Erol the Pirat, berlin, germany


Posted Nov 30, 2011, 8:42 pm
now i be ready for my big trip.
I sharpened my sword and fly my flag.
where are the adventures?

I am so jumpy  :D

Posted Dec 9, 2011, 8:06 pm
Last day at home!
We still have a party at Takata and tomorrow I will start my trip around the world. I will travel together with LittleLuzi to his owner near Stuttgart.
I am very excited. What will I experience?  B)

Surely I will tell my host some cock-and-bull-stories  :D

Byebye, Takata and Yosemite

I will write, when I arrive!

Your Erol the Pirat

Posted Dec 12, 2011, 1:24 pm
Daaaaad, i've arrived! puhh, that was a long trip, i'm glad i was not alone ;)

frederick, LittleLuzis best friend opened our package!

and then i met Sooky , another toyvoyager who is at my host at the moment!  B)

then we had a soup to warm up! :)

huggies daddie,

your erol

Posted Dec 12, 2011, 5:18 pm

a little relaxing after this long travel feels soooo good! look, i'm lying in the sunbed and having a cocktail!  B)

then we went on the balcony of my hosts! i really liked the view :)

your erol

Posted Dec 13, 2011, 2:08 pm
Hey dad,

the other toyvoyager here, Sooky has her own bed! she was so nice to ask me if I want to sleep in it too! of course I did :)

Your Erol  :)

Posted Dec 14, 2011, 5:13 pm
Hey Dad!

you won't believe what we did today... we had an amazing party all together!  B)

this is our alien dj from a galaxy far away  ;) he plays freaky space sounds all night long

Erol Slowhand  ;)

my good friend LittleLuzi and Lui.. :)

a fantastic riff  B)

cool running... Ziggy the rastafari on the drums!

Frederick von Schreckenstein, LittleLuzis best friend is having a drink (or two  ;))

Helena, the little ghost partied with us!

directly from heaven...Lucy!

pirates and devils know best how to party  B)

LittleLuzi, Sooky, Erol the Pirat

don't disturb an alien at work  :p

feel the rythm  :)

everybody's at the dancefloor..

having a break from dancing


freddy is thirsty  :o

noo don't worry.. just a joke ;)

amazing party.. now we'll do some extreme couching  ;)

your Erol

Posted Dec 16, 2011, 3:28 pm
hey dad!

yesterday it was the birthday of my hosts dad!
we had some cake and sparkling wine!

i helped to cut the cake in pieces

today we are just relaxing because of the storm outside!

your Erol

Posted Dec 17, 2011, 4:49 pm
Hey Dad!
a few days ago, my host family went to Pforzheim to get a christmas tree together with Sooky, but unfortunately they didn't find a nice one.. so I decided to manage this problem  B)

we went to the "christbaumland"

I took a closer look to some of the trees..

with my help, it of course only took us a few minutes to find the right tree  ;)

puuhh.. work is done

in our christmas mood, we decided to have some hot Glühwein! LittleLuzi borrowed me his christmas hat, but it doesn't fit me so well, because it is specially made for him  ;)

and Dad, at least I'd like to introduce my new friends!
upper row (v.l.n.r) Erol the Pirat, the little ghost Helena, LittleLuzi, the vampire bat Fritz, the angel Lucy, the vampire Frederick, another strange guy called Franz-Ferdinand (looks scary but isn't  ;))
lower row (v.l.n.r) king of the jungle Luigi, monkey lady Lilli, the penguin Lukas from the south pole, Sooky, from jamaica: rasta Ziggy, king Lui (boss)

that's it for today!

your Erol

Posted Dec 18, 2011, 2:07 pm
Hey Dad!

it's the "4. Advent" today! i'm so excited, next saturday will be christmas! :)

we had some Christstollen, made by my hosts grandma!

then I helped my host to do her "Analysis Spider" for geography in school! looks complicated, and it is! but as a pirat, geometry is no problem for me!


your Erol


Posted Dec 19, 2011, 5:13 pm
Hey Dad!

today Sooky and I helped my host to prepare the presents for her friends for christmas!

i'm cutting the gift wrap paper..

and another present


:o where's Sooky ?

work is done!

I am very excited about christmas on saturday... i am wondering if my hosts also have a present for me?! ....  :rolleyes:

your Erol


Posted Dec 20, 2011, 3:58 pm
Hey Dad!

on sunday we were in Pforzheim and went to the christmas market! :)

can you see the ice rink in the back?


we're having some feuerzangenbowle!

there's a reindeer in the back, unfortunately we can't see it clearly because the camera focused on my beautiful face  B)

a snowman and his child ;)

I've found Santa's sleigh!

yummi.. this is plum liquer with cream  :p

doesn't the christmas market look beautiful when it's dark?

the biggest pyramid in germany!

it was a very nice day, now christmas can come  ;)

your Erol

Posted Dec 22, 2011, 4:59 pm
Hey Dad!
we had delicious Lasagne today! I even got my own spoon!

your Erol

Posted Dec 23, 2011, 12:28 pm
Hey Dad! amaaaaaazing morning today!

at first, i could open up the advent calendar:

there were Lakritz Schnecken in it! my host said that it is for me, so i'm taking it home!  :)

but theeeeeeeeen, Dad, the most important thing of the day happened! I saw that there was post from you!

we turned it around.. it is a present for me! thanks a lot  :)

I wanted to open it, but my host held me back  :rolleyes: she told me that I have to wait for tomorrow, because then it's christmas!

then we went to the christmas tree to put my present under it

now I'm waiting for tomorrow to come, I'm so excited! I hope the time will pass fast!
but my host said also that I can open up the present tomorrow afternoon, because this is tradition in her family. In the morning, we will decorate the christmas tree together! Sooky will help, too!


your Erol :)

Posted Dec 23, 2011, 6:11 pm
Hey Dad!

After this amazing morning, we had an amazing afternoon!

we went to Pforzheim to the "Enzauenpark"

we went to a playground

this is the river "Enz", that's why the park is called Enzauenpark

we walked over a bridge..

then, we saw some ruins

we decided to climb them up

we saw a sign with the cities around

a waterplayground :)

we learned something about the river Enz

and then Dad, the beeeeeest thing happened! we saw a pirate ship!! I am sooooo happy! unfortunately it stranded  :rolleyes:

can you see me in the little hole?  :p

the pirate ship is called "red bird" :) I'll call it "red Erol"  ;)

then i decided to climb up my pirate ship  :p

I went to the steering wheel

the flag must be replaced too! right now it's the emblem of Pforzheim, but it must be a photo of me ;)

I looked through the spy-glass

this was so exciting, Dad! I didn't want to leave the pirate ship, but we had too..
we went to a café and had delicious cake and a hot chocolate!

that's it for today, tomorrow will be christmas, I'm so excited! I'm always looking at my present under the christmas tree, thank you again :)

your Erol

Posted Dec 24, 2011, 12:39 pm
Daaaad! We wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmaaaaaaaaas!

we just decorated the christmas tree and imagine, I found a treasure! :)

it's a russian treasure

then we started decorating

the man in the moon  ;)

oops  :rolleyes:

finished!  :)

there are two presents for me under the christmas tree! one from you, and one from my host :) can't wait to open them

now we'll take a rest and then we will have gift giving (bescherung ;))

your Erol

Posted Dec 25, 2011, 10:26 am
Hey Dad!

yesterday afternoon I opened my presents! I was so excited that I couldn't write you  :rolleyes:

first, I openend the one from you

delicious schiebelade-chocolate  :p thank yoouuuu!

then, I opened the one from my host

Dad, imagine, it was a little pirat! my best buddy from now on ;)

he even has a treasure with him!

and that's the way the christmas tree looks when it's dark :)

I can't wait to show you my presents at home!


your Erol

Posted Dec 29, 2011, 2:01 pm
Hey Dad!

yesterday we went to the "Wallberg", a memorial of the destruction of Pforzheim in the Second World War

we walked all the way up.. was exhausting  :rolleyes:

it was definitely worth walking up the hill, because when we were on top the view was amazing

we learned something about the Wallberg. it is built of ruins from the destruction of the city on the 23. february 1945

there's a sign with the cities around the Wallberg, which is in the middle

on the columns, there are information about the war and the history of Pforzheim

we took a little rest

more information..

this is the way my hosts dad carried us around

then we went to the stadtgarten

we saw Bismarck ;)

after that, we went to a bavarian restaurant in Pforzheim, it's called Lehner's. we had delicious beer and brezn chips

that's it for today :)

your Erol

Posted Dec 31, 2011, 11:18 am
Daaaad, yesterday we made some yummi tiramisu for the silvester dinner!

we made some egg white

and tested out if it's finished

i'm putting in the sugar

we need a bigger bowl ;)

and then we built the tiramisu layers :)

finished! now it has to cool and then we'll put the cocoa pulver over it :)

your Erol

Posted Jan 1, 2012, 3:23 pm
Hey Dad!

first of all, I wish you a happy new year!

a few days ago, we were at the Schmuckwelten in Pforzheim

there are so many jewellers :)

the right thing for me ;)

kuckuksuhren! :)

more jewelryyyyyyy  B)

your Erol

Posted Jan 6, 2012, 3:11 pm
Hey Dad!

yesterday we made a walk in the vineyards, which are not far away from my hosts home! :)

it's a portugese vineyard

then we went to the "Alte Kelter"

it's very old ;)

look at this huge barrel!  :p

we wanted to go in because there’s a little wine museum.. but unfortunately the door was locked  :thinking:

your Erol

Posted Jan 11, 2012, 5:03 pm
yesterday was my last day at my host's house :/ im a little sad, but I'm also happy to see you again, Dad!

LittleLuzi and I played xbox

then it got a little boring.. we decided to look what we could do and went down the table

we went out of the living room

in the room of my host, we found an interesting thing... what's that? something like a treasure chest?

oh yes Dad! it's really a treasure!

of course, my friend Luzi and I tried the jewelry on..  :)

unfortunately, I can't take the jewelry with me :(

that was nice! but then, it was time to say goodbye.. my friend LittleLuzi, Lui and Frederick gave me a hug :)

and now I'm on my way home to you, Daddy! I'm so happy!

your Erol  ;)


Posted Jan 12, 2012, 3:52 pm
Hello world!

I arrived at home! My best friend, the big mouse Knabber (with the cool Harley Davidson t-shirt :)) opened my box. He gave me "5" to welcome me. I showed the gifts I got by my dear host.
Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much, agentsmith :D

I told them about my adventures and maybe, there were some cock-and-bull stories  :rolleyes:

Then I was introduced to the TVs currently living here. I shared the chocolate i brought with me. Waffels, the penguin prefered the liquorice.

Tonight we´ll have a welcome party and tomorrow I will compose the sail to Hamburg! Great, I am so excited!


Posted Jan 27, 2012, 8:56 pm
Ahoy, everyone, I've finally arrived!

Perrydotto was very happy to see me and even her soon-to-be voyager pal, Plaudagei, was there to greet me! That was quite nice, and you know, every pirate in training needs a parrot, right?  ;)

The weather had a surprise for me ready, too - Snow! Perry tells me that snow days are very rare in Hamburg and especially rare this winter; in fact, this is the first proper day of snow they've had. Quite a shocker for me  :o

You will hear more from me soon, dad! I can't wait to see what Hamburg has to offer for a pirate bear!

