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The Andes mountain range, Chile - 10th December 2011

By: Leslie

Hi everybody!

Leslie, the other toyvoyavers and I made a trip to the Andes mountain range! :rolleyes:

There were lots of rivers going down from the cold mountains to the sea!


This beautiful waterfall is called "Falls of the Princess" That's an interesting name, Leslie said it's because of a love legend :)


There were thousands of lupines by the road! Some were pink, purple, yellow and some even blue! :rolleyes:


As we were going up the view was getting better and better!



Here we started going up the Andes mountain range! Even though it's spring, up here it still seemed like winter!


We kept going up and up until we found snow! 


Me and my friend Pato went running to play! :D But only for a short time... Leslie didn't want us to get a cold :rolleyes:


We built an ingloo! Isn't it nice? :rolleyes:


There were many big and old Araucarias around us...


...So I found myself a warmer home than the igloo in the trunk of one of them ;)


And Here I'm posing in what looks like a baby Araucaria, but must be older than 50! :stare: They take about a thousand years to grow!


It was a very nice trip!
Soon I'll be traveling overseas... I can't wait!


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