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Home, Crimea, Ukraine - 12th December 2011

By: Katusha

In the evening only we came back home. And I was very tired. I even couldnt help Mommy to pack our suitcases and just looked over the room searching something interesting. Honey maybe.. Who knowns, what you can find in your own room after long absence!

These pictures we found once in a flea market. It was very hard to choose one of them and we bought both, honestly Mom just didn't want to separate these kittens. It was her whim.


This is handmade match house.


Yasha. She was preparing for departure too.


All my friends are here. It's a pity - they can be with us now, but in the future, when we will have our own house, we will be all together. I hope.


Finally all preparations were finished...


...and Bingo! I found a pack with Tatar sugar. And again I was the lukiest bear in the room!


Our journey goes on!
Good bye!

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