Yours truly,

Posted Feb 12, 2012, 6:02 am
Arrr and Ahoy, Erol here!

I'm sorry you haven't heard from me much. Perry was very ill and her boyfriend was too busy with looking after her so I had to stay at home. I only know of scurvy, so I couldn't help much, sadly. At least Perry got visitors sometimes and I could chill out with them :)

Yesterday, however, was very exciting! Perry wanted to make it up to me and took me to a very special event - A public protest! I asked what it was about and learned that the people protested against ACTA, a bill currently discussed in the European parlament. This bill could cut people's rights in the internet and broaden copyright laws in ways that would violate free speech - I don't think I understood all of it, but I think people should be allowed to keep their rights, so I was glad I came to protest! And it has to be a serious matter because many other people thought the same!

I was very happy because I actually met some fellow pirates  :D I'm sure you can imagine my surprise! I was told they weren't actual pirates, but rather political ones, but that counts, doesn't it?

Look - Even the statue of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing participated in the protests!  :o

More pictures :) I had a stellar view!

Find me! :D

Here I am  ;)

To calm down and chill out, we later went to a meeting with a couple of people Perry knows from a forum. These people call themselves "Bronies" and apparently like this new show, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The pony figurines were nice enough to me, but I think the show needs more pirates!

Considering how much we walked that day, we definitely earned this nice, big meal!

You will definitely hear more from me soon, everyone. We still got the harbour to visit and everything! Color me excited :D

Yours truly,

Posted Feb 21, 2012, 8:52 am
Ahoy and arrr, everyone! A quick update from me!

Sadly, Perry is still too sick to go out with me and she feels very bad about it. I'm telling her it's alright, but she won't listen! Sheesh  :rolleyes:
Well, to be honest, the weather has been horrible the past week so I doubt we would have had much fun at the harbour anyway. (Though I think a proper pirate needs to be able to take bad weather in stride!)

While she had to stay in bed, I decided to make myself useful (because playing videogames with Plaudagei all the time gets boring ...) and did the dishes  :)

I rewarded myself with some coffee because I'm sure all pirates love coffee!

Woah, look at all those spices!  :o

Hey, I met the Mario brothers! ... I think.

Later, Perry's boyfriend took me outside for buying groceries. Not quite the harbour, but hey, I was outside! (the weather IS terrible though. Ew!)
I had fun on this ride, though it should have been a pirate ship instead of a helicopter, don't you agree?

Sadly, this is just Perry's neighbor's scooter - I would have loved going for a ride!
(Oh, does this photo make my butt look big?  :stare: )

Later on I finally convinced Plaudagei to go and visit you all back home! I must say, he's a very outgoing and talkative bird, even a bit hyperactive, but when it comes to becoming a toy voyager he's quite a chicken  :rolleyes:
He says he will go on his way at the end of this week - Brace yourselves, folks  ;)

I'll visit this damn harbour this weekend, I'm sure! Chi (and hopefully Perry, too, if she's feeling well enough) will go to another protest on Saturday and it's close to the harbour - So there's no way around it this weekend, even if it rains cats and dogs!
I can't wait to show you all the photos then :)

See you soon - I miss you!

Yours truly,

Posted Feb 29, 2012, 1:55 pm
Arrr and ahoy, everyone!

You won't believe it but I fulfilled one of my lifetime goals - I saw the Rickmer Rickmers!!  :D It was so exciting I can barely contain myself! This weekend was definitely the best weekend EVER!

First things first, though - Perry and Chi took me to another protest before we could go to the harbour. We protested against ACTA again; I'm sure you know all about that by now so I'll spare you the details. But boy, does it feel good to do something for justice!

Then we went to the harbour! The weather could have been better but at least it wasn't raining cats and dogs anymore.

Aaah, that's the place to be for a sealover like me!  :)

And then I saw her - The Rickmer Rickmers!!  :o

Now I would post all the wonderful pictures we took, but ... well, there's a reason I'm posting this update this late: Perry had to discuss the rights to publish the photos with the people in charge of the Rickmer Rickmers. Sadly, as it turns out, Perry is not allowed to share the photos online! :( It's such a shame, I wanted to show the world what a wonderful time I had! At least I'm allowed to share the pictures in private, so you at home can look at them.

I'll sneak this one in, but pssst, don't tell the cops!

Later we took a trip with the ferry - Hamburg offers ferry trips as part of their normal public transportation system, isn't that amazing?

It was quite cozy inside the ferry, I must say.

I prefer to be outside in the wind, though! You know, I AM a pirate :D

Perry told me that this is the new opera house being built - She thinks it's quite ugly and I must say, I agree! It looks like a cheese grater ...

That was my trip to the harbour! I had a blast :)
Soon, Perry told me, I will have to venture on and leave her to stay with my next host. I'm curious what I will do next!

Best wishes to everyone at home!

Yours truly,

Posted Mar 2, 2012, 12:39 pm
Ahoy and arrr,

this is my last entry from Niendorf, Hamburg! Chi escorted me to my next host, Scilly, and I'm sure I have great adventures ahead of me!

After a last cookie dinner with Plaudagei and Celestia, I said goodbye.

Thanks for everything, guys! I sure hope you will read my logs in the future :)

More soon, everyone!

Yours truly,

Posted Mar 3, 2012, 9:11 am
Hi dad,

When Scilly and I came home I heard some voices. I took a look and saw four other TV`s packing a suitcase.

Their names are Dicker Kumpel, HömpfMömpf, Clairchen and LewisHH. Clairchen and Lewis are my hosts for the next weeks. They all gave me a warm welcome. And they told that we will fly to Madeira tomorrow.

So we had to hurry packing the suitcase with all the important things like a cup, a plate, a candle holder etc. etc. B)

But Scilly did not like what we have done :cyclops:
And she had a surprise for us. We got a parcel from Spencer. He ist a TV brother of Clairchen and Lewis. He join the big German Round Robin at the moment.

We were very curious. So we opend the parcel.

We found Spencers carnival costume, a dictionary for Hessian, some postcards and some sweets for us  :D

This is a funny postcard.

All the very best
Erol the Prirat

Posted Mar 11, 2012, 12:12 pm
Hi dad,
today our holdidays began. After packing the suitcase yesterday we were ready to fly this morning.

See me waiting in the airport building in front of our airplane.

We had a great fly. See me sitting in my own seat!

I got the full service with coffee, water and a sandwich.

But to sit alone is very boring. So my friends Dicker Kumpel, HömpfMömpf, Clairchen and Lewis came and we had a nice chat.

So we began to read the travel guide. Now we are well prepared for our stay on the isle of Madeira.

Then we took a look out. But there was nothing but some clouds and the sun.

After landing we took the Aerobus to Funchal and met our rentlady. She showed us our holiday apartment. The weather is really great: 20 degrees and sun, sun, sun. We took a first look from our 2 balconies.

Now we are very tiered. But I am sure we will have a great time on Madeira.

All the very best.
Erol the Pirat

Posted Mar 11, 2012, 12:53 pm
Hi dad,
Yesterday 7 degrees in Hamburg, today 21 degrees and no clouds in the sky! I love Madeira!
First we discovered the market hall. Today on sunday it is not open. But tomorrow we will take a look at all the exotic plants, fruits, vegetables and fish. See me in front of the market hall.

HömpfMömpf had a life mission to see palm trees. I want to show you its first palm tree.

On our walk trough Funchal we found this little church. How picturesque!

This is an old castle by the see. A liked the yellow.

See me in front of the marina of Funchal. Which boat for me???

All the very best
Erol the Pirate

Posted Mar 11, 2012, 1:44 pm
Hi dad,
as I told you yesterday we went to the market hall this morning. So many colorful fruits, vegetables, fish and flowers to see.
See me with an overview of the market.

Here are some localy grown tomatoes.

Take a look at all these exotic fruits! We were able to taste some of them. Yummy....

Madeira is well known as the flower island. See me in front of a lovely flower stall.

There is also a separat fish hall. Look at me in front of the catch of the day.

On the way out we saw two cruise ships in the harbour, the AIDAsol and the Thomson Destiny.

Back at home we took a look at the exotic fruits we bought this morning.

The green long thing in the middle is a ananas banana, the big green round thing is a soft mushy apple and the small rounds are different kinds of maracuja.

It is a shame we can’t share the beautiful smell with you.

All the very best
Erol the Pirate


Posted Mar 11, 2012, 3:04 pm
Hi dad

Today is Scillys birthday. We TV’s helped Richy to decorate the table. It is nice, isn’t it?

To celebrate the birthday Richy invited us to a traditional english tea time in the Reids Pallace Hotel. We sat down on the terrace and had a lovely view over Funchal and the sea. See me in front of the food. We had sandwiches, scones and little cakes. Yummi...

After eating so much we walked back into town. First we passed the casino of Funchal. We took a quick picture but we are not allowed inside, minimum age 18!

Then we passed through some gardens. See me with some really great palmtrees and cactuses.

See me in front of a lovely old villa.

From this terrace we had a view of the marina of Funchal.

In one shop window I found the perfect Pirate knife! Look, it is a dream, isn’t it? The handle fits perfectly to my head scarf! But Scilly and Richy said it was too big for me. But I think, they only did not want to pay EUR 110,00 for my dream knife!  :(

All the very best
Erol the Pirate

Posted Mar 12, 2012, 7:35 pm
Hi dad,

today we went on a trip to Monte. That`s a village 600 m above Funchal. We didn’t want to walk up so we took the cable car. What great fun. See me and my friends riding the cable car.

Monte is well known for its basket cars. Two people sit down in the wicker basket and ride down the streets into Funchal driven by two pushers. It works without snow! Crazy!

There is also a well known church in Monte, the Nossa Senhora do Monte. The last austrian Emperor lies here. See me in front of the church.

As Madeira is world famous for its plants and flowers we visited the garden „Jardim Tropical Monte Palace“. Here you can find many plants and flowers. See me in front of some really nice ones.

There also some sculptures in the garden.

This is the worlds biggest vase which was made by hand. It has a height of 5 m.

Oh look, this is called Rheinschlösschen. A former owner of the gardens was impressed by the upper Rhein region and build this house acordingly. It was used as hotel.

They also had a part which they called the Japanese Garden. See me in front of an asian gate.

Portugal is very famous for its portugese tiles calls Azulejos. See me in front of one typical tiled picture.

All the very best
Erol the Pirate


Posted Mar 13, 2012, 8:09 pm
Hi dad

Today we went on a trip to Santana. Santana ist he biggest city in the north of the island. We took the bus. It was quiet an adventures ride over mountains and through valleys. See me and some of my friends sitting on the bus.

Santana is well known for its triangular houses with thatched roofs. See me and my friends in front of some Santana houses.

We sat down in an old chair and enjoied the sunshine.

Then a lady in the traditional outfit came and put us on her knee.

The town also has a nice little church. So we took a picture.

Back at home I wrote this postcard.

All the very best
Erol the Pirate


Posted Mar 14, 2012, 8:14 pm
Hi dad,
Today is our last day on Madeira. We went on a trip to Camara de Lobos. It is a small fishermen village in the south of Madeira. See me with all the colorful boates.

Wow, this is stockfish. Have you ever seen it before?

We enjoyed the sun on a fishing boat.

As a pirate I explored the boat on my own.

