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San Jose, California, USA - 29th November 2011

By: amb167

Hi Mom. Today Maggie and her mom were checking out all of our TV profiles and saw that one of Sheela's life missions is to meet a dog. They felt kind of silly for not noticing that before, so they took some pictures of us with their dog Molly right away. She is a King Charles Cavalier, and she is super sweet. She's funny because she doesn't like to play with toys, not even fetch! She doesn't realize she is a dog, she thinks she is one of the humans. But that's okay, because it means Maggie never has to worry about Molly chewing anything up, like new shoes or worse,  a TV! Although Molly is very sweet, she wasn't very interested in having her picture taken today. Maybe she thought she was having a bad hair day, haha. But here are some of the photo's that weren't too bad. Hope you enjoy them!


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