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at home, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: MA_17

Hey dudes!

Today I went to work with my mommy. I was too young to speak to the customers, but I was allowed to handle the keyboard and enter all important things to the computer.
Later they called me the "flower-chick", but I don't know why...  :p

http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/ma_17/Toyvoyager/img2735d.jpg http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/ma_17/Toyvoyager/img2736ua.jpg

When we were back home I prepared everything for Halloween. Oh how I love it.
Some people are afraid of my fave decoration, but he's a really nice and handsome guy, isn't he?


And of course, don't forget the pumpkins!!! Most important stuff during these days!


And finally it's late in the evening and my little "brothers" are awake.
Here you can see Boreas, the shyest of all. Look, he said hello. I think he likes me.
No he isn't a rat, he's just a cute mouse!


Yours, Squab

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