But what is that? I could not believe!!!! I saw my dream boat...... the dream pirate ship.... B)

But the boat was sailing to Funchal. I had no possibility to board  :( After a short walk we had this fantastic view back to the village.

In the afternoon we visited a cellar with old madeira vines.

All the very best
Erol the Pirate

Posted Mar 15, 2012, 7:53 pm
Hi dad,
this is our last morning in Funchal. In the afternonn we will fly home to Hamburg.

But before we have to leave I would like to show you the town hall of Funchal.

This church is a former abbey and belongs now to the university of Funchal.

Oh look, so many flowers over a beck in middle of town. It's very nice, isn't it!

Then we had to go to the airport. See me on the terrace of the airport building in front of a TAP plane. Can see the Air Berlin plane which was landed a few minutes ago?

Time to fly home!

All the very best
Erol the Pirat

Posted Mar 18, 2012, 10:01 am
Hi dad,

today we had to say good bye to my dear friend Dicker Kumpel. Time to have a good bye party B)

Dicker Kumpel and I organized some paper streams for the party.

Dicker Kumpel and Clairchen searched for some drinks. They chose white port for the gentlemen and chocolate liqueur for the ladies. The bottles were very heavy. So all TV's had to help to transport the bottles.

Everything was ready then. We had glasses, drinks, sweets and some paper streamers.

Let's have party! See us having a lot of fun.

We were a little bit drunk.  :cyclops:

But then it was time to say good bye to Dicker Kumpel.

I gave Dicker Kumpel a "high five" good bye. We both are very cool boys! B)

All the very best
Erol the Pirate

Posted Mar 18, 2012, 10:53 am
Hi dad,

today Scilly and Richy showed us the city centre of Hamburg.
See me in front of the Alsterlake in middle of town. I like the white Alster boats.

Behind me you can see the Alsterarkaden. It is a small lane with some shops and cafés next to a canal. Can you see the canoists on the canal?

This is the town hall of Hamburg. It's nearly a palace, isn't it.

This lion guards the courtyard of the town hall. But it is a very friendly lion. HömpfMömpf and I chat a little bit with him and had a short break.

This is the courtyard of the town hall. Very nice with a lovely old well in the middle.

One sculpture has a sailing ship in its hand. I invited HömpfMömpf to a short sailing trip  ;) ;)

See me in front of a topless double decker bus. It is a bus for tourists to explore Hamburg.

Then we went home. See me sitting in the rapid transit line. I had my own seat.

All the very best
Erol the Pirat

Posted Mar 22, 2012, 8:36 pm
Hi dad,
this morning HömpfMömpf and I secretly jumped into Scillys bag. The sun was shining and we walked around the lake Binnenalster.

The spring is coming, the trees are blossom.

HömpfMömpf and I sat on a sculpure and enjoyed the sun.

Look, there are nice street lamps in Hamburg.

We heard some voices and then we saw some other TV's! Unbelievable  :D
Dicker Kumpel, Ceylon, B.o.B. and Germanya sat in the sun. They also wanted to enjoy the weather in the lunch break.

What a great surprise! We had a little chat.

Then we had to go back to Scillys office. On our way we saw a police boat on the alsterlake.

On the Jungfernstieg we saw this two white Alster boats.

This building I know from the last weekend. It is the town hall.

See me in front of the Alsterarkaden.

This is the Thalia theatre near the Alster lake.

This was a great lunch break.

All the very best
Erol the Pirate

Posted Apr 2, 2012, 8:42 pm
Hello Dad,

Last week I met some TVs in Hamburg – we talked a lot – and Dicker Kumpel invited me to visit him at his home.

Because I am a ToyVoyager I decided to do it – and here you can see me with this friendly guy.

He introduced me to the other TVs here – I am sure that we will have a lot of fun together.


Posted Apr 7, 2012, 11:10 pm
Hello Dad,

Today we made a walk through the village. Our first stop was in front of the church.

On the other side of the street is the old pharmacy.

Then we went to the old school.   

I liked the door of the school.

The mayor lives here.

On our way back home we played on the playground.   

We had fun on the swing.   

Erol the Pirat

Posted Apr 8, 2012, 1:49 pm
Hello Dad,

Today we had a surprise for Dicker Kumpel.   

B.o.B. and I blindfolded Dicker Kumpel.   

Then we installed our big sign for him!

He had a look – and was very surprised!   

We gave him a big hug – he won two GoldenBears Awards!   

RikeH was happy and proud too, so we started a party.

First we had a delicious burger and woodruff lemonade.   

We ate almost everything.

Then we had our dessert – a yummy cake and coffee!

I had a red strawberry cake.


We decided to celebrate for a longer time – but we went closer to each other. Look, we had some bread and Sushi. As drinks we had a nice liqueur from Estonia, with the funny name Herbert!

It was a fantastic party!

Erol the Pirat

Posted Apr 9, 2012, 5:44 pm
Happy Easter!

Today the Easter bunny was here - and Dicker Kumpel told us that we can search Easter eggs.   

I started. Maybe there will be something under our chair?   

I found something – great.   

But there should be more. I asked long hippo. He told me to look into the basket of a lovely bunny lady.   

Then he helped me to reach the chocolate bunny in the basket.

I got the bunny.

In a wonderful bouquet of flowers I found this chocolate bug.

Look –I was very successful!

We all had a lovely day!

Erol the Pirat

Posted Apr 11, 2012, 7:31 pm
Hello Dad,

It was still Easter – and we went to visit the grandma of Dicker Kumpel. He told us that we will meet The Easter bunny there. And we were lucky. Look – I talked to the Easter bunny!

Then I met some of the other bunnies hanging around there.

There were two friendly hens.

Later we met a friendly bunny. He read something out of the nice Easter book that Noisy sent to us.

Then something funny happened. Dicker Kumpel’s grandma has a TV named Tobbi. He was lost for two times – the second time he was lost in the Netherlands. But now he came back.

He told us that he went to China – that must me the truth, because he came from China in his envelope. But look how big he is now. Maybe I will become that big someday after being in China, too?

After talking to the big Tobbi I decided to talk to smaller guys.

Dad, it was a nice second day of Easter here – we ate a lot of chocolate – it was yummy!

Erol the Pirat

Posted Apr 15, 2012, 8:11 pm
Hello Dad,

Tomorrow I will move to my next host, so we decided to make a nice excursion. We visited the Wallanlagen – a park in the middle of Hamburg. Here you see a beautiful building we saw from the garden.

Normally here is a little river – but there was no water today.

Can you see me on this little monument?

This was the Asian part of the garden.

Then I found some colorful tulips.

On our way back home we stopped in Ahrensburg where I saw this beautiful castle.

At home it was time to say good-bye to Dicker Kumpel. We had a lot of fun together.

The others gave me a big hug.

I will write you soon from my next old host.

Erol the Pirat

Posted Apr 28, 2012, 3:25 pm
Hi dad,

today Ceylon and I traveled to Hamburg to our next hosts. We took a first look and jumped  out of the bag.

Oh, I am back at Scillys home. I introduced Ceylon to my friends LewisHH and Clairchen.

I am looking forward having a good time with my friends.

All the very best
Erol the Pirat

Posted May 1, 2012, 1:58 pm
Hi dad,

to Scillys regret we had a very busy time. But today we have time for a short trip to the Hamburg airport.
That's me in the check-in area looking for an interesting flight for me.

I have some flight experiences and suggested to go to the ceck in machine.

Hmm... I put my name in but they didn't find a flight for me  :( What a pity!

So we went to the terrace to see some planes.
After seeing the airport and the planes I really would like to fly again.

All the very best
Erol the Pirate

Posted May 4, 2012, 8:11 pm
Hi dad,

today we had sunshine and so Scilly decided to have a walk through the city center after work.
See me in front of the lake Binnenalster with some restaurant boats and some of the famous Alster swans.

This is another view of the Binnenalster.

We decided to make window shopping. Richy is searching for a new clock. Perhaps we will find a nice one.

This is small an old shopping passage. Very nice!

See me in front of the Alsterarkaden. It is a small shopping alley near the Jungfernstieg.

On these photographs you can see the Hamburg town hall.

We visited the courtyard. I like the town hall, it is a very impressive building.

There is a well in the courtyard.

All the very best
Erol the Pirate

Posted May 4, 2012, 8:20 pm
Hi dad,

today the weather was perfect for a spring walk through the green side of Hamburg.
See me with some wild tulips and daffodils.

We went to the Ohlsdorf cemetery. It is the world biggest cemetery and is also used as a park.

There even are two bus routes on the cemetery. See me in front of a bus station.

Erol and I had a short break on a tree. We had a very nice view.

Here are some impressions from the cemetery.

Finally we had a cup of coffee and a tasty piece of cake. Hm yummi...

Tomorrow I will travel to Finland. Scilly said, that in June there will be a surprise guest. Hm, I am very curious. But I have to wait.
I am looking forward having a good time in Finland.
All the very best
Erol the Pirate

Posted May 7, 2012, 8:36 pm
Hello dad!

I aaaaaaam iiiiin Fiiiiiinnnnllaaaaaaaannnndd!  B)
Today I arrived to mmm105's home. I'm so happy to be finally here.

I peeked out of my envelope, and I saw a human, and many other creatures there. Human introduced herself as my new hostmom. Other creatures introduced themselves as other ToyVoyagers!

They gave me a group hug as a welcome. So nice! :)

I showed them a postcard and candies, that I got from home.
We all ate candies, they were so yummy!

Hostmom's cat came to say welcome to me, too!

...and we became friends! :)

Dad, can you see the small red spot in the map? It's just in Central Finland. There's Jyväskylä, this town, where I am now.

I'm exited, what things I will experience here...

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 7, 2012, 9:15 pm

Look! I'm riding a bike! How cool!  B)

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 7, 2012, 9:49 pm

I was walking outside today, because I wanted to see, what kind of place this is. Hostmom showed me some great places in the city center of Jyväskylä.

But the most important thing first... this heart is for you!  :)

And here are some photos of this town.

Ronja-bear, B.o.B.-beaver and Telie-frog were there,too.

This place is tori (a plaza).

This is one building in city center.

This is the street for only pedestrians. There's many shops there.

Hi hii...  :D I'm eating in the restaurant... NO, I was only kidding!!!
This is a wall art.

This building is quite nice, isn't it?

This is the statue of Minna Canth.

This is one church of Jyväskylä. And this park is called as Kirkkopuisto (a church park).

This building is the city hall of Jyväskylä.

This is Harju. And the big stairs of Harju.

And here are some photos from Harju. Harju is almost like a little forest and a hill just in the middle of the city center!  B)

I had a wonderful day today.
Now I'm going to sleep, because I'm quite tired about all these new things what I have seen here.

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 8, 2012, 8:03 pm

I had a fantastic and so funny day today!!!

I visited in the amusement park named Suomen Tivoli!!!  B)

I was there with all other ToyVoyagers. And guess what? We met a new puppy toy (look the second photo).  He wasn't a ToyVoyager, he was with one employer of the amusement park. He came to sit next to us to the bench, and he was in the same photo with us! 

There were so many crazy things in that amusement park. And I was so brave, because I went to The Giant Wheel. It was so exiting, but I really liked the views. Hostmom took good care of me, I was in her lap or in her hands all the time.

