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Oklahoma City, OK, United States - 9th December 2011

By: klubwerks

Amelia, my host, introduced me to several of her toys today, and a few of her holiday toys. I met Starshine (smaller snowman), Holiday (bigger snowman), and Caboose the moose. Then there was Benton (xmas bear in blue), North 9smaller polar bear), Derren (black xmas bear), and James (brown bear). James was named after the Bible verse that was on his tag. My host isn't religious like that, but she felt the name suited him well.

I, also, met some carebears from a 1980's cartoon. There was Tannen Bedtime Bear (the small blue xmas bear), Friendbear (the glow int he dark orange bear), Ruby Love-A-Lot (the shiny pink one), Cheerbear (the one with a stain on her muzzle), and Slumber Cheerbear (the giant pink bear). Many of the carebears ended up with special names prefixing their original cartoon names, because Amelia wanted them to not all have the same names. I say it adds individuality to them!

While in the middle of taking photos, my host's husband came in with gifts. He had bought two xmas outfits for two of her toys - Robin the bear and Spangles the cat. They looked dashing in their clothing! Robin and Spangles are restuarant vending machine toys.

And then there was Charlie. He's a "dead bear" (the multicolored bear). They are made for a rock band called the Grateful Dead. Technically, he's Amelia's husbands bear. He used to collect them when he was younger and Charlie was the only one that survived the flood. He's a special and old bear. And I like his name too ;-)


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