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Wiehl, Germany - 22nd November 2011

By: SchokoCookie

I've got my first hosts!
I got a lot of messages and fleursmum wrote that I can stay with her in Australia over Christmas! I'll visite a beach! I'm so excited!

Afterwards I'll probably travel to Norway to stay with Sollie for a while to learn Norwegian and then I'd really like to visite Japan where I'll stay with hanachan. I also got a message from annix, amb167, GeoCRAt and Leslie, who invited me to stay in Italy, California, Dubai and Chile! 

I can't wait to start my big journey! My mentor's already bought me a very comfortable envelope, I'll crawl into it now, together with some sweets for the journey and a postcard from my beautiful home city :)

Finn, I'm so sad to leave you, I hope that you'll find a host soon and that your journey will be as amazing as mine. I'll tell you when I arrived on the other side of the world and I'm looking forward to meet you somewhere abroad! 


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