Hostmom told me this Suomen Tivoli is the travelling amusement park. It stays some times in one city, and then it travels to the other city, and it travels in different parts of Finland.

I had a really great time today!  :D

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 9, 2012, 4:51 pm
Hey dad!

Because hostmom feels like she propably going to have a flu, we all stayed inside today, and just relax.

I found today's newspaper Keskisuomalainen, and I read it. But... all is written in Finnish! So weird language!!!
So, I concentrated to watch the pictures, and offcourse the weather forecast. :)

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 10, 2012, 2:08 pm
Hello dad!

I had a fun day today, as you can see from the pictures. :)

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 11, 2012, 4:06 pm

Today we said goodbye to Tokki and Porridge, because they started their travelling to the next place, to the next host.

We gave a goodbye group hug to Tokki...

...and to Porridge, too.

I'm going to miss them both!

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 12, 2012, 9:59 am

It's raining a lot here today, so we stay inside... and do some silly things!

We all were thinking what to do...

Then we decided to play with the scanner of hostmom, hihii  :D

Guess what, I scanned myself!!! So funny!    :cyclops:  :D

Hi hiii... I just can't stop laughing! I look so funny!  :D  :D  :D

We all laughed so much!!!  B)

It was fun! Oh, silly me!  :rolleyes:

:D  :D  :D

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 14, 2012, 3:42 pm

I did today something really exiting thing!

I sent a message in the bottle!!!  B)

It was so fun!  :D

Offcourse others came to write, too. :)

This is the message we wrote together.

It's time to put the message into the bottle.

...And put the bottle closed.

Yes, now it's ready to "send"  :cyclops:

We went outside to the lake. There we released the bottle.  B)

And there it goes... cool!
Bye bye little bottle, travel safe!

Hostmom put a little note in the bottle, too. She wrote one of her e-mail address there, so it's possible if someone will find the bottle, he can write a message to hostmom's e-mail.

Now we can only wait...  :)

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 16, 2012, 4:22 pm
Hi dad!

I had a wonderful day! I went to visit exiting place, where I climbed so high, and where could see so awesome landscape views. Can you guess already, where I was? 

Yes, I visited in the ski jump place here in Jyväskylä!!!  B)

Watch very carefully these photos... Can you believe there's still little bit of snow there?  :o

Hihii!!! This is like a BIG slide! Dad, this is soooooo fun!!!  :D

I wanted to climb up... I wanted to see  this place even more better. And I wanted to see the view up there...

So, I climbed up. It was hard work, but I managed it.
Sooooo long stairs!!!

But as I was thinking, the view... Wow! So beautiful!  :o

On the way back, I saw some great things. :)

I saw this mysterious tunnel. What might be in the other side of the tunnel? Hmmmm...

...There's even more forest, offcourse!  :D

I saw also the small stream. Look, how pretty it is!

And I saw the beautiful butterfly, too.
It was just pity, that the butterfly flew away before I managed to be in the same picture...

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 17, 2012, 8:36 pm
Hey dad!

Today I was cycling with my hostmom and all other ToyVoyagers.
And because Finland is "the country with thousands of lakes" we were cycling around the lake named Jyväsjärvi. There I saw beautiful nature of this town. And guess what... the lake is just next to city center!

Hostmom also told me that there's about 188 000 lakes in Finland. Wow! So many!  :o Cool!  B)

Look how nice little basket hostmom put in her bicycle. We all toys travelled in it. :)

And here we go! Oh, dad, I can already see the lake! Can you?

From there we just came...

And there you can see the lake, a street for cars and a railway, too.

Now we are even more close to the lake Jyväsjärvi.

The city center is so close the lake.

Now we are in the lake Jyväsjärvi. And we are going to cycle all around the hole lake!

The views from the harbour.

Look! The flags of many different countries!  B)

There is Kuokkala, the one part of the Jyväskylä city.

And this is the bridge of Kuokkala.

Going forward.

The bridge of Kuokkala even one more time.
Hostmom took so many photos...  :rolleyes:

And again the bridge of Kuokkala...
C'moon hostmom, please stop taking pictures, and continue cycling.  :rolleyes:

Thanks. Now it's the right direction: forward.
(By the way dad, we are in Lutakko, it's the one part of Jyväskylä (as Kuokkala)).

Oh my... even one more photo of the bridge of Kuokkala!  :rolleyes:

YES, keep going hostmom...

Ok, I have to admit, that this view is quite nice (there's the bridge of Kuokkala again in the picture, hih).

It's so nice that there's this small street for pedestrians and bikes so close this lake.
Hostmom told me, that this is the popular for people to exercise by walking, running, cycling, rolleyskating etc. around this lake.

There's Lutakko.

And there's Kuokkala.

And there are both: Kuokkala and Lutakko.

Look dad! Can you see that small castle just in front?

The castle is part of the park named Peukkula. It's a place where children can play all the day, and meet some fairy tale creatures!!!  B)

And look at this! Wow! The pirat ship!!!  :D

Now we are in the bridge named Äijälänsilta. Look, there's two men canoeing there! Can you see them?

This is Äijälänsilta.

And now our little journey continues. :)

There's city center... So so far!!!

Isn't this view nice? There's many birches, very typical tree in Finland.

Hih hih... Guess what is this bridge's name... YES, it's the bridge of Kuokkala, only from the other side of the lake now.  :D

There's the harbour and the city center and Lutakko.

Look, there's two wild ducks swimming (yes, those two small black spots in the lake)

And the journey continues. Look how green there is.

On the left side, there's trees.

And on the right side, there's the lake.

This bridge called as Mattilanniemen silta (a bridge of Mattilanniemi).

And we keep going...

...and keep going...

A cute small bridge. :)

Now we have cycled around the hole lake!

When we were back inside, we looked from the map, where we were cycled exactly. Look the red line around the lake, that is the way we were cycled today. Hostmom told me, we cycled about 15 kilometres. Wow!  B)

It was nice!

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 18, 2012, 8:42 am
Hello dad!

It's time to say goodbye to ToyVoyager Sylvia. She is leaving here.
I'm going to miss her, because she is so nice little tiger.

We all said goodbye to her.

And we gave her a group hug as goodbye.

Then we watched when Sylvia went into her envelope. Bye Sylvia!

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 18, 2012, 4:55 pm
Hi dad!

Sylvia left here earlier today, BUT we got more company today, too.

ToyVoyager Mi Nam arrived here. She is like a bunny and a pig, too. Both of them! How cool!  B)

It's so nice to have more friends! :)

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 19, 2012, 10:40 pm

I was today in the city center with hostmom. It was really fun!

We went to postcrossing meeting!!!

The place of the meeting was a small shop named Harjun Paperi. There's amazing amount of nice postcards, notebooks etc. cute things.

Hostmom took also B.o.B., Mi Nam and her own travelling toys Stella and Luna with her.

Here are we three ToyVoyagers in the meeting place.

From this second photo you can see the informations of the Harjun Paperi, the place where we were.

Meeting is going. Hostmom and her postcrossing friends are writing lots of postcards and they talk and laugh and so on. It seems like they all have really fun. :)
But, we toys have fun, too! We tasted candy named Marianne. It was really good!  :p

And I drank a cup of tea.

And then we found some chips...  :p
And we ate them...
And we ate little more...
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy!

And we met a new friend: a tiny teddy bear. He is living in there.

...We met also a pink poodle. She is also living there.

Then I went to see what kind of place it is.
I found lots of nice postcards!!!  B)

...and other nice things :)

Look this place! Isn't it marvellous?  :o

We went to the small postcard-house.
Believe it or not, but the small postcard-house has made from postcards by sewing them together. Wow!  :o

We went to sit, and watched what people did.

Look! There was shoes, and flowers in it. Hih, so funny!  :D

It was really nice day!

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 22, 2012, 9:34 pm
Hey dad!

I have been so good time with my ToyVoyager friends here, that I haven't got a time to write updates daily...

Hostmom has got busy days at work lately, and she has been quite tired after the work day, so we toys have been doing something ourselves. One of the most nicest thing we have done, is playing different boardgames. It has been fun!

We have been played for example the Monopoly, Muuttuva labyrintti (the changing labyrinth) and different kinds of plays with playing cards.

Hostmom promised, that I can go outside soon, because the weather forecast has told there will be so nice weather here in the next following days. :)

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 24, 2012, 3:58 pm
Hello dad!

I was outside today with other ToyVoyagers.

We went walking to the hostmom's backyard. There's already a summer here, and there's so green in everywhere!

I wanted to see more, so I climbed to the tree, a birch (koivu in Finnish).

There's the house of hostmom's home.

We went to see the flowers more closer.

I think these flowers are so beautiful. :) ...all of them!!!

Look, how beautiful view there is!

Here are we all just taking a little brake off walking.

Then we walked to see the lake. And we all were sitting and watched the lake and landscape there.

It's so finnish things: a lake and a tree.  B)

I found these yellow flowers just next to water.  :o

And I saw a wild duck there, too.

Now I am going back inside.

When we went back inside, we noticed that there has come a new ToyVoyager, Wayne gingerbreadman, to visit hostmom. How nice!

We all became friends! :)

Erol the Pirat


Posted May 28, 2012, 11:45 am
Hey dad!

I found a flower sea!  :D

There's so much of flowers there!  :o

It's like a flower sea, or a flower jungle! Cool!  B)

Everything is fine here. Hostmom said she has a special plans for the day after tomorrow, and I'm so exited about it...

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 30, 2012, 9:47 am
Hello dad!

A new ToyVoyager Kit-Kat arrived here today!
She is so cute and friendly kitty.
We all said her welcome.
I'm sure we will be friends!

She showed us the postcard, candies and a teabag, what she got from Lithuania with her.

Hostmom's cat came to say "Hello!" too.

I'm so exited about today's plan, because hostmom told me that today evening we all are going to do something really nice thing... Hih, but I don't tell you that yet, because it's more funny to keep it in secret. Don't worry dad, I will tell you that later!

Erol the Pirat


Posted May 31, 2012, 2:13 pm
Hello dad!

I had a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l day!  :D

Guess what I did... I was in a TOYVOYAGER MEETING!!!
Just great!!! I met sooooooo many new ToyVoyagers, and we had so much fun!

Here are we all toys together in Kirkkopuisto (a church park).
Our hosts and moms mmm105 and Reissari from Finland, and RikeH from Germany has organized this meeting, thanks for them!

Look very carefully these pictures, dad!
Can you see there any familiar charachters there?
YES, I met dicker Kumpel and my earlier host RikeH there, too!!!
How small this World is!

Then mmm105 and Reissari said they have a secret, and we all must trust them. They talked each other something about benji jumping...  :o  :o  :o No no no, I won't do that!!! It's too crazy thing to do!!!

But it wasn't a benji jumping place where we went. I was so relief about that. mmm105 and Reissari were just kidding!  :rolleyes:
We went to see more Finnish people in a great postcard shop, where was a postcrossing meeting there. That was nice!

Look, I saw a pirat ship in the window of the postcard shop!  B)

After that we went to the restaurant and I ate pizza, yummy.  :p

Then was time to go "home", to mmm105's place.
There we said welcome to a new TV TobiHH, who came to visit mmm105. :)

After a long and exiting day, I was quite tired, so I went to sleep...

