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Svullrya, Norway - 26th March 2012

By: Sollie

I love it that i have seen a little bit of the winter here in Norway, and that it now is becoming spring.
It smells lovely, fresh, and the nature is right outside the door!
We took a little walk this evening, hostess, her boyfriend, the CAT Makrell, Hanna and me :D


We live in the former school building, it was built in the early 1920s, but this building behind me here, was the school building before that!


Hostess does not know how old this building is, but it used to be further away, they had many of theese small schools all over the village, close to the children and the farms.
This old school has been moved here, so it can be used as an art gallery and also to show off the old building.


The ants are still sleeping, but soon they will wake up, its starting to get warmer!


Hanna and me next to the national flower of Norway! Its on its most beautiful in the autumn tho, then its bright pink/purple...now its kinda...dead...


I found some old berries, they are called "Tyttebær" in Norwegian, they are in the cranberry family, so they are very sour, but they are good as a side dish with meatballs and potatoes, just stir them in sugar, or you can make jam out of them :)


And look!
Elk poop! :D
We didnt see the elk itself tho, it leaves long before we arrives, but they had left lots of messages on the ground ;)


Hanna and me on a rock, having a rest, enjoying the sight.


Hanna, me, and Makrell, the cat that i told you about, she is very friendly! :D


Makrell always talks a lot, i dont speak Norwegian cat language tho, but she really tried to tell us something!




Nice huh?


And its so quiet here, you can hear the birds and the silence, yeah, you can hear the silence! :D

Had a GREAT walk mom!

Love, SchokoCookie

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