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Molar Pass, Canada - 8th July 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we went again up to the mountains :). Early in the morning we walked along Mosquito Creek, which was quite true to its name, so smaug decided to speed trough as fast as possible without stopping for taking photos and somehow we limited the number of bites we got :rolleyes:. Later on, we got out of the trees and the wind sent the mosquitoes packing ;), so we could take a look at the valley from above.


Eventually we reached our destination, Molar pass. The view from the west side of the pass was great :)


…but the view on the east side if anything was even better :D.


After soaking in as much as we could of the view, we covered ourselves with insect repellent and made our way back to the car trying not to donate too much blood to the mosquitoes :rolleyes:.

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