend the rest of the day with sleeping.


Posted Sep 4, 2012, 9:53 pm
Hey Mum!

Today a parcel arrived here. We were all very curious because our hosts said that there should be another TV inside. At first she seemed to be very shy and even a bit scared but as we told her that we are also TV´s she came out of her parcel and we became friends very fast.
I´m sure we will have a great time together! :D


Posted Sep 12, 2012, 9:19 pm
Hi Mommy!

Today I said goodbye to my new friends. They all gave me a big hug and then I climbed into my envelope. I will miss them, we had a great time together!
Now I´m on my way to Erfurt.

Tiger Lilly
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 13, 2012, 7:17 am
Hi Mom,
Today I arrived in Erfurt, there was a quick and short travel.

Soon to your Tiger Lilly
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 13, 2012, 5:29 pm
Hello Mom
Today starts my day with a cup of coffee first.
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 13, 2012, 5:33 pm
Later we are in the city for shopping.
I've looked at some of Erfurt.
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 13, 2012, 5:40 pm
Now, long after the great shopping we do eat a lunch.
There was hack meatballs with potatoes and Bavarian cabbage.
I enjoyed it really. Especially the hack meatballs.  :rolleyes:
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 15, 2012, 12:17 pm
hi mom today I saw many beautiful flowers.
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 15, 2012, 12:22 pm
Then I was still nibbling strawberries and helped with the tomato crop
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 15, 2012, 12:25 pm
I then looked at even more of the beautiful garden.
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 15, 2012, 12:31 pm
Hi mom today I helped cook. we made egg into rages.
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 19, 2012, 10:35 am
Hello Mommy today I've driven Bobbycar rocked and played in the sand. It has made everything much fun.
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 19, 2012, 10:38 am
Today I visited quite a lot of garden gnomes.
Hippo Nino

Posted Sep 19, 2012, 10:41 am
Then I Took first gain and ate biscuits.
And then found two beautiful great little star temperatures
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 7, 2012, 1:30 pm
On the trip to Bad Sulza
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 17, 2012, 12:23 pm
Hello mom today we have Bad Sulza Explores.
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 17, 2012, 12:28 pm
Today I came by to Goethe's garden house.
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 17, 2012, 12:35 pm
Have taken many ducks. They were everywhere.  :D
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 17, 2012, 1:50 pm
Hello mom today we went to the Eckersberka Dinoland.  B)
I've Seen many dinos. Of course they were small and did not really. ;)
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 20, 2012, 1:16 pm
Today I saw a graduation from the outside.
Graduation is a factory where sole is thus prepared salt.
And here in Bad Sulza there is a Therma Tuscany where bathes only in salt water. And this body lotion and cream with salt.  :rolleyes:
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 20, 2012, 1:23 pm
Today it is where Kara and Kevin Kiwi come to welcome me
We eat cake and a scanned memory.
Then we made our way to a Tupperware party.
After that we went on a little searching through the night back home.  B)
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 24, 2012, 9:17 am
Tabarz trip to the enchanted forest.
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 24, 2012, 9:57 am
Today I have with me the other ToyVoyagers still looked the Erfurt Cathedral at night.
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 26, 2012, 8:49 am
Hi mom today we visited the pumpkin exhibition in the EGA.  :)
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 26, 2012, 9:09 am
After the exhibition, we have looked at the Tropical House at the EGA.  B)

And other beautiful things look yourself
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 26, 2012, 9:33 am
Today we look again at Erfurt.
Erfurt Cathedral and Krämerbridge.
Hippo Nino

Posted Oct 26, 2012, 9:41 am
Today we farewell to happiness may I with Kevin Kiwi traveling to my home.  :D

Posted Nov 6, 2012, 9:17 am
Today I came home with my new friend KevinKiwi. After having a good time in Erfurt I am happy to be back home.


Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 19, 2013, 8:23 pm
Mummy told me that I was invited by Eohippus to visit her in Portugal.

Portugal sounds like sun and spring, while here it is still cold and sometimes snowing. Today I packed my things and left Remscheid.



I hope I will arrive in Portugal soon.

Tiger Lilly

Posted Mar 27, 2013, 11:25 am
Hi mom!

I´ve arrived to Portugal!  :D
I came late in yesterday evening and was pretty sleepy after the long journey.

I was getting rather bored inside my envelope - there was simply nothing to do, and I remembered what you said about eating the sweets before arriving - so I didn´t touch them - at least not much, maybe just nibbling a corner here and another corner there a bit..  :rolleyes:

Luckily there was a pencil inside my pocket and I spent the later half of the trip by drawing some more pics onto the postcard you send to my new host.  ;)
I hope you don´t mind.

At last my envelope was delivered into my new host-home, and I could hear small voices discussing outside.

"What kinda toy do you think this one is going to be?"
"Not an elephant nor a dinosaur because the package is quite light!"
"Well, what if it is a very small dinosaur?"  :rolleyes:

"Crying out loud, lemme out and you´ll see" I shouted, and then they ripped the envelope open and I put my head outside.

"It is a zebra! It is all striped!" said somebody.  :thinking:
"Murrr! I´m a tiger!" said I.
"Oh!" said them. "Wellcome to Portugal, little tiger!"  :D

And then I brought out all the sweets and the postcard (with extra drawings) I had for them (I needed a wheelbarrow to do that).
They were clearly very enthusiastic about all the gifts!  :)

I got a big wellcome hug from everybody!  :cyclops:
I´ll introduce my new gang to you a bit later.  ;)

Then I was greeting the two cats in the house.
They are some sort of relations of mine, anyway.  ;)
This one is Emilia, a six months old cat who was saved from the street and will stay here in our portuguese home.  :)

This one is Olivia, a year old cat, who was also saved from the street. But she will come with us to Finland.  :)

Then it was time to go to bed, since it really was late!
Here is the introduction I promised to you, mom, from left to right:
Nocino from Italy, Tuli who is a finnish frog, then it is me, and the next one is Squab, who is also from Germany like me, and the last one is Zoe, who is originally from California, but who is now adopted by my new host.  :)

Now you know everyone, and I´ll soon be back here to tell about our doings!
Kisses from your litte tiger!  :stare:

Posted Apr 1, 2013, 2:09 pm
Hello, dear mom!  :D

How are you?
I´m doing just splendidly! You have sent me to very funny people!  :D

This morning when I roamed to toilet to wash my teeth, still half asleep, I was a bit startled to see from the mirror that I had grown a big white beard and also white hair during the night!  :thinking:
Then the others appeared behind my back and started to shout "April fool! April fool!"
Of course! I had totally forgotten it is April Fools day today!  :rolleyes:
It is because it is right after the Easter this year!

How was your Easter? Mine was a nice one!  :)

We were painting eggs!
I painted little white bunnies on my egg.  :)

And then we went for a walk.

I was wishing for spring and sun and greennes, and here I´m having all of that!
Just look around, mom! No snow, no graynes, just fresh greennes and blooming flowers!  :D

This rose is for you!  :stare:

We were heading towards Parque Florestal do Monsanto, which is kinda central park of Lisbon, because I had told the others that I want to see as much spring as possible.  :)

On our way there we saw Aqueduct of Lisbon, which was build in the 18th century to bring water to the city, which had been pining with the lack of drinkable water for centuries.

I had to climb a bit over it too.  B)

And then we entered the Monsanto forest!
Wow! My brains were suddenly flooding with the smells and colours of SPRING!  :thinking:
It felt like I had been lightly drunk. Maybe I was.  :)

The others were showing me this and asking me to watch that, but I was just wandering around in a dizzy, ecstatic state the first half an hour.  :D

When I started to realise details, I saw many wonderful flowers and trees and enchanting paths..  :)

I think that us, who have a winter of white and gray, in which nothing grows, and which lasts many months, to see the beauty of this kind of nature is much easier than to people who live here and are used to seeing green and blooming things round the year.  :)
Many of them just walk trough it without seeing anything!  :thinking:

I wish you get a small portion of spring trough these photos too, mom!  :)

Soon I saw something else!
The Easter Bunny had visited Monsanto too!  :D

We started to search for more Easter eggs.

And found some in a tree hollow!  :p

And I found some wonderful calla lilies.
Haha, what do you see in this pic?  :D
Lily + tiger = Tiger Lilly! And that´s me!

We had a small snack in the forest.
The others let me politely start the yoghurt because I am "the newest".  ;)
But they were waiting for their turn rather impatiently!

Then we came home and showed our booty to Henna - she was quite impressed.  ;)

And then we ate some more.  :p

See you soon, mom! I have to go to make some April puns for the others!  ;)
Kisses from your little Lilly!  :stare:


Posted Apr 5, 2013, 3:25 pm
Olá, mãe!  :D That means "Hi, mom!"
See? Your little tiger is already learning portuguese!  B)

How are you, mom? I´m just all right!

Yesterday I went with Squab into a small town called Estoril about twenty kilometers from Lisbon.
We took a train there.

It took maybe half an hour to get there, and we were watching the landscapes trough window and reading a leaflet about the place we were going to see.  :)

Long time ago this was a little fishing village, but the fishermen were ordered to go somewhere else, when it became trendy for the upperclass families to move to the seashore.
They built here their pompous little villas and palaces.  :rolleyes:

Later the town was invaded by bath-houses, and still later by hotels and turists, who come here for beach holidays.
The beach was what I wanted to see too!  ;)

I runnnnn onto the soft, wonderful sand when we reached the beach, and then I was running wildly to this direction and to that direction, leaving lines of little pawprints after me and shouting.
Well, just because I felt like doing it.  :stare:
What? Have you never felt like doing that?  :thinking:

I was collecting some seashells.
Aren´t they beautiful?  :)

We were following for some time a shore bouleward, where people like to go promenading on weekends.

