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at home, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: MA_17

Hey dudes!

It will be my last update from Germany for a while!
Today a new tv arrived in our house! His name is Madison. My mommy gave me a big cookie as a goodbye meal. It was too big for me so I shared it with Chrissy and Madison. It was delicious!

These two smart guys cuddled me until I couldn't breath :p
Hope they'll enjoy the time at my home without me.

I crawled into my envelope. My mommy told me I will travel to California! It sounds warmer than here. amb167 invited me to celebrate Thanksgiving in her house. It will be my first Thanksgiving. I hope I won't be the holiday roast! :o

Yep, the envelope is big enough for my long journey. I'm so excited!!!

Now I'm off for a while and you will hear again from me as soon as I arrived in sunny California.


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