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Jyväskylä, Finland - 23rd December 2011

By: Nonnariina


Greetings from Finland! I arrived just yesterday and now I have some photos to share!

My host is Nonnariina and she was really happy about me and guess what? She said that I´m cute!

Tomorrow is christmas!! Oh, I´m so excited like Nonnariina:) I have some photos where I`m with christmas decorations: two little gingerbreadhouses and lights.
Sad thing is that there is juts a little snow here in Finland :( Nonnariina says that it doesen´t feel like christmas without a lot of snow...
I still got some photos of me and snow :p

I will put some pistures of christmastree tomorrow when we have decorated it.

I also met some other toyvoyagers: Peculiar and Mr. Carrot (Mr. Carrot is little bunny). We talked and they were very nice! We also ate gingerbreads! There was one heart, one women, one man and for surprise a shoe! They were delicious<3
I also met huge bunny with dress! Wow:)

Toady I learned some Finnish! Let me teach it to you:)
Christmas = joulu
Christmastree = joulukuusi
gingerbread = piparkakku
gingerbreadhouse = piparkakkutalo
christmas decoratoins = joulu koristeet
snow = lumi
snowman = lumiukko


Hello! = Hei!
My name is... = Minun nimeni on..
I = minä
You = sinä
I love you = Minä rakastan sinua
chicken(like me!) = kana
I miss you (as I do) = Minulla on ikävä sinua

So this was blog for today, wait for tomorrow!



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