Yesterday the weather was a bit windy and rainy, and we had the whole beach almost only for ourselves!
We are not made of sugar (although we are very sweet)!  :D

There was palm trees growing along the bouleward.
This one looks like a pineapple, haha!  ;)

There was many inviting looking docks to walk on, but the wawes were rather high, and every now and then they were hitting over the dock and high up to the shore, and it didn´t look secure to walk too close.

I´m happy we didn´t, because soon we saw a sign warning us against the strong wawes.
They can carry people far away to the sea.
Some of them are never found again. Brrrr! :thinking:

The sky turned very dark and we got some rain over us, but who cares - it is summer here!  :D

At some points the sea was carrying lots of foam onto the shore. It looked nice.  :)

We were hopping trough it a bit (don´t tell Henna or she will put us to bath) and I imagine it would feel somewhat similar to be hopping on the clouds.  ;)


We saw ruins of some ancient docks.
This must be from the time the fishermen still were reciding here.

And more modern ones, more suitable for promenading.  :rolleyes:

These must be some constructions left of the bathing houses.  :)
Fancy imagine the ladies walking here with their parasols, and dipping themselves into the seawater in the sack-like bathing costumes.  ;)

We were leaving the popular sand beach area behind our backs, and coming to the less tamed part of the shore.  :)

There was wonderful flowers, growing on the rocks.  :)

On this shore the sea is eating the land.
By constantly beating the rock, it eats it away, bit by bit.
Portugal is diminishing a bit every year.  :thinking:

The erosed, rocky beach, is a paradise for many seabirds.
They floating somewhere high over our heads, without the need to move their wings at all in the strong wind.  :)

I think this wild shore more beautiful than the tame sandbeach.
What do you think, mom?  :)

We found a small stream running to the sea and followed it to see the actual spot where they meet.  :)

Here!  :D
Isn´t it just wonderful!
I was shouting again, for joy.

We walked still a bit and then we returned home.  :)

There we were having a typical portuguese dish, which is made of beans and codfish.
Very tasty, although it doesn´t sound like it!  ;)

Kisses to you, mom!
Your Tiger Lilly  :)


Posted Apr 8, 2013, 2:00 pm
Hello, mom!  :D

How are you?
I´m a bit pissed of at the moment.  :mad:
I´ll tell you why.

Our morning today started nice and early.
I was squeezing juice for everyone from delicious local oranges.  :p

And we had some delicious cake with it.
A very good breakfast, you see.  :)

We went for a walk into a beautiful park near by.  :)
It had been raining during the night, and everything was glimmering.

The heather was in bloom, and it smelled wonderfully!  :D
The bees and other insects were buzzing happily round them.

And then we came into an area with more exotic vegetation, like these wildly growing aloes.  :)
Zoe was telling me they can be used to make wounds to heel faster.
You just need to squeeze a bit of the juice inside them on the wound.

We saw a whole forest of opuntia cactuses! :thinking:
They are not originally a species growing here,
but they were brought here hundreds of years ago, and they are nowadays growing wildly everywhere.

We found out that although they are spiky, the spikes are a long distance from each other, and so we had no troubles in climbing over them.  ;)
It was very fun!

The trouble begun when we saw the fruit..  :rolleyes:
Well.. we had heard that they can be eaten and that they are very sweet, so of course we wanted to try.

We shouldn´t! :thinking:

The juice was sweet enough, but the fruit were full of horrible, thin little invisible spikes, and we got our lips and paws full of them,
and like that has not been enough, the peel was oozing some sticky, white, gluelike liquid and soon we were covered with it!  :thinking:

We tried to get rid of the spikes and wash ourselves in a pool, but no way!
As soon as we got back home, Henna took one glimpse of us, and commanded us all to go to bath at once.  :mad:

You know how much I hate bathing, like all cats do!
But there was no arguing - the glue was starting to turn yellow.

Actually, the bathing was not so bad..
Our "bathtub" was in the balcony, in midst of blooming potplants,
and after the first discust for water I almost started to like it!
How odd! :o

But sadly I cannot say the same about the shower!
Jaiks!  :mad:

It was very hard to get rid of the glue, but we were helping each other.  :)The brush was tickling and Henna poured shampoo over us, and even conditioner to make our furs to shine!  :rolleyes:
Zoe said Henna has an obsession of washing innocent little toyvoyagers!
Just waiting her opportunity to make voyagers to bath, even as often as twice a year! :thinking:
I have to keep an eye on that woman!


Then we were drying ourselves and picking the last opuntia spikes from each others furs. Uh! I even had one in my tail!

To compensate our sufferings a bit Henna made us a great meal - Bacalhau á Bras (codfish, fried with potato slices, onion and egg) with fresh salad.  :p
We stuffed ourselves with it so that it was hard to move. ;)

I must confes that it helped a lot, but I´m still a bit pissed of.
Who wouldn´t be?  :thinking:

But we all learned something today - don´t eat cactus!  :rolleyes:

A warm hug from your very clean tiger!  :stare:


Posted Apr 13, 2013, 4:31 pm
Bom dia, mãe amada!  :D

How are you?
I wish you´re not freezing there in Germany!
We are certainly not freezing here!  ;)

Todays update is from Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra. 
Read and enjoy!  ;)

Here we are on our way towards Quinta da Regaleira, walking trough the small town of Sintra, about 30 kilometers from Lisbon.  :)

Sintra is a place with very interesting history with many mysteries, holy places, magic and rumours.
It also has many old palaces, and we were going to visit one of them.  :)

We saw a wall full of wonderfully smelling visteria, and while we sat under it on a bench, Zoe was telling us about the place we were going to.  :)

The quinta was built by Antonio Carvalho Monteiro, a rich academic with a big interest in alchemy, Masonry, the Knights Templar, and the Rosicrucians.
The whole construction of the estate is based on symbolism and rites of these esoteric philosophies. :)

We reached the quinta (the word means estate) and you can see its main building behind our backs.
This is were Antonio Carvalho Monteiro and his similarminded friends were having their secret gettogethers.  ;)
Lots of rumours were spread on the surrounding countryside about satanic masses being hold on the quinta at nights.  :rolleyes:

We started out tour from the "Garden of Gods", where there is several statues representing different deities, mainly from the ancient Greece and Rome.  :)

We met some gods.
I don´t know who this one is, but he was rather a nice god to be chatting with.  :rolleyes:

Then we emerged from the cornucopia and goddes Gaia looked a bit puzzled, since usually the horn is sprouting out things like milk, honey and fruits, not toyvoyagers. But actually, she was very happy to have a bit of variety.  :D
(And of course, when you think of it, it is quite natural that a horn producing all kind of earthly goodnes is also producing toyvoyagers, isn´t it?
We certainly are a goodnes.  :stare:

This is the deity I liked almost most of all. I´ll explain a bit later why I say "almost". ;)
Actually, I hadn´t realised that frogs belong to the population of supernatural powers, but Tuli explained to me that in many old religions the central pillar (or tree) of the earth was standing on the back of a cosmic frog, while the branches were holding the sky up.
So, now I know better.
Tuli said she might maybe expect at least coffee being brought to her into bed in the mornings, being a goddes and all. :rolleyes:
Hmm! I started just to be a bit irritated, but then we saw the god I liked most of all!

Yeah, it is not a tiger, but it is at least my cousin!
And I was able to tell to Tuli that she is very wellcome to busy with the coffeetray whenever she feels like it!  :D

There is many odd things in the quinta - artificial caves and labyrinths formed by them, underground tunnels and pools, temples, towers and whatnot.
I wanted to see as much as possible, so we headed forward.  :)

We passed a small chapel with interesting looking carvings and decorations.  :)

We stopped to investigate a small fountain with nice mosaics of cranes.  :)

We saw archaic looking bridges running over small pools.  :)

Litte artificial streams were running everywhere and dropping into the pools as small waterfalls.  :)

We saw towers and turrets and very decorative looking buildings we didn´t quite know the meaning of.  :rolleyes:

Here I´m high up in one of the towers.  B)

There was also many interesting plants.
These a fern trees, mom!  :thinking:
The first ever treelike plants grown on the planet earth!

We saw some kinda gazebo, maybe.  :rolleyes:

And more of my divine feline family members.  B)

It started to rain, and I tried to cover myself with my new showercap, but it wasn´t big enough, and so we run to knock on the doors of the quintas main building.  :thinking:

They had a very impressive door knocker!
Couldn´t we have a similar one, mom? In the toilet door, for example?  :rolleyes:

Inside the house everything was very decorative and very pompous.  ;)
The walls, ceilings and even the floors had paintings or mosaics, carvings, reliefis or rather colorful tapestries.

This room is where the family was entertaining visitors.
The golden things on the purple walls are the familys emblems. 
The ceiling rather reminded me of a honey comb.:rolleyes:

I donno where this door leads. Maybe it is the toilet door.  :rolleyes:

This room is music room, where the family spend evenings playing their instruments when they had time from the secret societing inside the caves.  ;)

This is just a detail of the music room ceiling for you to see what I mean when I speak of the overwhelming decorativenes.
I like to visit such houses, but can you imagine living in one?
Imagine the tree little brats, lets say four, six and eight, running berserk in these kinda rooms, fighting and screaming and throwing their egg sandwhiches around?  :thinking:

Luckily the rain ceased before the house started to feel too oppressive, and we could continue our tour outside. :)

We saw more interesting buildings with some dubious symbolism.  :rolleyes:

Then we found the entrance to one of the underground labyrinths!
I´m sorry it was too dark there to take photos!
But I can tell you it was too dark to do anything else either.
In the beginning there was a bit of light, but soon we were walking in total darknes, and it wasn´t easy, because the tunnels were turning all the time, and there was crossroads and caves and underground pools, so that we had to take every step very carefully and keep a paw/wing all the time touching the wall.  :thinking:

It was very exiting and just a bit frightening!
After many turns and twists we saw a bright light and walked towards it and came to the shore of one of the underground pools.  :)
Then we continued along another dark tunnel and trough many pitchdark caves, and then we saw dim light again in front of us.

