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Moscow, Russia - 20th March 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mum! Today we have decided to visit a remarkable international exhibition that is going to be iin Moscow till the end of March. It is called the Golden Turtle and it is competition for a rank of the best photographer of the wild nature in the world. Look, what a beautiful building it is! The exhibition passes in the center of Moscow, near to the Kremlin. It is written on advertizing: Life is beautiful! Oh, look, I'm standing in the street only five minutes and  I've already covered by snow. So cold!
Right at the beginning we see this lovely fox. The photographer says that he has been made this photo the whole month. To create this photo at level of fox’s eyes, it was necessary to creep on snow on a stomach!  :o
Here I am attacked by an terrible two-meter rattlesnake from Texas. If people see this snake, they kill it at once; therefore the photographer had to try really hard to find it.
The next photo is called "the Guard of natural precious stones". Photographing was very difficult; the spider jumped over different blades of grass, threw off water drops and climb up the camera. But the final picture is excellent!
For getting this shot the photographer had to hang head over heels over a stream surface. But looks as a landscape from other planet, right?
In the spring at the height of building of nests, wool interests birds very much. The blue tit, found a scrap of cervine wool, gathers in a beak as much as possible hair. What if you return, and everything have been stolen already. :(
You will never guess what it is - the big dandelion! It looks like a pentagram.
And this small birdie is called redpoll – in Russian chechetka (a tap dance). It arrives to Moscow in  winter, to get warm. In its homeland, far in the north, it is absolutely cold. Though it is difficult to me to imagine where can be even colder than in Moscow.
This beautiful photo is made in Russia. In April the big gray herons have already made “the choice” and they can pay much attention each other. Soon they become parents and easy life will end  ;)
The excellent shot with Elephant seal is called Big and small. Males of elephants weighs 3,5 tons and in comparison with me it is really huge!
And last but not least - tomorrow I will not be in Moscow any more! Guess, where? The host took me to Thailand! First we wanted to go to Maldives, but a boyfriend of my host has forbidden because of political problems. OK, we will visit Thailand! There are more sights and we will have more fun!  :p

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