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at hosts home, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: MA_17

Hello Mom!

Today Chrissy and Madison arrived here and helped me out of my envelope. It was not easy for them.

There was another tv arriving here. His name is Tapsi.

Chrissy and Madison showed us the area where we will stay for 2 days. The sun was shining so it was not as cold as I thought it will be. During our walk we became hungry.
Madison found these black berries. Mom, you have to know he is a raccoon. And raccoons always find something to eat.

We also found some frozen strawberries!

And we found some decorations. I don't know for what it normally is, but Tapsi got that crazy idea to decorate all that stuff on Chrissy! She looked funny!

I hope all the other days will be funny, too.
I will tell you all my news as soon as possible, Mom!

Love, Beate

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