What we saw this time was something totally different!  :thinking:
We had come to the bottom of the socalled "initiation well"!
This is where the new members of the secret society were spending a night in some odd rituals.
The "well" has nine levels like Dantes Hell, and there is one tunnel coming to the bottom of it and one coming to the fourth level from the cave labyrinths.

We started to climb up the winding stairs..


And at last we popped out from the well.
It was great to see the sun again!  :)

We rested a bit on a "nice little bench".  :rolleyes:

We walked still some beautiful paths.  :)

And climbed still some towers and things.  :rolleyes:

And then it was high time to go home and eat something!  ;)

See you soon again, dear mom!
Your explorer tiger  B)


Posted Apr 19, 2013, 1:01 pm
Olá de novo, mamã! (Hi again, mom!)  :D

I believe the spring has now arrived there too, which makes me happy - soon you will be enjoying flowers and new grass too! :)
And I´m soon going to Finland, where there is still snow, I think!  :p Usch!

Yesterday we went for a walk in Lisbon, to spot some of the "views" and just to get some kinda pic of the city.

We started our walk from the riverside of the river Tejo.
The Romans, who occupied the area called the river Tagus.

This is an historically important place called Ribeira das Naus, which means "The shore of the ships".  :rolleyes:
This is where the ships came loaded with spices, ivory and gold and other treasures robbed from the invaded areas a bit here and there around the globe.

The big shipping- and commercial companies had their headquarters handy just next to the Ribeira das Naus around a square called Praça do Comercio.
It is a very beautiful square, but when we came there, it was all under restauration and looked like a big construction site.
So I didn´t take any pics. 

We walked along, watching the colourful mix of buildings, narrow streets and people.
I´ve heard that the city of Lisbon has a history of thousands of years long, but I didn´t see any really ancient buildings.
Henna explained that it is because there has been many earthquakes which have destroyed most of the buildings, and the city has been always build anew.
The last earthquake was on the year 1755, and it was followed by a tsunami, which totally destroyed the city. So most of the buildings are built after that.  :thinking:
Some of the streets are still running the same routes they did already on the Roman period.

Every now and then we saw very cute looking, old trams passing by.  :)

We came onto one of the main squares of Lisbon. It is called Rossio, which means "commonly owned land".
It has been a very important meetingpoint since 13th century, and a stage for revolutions, executions and bullfights.
It is still the point where the demonstrations take place, and around it is many important buildings, like the national theatre and the main railway station. :)


We walked along many narrow streets, and soon we realised we should have taken a compass with us. :rolleyes:
Only the city center is built according to a plan, everywhere else the streets and houses have kinda sprouted where ever, and there doesn´t seem to be any logic in their directions.
We were soon lost, but that didn´t worry us!
We are born explorers!  B)

Lisbon is built over seven hills, and that is easy to see! There is very deep stairs and streets leading up and down everywhere.
You need to be fit to live here! (At least if you don´t own a car).  :rolleyes:

To make the moving a bit lighter there is some elevators for people to spare their legs by taking a lift from the lower town parts (baixo) to the higher (alto).
This metal structure is one of them, called Elevador de Santa Justa.
It was opened for public in 1902.  :)
Originally it was powered by steam, but later by electricity.

Some more narrow streets and uphills later we came to a very nice viewpoint over the city and the river Tejo.  :)

Here!  :)
I think it looks quite interesting place!

We dived again into the maze of streets.  ;)

Soon we walked past Sé, the main cathedral of Lisbon.
Its building started 1147, and it is one of the oldest buildings which has survived many earthquakes.
Lisbon had been under the moorish power from 8´th century to the year 1147, and Sé was actually built on the place of the Lisbon main mosque.  :rolleyes:
It was so full of turists that we didn´t go in.

Instead we decided to take a ride in one of the cute trams.  :)

These trams are really marvellous!
They've been in operation since 1901, and all of them still have their original wood paneling.
We were watching the driwer in his work. It is not so simple to driwe one of these trams! He was constantly pulling and pushing different handles and strings and whatnot, and the old tram was making loud noices.
Every now and then the tram had to stop because the people here park their cars often over the tram tracks, and the driwer went to search for the owners from the nearby cafés.  :rolleyes:

The weather here is already very warm, yesterday 24 Celsius degrees, and people were opening the windows and pushing their heads out of them, and it was really a joyous ride.  :D

We left the tram in a part of the city called Estrela="star".
This is Basílica da Estrela from the 18´th century.
There was less people, so we decided to go in.  :)

Inside it was of course rather dark.

But we lit a candle to fight the darknes.  :)

Next to the church there was a park, and there we saw this sympathetic statue showing a typical countryside couple, like they were still not so long time ago.  :)

We saw the Lisbon parliament building.
It was originally a convent building, and it is still called as "Palacio do São Bento".  :)

Then we hopped again into the little tram and came back home. To eat, you see.  :rolleyes:
Hmm.. the others say that they now understand why people say "hungry as a tiger".  :rolleyes: Hmh! They are not any better!

Here I am cutting a typical portuguese bread called pão com cabeça "bread with head".
As you can see they really have heads, and cutting them feels a bit awkward, like I was decapitating the bread or something.
But, it is very tasty!  :p

Many kisses from Tiger Lilly!  :stare:


Posted May 3, 2013, 8:23 am
Bom dia, mãe amada!  :D

Como estás?
We went to see the giant statue of Cristo Rei in Almada, and I took some pics for you to see too.  :)

Here is Ponte 25 de Abril "25th of April Bridge", which connects Lisbon and Almada.  :)
I`m standing on its southern end in Almada.
It is a shame it is not possible to walk or bike along it - it is built only for cars and trains.

The statue of Cristo rei stands near the bridge and seems to be watching over the river Tejo.
To me it looks like it was planning to dive into the river any moment, because it holds its hands like that..  :rolleyes:

There was many olive trees growing around the statue, and we climbed some of them to see if there would be any olives to pick, but Henna told us the olives are ready to be picked between November and January.  :rolleyes:

We saw also more of the funny looking palm trees, and we were just investigating them to see if they really were palm trees and not pine apples, when we heard a rather BIG voice calling us.
"Hi, come here!" it said.
It was Cristo Rei speaking to us!  :thinking:

Cristo Rei (Christ the King) was built to celebrate the fact that Portugal didn´t land into the second world war.
It was inaugurated 1959, and so it was here before the bridge, which was ready 1966.
The statue itself is not so very high, it is 28 meters tall, but it stands over a tower, which is 82 meters tall and erected over the highest point of Almada, a cliff which stand 133 meters above the sea.  :)

"Hullo, Cristo Rei!" I answered to the statue.
"Come up here, so I can see you better!" he asked.
And so we did.  :)

There is an elevator inside the tower, and we took it, and soon we were up on top of the tower, wonderful landscape spreading in front of our eyes.  :)

In this pic you can see both banks of the river, and the city of Lisbon on the northern bank.
I was just staring spellbound for a minute, but then I went to say hello to my new friend, Cristo Rei.  ;)

"Hello, little tiger!" said he. "This is really a happy day, since if I´m not badly misstaken, you´re a toyvoyager!"
"Yes, I am" said I, "and you must be the giant Christ of Almada, unless I´m not badly misstaken, although I don´t think it would be very easy to mix you with somebody else!"  :D

"Ha ha, little tiger, that´s the spirit!" said he. "I´ve already had the joy to meet some of you before, and I´m a big fan of the Toyvoyagers! Such a cheeky little things! Just the right creatures to make my day! I´m getting a bit tired of the pure devotion, you see!"
"Aha!" said I. "In that case I´ll spread the word for as many toyvoyagers as possible to come to chat with you and chear you up!"
"Jiihaa!" said he.  ;)

And then I was watching more around me while he was telling how the landscape around us had changed during the time he had been standing there from a rural area mainly consisting of fields and little farmhouses into an urban, densely built anthill.

Here I´m watching towards west, where the river Tejo meets the Atlantic Ocean.
Can you see it in the horizon, mom?

And here I´m watching towards east.
If you had a telescope you could see the house we live here in, near the greener spot.  :D

Then I said goodbye to Cristo Rei, wishing him a good summer and nice pigeons, and he wished me safe voyaging and interesting adventures.  :D

We came down again and had a small cup of coffee in the café next to the statue.
My coffee tasted of vodka, which was very odd!
I was just going to ask about it when I heard Cristo Rei giggling.
"Obrigada!" I shouted and drank my coffee with vodka.  B)

See you soon again, dear mom!
Your Tiger Lilly  :D

Posted May 18, 2013, 6:36 pm
Hyvää iltaa, äiti! (Good evening, mother!) :D
Mitä kuuluu? (How are you?)
You can predict from this beginning that today we´re going to move to the finnish soil.  ;)

On our last evening in Portugal we went to the cinema.
We saw a film called "Night train to Lisbon".  :)

The film was a bit too thrilling to me!  :thinking:
I spent part of the time in Hennas pocket..
But it was nice to see many places on the screen
we had already seen in real life.  :)

Next morning we were in the airport so early that we were all half a sleep.
You can see our flight here, it is the fourth row from the bottom of the list,"Helsinquia".
That´s how they spell Helsinki in Portuguese.
Our gate was number 13.  :rolleyes:

We were having some fresreshments on a cafeteria while waiting our plane to get ready.  :p

Here is our plane!
I was a bit doubtful about the planes condition to take us to Finland, because I clearly saw it yawning!  :thinking:
No wonder, at that time of the day - I was yawning too, but it is a bit different with airplanes!
So we started to sing merry toyvoyager songs to keep the plane alert, such as "Five shrimps yodelling on the board of a steamboat".  :rolleyes:
It worked! The plane looked much more awake immediately!