ZZZzzzzZZZ zzzzz ZZZZZZ  zzzzz  ZzZzZzZ zzZZZZz ZZZ zzzz

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 1, 2012, 9:20 pm
Hey dad!

Today hostmom took me with her to visit a great place.
We went to näkötorni (the viewing tower) to see good views about Jyväskylä city.
And the views were definitely so great! I saw the hole city from there!  B)

The viewing tower is located in the place called Harju (it's like a hill just next to city center).

There's the city center, and the harbour of Jyväskylä:

There's the sport stadium of Harju:

And if you look very carefully on the horizon of the following picture, you can see the ski jumping place there:

There's the house where hostmom is living! Yes, the building inside the red circle. :)

There's Natural History Museum in the same building as the viewing tower is.
So, I visited there, too. :)

The Natural History Museum's website (click) tells that "The Natural History Section serves as a preservation unit for natural scientific research, and displays environmental subjects and research material. It takes care of the living plants of the botanical garden on the campus. It also receives wild animals found dead and prepares scientific samples of them. The section has a collection of over 250 000 samples, the most numerous being invertebrates, plants and moss."

I saw many Finnish animals there.

I saw hirvi (a moose). It is the biggest animal living in Finland.

And I saw karhu (a bear). This one was a baby bear.

And there's two swans. A swan ( joutsen ) is the national animal of Finland.

Just next to Harju, we all stopped to watch a fountain. :)

And by walking in the city center I saw this little detail on the wall of one building.
Looks cool!  B)

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 3, 2012, 7:50 pm
Hi dad!

Look how nice rainbow (sateenkaari in Finnish) I saw today!  :D

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 4, 2012, 11:43 am
Hi dad!

Today is a sad and a happy day.

It's sad, because Mi Nam and Finfin has left from here to travel to their new hosts.

But it's happy, because a new toy BarryO arrived here.

First we all said goodbye to Mi Nam and Finfin.

They went to their envelopes.

Bye bye, travel safe!!!


Then we met a new toy, a teddy bear named BarryO. He is originally from USA.

Then we had a little party!!!  B)
We ate some German sweets, what Sabbel&Jenton has sent to hostmom.

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 8, 2012, 8:02 pm
Hi dad!

Last night I was outside walking. I went to see the lake, and I wished to see a beautiful sunset. And I really did see it!!!

There's so typical Finnish things: trees and a lake. :)

I saw there some very pretty flowers.

It was a beautiful night. I saw a beautiful sunset, and all those clouds in the sky made it even more pretty and special, I think.

It was absolutely very relaxing to watch this beautiful view!

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 8, 2012, 9:17 pm
Hello dad!

It was such a lovely day today, we all decided to go to a picnic.

But first have to make some food to take away.

Some carrots...

...and some grapes, too.

Then we all packed the food.

Then it's time to go.

This place seems to be a good place to have a little picnic.

No no no, we changes the place.
This second place is much more better, because we are now just next to lake.  :)

It was so nice just to relax there with good company!  :D

We spent many hours there. We all just had so much fun!

But then, we decided to go back inside.

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 9, 2012, 4:06 pm
Hi dad!

I cooked today!  :p

I did some "stuffed tomatoes", and it was yummy.

First thing to do is wait untill a frying pan is hot enough...

Then it's time to put the meat to the frying pan, and make them brown.

Then I made some grated cheese.

I prepared tomatoes. I covered them with a spoon, and I made tomatoes empty. And those covered tomatoes I put into the bowl.

Then it's time to make tomatoes full again. :)
I put meat and grated cheese into tomatoes.
Offcourse I used also some spicyes, like oregano...

Tomatoes are almost ready. They just need to put into owen, and when the cheese has got some nice colour, they are ready.  :p

Yummy, it's ready!!!  :p (in the picture you can see the stuffed tomato, but also some other vegetables next to it)

It was good!

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 10, 2012, 4:34 pm

Today I watched television. There was very popular program, Moomins. :)

Moomin charachters and stories are popular in Finland, but also almost all over the World. The writer of Moomin stories is Tove Jansson (1914-2001).

Hostmom told me, that there's many many Moomin things here in Finland. First of all, there's the Moominworld in Naantali, the Moomin museum in Tampere, and there's also lots of Moomin products selling in Finland.

Lots of Moomin info you can find through this link.

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 12, 2012, 9:11 pm
Hi dad!

I met today a new ToyVoyager, hostmom's own new TV Kurnau. We all introduced ourselves to him.

Dad, I did something marvellous today. I plowed, and there were... there were MANY magical bubbles flying in the air!!! Just like that!!! Wow!!!  Can you believe it? :o
Oh, and then happened something unbelievable: those bubbles suddenly didn't exist anymore...  :o  :o  :o

I was so confused... What it was?  :thinking:

Hostmom explained to me that they are soap bubbles. :)
And when they hit something, they exploded.
Ooooh, now I underestand.  :D

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 13, 2012, 7:55 am
It's time to say goodbye to hostmom, all other ToyVoyagers here, and hostmom's cat.

It's time to continue my journey. I will go to Germany, to the town named Stuttgart.

I had a great time visit in Finland, and I'm going to remember all these experiences in here for the rest of my life, that's for sure.

Bye all! I'm going now...

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 13, 2012, 8:04 am
I'm in the envelope now.
It's so dark here...
I hope my journey is safe, confortable and quick.

Germany, here I am coming!!!

"Travel safe!" said hostmom to me after I have climbed into my envelope. :)

Erol the Pirat

Posted Jun 18, 2012, 7:07 pm
Hi Dad  :D

I arrived in Stuttgart  :D  :D  :D

Nippy, Benni-Tiger, Violet, Coba, Bubble

and you will not believe!!!  :D Tiffy  :D

welcomed me very warmly. Oh, talking about warmly - here in Stuttgart, the weather is very hot: 30°C  B)

Now I have to unpack my baggage.

You hear from me tomorrow Daddy  :rolleyes:


Posted Jun 19, 2012, 8:31 pm
hey daddy  :D

today I was on a telephone systems further education with my host. I learned a lot about new telephone systems and its programming. So in future I can help you when our phone at home dosn't work  ;)

Your Erol

Posted Jun 20, 2012, 7:28 pm
Hi dad,

Today, I went with Tiffy to a fitness center  :rolleyes: where we have some training. Subsequently we went to the sauna  B)

It was a great day  ;)

Your Erol

Posted Jun 24, 2012, 6:27 pm
Hi dad,

yesterday, I met Mofi in my hosts office. We cuddled together  ;) Then I showed her my Travellog in the Internet and told her about my adventures  :rolleyes: I operated the keyboard, Mofi operated the mouse. The dog (Bless is his name) has been quite upset about the camera, so I Rolling on the floor laughing  :D :D :D  After that I made us a very very very very delicious strawberry shake  :p Incidentally, i nibbled on the strawberries  ;) It was a great day.

See you Daddy

-> Kisses for Mummy <-  B)

Posted Jun 27, 2012, 8:26 am
Hi dad,

Yesterday I was on a secret mission  B) My host and me were in a company in which I can not make some photos  :( because this is a safety zone. I got an ID card  ;) and  helped my host to work some secret things :D i have a lot of fun inside this company  :D After work we went to my favorite restaurant  :p and eat some yummy Burgers  :p  :p  :p

see u daddy

kisses to mummy  :rolleyes:

Posted Jul 1, 2012, 4:49 pm
Hi daddy,

Yesterday, Tiffy and I went to an American football match. Our favorite team, the "Franken knights"  :D :D happen to play in Stuttgart verses the Scorpions  B) The match was interrupted because of a huge thunderstorm  :rolleyes: Our Team unfortunately lost the match  :( although Tiffy and I cheered for our team the loudest!  :D Hopefully, the Knights will win the next match  :rolleyes:

See you Daddy

Posted Jul 3, 2012, 11:26 pm
Hi dad,

Today we got up much too early in the morning  :mad:  because we must drove today with our host to the black forest in order to work  :) when I was awake  :rolleyes: we prepared the breakfast for our host, so we can start our trip very quickly. Tiffy has prepared the toast and i had the important job to operate the coffee machine  ;)  We are a great breakfast-team  B) While our host was working, we went with the "Sauschwänzlebahn"  :D  :D unfortunately we have no pictures of the trip, as our photographer / host had to work  :rolleyes:

See u - kisses to Mom ... Erol  :cyclops:

Posted Jul 5, 2012, 7:50 pm
Hi daddy,

Today Tiffy and I visited the airport in Zurich  :D We have seen the great aircrafts, drinking a latte macchiato together and  had some fun    B)

we considering whether we should simply fly away  :rolleyes:

bye daddy - hugs to mom  :D 


Posted Jul 7, 2012, 11:26 am
huhuuuuu daddy!

Tiffy has persuaded me to catch a plane and fly to the south. So we did it  :D  :D  :D

We caught the next plane and flew just to the south  :D The destination of the aircraft was Palma de Mallorca  B) It's soooo beautiful here, Tiffy and I went straight to the beach  B) there we  made us comfortable in the sun. Sorry Dad, I've just didn't have no time to make this update, because it is too beautiful here  :p

Erol  ;)

Posted Jul 8, 2012, 8:00 pm
huhu daddy  :p

today, Tiffy and I went to the gym in Palma de Mallorca  :) Our Hostmum took us on the bicycle in a special TV-holder. It was a little windy during the ride  :cyclops: Once in the gym Tiffy and I had on the mat abdominal and back training. Later we have done weight training. It was strange that the disc was a bit heavier than I had in remembrance  ;)

Now I must rest for a while  B)

See you dad.


Posted Jul 9, 2012, 10:36 pm
Daddy  :p

Today we hiked back to the beach  B) and have a huge air mattress here  :D Our hostmum was so friendly and inflated the mattress for us because we TV's would be inflated it until after sunset  :rolleyes: After that we creamed us with sunscreen and float in the sea  :rolleyes: Finally, we eaten delicious fruits and even bought us an ice cream :p Tiffy's skin itches a little bit, I hope she did not get a sunburn :stare:

your Erol  :cyclops:

Posted Jul 11, 2012, 11:12 pm
Hi daddy,

Tiffy and I came back from our holiday yesterday  :rolleyes: Next morning, our hostdad, Tiffy and I went to Friedrichshafen to the Hiking-Fair to install a huge sound system in the open air park outdoors. The Fair opens tomorrow  :D While Hostdad has worked, Tiffy and I strolled a round through the halls  ;) On our way back to home, we have seen the Lake Constance  :o The lake was as blue as the sea in Palma de Mallorca  B)


Posted Jul 16, 2012, 9:02 pm
Hello Dad,

Today I'll show you what Tiffy and I have brought for you and Mum from Palma de Mallorca: a magic shoe that you can stick to the fridge and a wind machine for mummy, so she keeps a cool head  B)

Erol  :cyclops:

Posted Jul 16, 2012, 9:43 pm
Hello Dad,

Today, Tiffy and I were again in Friedrichshafen, because the Outdoor-show was over. After a yummy meal  :p i done an announcement to all visitors that the show is over and they can go home  :p after my announcement, when the show was finally empty  ;) Tiffy and i strolled a little bit around the fair and played with our host's soundsystem  ;)

On our way back to home, we make a little stop at the Zeppelin-Shipyard - My dream: to fly once in a Zeppelin  :rolleyes:

