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Novosibirsk, Russia - 5th February 2014

By: Abdysh


Studying again. English classroom and student's projects about sport.


One of Dasha's mates Seryozha has his 18th birthday today. This means he has become an adult. Russians have a funny custom to pull birthday kid's ears as many times as many years old is he or she, to 'help him grow up'. So we pulled Seryozha's ears 18 times. :D


It's still very cold and the only way to take a photo outside is...


...from the window :)

While we can't walk, in free time my host shows me different interesting things. For example, today we viewed an old stamps collection which has been being collected by three generations. I added new colorful USSR stamp with a picture of Gena and Cheburashka.


Also I'm helping with History homework...


...and drinking hot cocoa.


Love you!

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