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Heligoland, Germany - 31st October 2011

By: olgamaus


today I experienced interesting things. But first let me tell you some facts about Heligoland.

Heligoland is is a small German island group in the North Sea, about 46 km apart from the mainland. It is the only offshore-island. There are two islands: The main island and the Dune, a small island, surrounded by sand beaches and not permanently inhabited. The islands were connected until 1720, until the natural connection was destroyed by a storm flood.

The main island is commonly divided into the Unterland (Lower Land) at sea level where the harbour is located, the Oberland (Upper Land) consisting of the plateau and the Mittelland (Middle Land) between them on one side of the island. The whole area is about 1,7 km² large.

Heligoland is a holiday resort nowadays and enjoys a tax-exempt status, as it is part of the EU but excluded from the EU VAT area  and customs union. Consequently, much of the economy is founded on sales of cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and perfumes to tourists who visit the islands.

There is also a search and rescue (SAR) base of the DGzRS, the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger ("German Maritime Search and Rescue Service") on Heligoland.

We started today's trip with in the shopping street.


Of course I was really interested in native inhabitants of Heligoland. Here is the first one that I met.


Lawnmowers :D :D !


They were coming closer ...



Not that close, please!


Let's enjoy the landscape. Here you can see the lighthouse. It was built in World War II as an anti-aircraft warfare and was turned into a lighthouse in 1952.


On the next photo you can see the lighthouse and the Heligoland radio tower.


I had to be careful at the cliff line.




Here you can see one of Heligoland's landmarks: The Lange Anna (Tall Anna) which is is a 47 metres (154 ft) high sea stack of Buntsandstein. A wall was built around it to protect it from the breakers and marine erosion.



They are even having a green monster here :)


We also had a look at the harbour.


I was so tired than that I went into bed immediately.


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