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Kiyev, Ukraine - 15th September 2011

By: Katusha

Helloooo! It's me as usual. Today my friends, Mommy and I cooked a pilaw. I like pilaw, because it's very substantial and just a tasty dish. In general I think all dishes are tasty at any time and any mood. And even if I feel not very well or sad, I always like to eat something and life becomes better. Because when my tummy is full, it is happy and I'm happy with it too! It says me something like: "That's the stuff, mate!" But Mommy usually says "silly-billy" and laughes at me for some reason.
Oh! I forgot to tell about my new friend - little mouse Myshonok. He came with us from Vologda to see some new places and to stay with us for some time. His Mom is a good friend of mine. I'm happy, more friends it's great! And I have no time to be bored.


At first we roasted a chiken meat with onion and spicery, such as turmeric, on a pan. I like turmeric, it smells very good and gives a great colour to the meat and then to all pilaw on the whole. A cross between yellow, gold and orange.


Then we (mainly Mommy) grated a carrot. I like carrots. It's food, food is good! :cyclops:


And when meat was ready, we put all of this to the pan - at first meat, then rice, carrot, more spicery and water. Usually Mommy use a cast-iron cauldron with heavy sides. But at this time it was just a pan.


While we were waiting for our pilaw, we watched cartoons about Donald Duck. I like him, in spite of the fact that I can't understand not a single word that he quacks.  :cyclops:


When everything was ready, I was maybe one of the happiest bears in our kitchen! Pilaw was the first-rate!


After dinner we went to the exhibition centre. In usual time it's a big area for cyclists, rollers, skaters and those who ate a hearty dinner and want just to walk around. We were the last ones. :p




Then we even went to the race track. It is situated not far. But in that day horse races were over. And we just saw an empty, but interesting too, race ways and a few horses in a distance.



We decided to come here other day, when races will be.

So our journey goes on!
Bye! Have a good day!

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