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Home, United States - 1st February 2011

By: klubwerks

This is my home! I live on the Airship Horizons with Cpt. Amelia Reinier, Engineer Thomas Reinier, and Leverage Bennet Locke. Michelle is the lovely redhead in one of my photos.

We have two wonderful cats; Monster is in the red collar and Gremlin in a black collar.  We once fostered an orange cat named Jack (they jokingly called us Pepperjack because of the peppers on my ears ha ha).

We, also, have a fish tank; but sadly only Wally survived a tank infection. Wally is a plecostomus. We love Wally and we've decided we'll just let him have the tank all to himself.

There are many toys who live here, so I'm never lonely. I love our big family! The toys in the photos are Necka Giraffe, Jose Dog, Bangal Cat, and Yurble Neopet.


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