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Paderborn, Germany - 17th April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Yesterday my best friend Störte came back home! We haven't seen each other since last December!
Tiffy and I were standing there waiting for his pirate ship..and there he was!
Cause I'm a gentleman I let Tiffy welcome her Störte first, but then we gave us a long hug! After that Störte was spinning his yarn for a few hours and I told him about my experiences in Kiew.
As I said, I'm a gentleman, and so I retired after a while  ;)

mefito störte 019.JPG
mefito störte 020.JPG
mefito störte 021.JPG
mefito störte 023.JPG
mefito störte 015.JPG
mefito störte 016.JPG
mefito störte 018.JPG
mefito störte 013.JPG

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