We managed to book a windowseat! Great! :)
Here we have just entered the friendly plane, and I´m watching everything going on around us.
I saw the luggage being thrown and kicked into the plane.  :rolleyes:

We were checking our route from the map, 3500 kilometers from the southernmost Europe to the northernmost!
You, mom, are there in the halfway!  :)


Then we rised up into the air!  :D
Trough the clouds and over them!
The clouds looked so soft! We started to discus if it would be possible to be jumping on the clouds or not and how they would feel under our paws if so.  :)

After some time we were served lunch, which was great, because I was already starving!
The kilo of sweets I tried to smuggle with me to the plane
as a little snack was found in the security control, and we had to eat them before entering!  :p
It took about 2 minutes from five toyvoyagers to handle that!

The rest of the flight we were watching some awful program they always show in airplanes
(golf and fashion shows, why o why?) and putting funny stuff into the mouths of those people who slept their mouths open.  ;)

We landed to Finland after almost five hours flight.
A friend of Hennas took us to Nuuksio in his car.  :)

Here is the little cottage I´m going to live in!  ;)
It is about hundred years old and it is in middle of a big forest.
I wanted to see a bit around and run to investigate!

There was wonderful white anemones everywhere!  :)

And lots of narcissuses, which had just opened.  :)

The blue anemones seemed to be glowing in the sun!
I was very happy to see all the spring flowers, because I had half expected to see still lots of snow!  :rolleyes:
Actually, there was still a bit in the ditches and some shady places..

"Since you are anyway roaming around there you could collect some wild vegetables!" Henna shouted from inside.
"What vegetables does she mean?" I asked from Zoe and Tuli, who know these things.
"Nettles, sheeps sorrel, young dandelion, coltsfoot and thistle leaves!" they answered, "They are going to be our dinner!" :thinking:
And so we started to collect all those things.
It was very fun! But I wondered about the dinner!  :rolleyes:

We had soon collected a little basket full of the wild vegetables, and the Zoe and Tuli were showing me and Poschti what to do with them.  :)

First we put the vegetables into a kettle and then I was mincing them with scissors.  :)
They smelled wonderfully!

Then we built an open fire. There is enough dry twigs and branches everywhere on the yard!  :rolleyes:

We put some water to the kettle and put the it over the fire.

We let the vegetables boil about ten minutes, stirring every now and then, and added some salt and pepper.  :)
Then we added some cream, and it started to look quite yammy! My mouth was already watering!

We ate our dinner outside, sitting on the roof of an old hencoop where Henna has put a table.  :D
It was delicious!  :thinking:
Tuli told its is traditional to eat wild vegetables in springtime in Finland.
Such was our first day in Nuuksio. I think this is going to be a funny visit!  :D

I´ll soon tell you more!
A warm hug to you!
Your little tiger  :stare:

Posted May 27, 2013, 3:01 pm
Hei taas, rakas äiti! (Hi again, beloved mother!)  :)
How are you?
We have all been having a spring flue, and the little red cottage has been full of sneezing, coughing and nose blowing.  :mad:

Before getting the flue we made a nice trip to Porkkala, which is a beautiful area in the sea shore, about twenty kilometers from Nuuksio.

In Porkkala we headed for a small island called Linlo.  :)

There was a small bridge leading there.

On the island we were walking along a route of duckboards trough a forest.  :)

An elk who had missed his potty training had also visited the island..  :rolleyes:

We left the duckboards and followed the reed-growing shoreline in search of a good place to lit a coffee fire.
Who can live without a hot cuppa every now and then?  :stare:

The shore turned rocky and soon we were watching beautiful sea landscape from the many cliffs we climbed. :)

I was wondering about the line formations in the rocks.
Tuli explained to me they were formed during the ice age, when the whole northern Europe was covered with an ice layer which was many kilometers thick.  :thinking:
The ice cover was so heavy and caused such a pressure on the earth, that the rocks were smoothed and got round shapes, and the hardest stone types, like the white quartzite here, stick out from the softer granite as lines.  :)

The sea looked very blue, and the air felt really fresh, and the seagulls passing by were shouting some rather fresh remarks too to do with our outer habitus.  :rolleyes:


Then we found an old fireplace and started to collect wood to burn.  :)

Soon we had the coffeepot over the fire!
It was a bit coolish day, and also windy in the shore (I guess that is where we got the flue..) and I could hardly wait to get hot coffee!  ;)

Because it still took some time for the water to boil, we went down to the shore, which was full of round pebbles.
I think they looked pretty much like birds eggs.  :)


I went back to keep an eye on the water, and when the coffee was ready I called everyone else too.  :)

Then we had many mugs of hot coffee!  ;)

And ate 15 gingerbread cookies each!  :p
This is my seventh.

After some more hopping on the rocks we came back home, because our gingerbread cookie package was empty!  :thinking: How horrible.  ;)

Next time I´ll show you pics from Helsinki.
Kisses from your (snotty) little tiger.  :stare:


Posted Jun 8, 2013, 8:44 pm
Hei, rakas äiti!  :D

I wish the weather has turned more summery there!
We have had both rain and sun in a quite nice mixture.
I´m now going to show you photos I took in Helsinki
when we went for a stroll there some days ago.  :)

It is about 30 kilometers from Nuuksio to the centrum of Helsinki,
and first we took a bus into a place called Leppävaara.


The bus was almost empty, as it usually is.
There isn´t so many people living in this corner.  ;)
We saw some nice wooden houses along our route, and couple of deers crossing the road.  :)

In Leppävaara we took a train, which brought us to the Helsinki main railway station,
which is the building behind my back.
Henna says it always reminds her of a 1930´s radio.  :rolleyes:

These huge guys who are guarding the main gate of the station
are lightbearers from the finnish mythology.  :)
The metal "badges" are there because they´re going to take the statues to be cleaned.
Ha ha, they need a bath too once in a hundred years.
I guess I could handle that too.  ;)

We started to walk first towards north along Mannerheimintie,
which is kinda main road of Helsinki.
The red tram is a quite special one - it is a pub in rails!  :D
The big yellowish building is the main post office of Helsinki,
and the other one is a department store called Sokos.

Helsinki is rather a young city.
It was established 1550 by the command of a swedish king who was also the king of Finland at that time.
The king was thinking of a good place for a harbour to enlarge the economy,
not about the conditions to build the city in.
Helsinki was build over a swamp area, and people were so reluctant to move into the new town
that the king had to order them to.  :rolleyes:
Nowadays there is, anyway, over 600 000 inhabitants and the town keeps growing.

The oddly shaped building behind my back is a museum of contemporary art called Kiasma.

The aquarium -like building is a new music center, which was built couple of years ago.
The statue is called "Laulupuut" - The song trees, and it is picturing a pike (Esox lucius) in the top of a tree, singing.  :thinking:
Henna told the statue was inspired by a poem of the poet Aaro Hellaakoski called "Hauen laulu",
the song of a pike, in which a pike climbes a spruce to taste the reddish cones and to sing.

We marched onwards, and soon we saw the finnish parliament house
on the other side of the street.
It was built in 1931.
I think it looked rather pompous.  :rolleyes:
This is where finnish people mainly come to demonstrate - to shout for the parliament members going in or out.

We were counting the pillars, after Henna told us that when she was a brat,
they asked the number of the pillars of the parliament house in an exam at school, and she had no idea.  :D
We counted fourteen. So now you know!

We saw also a miniature model of the building.  :)

We climbed a rock next to the parliament house and watched the scenario.
The tower behind the spruce belongs to the finnish national museum.  :)

So we walked to see the museum building next.
It is a funny building which looks rather much like the finnish mediaeval churches.
It was inaugurated 1916.
The museum has a beautiful yard, which is now full of glorious dandelions,
like little suns on the grass.  :)

It was a somewhat cloudy and coolish day, and every now and then the sky looked really grey,
but after the harsh winter people here enjoy even the gloomiest days of summer! 
On weekends everyone is somewhere outside, whatever the weather. :)

There was a friendly looking bear guarding the door of the museum.  :)

We didn´t go in this time, because we wanted to walk and see much more.
Maybe one day when it really pours!  ;)

Next we saw "Finlandia talo" - Finlandia Hall, which is a concert- and congress hall on the Töölönlahti bay.
It was completed 1971, and it seems that on its own time it was something very special,
and made the architect Alvar Aalto very famous round the world, but I must say to me it looked just a white box.  :rolleyes:

I admired more the wonderfull tulips planted on the yard.  ;)

We walked trough Töölönlahti bay park, which is a very popular place to spend time,
have picnics and such.
This is a memorial monument of one of the finnish presidents, Urho Kekkonen.
What? It doesn´t look like a monument to you?  :thinking:
Well, nor did it look like that to me either, more like a beautiful swimming pool. But I like it.  :D

Many trees and bushes are in bloom now, and many of them smell wonderfull,
so the walk trough a park is not only cherishing our eyes but all the senses.  :)

We saw another, more conventional statue.
It is picturing "runonlaulaja" Larin Paraske.
I don´t quite know how to translate runonlaulaja, maybe a bard?
Runonlaulaja was a specialist who could sing a big selection of the so called "Kalevala" folk poetry,
which was learned by heart, listening to the older people.  :)

Here you can see something of the Töölönlahti bay itself.
On summertime it is possible to hire a rowing boat and go rowing there.  :)

This building is "Hakasalmen huvila" - Hakasalmi villa.
It was the summer residence of Aurora Karamzin, who was a great philanthropist.
As a young maiden Aurora "was appointed a lady-in-waiting of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna the elder,
consort to Emperor Nicholas I of Russia and a lady of the bedchamber of their Imperial Majesties
Empress Alexandra Feodorovna the younger and Empress Maria Feodorovna.
She was made a dame of the Order of Saint Catherine, the highest honor for ladies in Imperial Russia
".  :thinking: (Phew!)
Later in life Aurora used her immense wealth to create benefactory institutions in Helsinki,
such as schools, public kitchens, and the Deaconess Institution of Helsinki.
Quite a remarkable woman!  :)

Nowadays the building serves as one of the Helsinki town museums.  :)
They had a café in one of the side buildings, and we got very interested when seeing it!
Well, we hadn´t been eating anything for whole two hours! :thinking:

Soon we were devouring a "karjalanpiirakka" (carelian pastry) with "munavoi" (spread made of butter and hard boiled eggs) over it.  ;)
It is a traditional delicacy from the Karjala (Carelia) in eastern Finland. It was very good!  :p

Full of new energy we walked along, now towards south, trough the modern Kamppi shopping center.