It was a fantastic day  B)


Posted Jul 21, 2012, 11:00 am
Good morning daddy  :D

This morning I went to a special friend, because he has a very tasty espresso machine  :p While I'm climbing up to the coffee container to make a photo, I slipped and fell once in the coffee  :D  :D  :D But something like this does not disturb a real pirate like me, so I've still made my delicious coffee. Later, I went with my host into a really nice museum because there was Castle concert. While my host has set up the stage and lights, I've been looking at the museum. There were many children there, so I had to make sure that I will not be kidnapped  ;)

See u Daddy


Posted Jul 30, 2012, 4:27 pm
Hi Dad,

Yesterday Tiffyand i were at the CSD (Christopher Street Day) in Stuttgart  :D  :D  :D The event is a political demonstration for equal rights  :)  So we thought we'd have to ride on the truck to be part of the demonstration  :rolleyes: There were 200,000 spectators, also some very crazy people  :cyclops:...but we had lots of fun  B)


Posted Aug 10, 2012, 7:47 pm
Huhu Daddy,

look  :D we had a little vacation trip to Lithuania  B) We have learned a lot about the people of Lithuania. We visited a very delicious restaurant. After that we made a city tour and had a walk through a nice parc protected by UNESCO in Kernave since 2004 on the World Herritage List. Finally we compleded our day at a romantic lake  :rolleyes: where i found a big mushroom  :p


Erol  :)

Posted Aug 15, 2012, 8:45 pm
Hello Daddy,

Today Tiffy and I made a yummy sausage salad together from a recipe of Phinook, who visited here a while ago. I took the big pirate-knife and Tiffy had the small seagull-knife  B) I cut the sausage and cucumber, Tiffy was allowed to cut the cheese and onions. We seasoned and stired it together. After hours of work (that's it felt like)  :rolleyes:, we finally had a delicious dinner together  :p


Posted Aug 27, 2012, 9:05 pm
Hello Dad,

Fipsy, Tiffy and I traveled today to Friedrichshafen to the fair to make 1 week holiday  B) Our host has to work at the fair  :rolleyes: We have now arrived at our apartment. Every TV got from our hostdad at the apartment  a Surprise-Egg. Since the eggs are so large, we decided to eat one egg every day together  :p

See u daddy


Posted Aug 30, 2012, 7:57 pm
Hello Dad  :D

today Fipsy, Tiffy and I hung around on the bike fair, that our host must work  :rolleyes: We have looked at several booths and watched crazy bikers flying high through the air  :o  :o  :o

See u daddy


Posted Sep 9, 2012, 3:19 pm
Today was a lazy Sunday, so we decided to drive to the cafe Merlin and have some breakfast  :rolleyes: Tiffy and I took the same: a delicious omelette with ham, mushrooms and cheese  :D It was so yummy  :p Fipsy was allowed to eat with us two, because one omlette was to much for her  :) Now let's see what Sunday brings at next  B)

Erol the Pirat

Posted Oct 3, 2012, 12:13 pm
Hello dad,

I must go to tell you something  :rolleyes: Fipsy, our little mouse - is a little spy-mouse  B) She found out that our Hostdad bought a very very very tasty banana cake  :rolleyes: from his favorite bakery and placed the cake in the fridge  :stare: As our Hostdad is driven to work, we could not resist. Therefore Fipsy, Tiffy and I decided to pick up the cake from the refrigerator and organize a delicious feast for ourselves :p We have confessed our Hostdad everything later  :( He has forgiven us  :D  :D  :D

your Erol  ;)

Posted Oct 7, 2012, 9:34 pm
Huhuu Daddy  :cyclops:

Today was a great day  :D Fipsy, Tiffyand I were at the Stuttgart Beer Festival (Volksfest). We did a lot of great rides in TV righteous amusement rides. We met many friends in lottery booths, waiting for new owners. Fipsy found her big brother. And we all went together a ride "Wild Mouse" with Hostmum and Hostdad  B)

Hosmum and Hostdad gave us a special seat belt, so we were not lost  :rolleyes: We wanted to take some pictures of the ride, but the ride was so shaky  :D  :D  :D that it was impossible to take pictures - we all just laughed while driving "Wild Mouse" :cyclops:

Against later we still have "Göckele and beer" and for dessert a delicious cotton candy  :p

Summarized it was a fanstastic pirate-day  B)

Erol the Pirat

Posted Oct 18, 2012, 8:05 pm
Hello Daddy  :)

Today Tiffy and me were in our home-state Bavaria  :D Hostdad took us us to his work in Germering  :D  we helped him to sort some cables. After that, we phoned with Baerle and Maeusle very long ;) They were totally happy about the call when we were near them :rolleyes: Daddy, i must tell u something: Hostdad has a great tape,  which called "Gaffertape"  :rolleyes: you can do very funny things with it  B) After all work, we still have a delicious coffee :p before we drove back to Stuttgart

see u daddy - kisses to mummy  :p


Posted Nov 14, 2012, 9:44 pm
Hey, Daddy  :D

Hostdad, Hostmum, Tiffy and I were on a big trip to Fuerteventura, because it's autumn here  :stare:

We took a cheap flight, so that the flight for 4 people (Hastdad, Hostmum, Tiffy and I) was not so expensive  ;) While the 4h-flight: I have seen a movie on hostmum's laptop, Tiffy drank some water and rested  :rolleyes:

In Fuerteventura, we have explored the island from north to south and we were often on the beach. Tiffy loves the beach - so we went to the beach as often as we could B)  B)  B)

B) Our little holiday was sooooo beautiful - see yourself  B)

After flying back to Germany, first we crawled into a warm sleeping bag. brrrrr ...  :(

Your Erol

Posted Nov 16, 2012, 7:00 pm
Daddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy  :D  :D  :D

one of my biggest dreams comes true ... Tiffy and me are in America  B)  B)  B)

Hostmum has donated a flight-ticket for Tiffy and me and has taken us to America :D  Here i send you the first pictures of the New York skyline  ;)

Now we are tired and need to rest, because the time difference  :o

Your Erol

Posted Nov 18, 2012, 11:48 am
hello daddy,

after our short visit at New York  :o we flew to the great city San Francisco  :D

Here are the first pictures of this great city.

At the pictures you can see Tiffy and me packing our baggage for the way to Berkeley, sitting at the train station, talking with an old man  ;) and in the foggy city  :rolleyes:

Now we have our field trip to Berkeley, so we haven't no much time to write our log B)

See You daddy  :p


Posted Nov 19, 2012, 8:05 pm
happy birthday erol,
best wishes from daddy.

Posted Nov 30, 2012, 11:31 pm
Good morning Daddy  :D

do you know what day it is? It is the 1st of December B)

Hostdad bought each of us an big advent calendar  :D
and today we were already open the first door  B)

The chocolate is sooooooooooooooooo yummy  :p

See you

Erol the Pirat  ;)

Posted Dec 6, 2012, 10:48 pm
Daddddddyyyyyyy :D

Today is the sixth of December: IT IS NIKOLAUS  B)

So yesterday, we put out our boots & hope that they will be filled  :rolleyes:

This morning we sneaked around the corner and OHHHH YES  :o the boots were FULL  :p

Now we have to go to check our chocolate  :p

See you Daddy


Posted Dec 13, 2012, 8:52 pm
Dadddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :cyclops:

Yesterday the day started strangely: It rang at the door. Tiffy and I opened the door, but no one was at the door  :thinking: but a VERY BIG package - addressed to us  :D We carried it into the house. At the same time we heard some voices  :thinking: but we did not know from where  :stare: We took the package quickly on the table and opend it. As the package was opened - Tiffy was scared  :o - I looked to her, and she looked directly into the eyes of a monster *hahaha*  :D  At the same time i saw teddy bears  ;) They all said "Hi" to us and told us that you and mum sent them to us, to bring us some cookies. Furthermore, they said that they would stay with us from now on  :D

Thank you Mom and Dad - you're the best  ;)

Yours Erol

Posted Dec 24, 2012, 10:43 pm
Hello Daddy,

Yesterday, Tiffy, Hostdad, Hostmum and I were at the Stuttgart Christmas Market  :rolleyes: We have seen many great things and drank a original mulled wine from Stuttgart  :cyclops: Later on, Hostdad and Hostmum sent us away at the Christmas market, since they wanted to talk with Santa Claus, because our gifts  ;) So long they talk together, we had some fun.

Today Hostmum has produced original Schwäbische Maultaschen  :p We only were allowed to watch, but later we helped to cut the Maultaschen.

Later on, Santa Claus ;) came to us to bring all the presents and asked all of us if we were Exemplary  B) Unfortunately we have to wait until tonight to unpack our presents, so that we can show you tomorrow, what we got  :stare:

Merry Christmas - Mummy and Daddy  :D  :D  :D

Erol  :)

Posted Dec 25, 2012, 4:11 pm
Hi Daddy,

Finally we were allowed to unwrap our presents. We've been very curious to see what Santa has brought us.  :rolleyes:

It was:  Tataaaaaaaaaaaa.....  B)

A bear puzzle with different pieces.  :D

See yourself.

Yours, Erol

Posted Jan 1, 2013, 5:19 pm
Hey Daddy  :p

Happy New Year 2013 - that your dreams come true  B)

Your little Pirate  :D

Posted Feb 14, 2013, 9:09 pm
huhuuu mummy, daddyyyyyyyy  :p

Tiffy and I finally sorted last week our photos from our BIG USA TRIP last year :D Yesterday it was done  B) and so we have organized for all tv's together a great slideshow-evening and told stories about it  :rolleyes: It was a great evening. Below i send you Part I of our Slideshow - i hope you like it  :cyclops:

See u

Erol and Tiffy

Posted Feb 24, 2013, 8:44 pm
Huhuuu Mummy & Daddy  :)

Today we baked a cake the "Horst Lichter" way  :p

Smurfy read out the recipe and we prepared the cake according to his instructions.

First, we peeled bananas and soaked it in brandy  ;)

Horst Lichter writes: It is important that the bananas
soak for a long time in brandy upon using them for the cake filling  B)

After that Monsti and I took a hot bath with the chocolate (so it'll melt). Tiffy and Smurfy separated the eggs and I (the great pirate)mixed the dough with a big propeller machine  :D Tiffy mixed in the other ingredients. We poured the cake dough in the spring form then we watched the oven so that the cake does not burn  ;) After one part of the cake was done, I cut it in half under the guidance of Tiffy and the other TV's.  Then we poured some Baileys on the
2 cake halfs as it says in the recipe  :p Because our little TV bottle was empty very quickly  :( (maybe also because each of us had to have a little sip as well to see if the Baileys was still good  :rolleyes: ), Hostmum has helped us out with a big bottle (Thank you Hostmum)  B) Then Tiffy scooped the bananas and
I divided the whipped cream. Smurfy distributed the second half
of whipped cream because I was sore.

