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Flying in an airplane or helicopter

Meet my best friend cookie and my parents abroad

Go fishing and catch a big fish

Get some really amazing jewelry

Eat some delicious sort of ice cream

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Wiehl, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: Traumfrosch

SchokoCookie! My friend! :-)

We spent a day together, probably our last day together until we will meet abroad! (For those who donīt know yet: our mentors Traumfrosch and SchokoCookie (donīt be confused, they have the same name :) ) bet who of us will travel more miles!)

I tried to complete one of my missions - fishing and catch a big fish, but there were no fishes...later my host told me I forgott to add some lures to my fishing-rod, next time I will do so!

Then we climbed up a tree and discovered a pond with some really strange looking animals I it. We ran to them and..they tried to pick us with their beak! (Do you know how they are called? They look a little bit like me, but they are definetly no raccoons!)

So we continued exploring the park and found a huge waterfall. But it was too cold to take a shower...


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