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all over the Dallas, TX metroplex, USA - 28th November 2011

By: Kristykirkpatrick

Nov 24-28 Hotel Log
Thanks Giving Day at The Kirkpatrick's was nice. The voyagers didn't come out much because Kristy's Nephew, Nicky was entranced with them and he's too little to play. Her niece, Kaylee guarded them from him when they were out.
After The Kirkpatrick's, They went to Apple Bee's with Kristy's Mama's Family.
Kristy borrowed a camera from her neighbor to take pics of stuff her stepdad was bringing over from her old room. While we had the camera....
This is how Kristy keeps track of all the toyvoyager's travel plans.
Bingo was fun!
We found a really pretty smelling candle in some of the stuff from Kristy's old room.
The voyagers played some clue! Harry Potter Clue!
Movie night was fun! We watched The Crocodile Hunter.
Fasci is going to his next host. We will miss him!
We had a going away party. The cake was yummy!
Now, there are 5 visitors.
Kristy got a new camera phone tonight, so I can send you better, bigger pictures! She's real excited about it!
We suggested sending Fooey on an adventure. Fooey's Canine owner, Jazzper too offense and guarded him the rest of the night! Jazzper takes good care of Fooey and has had him for 2 years. I guess he'll be staying!

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