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Rome, Italy - 6th May 2014

By: mcdaniels

Today we visited the cathedral St. Peter for the first time. Wow! It looked very great and the place with it's fountains as well.
After these impressions we needed a refreshment: ICE CREAM IN ROME...LIFE MISSION!!!  :D :D :D It was so yummy...you can't imagine!
Then we visited the famous Trevi fountain. You have to throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain, that brings luck and let you come back to Rome some time. In the course of a year there are thousands of Euros, Dollars etc. on the ground of the fountain which are for a good cause.
Back home we sat on the steps in front of our house. The small street is only for pedestrians, very good!
That's it for today, good night,
yours Mefito

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