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Berlin, Germany - 6th November 2011

By: MA_17

Hei Mum!

Today my host had to work the whole day. But I was allowed to go with her! On our way to the work, we crossed the famous Kurfürstendamm.
I'm going to see more of the city the next days. I'm so excited!

At work I wanted to help my host. First I tried to do everything around the cash point, but I had some problems with the paper of the electronic calculator.

~wrong again

~correct I think

My host decided it would be better if I would stitch the papers together. But I left a big chaos!

So I did, what raccoons do: finding something to eat. I found some eggs in the fridge. Really nice guys. But when I climbed into their bowl and stood on them, they started to get angry. I think I'll become a vegan raccoon!


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