Next to the shopping center we saw this very interesting looking building.
To me it looked first like a dinosaur egg, but I was told it is the Kamppi Chapel.
It is also known as the "Chapel of Silence" since it is intended to be a place to calm down and have a moment of silence in one of the busiest areas in Finland.  :)
It was built only last year, and it won The Chicago Athenaeum: International Architecture Award For The Best New Global Design - price.  :)

We went to see it from inside too.
It is built totally of wood.  :)

I think the wooden ceilings were really beautiful!  :)
What do you think, mom?

I also liked the detail of the pile of pillows looking like rounded beach stones.  :)

And the fact that the candles where stick to stand in white beach sand.  :)
I guess it all has to do with the finnish near to the nature -ideology.

This is maybe the most famous statue of Helsinki, called "Kolmen sepän patsas" - The three smiths statue.
It was unveiled in 1932, and it depicts three smiths hammering on an anvil,
naked, which is slightly odd, thinking of the sparks, to start with.  :rolleyes:
It is a popular meeting point.

We turned to walk along Aleksanterin katu street and passed the department store of Stockmann.
It is the largest department store in the Nordic countries, and it was opened 1930.
The first escalators of Helsinki were in this building,
and for some years there was a nuisance of the Helsinki schoolkids coming to driwe
up and down, up and down with them after school hours.  :D

I spotted these rather ugly faces on wall of one of the houses we were passing.  :D

We came to Senaatintori - The Senates Square.
This is the statue of Emperor Alexander II, located in the center of the square.
The statue, erected in 1894, was built to commemorate his initiation of several reforms
that increased Finland's autonomy from Russia.
During the Russification of Finland from 1899 onwards,
the statue became a symbol of quiet resistance.  :)


On one side of the square is Helsinki Cathedral.
It was built 1832-1850, and since it was also built over a swamp people were sure it would sink.  ;)

We climbed the stairs to see the church better,
and also to see the view over the square.  :)


This is the Helsinki University main building, which is on one side of the square too.
The university has been situated in Helsinki since 1829,
but it was founded in the city of Turku in 1640
as The Royal Academy of Turku.
It is the oldest and largest university in Finland.

This is the Sederholm house.
It is the oldest remaining building of Helsinki centrum, built in 1756.
Because most buildings were made of wood, they were destroyed in many fires or demolished to make way for newer stone constructions.
Specially during the 1960´s to 1980´s many beautiful, old buildings were destroyed
and ugly boxes were constructed in their place.  :mad:
Sederholm house serves as a museum too nowadays.

This is Holy Trinity Orthodox Church.
It is the oldest normally serving church in Helsinki centrum.
It was built 1825-1826.
I started to have a feeling we had seen rather many churches already..  :rolleyes:

Next we walked to the seashore, to see the famous Kauppatori - Market Square.  :)
Originally this was a muddy shore where the fishermen came to sell their catch straight from their boats.  :)
The square was built in beginning of 19th century
and became the main market for people from surrounding countryside
to sell their products for the city dwellers.

Besides vegetables, berries, mushrooms and fish there is nowadays tables
selling handicrafts and souveniers.
It is also very popular place to sit in outside tables eating fish dishes or coffee and buns.  :)

This is also the place where the ferries leave to Suomenlinna fortress islands,
and there is also many cruise companies making sightseeings.  :)

The big boats to Sweden and Estonia also leave near by.

I noticed there was turtles preventing cars driwing everywhere. Good job!  ;)


We walked over a small channel to see the Uspenski cathedral
(STILL one more church, crying out loud! )  :rolleyes:

Uspenski Cathedral is an Eastern Orthodox cathedral, dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos
(the Virgin Mary). (Umh..)
It was designed by the Russian architect Alexey Gornostaev and built  in 1862–1868.

I was rather full of churches, cathedrals, chapels and whatnot,
but even so I was sad the cathedral was closed - I would have liked to peep in..


This is the view over Helsinki in front of the Uspenski cathedral.
Can you spot the dome of the Lutheran Cathedral ?  :stare:

We came down from the hill where the cathedral stands and saw this old lightvessel.
It was serving ships in the areas where there was no lighthouse, showing the dangerous rocks and such when the weather got rough.  :)


We walked over"The bridge of love" and watched the lovelocks people have hanged there.  :)

I think it is very romantic!  :)
Maybe one day I could come here, paw in paw with a cute little feline.. hmm!  :stare:

We saw this cute museum tram passing us.  :)


When the tram disappeared behind a corner, we moved along and saw this fountain called "Havis Amanda" by sculptor Ville Walgren.

The statue is from the year 1906 and it is a mermaid who stands on seaweed, rising from the water, surrounded by four sea lions.

Every year on Vappu, 1.5, Havis Amanda serves as a centrepiece for the celebrations.
Students of the local universities put a cap on the statue in an elaborate ceremony.
For many it is a "must see" event.  :)

We continued our walk along Esplanadi park, which was full of people, enjoying the summerday.  :)

There was an estonian tram- and bus driwers wind instrument band playing on the stage.  :D


There was a very beautiful icecream kiosk, but it was too cold to have icecream.
Maybe next time!  ;)


Then it was time to go home, and we headed back towards the railway station.

On our way there we saw a guy playing really beautiful music with bottles
filled with different amounts of liquid.  :)

And a "dog bar" outside a shop - bowls with water and different dog bisquits, and a plake asking the dog owners to leave some coins to keep the bar going on.  :)
What a nice idea!

I think I like Helsinki a lot.  :)
It is not a very big city, and its "sights" are somehow humble compared to many other places I´ve been visiting.
But I like its greennes, freshnes and cosynes.
I think you would like it too.  ;)

See you soon again, dear mom!
Kisses from your "tiikeri" - tiger !  ;)

Posted Jun 14, 2013, 7:26 pm
Hei, rakas äiti! (Hi, dear mom!)  :D

How are you?
I´m just fine!  :)

I wanted to learn something more about the history of this odd country, and so last weekend we went for a walking trip onto Seurasaari island, which is a popular place to spend summerdays, and where there is also an open air museum.  :)

There is an old wooden bridge leading onto the island.

Seurasaari island was a popular place even hundred years ago to go to spend summer days.
It was specially targeted for the common workers of Helsinki to go and spend time in nature to balance the unhealthy working conditions.

We started our museum round in an iron age house.
We walked there along these duckboards.  :)

There was some kind of totem pole wellcoming us to the house.

Henna told us that in stone age the finns had three totem animals they considered their foreparents - elks, bears and swans.
If they still believed in such things on ironage is unsure, though.  ;)

These buildings were made together by archaeologists and people who have past and roleplaying as their hobby.
They have few times a year iron age happenings here where people can buy iron age handicrafts and food or learn some iron age skills in workshops. :)

This is a typical finnish iron age building.
There were people living in one end of the building, and animals in the other end.
In wintertime the animals and their dung helped to keep the house warm.  :rolleyes:

These houses had open fireplaces and no chimneys, which were only invented in the 13th century.
So all the smoke came in, which wasn´t very comfortable.  :thinking:
Some poor people lived like that still in the 1950´s !

So, on summertime, when the fire was not nessessary for warmth, people didn´t cook inside the houses, but in this kinda cooking huts on the yard.  :)


It was common to have magical symbols on the door- or windowposts preventing any malevolent powers entering the house.
On this doorpost there is carved a looped square or Saint John´s arms (käpälikkö in finnish), although it can be a bit hard to see.

We walked to see some more modern historic buildings and passed by these wonderful lilies called Solomon´s Seal. :)

I don´t know if I would like to live in an iron age house!
Full of smoke and still rather cool in winter, brr!  :thinking:
Although it would be nice to sleep under the same roof with sheeps and cows and horses..  :rolleyes:

Well, here we have a more modern building.
Hmm.. I would have said it is from iron age too, but as Henna pointed out, it has a glas window, which means it cannot be older than from 17´th century.  :rolleyes:
Otherwise there is not much difference!

Then we walked and watched many old countryside buildings, all from the 17th to 20th century.
There was some very grand houses and some very humble ones.

Red was the most common color for houses, and the paint was made of red ochre and tallow.
The mix is actually pretty similar than it was in rock art.
Probably the red color, as the color of blood and life, was also considered to be quarding the house and the inhabitants from evil.  :)

Usually only the main building was painted, and the sidebuildings were left grey.

