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Eno, Joensuu, Finland - 19th July 2014

By: jinxed


Today it was sunny and hot day, so we spent most of it in the garden. The kids here like us a lot and we played with them for a while, we even got a ride around the house on a kicksled. Kicksleds are usually used on winter, but it seemd to work well enough on grass, too.


Then we climbed on a blackcurrant bush...


... and sat on a huge rhubarb leaf.


Later we went to sauna. This is an old sauna. First you have to carry the water inside and then boil some in the big cauldron by burning wood under it. The sauna stove is heated by burning wood, too. There's no showers either. You're supposed to wash yourself in the sauna by mixing boiling and cold water in a wash basin. I think this kind of sauna is more atmospheric than the modern ones.

You can see a part of the sauna stove in the corner and a part of the big cauldron in the front of it.


Then we sang karaoke. It was fun.


After that it was time for us to go to sleep.

Good night,

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