Finally, we decorated the cake with cocoa powder AND finished "Horst-Lichter's-chocolate-banana cake"  :p  :p  :p

Posted Mar 13, 2013, 7:28 pm
Huhuu Mummy & Daddy  :)

next morning we were able to cut the cake  :p Smurfy, Monsti and I sat on the knife to bring highly leveraged the piece of cake  :o Tiffy has taken care that no misfortune happens  :rolleyes: After enjoying the delicious cake we're almost asleep  ;) When we woke up again - we all had a headache and stayed the whole day in bed  :stare:

See you Mum and Dad

Erol and Tiffy

Posted Apr 1, 2013, 6:03 pm
Huhuuu Mummy, Daddy

Tiffy, Monsti, Smurfy and I went with Hostmum to Switzerland  B) First we went swimming and had a lot of fun  :rolleyes: Then we took some panoramic pictures and laid in the sun to chill for a bit.

Afterwards, I've borrowed a snowmobile and drove through the deep snow  :D which was great fun. I let Tiffy drive also, but a machine like this is simply not the right thing for little girls  ;) We had a great weekend in the snow....

See you

Erol the Pirat

Posted Apr 14, 2013, 7:30 pm
Huhuu Mommy Daddy,

Berlin, Berlin, we're going to Berlin (This is a German Football spell)  :D  :D  :D

This is our last week in Stuttgart  :( so Hostdad made a big sightseeing tour of Stuttgart with us  :D

Last night we were at the Planetarium in Stuttgart and watched a great show. It was very dark  B) so the pictures are just as dark too  ;)

And today (Sunday) it was very sunny  B) and we were downtown Stuttgart. We went to the stairs where Twixx was standing a few months ago  :rolleyes: Then you can see our favorite department store  :rolleyes: at the next picture. Then we went to the town hall, Stiftskirche, a Jewish monument with 3 Stones, the Palace Square and the glass museum and finally the TV tower (the first in the world)  :o

Now we must hurry up, because we still have to pack our things together, which are distributed all over the  house  ;) - Talk soon...

Tiffy and Erol

Posted Apr 28, 2013, 7:31 pm
Huhuu Daddy,

it's time today to say goodbye  :( All Toyvoyagers gathered for our departure to Berlin - I'm so touched  :stare:

Now Tiffy and i travelling to Berlin  :D

Bye, bye Stuttgart ... It was a great time  :)

Erol the Pirat

Posted May 2, 2013, 3:47 pm
heya! i am a pirate, and this travelbox is shaking and going up and down like a nutshell in the ocean. but i am strong and i have to take care for my dear friend tiffy. i am the bear in this parcel. we are heading for berlin! see you!  B)

Posted May 5, 2013, 11:59 am
hello daddy,
finally we (tiffy and me) have reached a big town. i am not sure how we have landed on a rooftop, but ... well, this is what happened then:
hey tiffy, where have we got?
tiffy did not know. so we decided to look around. we were shouting in to one of the chimneys: "HELLLOOOO!"
hihi, and it answered: "be quite, you *beep* *beep*!"
then we have left the roof and have discovered this fancy building.
let's go inside.
hey! postcards of berlin! we have finally reached our next host's town.
must be an airport. gate zero - of course no departures.
we have grabbed a taxi to ride to the town centre.

see you soon!

Posted May 5, 2013, 12:48 pm
hey daddy!
this is our first day in berlin after we have arrived.
berlin seems to be a very modern town.
and green.
berlin is also an old royal town. we have visited a very nice place a prussian land mile away from the town centre.
a very nice baroque garden with funny figures
if i had a hammer, daddy!
nice flowers
funny shaped trees
and where there is a nice baroque garden you would suspect a nice baroque castle: charlottenburg palace, the summer residence of the prussian kings and queens.
this frederik the great. he did not like this castle and built his own one in potsdam. he also did not like his wife, so she had to live here, whilehe resided in his castle.
prussian eagles always stare.
a rest
then we went to the front of the castle.
we are not sure, if it is ok to show the hand that holds you in the picture ...
the great cure prince high on his horse
a very nice palace.we have liked it.
by the way: this fire alarm box has been placed here, because, if you see the palace is burning, you can easily call the fire brigade. what a good idea.

see you later, your brave little pirate bear!  B)

Posted May 11, 2013, 8:01 pm
hello daddy,
we have taken a couple of days off and made a trip to the countryside in brandenburg.
brandenburg is the state around berlin. it is nearly as large as belgium but has only 2.5 million inhabitants. (belgium has 10.1 million.)
hehe ...
fffffffff ... hihihi ...
there are not many hills or mountains in this country.
bt some small villages. this is the windmill in prietzen.
this is the old church of spaatz.
look: it is forbidden to drive against the trees faster than 80 kph!
oh, how flat!
on our walk through the countryside we have found this jet on a meadow.
a really big jet! how crazy is this?
curiously we have gone inside.
a fully equipped jet with seats!
and a cockpit.
look at all these instruments!
next day we have gone to a village called ribbeck. it is very famous for its manson and the peer tree in the garden.
today the tree was full of blooms! look how beautiful!
nice little palace, isn't it?

bye bye daddy - see you later  B)

Posted May 12, 2013, 6:40 pm
Hi dad!
today was mother's day. so tiffy my dear wanted to go where flowers grow. hm ... well my little tiffy has enjoyed it very much. that's what counts, daddy.
she was right: tulips are beautiful.
well: only from above. from the bottom they only have got green stalks.
me and tiffy under an apple tree.
tiffy is right: tulips are nice.
another apple tree.
a blooming chestnut tree.
different flowers.
look what we have found: who knows, what this is?
an old mill stone: i love this park.
some day i am drilling a hole like this, daddy.
me in a cherry tree.
me in a pear tree.
hey daddy, do you know what this machine is made for? no, it's not a lawn mower.
this has been a very nice walk in the park.

see you later, daddy!  B)

Posted May 19, 2013, 6:44 pm
hi daddy,
last thursday a new toyvoyager has arrived kikuchan. she is a nice one, has told us everything about her hometown and country: japan.
yesterday the weather was not so good.
but the evening has become nice.
we have made a little trip in the outskirts and found this funny little house.
we have found out this was a restaurant.
we have had a delicious meal.
at the end we have had very sweet desserts with a black coffee and big sugar cubes.

see ya daddy, erol!  :cyclops:

Posted May 21, 2013, 9:20 pm
hey daddy,
pentecost, that's big party in berlin: the carnival of cultures. many poeple have been in the streets.
to drink beer  B)
a streetmarket has been errected with stuff from all over the world: arabic lamps for aladdin
and other voodoo puppets
live music at a bus stop
turkish food
later in the evening we have had delicious asparagus, the season's vegetable of this region. yummy.

bye bye daddy, your erol.  :p

Posted May 26, 2013, 12:09 pm
hey daddy,
the weather hasn't been too good, so we (i mean my lovely tiffy) have decided to go shopping.
hey tiffy, m'gall, you don't need more shoes.
you already smell so beautifull, tiffy.
buy whatever you like, i'll carry it home.
oh my gawd, more shops ...
hey, tiffy, they have lied: there isn't any food inside here!
ice cream, tiffy!
and cake!
oh dear, she does!
you can't have everything, sweety-tweety! (i need a beer.)
of course, i do, tiffy!
more shopping? where's the beer parlour?
hihi ... she's the best.
i have tried hard - and - succeeded!

thirsty greetings, your erol.  :cyclops:

Posted Jun 16, 2013, 8:59 pm
good evening daddy.

after some rainy days, me and my little girlfriend tiffy have made a walk through the oldest part of berlin.
but before we have had a healthy breakfast with kikuchan, another tv and our hosts.
then we have gone to the quarter around saint nicolai's church.
it has been too early and too cold, so no one has been sitting in the street cafés. i would have cared for a morning beer.
nice old houses. look this café has been opened. do you thing they serve beer in there, tiffy?
this is restaurant called the rib. can you see the rib on the facade? only pirates do such things!
oh, this is saint nicolai's church with its twin tower.
look, what a funny gully, showing some sights of berlin. let's see, what we will visit.
oooh, spooky, a public water pump. don't be afraid, tiffy.
they sell teddies in every souvenir shop. the bear is the town animal of berlin. i am a bear! i like this town.
postcards ...
this is the old seal of medieval berlin.
"gebäck" - a bakery. no beer?
look, an old pub ... i need a beer, tiffy!
i buy me a beer from this small window ("luke") and an ice cream for tiffy. how does this sound?
an old gravestone in the church wall.
a fountain with a bear on top. have i told you, that i like this town?
saint george fighting the dragon. what a man!
i need a beer.
w have walked around the church. they have built funny and spooky things into the walls.
hey tiffy, are you as thirsty as i am?
they are reconstructing the town everywhere.
this is the red townhall, seat of the berlin government, the senate.
behind us is the television tower at alexander square. we will visit this part of the town at another day.

thirsty greetings, your brave travel bear pirate erol.

Posted Jun 16, 2013, 9:02 pm
hello daddy, it's me again.

this weekend we have made a special trip with our host.
first we have got up early and have driven on the "autobahn" southwards ("wow - speeeeed!").
after a couple of hours we have reach our goal: the wartburg, one of germany's most famous castle. here back in 1521 martin luther had translated the bible into german while hiding for the holy inquisition. brave man.
this is a map of the castle. don't get lost, tiffy-me-gall.
inside the first courtyard.
the second courtyard.
view from one of the towers into the second courtyard.
then we have visited the nice town nearby: eisenach. this is the house where martin luther had lived after he had left wartburg.
main market square. beer?
this is the birthplace of johann sebastian beer, one of the most famous baroque composers.

after a good beer, we have left this beautiful town.

lucky but still thirsty - your erol

Posted Jul 6, 2013, 4:28 pm
hello daddy!
today we (me and tiffy) have made a walk through the tiergarten area in berlin.
we have started at the victory column which originally is a memorial for the german victory against france and later have become a memorial of the french-german friendship.
next to it is bellevue castle, the seat of the german federal president. yes: germany has a president.
the president is in berlin: his flag is flying. bellevue is french and means beautiful view in german. well it does look beautiful.
wedding? they have got a rodsign leading to marriage? hihi, how funny.
this is the former conference hall, a present of the american people to west berlin in the fifties. now it is officially called house of the cultures of the world. well, this is much to long. the berliners call it the pregnant oyster. this is what it is when look at it long enough.
this is reichstagsgebaude, the seat of the german federal parliament. it is completely new inside, as well as the cupola.
way behind us, what looks like a giant washing machine, is bundeskanzleramt, the seat of the federal chancellor.

we sure will see more of this interesting town. but first we will see you soon.

kiss, your lovely little traveller, erol  B)

Posted Jul 7, 2013, 10:30 pm
hello everybody!

today was a special day. we have driven to see our family at home in lichtenfels!
what a surprise, a big toyvoyager was taking place:
these tvs have participated (in no order):
erol the pirat joesy 3*euro napoleon tiffy kikuchan dr.kröbner günther jethro *coco* squab mr. casanova bubele aura bzzzzz scruffy mcgee rocky raccoon mr.lemony Húlí hútú lady katherine wavy gravy fipsy lina
we have had a lot of fun and had a lot of travel stories to tell!
erol the pirat tiffy kikuchan napoleon
oh, i was so happy so see my daddy and my little brother weisbaertle.  :D
look daddy: these are my new friends in berlin. together we are doing lots of funny things.  :cyclops:

bye bye daddy, see you soon again!  :)

Posted Jul 7, 2013, 10:35 pm
ooops daddy ... dunno how this could happen ...
i wanted to drink a beer. my host has bought franconian beer for me.
i had to choose: both! tiffy only wanted a tiny drop.
i wanted to reach the rest of the beer.
i was tired ...


