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Duisburg, Germany - 26th November 2011

By: Lizzy

I'm having a great time here, which I'm spending with Buxi and Sanji mostly. My host had to work a lot during the past week so she wasn't able to take us out and take some pictures. But today we got to see a bit of Duisburg.
It is pretty cold at the moment, but still above 0 C so there is no snow yet... We went out for a walk around a beautiful sea.
It's at the "Wedau Sportpark". When it's warmer, they open the climbing park there which means you can climb up the trees there and make ones way along a rope through the park, which is very exciting I guess!
But sadly it is too cold already and so it is too dangerous...
So we just walked a round the sea once...
In summer many people hang out here because they scattered sand at a few spots, so you can just sit down in the sand and relax... We also did that ;)
http://kreativerkeks.site90.net/TV/Tradelogs/2011-11-26/DSC_0675.jpg http://kreativerkeks.site90.net/TV/Tradelogs/2011-11-26/DSC_0676.jpg
But it was very very cold and there was another reason we couldn't stay out there for so long, because we wanted to meet up with Lizas parents and walk through the city... It's christmas market time already here!!
But it was very full so Liza didn't take many pictures, because she was afraid someone could bump into her while taking a picture and one of us would fall down and maybe get lost or something... Thank god that didn't happen!
The christmas market was lovely, nevertheless. They put up some blue "trees" (they're fake, of course) and when it's getting darker, they switch on the lights and everything is so coloful then... Maybe we get there again... Probably... The markets closes on December 23rd, so there's enough time left. :)
We found a little chinese restaurant in the city and so we had dinner there. :)
Tomorrow Liza will probably meet a friend in Bochum, so I hope she takes us with her! :)

Bye bye!!
I miss you...

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