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Frankfurt am Main, Airport, Germany - 10th June 2012

By: Zandy

Hello mummy,

like you allready knew: We lost the SD-Card with all our TVpictures  :( But Zandy allowed me to take her "private" pictures to show you what I see. Of course without myself at the picture, but I will show you all the fantastic things. And at the end, you will see some pictures and videos with me, because there we had another card (this one with we had to put into the cam, because the other one was full. In out last hour in Tenerife.  :mad:)
But ok, it happens and we can't change it. But we can keep the nice things we saw in our mind.  :D

We flight from Frankfurt. Here you can see our airplane whith reflect in an bulding.


And here we are over Frankfurt. What a nice view!


An here, look how great it is over the clouds. We sang the song "Über den Wolken" together (Ok the others sang and I tryed to sang with them  ;)). It was funny!


So this are the first pictures. More will come soon after prepairing them for uploading.  :rolleyes:


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