I could very well live in one of the houses from this period!
They are only lacking electricity and running water compared to the modern times, but, actually, we don´t have running water either in the little cottage we live her in Nuuksio, and we´re doing quite well without.
The electricity is another thing. Without it I could not even write my updates!  :thinking:

This house is built so that it is possible to driwe "trough the wall" straight onto the yard!  :D

We a saw a windmill of the type called "magpie mill" because it had a tail with which it was possible to turn the mill so that wings catched the wind as well as possible.  ;)

We had a little pause in a café selling traditional foodstuff, and tried something called "kalakukko" (fish rooster).  :thinking:

It is rye bread inside which there is baked lots of fish called vendace.
It looked horrible, but tasted rather good!  :p

These buildings are "aittas", granaries or storage houses.
Big houses had many aittas on the yard, one for meat, one for milk products, one for flour, one for clothes and so on.
Usually the sons and daughters of the house had an own aitta each of them, and sometimes the servants too.
There they kept their personal belongings and also slept in them in summertime.
Specially in western Finland it was quite normal that young people slept together before marriage, and if a girl had couple of kids already while marrying, it was just taken as a proof of her fertility.  ;)

The food aittas always had this kinda little hole under the door. Can you guess why?  ;)
It was the private entrance for cats, so that they could get in to take care of the mice and rats trying to eat the foodstuff.  :D

This is an old wooden church.  :)
It is an extremely popular place to get married.

And this is its belltower.  :)

This is a house from the Karelia area.
In these houses the animals still lived under the same roof - in the downstairs, while people lived in upstairs.
I guess the animals helped again to keep the upstairs warmer.  :rolleyes:

This little cottage had a wonderfully blooming apple tree on its yard.  :)


Then we saw couple of saw called church boats.
The villages built, owned and handled them communally, and competed with other villages whos boat was fastest.  ;)
It was possible for the whole village to get into the boat at the same time for the trip to church.

The construction of these huge boats is pretty similar than the socalled viking boats, and probably they are their late descendants.  ;)

The boats smelled of tar, with which they were painted.
I sat inside the boat, enjoying the wonderful smell of the tar!  B)
Mom, I would love to be rowing in a boat like this!


We saw still tens of different buildings, and that was all very interesting.

Then it was time to go back home, but I think I already learned something of the finnish history.  :)

On our way back we passed the building most interesting of all, ha haa!
The icecream booth!  :p

See you soon again, dear mom!
I wish you´ve had some icecreams too!
Hug from your Tiger Lilly!  :stare:


Posted Jun 20, 2013, 3:58 pm
This is an announcement to let you know that we´ll continue with our updates
as soon as Hennas new camera arrives.  :mad:


Posted Jul 17, 2013, 3:36 am
Hello, dear mom!  :D
How are you?

Good news! Henna has got her new camera and I can go on with my updates!  :D
First we just have to learn to use it!  :rolleyes:

So, the past couple of days we´ve been running around like crazies, and taken photos of everything, each other and the landscapes, different insects and whatnot. :rolleyes:

Here we are walking in the forest surrounding our little cottage here.  :)

Kukkuu!  :D

There is yet no mushrooms, it has been too dry summer here, but the berries are ripe now!
We were picking lots of blueberries.
But I guess we were eating even more!  :p

So the bucket was getting full very slowly!  :rolleyes:

Specially because the softness of the moss lured us to lay down on our backs,
and the heavy smell of forest flowers and the buzzing of the insects over the swamp started to make us feel kinda sleepy.  :stare:

The treetops swaying sleepy too against the blue sky, and the light clouds sailing lazily across it didn´t help much either, and soon we were all in deep sleep.  :)

Henna woke us up few hours later.
Meanwhile she had picked the bucket full of blueberries.
She said she let us sleep because we were so cute there, laying on the moss, snoring slightly and ants investigating over us.  :rolleyes:

We found also some wild forest strawberries!  :)

They are small, but so delicious!  :p

These flowers are in finnish called "Kurjenkello", which means the cranes bell.  :)
Their latin name is Campanula persicifolia and in english they seem to be "harebell"!  :D
Maybe both cranes and hares are playing them at nights..

Then we marched out from the forest, because we had to make a visit to Hennas mother.
Henna had promised the blueberries to her. :)

So we take the bus and the train to Helsinki.
I always like to watch the views!  :)

The train was practically empty!  :D

Hennas mother was giving us cakes and thanking us for the berries.
What a nice lady she is!
You can see her chin in the photo.  ;)

Then we were "behaving", like we had been told, watching the views from the windows..

And keeping company for dolls living there.
They were very civilized dolls. They had to be - they had lace dresses and even parasols.  :rolleyes:
I bet their conversation was civilized too - teaparties, new dresses and gossip. Ugh!
After fifteen minutes of that we pressed Henna to save us from the dolls by threatening to tell her mother some interesting details we had been reading from her teenage diaries we had happened to find in the attic.  :rolleyes:

So we left and Henna took us to see a rather peculiar church, called Temppeliaukion kirkko.
It is also known as the Church of the Rock.
It is behind me in the pic. Or actually, that is the roof.

The roof dome looks a bit like an ufo landed on the rocks.  :)

The interior is excavated and built directly out of solid rock and it is bathed in natural light which enters through the glazed dome.  :)

I think it looks a bit ufo inside too.  :rolleyes:
But actually it is a really peacefull and silent place.
I like it.

Well, haha, silent when there is no hundred tourists nor a concert going on.
It is a very popular place for both.  ;)

I´ll end now this update, but I´ll be soon back!  :)

A tight hug to you, mom!
Your Tiger Lilly  :stare:

Posted Aug 4, 2013, 8:20 am
Hei taas, äiti!  ;) (Hi again, mom!)

How are you?

We have been spending a lot of time outside, rummaging round the forests around us.
One day we made a long walking trip trough the nearby countryside.  :)

We walked a long way trough fields and meadows.
Every now and then we saw a farmhouse somewhere behind the fields.  :)

We saw also some cows and horses, but usually they were too far away for us to see them properly, but on one house they had these longhaired cows right on the yard.  :)
"Hello, cow!" said I, "why do you have such a long hair?"
"Muu muu, little tiger!" answered she, "maybe my hairdresser just happens to be on holidays!"  :thinking:
Do you think she was pulling my leg, mom?

Then she went to drink, and I have a doubt it wasn´t water.  :rolleyes:

Her little calf was very sweet, eating clover flowers and chatting about honeybees.  :)

There was a river making its slow way trough the fields too,
and since we seemed to be heading to the same direction, we decided to go on same foot.  ;)
She didn´t seem to mind the company either.

There was beautiful rantakukka/Lythrum salicaria/Purple loosestrife growing in many places on the shore.  :)

In some places the river was running faster, and we had to run too, to keep the same speed.  ;)

Other times we were much faster, and had to sit down to wait for our friend.  ;)
(Do you understand my ramblings, mom?
Henna doesn´t. She´s just rolling her eyes and saying there must be the full moon up soon, reading our writings.)  :D

But there certainly wasn´t any full moon then, there was a full sun, and the river glimmered blue under it.  :)
If moon (luna) makes people go lunatics, does the sun (helios) turn them into heliotics? Huh?
I bet it does! We were quite heliotics the whole gang!  :p

For example we simply HAD to cross the river many times by jumping from stone to stone or by running along pretty slippery tree trunks.
Blame the sun!  ;)

After falling in about twenty times Henna suggested that
it would be high time to turn our backs to the river, since we seemed to be
unable to stay over its surface.  :rolleyes:

So we headed to the road, and on the road
we met a little sisilisko/Zootoca vivipara/Viviparous lizard.
The poor thing had lost its tail! :(
You know, they can save their life by dropping their tail, if, say, a hungry crow attacks them. So they drop the tail for the crow to eat and go on, growing slowly a new tail.
Quite handy, but also very tiring. It takes a lot of energy to grow a new tail!  :thinking:
"Hi, little lizard!" said I, "what did scare you so much you had to drop your tail?"
"Well, miss tiger", answered she, "it was  two evenings ago while I was peacefully eating flies, when suddenly a huge flying saucer landed next to me, and out came these naughty-looking, bulge-headed creatures who tried to pick me up and put me into their animals of earth -collection!"
:thinking: Mom? What do you think of that?
Do you think they´d be interested into little tigers too?

We came onto a humid area growing reed and osmankäämi/Typha latifolia/Common bulrush - surely we were coming again onto a shore!

Oh yes, we had reached the seashore!
We crossed a small bridge onto an island called Linlo, and
then we followed duckboards trough it, in search of a fireplace to make some coffee.  ;)

While walking, we spotted many other small islands
in middle of the blue sea.  :)

The paths led us across the island, trough dence hazelnut thickets.  :)

On the western side of the island we came to a beautiful, rocky shore, and behind the rocks there was a perfect tenting spot - a sheltered, green valley.  :)

There was some bronze age graves on one end of the valley.
Yes, I knew would ask! The stone heap we are sitting over is one of the graves..  :D
In Finland the custom was to build a big heap of stones over the grave chamber, you see.

In the opposite end of the valley was growing lots of hallonberries, and we decided to overnight there!
So we rised up a tent.
Handy or what? 

Here is our tent!  :D
Doesn´t it look like a great place to sleep in?
(Henna of course didn´t fit in, but she said she would have chosen another spot to sleep anyway,
because "half of you snore and the other half kick". )  :rolleyes:
I´m afraid I belong to the first half.

Our next task was to build up fire and make coffee!  ;)
Here we are collecting firewood.

I was keeping an eye over the coffeepot while the others were
rummaging trough the bags in search of something to eat.


Then I set the table and called the others to come and anjoy the coffee.  :)
Am I efficient or what?

We were having some gingerbread cookies.
I think it was a bit funny to eat them on a sunny seashore, because in my mind they belong to the Christmastime..  :rolleyes:

The next round was some buns.  :D

And then we were having bagels.
And then we were fighting over the last one, but we shouldn´t have,
because we got totally entangled with it and each other and then we had to shout Henna to help us out,
and she only did it after tickling us!  :thinking:

And then we spent a wonderful day on the island, investigating every nook and corner of it!  :)

Insides of the island we found a swamp area.
Henna had told us to avoid swamps because they can be dangerous places to go walking on,
and so we had to go there walking on to see if anything would happen. Nothing did, though.  :rolleyes:

But we found there some spotted orchidés.
This one is for you, mom!  :stare:

And then we found the first mushrooms of this summer. Chantarellis!  :p

We carried them back to our camp.  :)

Then we went to the beach, where we were watching the beautiful stones
rounded by the sea, and collecting the most beautiful ones of them.