Posted Aug 4, 2013, 3:47 pm
hello daddy!

long not seen here ... we (tiffy and me) haven't beenlazy though: we have made a short break on the baltic see.
this is where we have been: on the island of usedom.
it has lots of large sandy beaches.
and some nice piers.
us on an old fisher's boat.
this is something, tiffy really enjoyed. well, i have enjoyed it too, but together with a good beer iat would have been much better.
we have had a very good dinner.
and finally for me: a good drop of fresh beer!  :)
and a real dark one. daddy! cheers to you!
and a fresh wheat beer ... yummyummyummyummy ...
next day we went to the beach again.
tried to build a sand castle.
tiffy chatted more than an hour with the wild birds on feathers, food and other girlish topics ...
dinner was fish again.
next day wehave made a walk to nearby poland.
this is the border nowadays.
poland is also nice. good for a rest at the port anyway.
another yummy fish dish ...  :cyclops:
fish always needs to swim in a good beer ... yeah!
bye bye daddy ... your happy travel bear ...  B)

ok, this was not a walk on the beach of rio, but a beach it was!  ;)

Posted Aug 4, 2013, 4:30 pm
hi dad!
it was really great having seen you and the folks the other day!

before we make plans to have a little break we have visited the brandenburg gate in berlin, one of the most famous sights in germany.

if you want to learn more about this gate:

Posted Sep 22, 2013, 7:55 pm
my dear mommy!
this is your day!
we have come together to celebrate YOU!
we have gone into our host's new garden. the sun was shining nearly the whole day. FOR YOU i would say.
we have invited the two gargoyle brothers from next door. they are dragons. the good thing about dragons is, that they are able to blow ON candles - birthday candles. even our new friend miggy-the-pig has come - just in case the sun would not have shone ... he is so yellow ... even a guest from japan has been with us: kikuchan.
mommy, happy birthday. enjoy your day.
mommy, we (everybody) have fun for you!
blowing out the candles together has caused some problems. we had to convince the dragons NOT to blow!

mommy we all love you! much health and luck for you.

your strong travel bear erol  :cyclops:

p.s.: plushy greetings to you as well, daddy!  :)


Posted Nov 19, 2013, 9:30 pm
hello folks!
tiffy: "today we have made a trip to the city centre at alexander square."
erol: "there are huuuuuge houses and a funny clock: the world time clock. it shows you the time at many different places around the world."
tiffy: "today there was a funny market with lots of peculiar things."
erol: "look, tiffy, what a large tower."
tiffy: "this is the television tower at alexander square."
erol: "wasn't this the tower that was begun by east german builders and finally finished by a japanese-swedish consortium?"
tiffy: "by the way: do you know, what television means?"
erol: "i knew you would ask. yes i do: it means far looking. this is a far looking tower. HUA HUA HUA!"
tiffy: "the unofficial name is tele asparagus."
erol: "look, tiffy! this is neptunes fountain."
tiffy: "oh, how beautiful: all kinds of sea beings are spitting water."
erol: "this is the berlin cathedral. the prussian kings wanted a lutheran main church as a counterpart of saint peter's in rome."
tiffy: "have you seen these lovely trumpet flowers?"
erol: "not seen, i have heard the noice!"
tiffy: "what looks like an ancient greek temple is the old national gallery on the museum island."
erol: "old gallery? i prefer modern art, my dear."
tiffy: "this is spree river, which flows through the whole city from east to west."
erol: "here we are in the world famous hackesche courtyards. hopefully we will finally find a chilled beer in one of the numerous bars. cheers daddy!"
tiffy: "and some coffee with cake. bye bye mommy, see you."

Posted Nov 19, 2013, 9:44 pm
hi folks.
tiffy: "today we have visited the last remains of the berlin wall."
erol: "hah! now i understand why communism has finally failed: they got sick of kissing each other!"
tiffy: "for it's graffitti this part of the wall is called the eastside gallery."
erol: "just in case you have forgot: yes, we are in berlin."
tiffy: "i love these funny faces."
erol: "hee hee ... test the rest ... rangdeedangdeedang!"
tiffy: "funny huge statue of ... a ... of ... hm, what is THIS?"
erol: "tiffy, my dear, this is your wildest dreams! HUA HUA HUA!"

Posted Nov 19, 2013, 9:51 pm
tiffy: "hello mommy! here we ae again!"
erol: "hi daddy! no, we haven't slept all the time. we have also updated some adventures from august. just have a scroll."
tiffy: "look mommy, where are we?"
erol: "oh daddy, look what a funny bobble cap tiffy wears!"
tiffy: "hey erol! where are you going?"
erol: "come here, tiffy, and have a look yourself."
tiffy: "aaaaaah! we have found LUCK!"
erol: "yes my dear tiffy. it's the great luck! we are the lucky ones."
tiffy: "oh erol, how smart you are."
erol: "i know, darling."

Posted Dec 22, 2013, 5:09 pm
tiffy: "hello mommy! this weekend we have done a short trip to central germany."
erol: "hi daddy! there we have visited nice christmas markets."
tiffy: "first we have visited erfurt."
erol: "it's the capital city of thuringia"
tiffy: "christmas markets, that' a lot of sweets and candies."
erol: "... and hot apple cide and hot wine ..."
tiffy: "we have had a lot of fun."
erol: "next we have gone into that huge cathedral."
tiffy: "this is the inside: a huge hall with so many columns."
tiffy: "hey erol! look: someone is sleeping in that case!"
erol: "no tiffy, this is a coffin. and the man inside looks like jesus."
tiffy: "ooops - i know he is dead since long ago. strange to have him here lying in a cathedral."
erol: "next stop was schmalkalden."
tiffy: "they have written it on the gully. so you will allways know where you are."
tiffy: "look at these nice old houses."
erol: "and a christmas market, a bit smaller than in erfurt. but hey, let's have a drink."

tiffy: "christmas markets are much better with some snow."
erol: "this one is nice anyway."


Posted Dec 22, 2013, 6:40 pm
tiffy: "hello mommy! today we have made something really tasty."
erol: "hi daddy! together with the boys we have baked christmas cookies."
tiffy: "before we could start baking ..."
erol: "... we had to bgo to the city to buy some ingredients."
erol: "for doing the work, you need something to drink. no no, the beer is for me, not for the cookies ..."
tiffy: "first you make the dough, starting with flavour."
erol: "dough, dough, dough ... "
tiffy: "then we have cut the dough into nice forms."
tiffy: "after baking the cookies we have painted them with chocolate and decorated them."
erol: "this looks really tasty, folks. let's have some beer with the cookies!"


Posted Jan 1, 2014, 4:40 pm

tiffy: "hello mommy! we - me and erol the most gorgeous pirate in the world - do not want to forget to wish you a healthy new year and all the luck that you will need."
erol: "hi daddy! happy new year: cheers captain!"  B)
erol: "at new year's eve we have had a nice party with our new friends!"
tiffy: "and look what nice necklaces we both have won in new year game!"

Posted Jan 26, 2014, 3:44 pm
tiffy: "hello mommy! it is really cold her today."
erol: "hi daddy! it is so cold, that the snow makes strange sound when you step on it. and it is like powder. so we could not built a snow bear."

tiffy: "we have wished the snow would have come at christmas. but like last year it has come some weeks later."
erol: "we should celebrate christmas at the end of january in the future. yes it would be more practicable. it would not be so noisy when father christmas slides with his sledge on the street asphalt."
tiffy: "oh erol. you crazy guy! mommy, we see you later."
erol: "heh heh heh ... yes daddy, bye bye!"

Posted Feb 23, 2014, 1:11 pm
tiffy: "hello mommy! today we have made a walk. there was no sun shining, and a little rain. but, hey, we are not made of sugar!"
erol: "hi daddy! you are right tiffy. good, the snow has melted and, today we wre to meet a new guest!"
tiffy: "so we have started our walk in a nice suburb of berlin: tegel."
erol: "hey, have i told you, churches are boring? let's have a rest and drink beer as much as we can!"
tiffy: "oh erol! here: this is good for a happy day! funny, they don't have happy hours, but happy days!"
erol: "tiffy, have i drunk too much, or are these here golden lions?"
tiffy: "don't be nuts, let's go on."
tiffy: "what's this?"
erol: "looks like a cook made of tin ... strange."
erol: "look tiffy, an anchor, we must be near the lake, where we will meet our new guest, a nice girl from chile.
tiffy:" ey erol: look at me, i am a nice girl ..."
erol: "helloooo: are you from chile? vienes de chile amigo?"
swan: "no, folks, do i like coming from chile?"
tiffy: "what are people from chile look like?"
swan: "i am a swan, ask something else."
and here she comes: kirin from chile!
we were chatting for hours. she seams to be a smart girl.


Posted Feb 23, 2014, 1:17 pm
next day we have continued our chat on a small garden party with some good friends of ours and a huge box of cookies!  B)

(from left to right: erol the pirat, kirin, tiffy, rousseau and voltaire (two very smart blue elephants and the owner of this garden), little alphonx, and hannibal (napoleon's brother))

Posted Apr 18, 2014, 5:57 pm
hello daddy, sorry for not having updated for quite a while, me and tiffy me gall are feeling very well here in berlin. and: we are enjoying springtime in our host's garden:

we have even helped hanging plastik eggs into the trees for eastertime.
everytime the weather is fine we are having some cake and coffee.

the other day he went buying some chocolate.
than we carried it home into the garden.
and ... well what would you do with chocolate?
of course we had some rides with the shopping trolley on the lawn.
the day ended with a lttle bit of cake.
some days later we discovered a hidden area of this big city.
what about some beer?

the good thing about springtime is the blooming of the trees.

bye bye daddy - see you at easter holiday! your brave bear erol  B)

Posted Apr 20, 2014, 9:26 pm
hi daddy!

i wish you a very very happy easter time. at least as happy as i have celebrated with my friends in berlin!
in berlin it is the custom for plushies to go and look for the sweets the easter bunny has hidden. so did we: kirin, oleorangescarf, tiffy, and me of course  :cyclops:
first we have built teams:
team a: bears' friends
team b: friends' bears
two bunnies explained what to do. the two big elephants made the refferees, as you can see by their ears ...
no more words: view the photos ...
team a started the first round. hey, look, i see something!
look: more sweets!
more, more, more!
after 5 minutes we had to return with our loot.
then it was team b's first round.
we also found some sweets very quick.
here is more, guys!
after 5 minutes we returned.
first count: looks good.
we needed to find more, much more!
second round for team a
hmmmmm, yummyyummyyummy!
hihihi ... 3 chocolate bunnies!
here look: a sweet chicken.
time to return.
look, our mug was full!
ok, bears: it's your second turn!
we are bears! we are the best! we will win!! yubbidubbidooo ...
look here: a green one! how tricky, in the green grass!
hey boys: here's one more! and a big chocolate bunny!
time to return ...
ok, let's count! eam a has found more than team b. but: team b has found the big bunny!
so: both teams have won: the easter-bunny-ears go to both teams!!!!
funny? no: handsome bears can wear everything!
one last photo ...
going, going, gone! searching the whole day makes you hungry ...

bye bye daddy - see you later!
erol the brave!  B)

Posted May 10, 2014, 11:53 pm
hi daddy. happy mother's day!  B)