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Paderborn, Germany - 4th April 2012

By: mcdaniels

I am back home!!!
Today I came home from my long and very nice journey to Kiew, Ukraine. Many many thanks to my hostmum, her family and friends! They were so kind and we had a nice time together!
When I looked out of my little parcel, I was so happy to see all my old friends and Mummy! Before hugging they admired my scarf and friendship-bracelet (thank you, hostmum, they kept me warm on my long way home) and my little presents. Then I gave a hug to Mummy, Nick, Claas, Mary, Madrid and Peter (unfortunately my best friend Störte isn't at home at the moment) and got to know Mademoiselle Poupoule and Tiffy who is on their first trip as a TV. Tiffy accompanied me out for getting some fresh air, relaxing in the sun and exchange our experiences of our first journeys. When we came back my old and new friends gave me skunk-card playing and a skunk-figurine as a welcome-present!
And now we will sit together the whole night, talking and celebrating my return...

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