And then we were just hanging idly around, chatting this and that, which is a splendid way to spend time.   :D


Then we picked hallonberries to eat later in the evening.  :)

And when the evening came we sat round the fire
in our comfy sleeping backs, drank tea, ate hallonberries,
and told stories about all the places we had seen, and about our homes.  :)

Zoe and Tuli taught us a finnish song which is sang when sitting round a fire.

"Meil on metsässä nuotipiiri 
missä kuusten kuiske soi.   
Kipunat kohti tähtiä kiirii
lähipuutkin punervoi.
Ja me muistamme sankariaikaa
sadun tenhon tunnemme, taikaa.
Ja kun laulumme yön yli kiirii
ja kun hongat huminoi.

We have an open fire in the forest
which is ringing by the whispers of the spruces.
The sparkles are reaching the stars
and making the nearby trees glow red.
We are remembering the past times of heroes
and feeling the enchantment of fairy tales
when our song is ringing trough the night,
when the fir trees are humming."

Then we roamed into our tent and slept soon with sounds of sea and wind and some odd nightbirds.  :)

Good night to you too, mother!
Kisses from your Tiger!  :stare:


Posted Aug 16, 2013, 3:18 am
Hyvää iltaa, rakas äiti! (Good evening, dear mother!)
How are you?

We were spending some days (or nights, actually) in Hennas mothers place,
taking care of her two cats, while she went for a trip to Berlin.

Uh oh, it was both a nice and a tiring time, as you´ll see!  :rolleyes:

Here you can see the brats.
The black one is called Miilu, and she is very shy, because she was
rescued from the streets as a kitten.  :thinking:
The grey one is a pampered little pussy called Nalli.
She is not shy at all.  ;)

She made such shamefull comments about our outer habitus (mentioning flying rats and creatures living in mudbottoms of lakes)
that I didn´t care to socialize much with her!  :thinking:
Although she mentioned that she was happy there was two decent
creatures amongst us (meaning me and Cuty the cat..)

I went to watch around in the apartment.

And there really was many things to watch at!
Hennas mother and her boyfriend are both collecting old toys,
and there was lots of those in the apartment!  :)

There was a cabinet full of old dolls and their equipment.

We took a ride in an old doll pram along the floors, going faster and faster, and it was very fun.

But we shouldn´t!  :thinking:
Oh no!
Do you still remember the dolls we met last time while visiting Hennas mother, the very boring ones who wanted us to sit on their lap and to pet us?  :thinking:
Well, they had seen us driwing in the doll pram, and that had given them an idea.  :thinking:
"Oh how the toyvoyagers are cute sitting in those prams!" they shouted, "why don´t we dress them up and play they are our babies?!"  :o

We tried to hide, but the awfull dolls found us!  :thinking:

And then they were dressing us in stupid little doll shoes and other things and playing with us!  :thinking:

Help!  :thinking:

It was our luck Henna came into the room just when the dolls had brought up some diapers and milk bottles!  :thinking:
She soon saved us from the disaster, took the horrible garments away and told the dolls to behave,
and later she told us she had never much cared about dolls herself, even as a little girl.
No wonder, I just say!  :thinking:
Hennas mother should keep them all inside that cabinet..

But now you´ve heard all the horrors of our visit! Did it make your hair stand up?

We went for a walk in Helsinki.
It was already a late evening, but there was still lots of light.

We saw an interesting statue called Enkelidemoni (Angeldemon).  :)

And then we passed this "pimped" truck.
I found it rather cool!  :D

We came into a park named Kaivopuisto (Well/Fountain park).
They had there beautiful flowerbeds.  :)
Originally here was one of those "spas" where wealthy people in 18th-19th century
came to take care of their health by bathing and drinking different waters.

On the other end of the park we saw the old observatorium of Helsinki University.  :)

And soon we could see the sea!  :)


We saw the memorial for people died on seas.
There is a neverending fire burning on top of it, although you can´t see it in the pic.  :rolleyes:

There was nice mirror-balls in different sizes on the shoreline.  :D


Then we saw suddenly many sailingboats and -ships.
There was Helsinki Tall Ship Race going on.  :D

There was boats from all countries around the Baltic sea, but we saw also ships as far away as
Saudi-Arabia, Mexico and Brazil!  :)

This is the one from Brazil.
It must be fantastic to really sail over the Atlantic!  :)

Some of the ships were very old, and some of them were very funny.  ;)

We were walking around and watching the ships and the people in them and outside them..


But then it was time to go back home and sleep!  :stare:

Good night to you too, mom!
And kisses from your little Lilly  :stare:


Posted Aug 24, 2013, 10:20 pm
Hyvää iltaa, rakas äiti! (Good evening, dear mom!)  :D

I wish you´re doing well! I am!  :)

Henna told me today that you´ve found me a new host,
and I´m very exited about it!  :D

But I have still some updates to make from here.
Last weekend we made a trip into an area called Luutasuo (Broom swamp).  ;)
I guess it is because there was growing lots of heather, which is exellent material to make brooms.
Luutasuo is part of Komio nature reserve area, and it is about 50 kilometers from Nuuksio.

We followed a path, which led us trough forests and over swamps along duckboards.
These duckboards actually form a route which is about hundred kilometers long!  :thinking:

The forest was full of blueberries, and so were we in no time!  ;)

We also saw some mushrooms.
This one is Russula paludosa, (isohapero in finnish) and it is an excellent mushroom to eat,
but it was a bit old and so we left it where it was.  ;)
Let maggots enjoy it!

The summer has been extremely dry in Finland, and the leaves of trees and plants are already turning yellow and red because of that.
It makes the landscape to look more autumn-like than it usually is in August, said Henna.

The path was cirkling a very big lake named Luutalampi (Broom lake).
We sat on its shore to discus important issues, like
"do the maggots become dizzy when they eat hallusinogenic mushrooms?".
And if they do, what kind of hallusinations do they have?
What do you think, mom?  :stare:

The duckboards took us past a small building,
and I thought it was someones summer cottage.

But actually it was a toilet made for walkers just like us.  :D

And can you imagine!
Just next to the toilet I spotted clear evidence that there had been a deer who had not bothered to use the toilet!  :thinking:
What arrogance!
Or maybe the toilet had been occupied just when he/she would have needed it, hmm!
Maybe there was a hare inside, just reading cartoons and not caring at all about the banging on the door!  :rolleyes:
Tut tut!

We found more mushrooms.
These are Lactarius Camphoratus.  :)
Delicious too, says Zoe, who is crazy about mushrooms.

Our duckboards took us onto a resting place with a great view and a possibility to lit fire.  :)

So we were admiring the views first!  :)
There was some waterlily leaves floating on the surface, but they were too far away for us to try to sit on them.  ;)

So we had to test our bravenes in other ways..
.. well, you know my attitudes towards water and getting wet!  :mad:

Luckily I didn´t get wet, anyway!
Isn´t it beautiful, mom?
I was just sitting at least 1½ whole minutes admiring it!
Can you imagine?
Henna started to look genuinely worried.  :rolleyes:

And then we made some coffee!  :)

And then we realized our little paws were tired and unwilling to walk more!
Well, just think of the fact that while Henna takes one step we have to take about thirty!  :thinking:
So we started to wait for some kind of lift to appear for us.
Here you can see us waiting.  ;)

Belief can move mountains, they say.

We had our lift!  ;)
It was the valiant toyvoyager S/S who came to our rescue!
"Cannot have toyvoyagers running their little legs shorter than they already are!" :rolleyes:

So we came back to home with style.

Hyvää yötä, äiti! (Good night, mom!)
Nähdään pian! (See you soon!)
Your Tiger Lilly  :stare:


Posted Aug 26, 2013, 8:10 pm
Hyvää huomenta, rakas äiti! (Good morning, dear mother!)  :D

How are you?
We are doing here just fine!  :)

We have been making lots of small trips,
and one of them was to a very funny shop called Kasvihuoneilmiö.
Nice word, isn´t it?  ;)
Actually, it means "Greenhouse effect".
The shop is situated into an old greenhouse, so the name is
rather suitable!  :D

Inside the shop there is, well, whatever!  ;)
They call themselves as a "home decoration shop".

And I must admit some of these items would turn the most boring home into a very interesting place.  :rolleyes:
Hello, gangaroo!

I think the funniest thing about this shop
is that everything is so mixed up.
There you can see rather valuable antique furniture next to a..

.. huge plastic pig!  :D

It is like a modern jungle, this place.
I even met some relatives!  B) So, clearly a cool place!
I really like it!  :)

If I won a lottery one day, I´ll come here
and buy about everything to our home.
I hope you wouldn´t mind.  :stare:


These cute bunnies are the office workers of the shop,
taking care of the paper work and accounts and such.  :D

An hour amongst all that stuff, and we started to feel a bit dizzy!  :thinking:

Still half hour more and the ascetism of the little
cottage in middle of the forest started to feel like a great idea!  :rolleyes:

A very polite cat told us it happens to many visitors,
and carried us outside!  :D

See you soon, dear mom!
Many kisses from your little tiger!  :stare:

Posted Aug 28, 2013, 7:40 pm
Hello, dear mom!  :)

This is just a very short update about a very funny place
we found by accident.

