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Kyyiv, Ukraine - 2nd January 2012

By: Belko

Dear Mom.
Today we went back to home. We were at the concert of the famous Ukrainian writer Yuri Andrukhovych. It was so unusual and interesting! The concert was called "Absinthe", but everyone was sober :) December 28th, we went to the my host's grandmother. We decorated the Christmas tree. Then Anna showed me her grandmother's embroidery. These flowers look like a real! Then we drunk tea and watched movies about new year all night. And then we went sleep.

Happy New Year, Mom!
We celebrated New Year with my host's mum and grandmother. We watched speech of the President and make a wish at midnight. I hope my wish will come true! We drank champagne and ate salad "Olivier." It's a traditional dish for the new year and I helped cooked it.

Yours Mefito.

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