We were hiking in the big forest areas,
and saw these cliffs which looked like human faces to us.
We searched the surface of the rocks for possible rock art,
because they are often situated onto rocks with antropomorfic
There wasn´t any, anyway, so we climbed over the rocks.  :)

From up there we were watching the view over the
surroundings country,
and then we saw a sign.

It was made of wood, and it said
"Lintukiiman paimentenkirkko".  :thinking:
It means "The shepherds church of the birds heat".  :rolleyes:
Doesn´t it sound fantastic?
Henna had no idea what the heck it could be, but we went to find out.

It really was a "church"!
Outside, in middle of the forest, there were put these very rustic
church benches made of planks,
and a wooden cross to stand in front of them,
and in front of a small cave.  :thinking:

Inside the cave there was flyers telling the story of the place.
About hundred years ago there had been two small girls herding
the cows in the forest (it was a finnish original breed of cows, who
were very small and agile and quite able to find their food in forests).

The weather changed suddenly and a heavy fog fell over the earth, the girls couldn´t find their way back home and the cows got scared
by the sounds of beasts deeper in the forest and run away.

The girls found the cave and decided to wait there until the fog had gone, but they were weeping for the lost cows,
when a forest spirit appeared to them as bright light,
and told that their folk had led the cows into a safe place in the otherworld, because there was a bear near by,
and promised the girls would find them in the morning under a big spruce.

After a cold night in the cave the sun rise, and the girls woke up
for the happy "moooooing" of their cows under a big spruce.
The cows were fatter than before, more intelligent and gave more milk
rest of their lives.  ;)

The people started to think of the place as "Holy", and the priests weren´t at all happy with it, until one day
they decided to give in and turned it into an official church.

Nice story, isn´t it?  :)
I think this is the most impressive church I´ve seen in Finland.
Certainly I felt more "holynes" there than in the pompous, tourist-filled cathedrals in Helsinki.
And never had I seen such a beautiful ceiling!  :D

Yours, Tiger Lilly  :stare:

Posted Sep 1, 2013, 10:30 am
Hello, dear mum!  :stare:

One day last week we went to pick mushrooms
in an area called Sipoonkorpi.  :)

Sipoonkorpi is the newest national park
in Finland,
about 50 kilometers towards east from Nuuksio.  :)

We started to search for mushrooms,
and found many!  :)
Unluckily I don´t recognice yet very many, so I dragged
all mushrooms for Henna to identify,
and she giggled to some of them and looked quite
horrified with others of them.  :rolleyes:

Even I recognise the beautiful, yellow
chantarellis.  :p

But who is this black fellow?
I don´t have any idea!  :rolleyes:

I also tasted a species of berries new to me.
These are Rubus saxatilis, stone bramble.
They are related to raspberry.  :)

There was thick carpet of reindeer lichen (Cladina stellaris) growing over rocks.
This is what reindeers eat (hard to guess!)
It was so soft, we were rolling and rolling on it.  :D

The ground turned more humid and we guessed
we were coming onto a shore of some lake.  :)

There was a wonderfull little pool, which bottom grew beautiful haircap moss (Polytrichum).  :)
It looked too lovely, we couldn´t resist for trying how it would
feel under our paws.
It was fantastic!  :thinking:
The water was warm, and it was like standing in a soft
bathtub! Ic ould have slept there!  :)

Then we saw the lake, and sat on its shore
to rest a bit and to discus the problem how would it be possible
to create a similar kind mossy pool inside an apartment
without making our hosts too pissed off.  :rolleyes:
Do you have any ideas, mom?  :stare:

We stopped to make some coffee on a fireplace.
How surprising, isn´t it?
We are all here coffee addicts!
But the reason to that is that a coffee made over an open fire is so
much better than any other!  :)

Then I found a young boletus edulis (porcino) !  :D
They are about the best mushrooms ever, and we were all very happy!

We walked forward, and saw this promising flock of sheathed woodtuft (Kuehneromyces mutabilis).
They grow on dead leaf trees, and they are really delicious.
Our baskets started to be full and heavy with mushrooms!
What could be more wonderful!  :D

Then Stoker found another porcino!
Gee, we felt ourselves so rich!  B)

And guess what!
Then we found some more!  :D

And more and more and more and more!  :thinking:
We were running like crazys from mushroom to mushroom,
panting and shrieking with joy, and dragging the
porcinos to Hennas big basket,
because our own were already bursting!  :D

Here you can see the big basket when we started our way back home!
Marvellous, isn´t it!?  :stare:


See you very soon, mom!
Kisses from your Tiger Lilly  :)


Posted Sep 2, 2013, 9:13 pm
Guten abend, mutter!  ;)

I´m in hurry to wrote all my updates before travelling forward.
So this update is again about an interesting place we found
accidentally in the forest.  ;)

We were walking one day in the forests (what else!) and admiring the beautiful landscapes,
when we encountered a very well kept path,
and started to follow it.  :)

The path led us to this interesting looking
building in middle of the forest.  :)

It´s walls were decorated with bones.  :thinking:

And there was kinda bone mobiles hanging
from the trees on the yard.  :thinking:

What kind of place is this?

There was a plake (under a deer skull)
telling the hut had been built in the year 2007.
We encouraged each other to go in to find out more.
In the end we went all together, it was nicer..  :rolleyes:

Inside it was actually quite cosy.
There was less bones, and a fireplace in middle of the floor.  :)

We also found a book telling us that the building was built and owned by some guy named Pekka, but instead of
enjoying the place just by himself, he had turned into an
"autiotupa".  :)
There is not an equivalence in english language, but it means a hut everyone has a right to use for resting and for shelter from bad weather, making food and stay overnight couple of nights.

The original idea was to have such places in forests, because the distances in Finland are rather long, and people sometimes needed shelter to survive in the harsh conditions specially in the winter,
while travelling from place to place, or maybe if the weather changed suddenly or they got lost etc.

I think it is a fantastic tradition!  :D
There still is some places like that, specially in Lappland, where it is easy to get lost on the fjells. 

I would gladly overnight here some day, although the
taste of decoration of the people who have built it is a bit doubtfull..  :rolleyes:

There was a guest book and we all wrote our names into it.  :)

We went back outside to investigate a bit more the things on the yard.  :rolleyes:

This bowl is made of a pine branch and a flat, concave piece of stone.
Nice, isn´t it?  :)

There was bronze age grave on the backyard.  ;)

All in all, one of the most interesting places I have seen on our trips in Finland!  :D

See you soon again, mom! Nähdään pian!  ;)
A BIG hug from Tiger Lilly!

Posted Sep 6, 2013, 6:31 am
Hello again, mom!  :D

Today I´ll show you pics from a trip we made in Turku region.
Henna went there to listen some very boring lecture in a museum, and meanwhile we were investigating around.  ;)

On our way there in Hennas friends car,
it was raining and shining at the same time, and there was
a rainbow arching over the sky.  :)

We escorted Henna to her lecture and stayed
inside a minute and half, but it sounded so horrible we came out to avoid a braindamage.  :thinking:

Then we walked trough the beautiful village landscape.

This is the old mainbuilding of a farm called Kurala.
It is now turned into a home museum.  :)

There was a swing on the yard, and we
were swinging quie a lot!  :D

There was also an old warehouse full of interesting stuff!  :D

Like this old loom.
It would be wonderful to try making carpets and even fabric
with a loom some day.  :)

Then we popped inside the main building.
This is the kitchen.
Do you see the bread hanging up on the ceiling?  :D
That is the way the bread was kept in Western Finland.
They only baked bread maybe four times a year and then let it dry on the ceiling.
Of course it was stone hard when eaten! ;)

This is where they ate.
Looks cosy, doesn´t it?  :)

This is the hall.
Of course this house was a rather wealthy one..
Do you see the swinging chair?  :D

Could I have one, mom?  :stare:

I wonder if all these carpets are made
with that loom we saw.
I would like to live in a house like this, but I don´t know about the other things
they have to do in a farm.

This is the Aurajoki river, and we followed it to the city of Turku.  ;)

We met the Russian czar Alexander I and the Swedish king Carl XIV negotiating on the rivershore and joined them.
I don´t know how our suggestions might have effected the outcome.  :D

We walked past the nice old library house.  :)

There was huge birdies swimming in the river.  :thinking:

We walked to see the Turku cathedral, which originates from the medieval times.  :)

And the found the same church in toyvoyager size!  :D


This is Mikael Agricola, who translated the Bible into finnish language.
I helped him!  ;) (Do not wonder if there´s some naughty words in the finnish bible nowadays!)

Then we climbed to see the Samppalinna windmill.

And then we run back to the Kurala museum, before Henna would notice we were gone!  ;)

See you soon, mom!
Your Tiger Lilly  :)


Posted Sep 8, 2013, 6:22 pm
Hello again, beloved mother!  :)

This is my last update from Finland, because it was already time for me
to go on with my globetrotting, and to say goodbye to my friends here.

Hennas mom was serving us berry pies to
say goodbye to me.
She is a very nice woman!  :)

We ate like crazies!
The pies had black currant, raspberries and gooseberries inside and they were extremely good.  :p

Then we went still for one walking trip in nature.  :)

These mushrooms are really cute as candies!  :)
But of course they are poisonous..

We spent nice afternoon on the shore of a beautiful bay.  :)

In the evening we sat round fire on the yard of the little red cottage, and talked this and that,
and watched the stars appear onto the sky.  :)

Next day we went all together into the post office.
I was having a big hug with everyone, and they wished me a safe and fast trip to Ukraine.  :)

Goodbye, goodbye, dear friends!

Next time I´ll update from Ukraine!  :D
A big hug to you too, mom!
Your Tiger Lilly!  :stare:

Margo Osipchuk

Posted Oct 9, 2013, 8:50 pm
Hi mommy!^_^
I miss you, you know that?
But i think Odessa is a beautiful city! Yesterday we went for a walk at night